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Snapshot Sunday – Flower Fall

by | Bride, Photography, Snapshot Sundays


The tossing of the bouquet is one of those traditional aspects of the wedding that I think sometimes is slowly fading out of fashion. Which is why I love a good shot of it! Look at the action in this shot! Flowers flying, the arms up for the catch and the other guests looking on,

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Saturday Special!

by | Blog News, Bride


it’s a beautiful Saturday and there’s some things I need to let you know! The ABC Of Weddings is now complete! Hooray! Check out the full list of entries here. ~ Polka Dot Bride is up for a very fun month in September and I can’t wait! Make sure you subscribe via email here to

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ABC Of Weddings- The Full Alphabet

by | ABC Of Weddings, Bride


A Is For Ancestry B Is For Bouquet Ties C Is For Champagne (Written by Brother Polka Dot) D Is For Dance E Is For Engraving F Is For Footwear G Is For Guestbook H Is For Hair Accessories I Is For Initials J is For Jewellery K Is For Kids L Is For Lolly

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