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The Ladybug Wedding

by | Inspired Weddings, Inspired Weddings, Weddings


Jon and Lorna Jon and I met in our workplace in Dubai and a few years ago we were both relocated to Bahrain. Yes, he’s a colleague just sitting like a couple of feet away from my jungle desk. I refused in the beginning to be involved with somebody I worked with. That’s like the

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Choosing a Wedding Photographer – Part 1

by | Photography Wisdom, Wisdom


Let’s face it, its not every day you get married. It’s not like you’re always hiring photographers for every part of your life and have a mountain of experience in sourcing, interviewing and¬†working with them.¬†The reality is that for many couples, their wedding is their first experience in using a photographer’s services. So, where do

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Stylerocks Custom Jewellery

by | Bride, Jewellery


Personalising the facets of your wedding is a huge reason I write Polka Dot Bride, in fact it’s a huge reason as to why I even started it. So I always love finding websites and artisans who can help you customise goodies to your own personal style, your own tastes, to really show off who

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