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Following My Floral Heart

by | Behind The Scenes, Flower Wisdom, Wisdom


IMG 6281 512x512 Following My Floral Heart

Follow Your Heart ~ Brooch by Mrs Peterson Pottery

WOW! I feel like the luckiest florist in Sydney! When an unbelievable opportunity comes your way you make heaven and earth move to make it happen. Like many professionals I got a bit lost in my work, trying to please everyone and after a very stressful personal time I realised I was ready to do what I really loved… follow my heart.

When my friend Sara from Artsnic Photography told me about this amazing historical cottage in Camden was available to lease and she was looking for someone to share it with, my knees gave way – finally a chance to make merci bouquet everything I had dreamed. It was love at first sight when I saw ‘Camden Cottage’ – a whole new chapter of my life and merci bouquet’s! I could see all the potential immediately and I was so excited at the idea of sourcing the most wonderful and unique products and oh my goodness… the flowers! I’d have the most gorgeous flowers!

IMG 6203 800x800 550x550 Following My Floral Heart

I was so unsure of what to expect on opening day, but every day that I’ve been open I’ve been blessed with the most beautiful customers – truly beautiful. Even nature loves me being here! I have bees visiting my flowers and birds sitting in my magnolia branches – every day, and my heart swells with happiness.

I 100% believe this is where I am meant to be.

IMG 6029 600x800 550x733 Following My Floral Heart

Moving in…. so much to do!

IMG 6033 600x800 550x733 Following My Floral Heart

A third of the way there…

IMG 6030 800x800 550x550 Following My Floral Heart

I love my windows and the view outside.

IMG 6200 800x600 550x412 Following My Floral Heart

We’re in!

IMG 6199 600x800 550x733 Following My Floral Heart

Welcome to Merci Bouquet!

IMG 6278 800x800 550x550 Following My Floral Heart

Cheeky local bird visiting our Magnolia tree!

IMG 6034 800x800 550x550 Following My Floral Heart

A merci bouquet Vintage Floral Hamper

 All images by merci bouquet

Swirl divider14 Following My Floral Heart

Ms Gingham says: How can this story not bring a smile to your face? Love the cottage and wishing Jennie and everyone at merci bouquet the best of luck!

Jennie of merci bouquet says: “My love of nature developed at a young age growing up on a property near the Blue Mountains of NSW. This love continued into adulthood, I love walking barefoot on grass, smelling freesias and jasmine on my daily walk, being near open windows and always having a view of the blue sky.”


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