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Michael and Olivera

The first jobs that we both had was at a local supermarket when we were both 15. I worked at the registers and Michael packed the shelves. When I needed a price check Michael would be the 1st one at my register ready to do the price check for me. Three years later when we were 18 we met again at bar and it was love at first sight! From that night on we were inseparable. At the age of 19 we were an item and when we were 25, Michael proposed and of course I said yes. :) My dress was from Mark Holt Bridal and my shoes from Alannah Hill My beautiful life clip Our hair and makeup was done by Evy Wild.

At the church we didn’t want the traditional rice or confetti throwing. Instead we chose to have white balloons given to our guests which they then released into the air. The effect was beautiful.

From the moment we saw Leah Kua’s work online we fell in love with it. We could tell just by looking at her pictures that she poured her heart and soul into photographing people in love and it was that pure happiness that she captured in her images. When we finally met Leah in person she confirmed every faith that we had in the photographer we had just found. We are so happy and over the moon with Leah. Words cannot describe what she has done for us and how lucky we are to have had her as our photographer.

A lot of time and effort went into our wedding to make it ours and Michael and I would not have had it anyway other way! There was something about having complete creative control and making and designing things from scratch that brought us so much pleasure. Especially when we saw it all come together!

The “Mr and Mrs” letters we bought were plain white but we wanted to make them more us so to speak. So Michael sat down one afternoon and painted them all. He used cotton buds dipped in paint to create the miniature flowers on some of the letters.

The bonbonniere were hand made by Michael and me and also with the help of our bridal party and some of our friends and family. We had a mini production line/workshop set up at home and everyone had their own job. We bought kilos of love heart candy and put them in small jars we had bought. We had our names and date printed on the ribbon which we used to tie around the jar. This held a thank you note made by our stationery company and also a little card with our picture on it. It also had our photo gallery details on the back of the card which was made by our photographer.

We decided to use lanterns as decorations as they were colorful, big, light, airy, fluffy and looked like candy… which was the theme that we had running through the wedding. I bought a whole lot of pastel lanterns and they were placed as “sculptures” around the marque by styling coordinator Annette Twemlow.

On the middle of every guest’s table I decided to use a coloured square table cloth, in various shades of pastel to suit the pastel colours in our wedding. The mini square tablecloths were sewn by one of my bridesmaids. She did a fantastic job! On top of the tablecloths I decided to go for coloured pastel candy in four different vintage looking jars and then having a fifth long jar with white and cream fluffy hydrangeas. The flowers were by our florist Lou Vacher. Hydrangeas are my favorite flowers a so I had to include them!

The pens that were used by the guests to write in the guest book were made to look like flowers, with flower heads and ribbon all around them. Annette suggested we do this to keep in with our pastel flower and candy theme so one of our friends made them for us! We chose to have our wedding cake, invites and reception stationery echo the floral theme of my wedding dress. The cake which was made by Sweet Art had miniature edible flowers flowing from the top of the cake.

We also used miniature flowers for the invites and stationery. These tiny little flowers were made by hand with so much time and care by a lovely lady in Latvia. I found her through etsy and ordered approximately 800 little flowers. These were glued to our invites by Trouli Graphics and also into our wedding stationery. They especially looked beautiful on our guests table numbers on which we also printed our favorite love poems.

Michael is very shy and does not like dancing much but after convincing him to take a dance lesson at Crows Nest dance studio there was no turning back. We had a one hour dance lesson and we were taught a very simple dance routine. It felt so perfect and Michael was enjoying himself. Every spare moment we had he wanted to practice which was very cute of him. We danced to Unforgettable by Nat King Cole. Every now and again I will hum the tune to Michael and it takes us back to our wedding night and our beautiful first dance.

We put a lot of time and effort into our wedding, buying things for it, making things, styling and coordinating it. It was one of the most fun experiences and we were both a little nervous about the big day because we put so much effort into it. I’m so glad we didn’t hire anything as now we have so much wedding memorabilia around our home to remind us of the day we became husband and wife.

Michael and I will never forgot our wedding it was the most special and beautiful day of our lives so far. On that day we felt closer than ever and we were so happy to celebrate it with our friends and family. At the reception we just did not stop dancing it was such a joyous and happy wedding and we were so happy to see our family and friends having a good time with us.

 Photography by Leah Kua

Ms Gingham says: We met Olivera and Michael when they shared their engagement shoot with us not too long ago. It’s so lovely to see their wedding come together so beautifully and as a true reflection of their personalities and style!

About Olivera: Olivera is a Bride from Sydney, engaged to her best friend in the whole wide world Mr Michael C. Olivera loves Acting, Styling and making cupcake jewelry. You can peruse Olivera’s pieces at her etsy shop.

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