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Friday Roundup

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Princess Catherine Inspired Wedding0894 Friday Roundup

 Princess Catherine Style Brisbane Wedding With A Twist Photo by Todd Hunter McGaw

Happy Friday! This week has been crazy but I am quite delighted with myself for knocking over a mass of Christmas shopping with Mother Polka Dot. For someone who had a bit of a “oh my gosh how did it get to be the end of November and I haven’t even thought about Christmas” meltdown earlier this week, I feel like that’s a gold star for shopping skills. or at least taking time out from the polka dot world to get ‘er done!

I am kind of wishing for turkey with cranberry sauce- a big happy thanksgiving to our American friends!

What did you get up to this week? If you’ve finished shopping can you please tell me how you are so organised?

Let’s catch up on the polka blogs!

This Week On Polka Dot Weddings

Polka Dot Weddings is the blog where real brides write about their weddings and share their experiences. Inspiration abounds so click on each image to read more.

anna campbell bride005 125x125 Friday Roundup  Princess Catherine Inspired Wedding08441 125x125 Friday Roundup  Simpson 1351 125x125 Friday Roundup

polka dot desperately seeking1 Friday Roundup

1.Real Bride Reflects ~ Inspired Words – Jess 2.Real Wedding ~ Princess Catherine Style Brisbane Wedding With A Twist 3.Real Wedding ~ Bess and Mitch’s Orange & Pink Shark Island Sydney Wedding 4. Desperately Seeking - November

Swirl divider2 Friday Roundup

This Week On Polka Dot Wisdom

Polka Dot Wisdom is a treasure trove of advice, news and wedding planning tips! Written by wedding professionals you could almost plan your whole wedding by following this, the wisest of all blogs! Click on the images to read more.

prior engagement wedding accessories online store1 125x125 Friday Roundup  How To Select a Beautiful Diamond1 125x125 Friday Roundup  Wisdom Polka Dot Bride 125x125 Friday Roundup

Princess Catherine Inspired Wedding08386 125x125 Friday Roundup  Wedding lighting table candles 125x125 Friday Roundup

1.Expert Interview ~ What Would They Know – Erin Archibald of Prior Engagement 2.Jewellery Wisdom ~ How To Select A Beautiful Diamond – Part 1 3.Industry Events ~ Project innovate 2012 “Selling For Wedding Professionals” with Saundra Hadley GET REAL Sales Coach – The Film 4.Wedding Fashion Wisdom ~ Choosing Outfits for your Flower Girls And Page Boys 5.Wedding Planning Wisdom ~ The Importance Of Good Reception Lighting

Swirl divider2 Friday Roundup

This Week On Polka Dot Made

Polka Dot Made is your source for all things handmade including weekly DIY projects to make for your wedding or engagement.

Paper Lace 125x125 Friday Roundup  hummingbird1 125x125 Friday Roundup  Ombre Cake Decorating Tutorial09421 125x125 Friday Roundup  dress hanger 550x4121 125x125 Friday Roundup

1.Etsy Roundup – Paper Lace 2.Tuesday Type – Hummingbird 3.DIY Rustic Ombre Cake Decorating Tutorial 4.DIY Floral Fabric Wedding Dress Hanger Tutorial

Swirl divider2 Friday Roundup

This week on Polka Dot Honeymoons

The wedding is over, the dust has settled and now it’s time to get away from it all! Find resort reviews, inspiration and real honeymoons every week on Polka Dot Honeymoons.

Holiday In Burma08131 125x125 Friday Roundup  luxury honeymoon wear samantha farrugia0011 125x125 Friday Roundup

1.Holiday Travels In Myawaddy, Burma 2.Samantha Farrugia Hidden Paradise Collection

Swirl divider2 Friday Roundup

This week on Polka Dot Groom

Polka Dot Groom is dedicated to all things groom. Inspiration, advice and style for the Australian groom.

Formal Beach Groom Style1 125x125 Friday Roundup  surprise wedding groom outfit0021 125x125 Friday Roundup  australian wedding inspiration00611 125x125 Friday Roundup

1.Get The Groom Style – Beach Formal 2. Groom Style – Rick 3.Inspired Memories – Julian

Around the wedding would this week…

Swirl divider2 Friday Roundup

vera wang trunk show 550x396 Friday Roundup

Vera Wang is holding a trunk show in Melbourne on the 24th & 25th of November. You need to call 0282030903 or email to book an appointment!

Swirl divider2 Friday Roundup

Brand new photographer Amanda has launched her business Ambre & Jane Photography and is looking to build her portfolio! Amanda does stop motion films (a mix of photography and video). She’s offering to shoot a few weddings for willing couples for free while she gets on her feet! Check out her Facebook page for more.

Swirl divider2 Friday Roundup

Honeymoon Pixie1 550x344 Friday Roundup

Honeymoon gift registry Honeymoon Pixie have been working hard on their brand new site and it’s finally launched! Honeymoon Pixie allows your guests to contribute to your honeymoon as a wedding and allows you to do it all online!

Swirl divider2 Friday Roundup

Every year over the holiday break we run “Magic Moments” One photo a day that we love. We’re getting prepared early this year and would love submissions from photographers for this series! Similar to “Snapshot Sundays”We’re looking for candid shots, beautiful shots, shots that tell a story within a frame. Please email your images to submit at

Swirl divider2 Friday Roundup

For our film of the week. When life gets too much, there is nothing like the emotion that comes with a proposal to get me remembering what I love so much about what I do. Today’s film is a bit of a big proposal but big or small, I love how the emotion and feelings are always the same.

0 Friday Roundup

  • corey says:
    November 23, 2012 at 10:56 am

    That was totally incredible, im in tears!



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