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Snapshot Sunday – The Groom’s Edition The Guys

by | Bride, Grooms, Photography, Snapshot Sundays


The third edition of Snapshot Sunday – The Groom’s Edition focuses on the Groom and the most important males in his life! To round off the week devoted to the groomsmen, here are some of Ms Polka’s favourite shots of the guys! There is the  shot of the guys all standing together, which while serves

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In My Day – As A Groom

by | Bride, Grooms


Today we have a very special guest blogger. Papa Polka Dot! Papa Polka Dot married in the seventies and is visiting Polka Dot Groom today to tell us about his experiences as a groom. Ms Polka (my daughter) has asked that I recall my experience ‘of the olden days’ for those of you who are

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