Datsun & Callie The wedding of Datsun and Callie is a gorgeous one- held in the Adelaide Hills at Callie’s parent’s home it has a whimsical, sweet relaxed feeling. Plenty of tradition but plenty of twists and turns that reflected Datsun and Callie.Which really, is what it’s all about! Datsun and Callie tell their story.

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Daniel Craig at Skyfall premiere

I’ve always been a bit fashion-forward. Not in a Gaga meat dress kind of way but there’s certainly some intuition going on. For example, when I was twelve I successfully predicted that bum bags would become a craze (don’t laugh, you know you had one and loved it). More recently I purchased a midnight blue

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Images by Lisa Michele Burns Photographer Lisa Michele Burns Photographer says: “I love my dog and if she could carry a camera and not wag her tail and jump in a frenzy with excitement whenever someone comes near I’d bring her along to every single event as my furry sidekick.”