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Ashton Entertainment

A Circus Style Wedding

by | Bride, Reception, Wedding Inspiration


Even when I was growing up, when the circus came to town you knew there was fun to be had. The sweet smell of fairy floss, the warm buttery popcorn. Taking your seat on one of the rickety old chairs and losing your breath as the daring acts came out and the crowd applauded. While

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How To Make Your Wedding Unique – Do’s and Dont’s

by | Wedding Planning Wisdom, Wisdom


Image by Brent Lukey via Rosy and Tim’s Festive Melbourne Wedding We do love seeing fresh ideas, ones that inspire with their creativity and flair, and keep their guests talking. There’s nothing wrong with being different as long as it has meaning and purpose. This is the truly the best way of giving your guests

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Wedding Stationery Design and Inspiration

by | Inspired Plans, Weddings


I’ve always felt that  the wedding invitation is a vital make or break part of a wedding. I know I’m a graphic designer, but hear me out. For the guests it is their entree… their first glimpse into the experience and heart-felt event that will be your wedding. It is a little doorway which speaks

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