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1. What is your favourite Christmas food?

Nothing compares to the Traditional Christmas Day Luncheon with all the trimmings shared with my family!

2. What is your favourite Christmas movie?

“Love Actually”. This British film, from quite a few years ago now, is set in the lead up to a snowy English Christmas and tells the stories of love lost and found. It never fails to make me both laugh out loud and shed a tear or two!

3. Your favourite Christmas drink?

Hot Chocolate Butterscotch Cocktails! My Husband and I are huge fans of this delicious drink in the lead up to Christmas Day!-Recipe to follow!

4. Is there something you love to do every Christmas?

Christmas Eve has always felt very magical and beautiful to me. I always like to take a moment during the evening to reflect on the year that has been and to consider what the future may hold for the coming year…

5. Do you have any Christmas family traditions?

If one of the members of my immediate family have celebrated a ‘special’ Anniversary or Birthday throughout the year we order an engraved bauble to hang on our Christmas tree to celebrate and commemorate the occasion.  Looking at them twinkling on the tree is always a wonderful way to reminisce and appreciate the joy we feel blessed to have.

6. Do you have a favourite shop that you visit at Christmas time?

Absolutely! Josophans Fine Chocolate Boutique at Leura in the Blue Mountains. They are also located in the Sydney CBD on the corner of King and York Streets. Their fine chocolates are made from Fair Trade ingredients, are naturally flavoured, and are free from any artificial nasties. A trip to Leura is not complete without visiting this little treasure, and at Christmas time it is a great place to pick up gifts and treats for yourself and friends and family. They also make extremely yummy wedding cakes too, ladies…

7. Do you bake at Christmas time? If yes, what are your favourite things to bake? Would you share the recipe? for that Hot Chocolate Butterscotch Cocktail recipe that I mentioned earlier!

Simply add:
2 oz of Butterscotch Schnapps
0.5 oz of Amaretto
5 oz of Hot Cocoa

Stir well and Garnish with a layer of Whipped Cream. Cheers!

8. Where will you be spending Christmas this time of year?

This year the whole family will be spending the day with my parents at their home in Leura in the Blue Mountains

9. Where does Santa leave presents in your house?

Santa always remembers to leave our Christmas presents under our Christmas Tree next to our fireplace in the living room! Thank you Santa!

10. What do you leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve?

Santa loves shortbread biscuits and milk when he stops by on Christmas Eve! His reindeers are huge fans of carrots too…

11. Finally, do you thing you’re on Santa’s naughty or nice list and why?

Define Naughty!


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