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Carting it Around – Delicious Wedding Food Carts & Trucks

I love, love love  the idea of portable food at weddings. I love the idea of dancing under the setting sun to see the deliciousness of an ice cream cart arrive (if of course it’s playing Greensleeves). I also love the casual feel of guests being able to head to a van (or Airstream!) select their favourite hot dish off the menu and find a picnic table to eat. It’s such a fun idea for outdoor weddings and something that can also lend itself to formal do’s as well.

What could be a better ice breaker or party ‘fueler’ than a van showing up close to midnight stocked with treats to allow guests to keep dancing until dawn?

1. MELBOURNE: Fancy the treats of Southern America? Gumbo Kitchen is the truck for you! Featuring Cajun style New Orleans fare, the van dishes up soft fajitas, lemon ice box pie, hush puppies, po’ boys and of course, gumbo!

2. SYDNEY: Liana Raine not only has the sweetest little popsicle cart with blue and white stripes (Such a fun touch for a beach wedding just to get the ideas started..) but the team also create custom flavoured Popsicles complete with custom printed sticks. Winning combination no? (Photo by Matt Reed)

3. MELBOURNE: Dhaba is the curry truck. Can you imagine serving your guests piping hot Butter Chicken or Beef Korma at midnight?

4. SYDNEY: Yummy Dogs Hot Dog Cart is such a picture under it’s yellow and white stripe awning. The cart comes equipped with not only gourmet sausages and freshly baked buns, but also a range of relishes, sauces and accompaniments (Sauerkraut, corn relish and onions among my favourites on the tasty meter).

5. MELBOURNE: The Taco Truck cruises the streets of Melbourne and is available for functions  with what some say is the most delicious Mexican in the city. Available for functions, The Taco Truck caters weddings treating guests to homemade corn chips, guacamole, salsa, tostadas and tacos just to name a few of the treats on the menu! (Photo by Structured Pieces from Emily Green’s wedding)

6. ADELAIDE: Seriously yummy delights from this South Australian van Burger Theory who deliver burritos, burgers and fries to bellies around streets of Adelaide.

1. GEELONG: Gelato Events provides a portable cart just right for wedding celebrations. With gelato flavours like Apple Pie, Creme Caramel, Espresso & Classic Chocolate this isn’t just a gelato cart- it’s a feast on wheels!

2. BRISBANE & SOUTH EAST QUEENSLAND: Dolly Vardens travels the country (namely to fun Elvis festivals and anything requiring retro fun) serving up delicious coffee and sweet treats (including freshly baked French macarons and cupcakes). How fun would Dolly be at your brunch or afternoon tea reception?

3. SYDNEY: Pure Gelato offers a range of different packages (from the traditional gelato cart with stripe awning, to a display freezer!) for your guests to enjoy their favourite flavour at movable convenience.

4. AUSTRALIA WIDE: The healthy burger kings Grill’d have their shiny silver airstream available for event catering. With burgers, (my favourite is the Bird & Brie) chips and dipping sauces, your guests will have plenty to fill their bellies! (Photo by Jonathan Ong)

5. SYDNEY: Ice cream is so sweet especially when it’s by a well known (for their tastiness!) Gelato maker. GelatissiMobile dispenses delicious gelato from brand Gelatissmo (including their ever so sweet bambino cones) and is such a fun addition for a warmer wedding weather wedding (though personally cold weather doesn’t stop me eating ice cream!)

6. SYDNEY: If there is one food cart Sydney does well, it appears ice cream is it! GelatoCart shows this hot pink cart that quite frankly would make me forget the champagne and head straight for the shining beacon that it is.

7. MELBOURNE: Cornutopia offers guests a Mexican feast serving up traditional Mexican street food such as tacos, huevos rancheros and sweet corn.  (They even have vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options!)

8. MELBOURNE: Sentences I never thought I’d type on Polka Dot Bride. Massive Weiners offers delicious hot dogs that make the perfect dinner of midnight snack for wedding guests and and their specialty? Foot long hot dogs with plenty of toppings!

9. BRISBANE: Double Deckerdence lends more than just a food truck to your event, guests can even head inside and enjoy the culinary delights of this cafe on wheels! Imagine guests enjoying sweet pastries and coffee while watching the dancing guests from the second level of the double decker bus.

Dotties, help a blogger out- I know there are a fabulous’ flavour’ (official collective noun for a group of food trucks!!) of food trucks about to launch in Sydney, but what other ones have I missed? Are there any in Perth? What about the other States I’ve not been able to find many in?

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    1. Hi ladies,

      Does anyone have any good recommendations for an icecream/gelato van, popcorn, fairy floss for a melbourne wedding?
      Any suggestions would be very helpful!! Thank you

  1. Hi Phil.

    Just checked out your website….looks really awesome.
    I was after ice cream for our reception which is at Indiana…would this work??



  2. Wow anyone know any other vans based in Adelaide that aren’t burger theory? Like icecream vans and other delicious savoury foods?

    1. Hi Belinda,

      I’ve found a few more for you!

      La Cantina Co
      Raw Thirst
      Cupcakes Please
      Veggie Velo
      Bodri’s Bakery & Cafe
      Chimichurri Grill
      Tum Tum the Halloumi Van
      Jonny’s Kettle Popcorn

      The BEST website for food trucks and their locations is

  3. Does anyone have an alternative suggestion for gelato cart hire around Geelong/Great Ocean Road? Gelato Events has been non-responsive…

  4. Are there any food trucks – not ice cream – available in the Sydney (northern beaches) area? I tried contacting the Veggie Patch van and they’ve promised to get back to me, but almost a month later, nothing :( Love Grill’d but they only cater for 300+ more people and I’ll only have about 100 at my party. Help?

    1. Hi Melody.

      I’m looking for a food truck to cater my daughters 1st birthday and loved the Grill’d too but we’re only having 50 guests (at the most).

      Did you have any luck finding a food truck similar to the Grill’d?

  5. Dear All,
    We are freshly baking the world famous Hungarian Chimney Cakes in our state-of-the-art brand new food caravan called Chimney Cake Station.
    If you are looking for a very unique and delicious more than 300 years old traditional (wedding) cake then please contact us! We promise you won’t be disappointed!

    Beside the cakes we offering the finest Italian Lucaffé coffees, Teadrop luxury teas and cold drinks for your guests. If quality is what you are looking for contact us: Bodri’s Bakery & Cafe (

  6. Hi all!
    Does anyone know of any more food trucks/ice cream/dessert trucks that could hit the Southern Highlands for a function?
    I’m open to all kinds of portable fare!

    Thanks so much!

    1. hey bridget, i spoke to sweet jane’s travelling teahouse at cobbitty markets on the weekend. they are out in camden. i want them to do our reception. they can provide a full high tea or simpler options like devonshire tea, gourmet sno cones, gelato or dutch pancakes (as a desert option or in between the wedding and reception). the van pretty cute! hope that helps x

  7. Do you know of any Food trucks , ice cream and or desert trucks in the south East Queensland area ( Gold Coast) ?

    1. Hi Jade,

      We are a mobile food van, specialising in Poffertjes – Mini Dutch
      Pancakes, we also sell hot dogs, slushies and drinks .
      We are situated on the Gold Coast.

      I’m happy to send through some photo’s.


    2. Hi Jade
      Did you have any luck? I am also looking for some food trucks, ice cream or desert trucks on the Gold Coast

  8. Do you know of any Food trucks , ice cream and or desert trucks in the south East Queensland area ( Gold Coast) ?

  9. I am looking for an Ice Cream Cart for a wedding in Melbourne. Have already looked at the places suggested above in older post but I am having so success!! If anyone can help that would be awesome x

    1. So massively delayed reply sorry – we ended up hunting down one of the Mr Whippy company ones and it was way cheaper because they just changed their location for that hour (while we had photos) and we just paid for 100 serves (so was about $350 from memory)

  10. Hey all, I’m desperately trying to find a food truck for my rehearsal dinner for about 80 people in the Newcastle, NSW area. Any ideas?

  11. Hi,

    I am getting married winter next year in the southern highlands NSW and am looking for a vintage/retro inspired beverage van to come and serve our 80 guest hot drinks for approx 7 hr.

    Does anyone know of anything?


  12. Does anyone know of any in Southern Highlands area? Getting married April next year, and was kind of looking for a burgers/pizza/anything type food truck! I’ve contacted Nighthawk Diner (which look awesome!) but they’re a bit pricey for my little wedding :(

  13. Hello everyone

    The Barossa Valley Ice Cream Company situated in Australia’s wine heart has a funky little ice cream bike for hire. I have traditional-recipe artisan ice creams and sorbets available. Because I make them regularly, they are very fresh, and we can cater to personal tastes with flavour selections. Using whole natural ingredients, we source local milk and cream from a Barossa Jersey farm, strawberries from the Adelaide Hills, organic vanilla bean from Queensland, and 70% Belgian chocolate from sustainable fair trade farms. We are able to service weddings and parties around Adelaide including the Adelaide Hills, Barossa Valley, Clare Valley and McLaren Vale. Images, flavours and contact details are on my website

  14. Hi there,
    If anyone is looking for a Vintage looking food van in Melbourne, we have just launched HAPPY CAMPER PIZZA out of a 1960s Airstream Caravan. Our Airstream Allegra looks incredible and our handcrafted, Italian style pizzas are delicious and all cooked fresh on the spot. We would be perfect for your wedding/engagement as our pizzas are guaranteed not to drip any grease on you! Please check us out:

  15. Hi,

    Does anybody know of any Ice cream trucks/Mr whippy vans that operate in Far north QLD area (either Cairns or Port douglas)?

    Thanks! Hope somebody can help us! x

  16. Hi, does anyone know of any food vans that service the mid-north coast of NSW? I am looking for a retro/funky/organic food van to serve at my wedding in Nov this year and am struggling to find many options!
    Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

  17. Hi, I am also looking for a food van for a wedding – street food/ world food/ organic/ local/ funky for a wedding on the mid-north coast of NSW also and struggling- I would love some suggestions.

  18. Hi,

    I’m looking for a dessert van (NOT ICE CREAM OR GELATO) around sydney to hire for between my ceremony and reception. I was thinking churro’s or crepes as it’s different and yummy. I want something that will kill the time between the ceremony and reception as well as keep my guests from starving but i also don’t want it to cost me an arm and a leg.

    I tried a churro, pancake & coffee truck but they quoted $9-$10 a head and I’ll have 200 guests. I also checked sarazine la creperie but I think they will charge me $15+ per head.

    Can anyone PLEASE help me. I’m desperate!

  19. HI, we are looking at having food trucks for our outdoor wedding. Do you know of any Food trucks located in Perth?

  20. hey guys,
    Love this idea, Im having a farm wedding in March next year. Do you know anyone in Batemans bay area?
    South Coast, NSW x

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