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Bariloche, Argentina

by | Destinations, Honeymoons, Location South America


Feather and Stone Photography

We had the opportunity to visit the Argentinean Lakes District recently and absolutely fell head over heels in love with it. We’d heard that Bariloche and Villa la Angostura (a town 45 mins drive from Bariloche) were really popular for honeymooners and we can definitely understand why! It’s the perfect place for combining a snuggle-by-the-fire holiday with a full-of-adventure holiday. The whole area just has this really romantic feel to it … cosy cottages nestled into the mountains, incredible views at every turn, hand-made chocolate, and of course the famous Argentinean wine is simply amazing. But as well as that, there’s skiing in the winter, rafting, fishing, hiking, bike-riding and more, so it’s pretty impossible to be bored here. After spending only four days exploring the area it’s now well and truly on our ‘we want to live here one day’ list!

We highly recommend hiring a car to really get the best out of this area. So much is to be seen just driving around the gorgeous lakes and stopping wherever takes your fancy. We stayed in a friend’s holiday house in Villa La Angostura (got to love those friends!) but there are countless Hotels and B&B’s or ‘Hosterias’ to choose from.

324 Bariloche, Argentina

325 Bariloche, Argentina

326 Bariloche, Argentina

Rustic meeets 5 star at the famous Llao Llao Hotel

327 Bariloche, Argentina

328 Bariloche, Argentina

329 Bariloche, Argentina

330 Bariloche, Argentina

331 Bariloche, Argentina

332 Bariloche, Argentina

We’ve never really been into fly fishing, but these guys might just have the best hobby ever. How awesome is this view?

333 Bariloche, Argentina

334 Bariloche, Argentina

335 Bariloche, Argentina

We highly recommend driving the ‘7 Lakes Drive’. Many of the roads on this drive are unsealed, so make sure the car you’ve hired is able to handle a bit of dirt road.

336 Bariloche, Argentina

337 Bariloche, Argentina

338 Bariloche, Argentina

The Bahia Manzano Resort in Villa La Angostura

We decided one of the best ways we could really get to see the views was by being on the water itself so we decided to book a tour on a gorgeous little yacht run by Impatiente. This was the most amazing experience. Our drivers were so sweet and we had the best time sipping wine on the deck surrounded by such incredible natural beauty – it really was one of the most calming and refreshing things we’ve ever done.

339 Bariloche, Argentina

340 Bariloche, Argentina

341 Bariloche, Argentina

342 Bariloche, Argentina

You must try the delicious hand-made chocolates at Benroth. They let you create your own chocolate box! Be sure to choose something with the famous South American caramel ‘Dulce de Leche’.

343 Bariloche, Argentina

344 Bariloche, Argentina

345 Bariloche, Argentina

346 Bariloche, Argentina

Many of our photos were taken at local camping grounds that are dotted around the lakes. Yes, camping grounds. As avid campers back home we were wishing we had our swag with us! So there’s accommodation for every budget! We hope you’ll have the opportunity to spend some time here one day and experience what an incredible country Argentina is, so diverse and full of beauty.

Images courtesy of Feather and Stone Photography

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Ms Gingham says: “What an amazing honeymoon location! Thanks so much to the extremely talented team at Feather and Stone Photography (you must check out their website) for sharing this wonderful part of the world with us through their spectacular photos!”



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