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Christina Aguilera’s Wedding Sneak Peek!

by | Bride, Celebrity Weddings


To celebrate the birth of her son, Max Liron Bratman, Christina Aguilera has done a special video to her song ‘Save Me From Myself’ with exclusive footage from her wedding. Save Me From Myself The lyrics of the song are actually quite beautiful and certainly wedding worthy. Here’s a snippet- ‘I know it’s hard, it’s

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ABC Of Weddings: A Is For Ancestry

by | ABC Of Weddings, Bride


The ABC of Weddings is finally here- Welcome to the ABC of Wedding Touches! The little details that make your wedding yours! Attendants in Autumn often eat sugared Almonds and drink Alcohol with plenty of Aplomb which makes them quite Animated about their Ancestry. ~ Including special touches from your ancestry can make your wedding

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Kai Creations Makes A Very Good Year

by | Bride, Favors and Decor, Jewellery


I love spicing up my workspace with different bits and pieces that make me feel cosy and inspired, so when I spotted this calendar on Canadian jewellery designers Kai Creations (co owned by the writer of the beautiful Glamour This! blog) I had to buy it! The best parts? Kai Creations ship to Australia (it

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