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Dorothy Polka High res

Polka Dot Hot Spot – The Groom

by | Polka Dot Hot Spot, Weddings


I can’t believe another month has passed and it’s time again for Polka Dot Hot Spot! Any nagging problems? things you want to get off of your chest? get an opinion on? Leave me a comment! Today’s hot spot is all about the groom. I’ve been reading a lot about grooms lately. From publications that

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Weddings In Australia Infograph | Polka Dot Bride

Weddings In Australia Infograph

by | Industry News, Wisdom


Infographs are the new big thing on the internet. A way to see information at a glance! While I have seen plenty of infographs on America and American wedding trends, it wasn’t until McCrindle Research sent across this one based on Australian weddings & marriages that I wanted to share it! We shared this one

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Cocktail Friday – Strawberry Julep

by | Cocktail Friday, Made, Recipes


Juleps are one of the oldest and most iconic American cocktails, and not something we are too familiar with in Australia. However that’s not to say that there aren’t a lot of Bourbon Whiskey lovers here who would love to see this pretty concoction at your wedding. A dressed up, girly bourbon… who would have

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