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Originally posted on Polka Dot Bride on May 13, 2010


I have always admired the success of today’s guest. She’s invented a unique product which has been featured all over the world. Each piece is handmade and each piece has something really special about it. Today we’re joined by Caroline Colom Vasquez, the lady behind Paloma’s Nest.

Tell us about yourself. Were you always a creative person, even when growing up?

Most definitely, I have always been a creative type. Sometimes that meant taking art classes, other times it meant painting murals on my bedroom walls! I have always been an “artist,” for as long as I can remember.

I grew up in Mystic, Connecticut, a tiny New England town situated on the Atlantic Ocean, bursting with architecture, history, and old things. I moved to Austin, Texas -a vibrant city full of music and art- to go to University. It is here that a met my husband and we have since settled here permanently.


The quality of your ceramic ware is beautiful. Where did you learn your craft?

Thank you! I did study Ceramics while pursuing my degree in art and design at university. But the development and refinement of my personal techniques and “trade secrets” are all self-taught. Practice, practice!

Where did the initial idea come from?

The brand Paloma’s Nest came from my desire to share my work with a broader audience. Being based online, I was able to reach that audience and “curate” my own shop. Through the internet, I suddenly had all of the tools of branding and marketing at my fingertips, making it easier to tell the story I tell with my designs. Paloma’s Nest (“Paloma” meaning “Dove” in Spanish) embodies a range of emotions and connotations relating to peace, joy, gratitude and more. Creating work that inspires my audience to commemorate an occasion -and the emotion connected to that occasion- is what I enjoy the most.

What made you decide to pursue this creative idea, rather than pursue a more ‘conventional’ career?

I have always had the entrepreneurial spirit in me. I don’t think it is something you necessarily choose to do with your life. More, it chooses you- and you are never satisfied until you commit to making it your art your life!


You have an eye for the simple and stunning. What inspires you?

My love of history fuels my commitment to crafting items of heirloom quality. Seeing pieces passed down from generation to generation- through families or towns or communities of all kinds- inspires me to create simple and timeless designs that will remain strikingly beautiful for many years to come. I don’t do “trendy”- unless trendy is something that will still look good in 100 years.

Can people commission particular pieces from you?

All of my designs are available in custom texts and even custom motifs. Custom/ bespoke work is a big part of what I do at Paloma’s Nest.

I provide extensive design services for events, such as favors & bonbonniere, place cards & escort cards, signage, and more. I also work on a commission basis with restaurants, boutiques, and individuals looking for specific decor or home goods.


What do you love about creating these pieces for brides?

I love being part of such a beautiful celebration. I craft my pieces with the utmost pride and care, knowing that it will be looked upon as a special keepsake for years into the future. Knowing the emotions and memories that can be held in one small piece of art is a huge deal for me.

What is your number one tip for brides?

Follow your bliss! The day only happens once and should be a true reflection of you as a couple. Plan your budget based on the things that are the most important to you and will be the most memorable once the day has passed.

Thank you for joining us today Caroline! You can check out more of the gorgeous Paloma’s Nest creations by visit the Paloma’s Nest website.


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