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Win Your Dream Wedding Cake With Planet Cake

by | Bride, Competitions


Entries to win a Planet Cake wedding cake worth $1500 will close on February 13th. If you’re Australian, this competition is too fabulous to miss! Planet Cake has provided a large selection of templates to get your creative juices flowing! Check out the original entry here for more!


For The Love Of Carnations

by | Bride, Flowers


In the language of flowers, carnations mean “divine love” and the carnation is truly a flower I’ve come to love. The old fashion fluffiness, the sweet, soft look to them makes them them an unexpected but brilliant choice for your wedding day. My tip? Stick to one shade and pack them tightly! L-R Real Simple,

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Shop Girls

by | Bride, Jewellery, Stationery And Paper Goods


It’s a talented blogging community this wedding one! There are amazing photographers, artists, writers- you name it! Here are a few recent (and not so recent!) developments of some of your favourite bloggers! Of course everyone spoke about this last year, but being in the middle of Groom’s Month at the time I was a

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