Kate & Ben’s Exmouth Beach Engagement Photos

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Exmouth Beach Engagement006

Kate & Ben

The West Australian coastline has some of the most incredible scenery and Kate and Ben decided to make the most of it with stunning Exmouth Beach engagement photos with photographer Nicolle Versteeg.

Kate explains, “We wanted to make the most out of our wedding weekend in Exmouth and thought an engagement shoot the day before would be perfect. Exmouth has so much diverse and amazing scenery.”

Exmouth Beach Engagement007
Exmouth Beach Engagement008
Exmouth Beach Engagement011
Exmouth Beach Engagement014
Exmouth Beach Engagement015
Exmouth Beach Engagement016
Exmouth Beach Engagement017
Exmouth Beach Engagement009

Kate tells, “We met at a mutual friend’s wedding nearly three years ago.”

Exmouth Beach Engagement018
Exmouth Beach Engagement010
Exmouth Beach Engagement020
Exmouth Beach Engagement021
Exmouth Beach Engagement022

On what she loves about Ben, Kate tells, “I love Ben’s easygoing happy nature and that he can always make me laugh. And his amazing cooking!”

Exmouth Beach Engagement024
Exmouth Beach Engagement025
Exmouth Beach Engagement026
Exmouth Beach Engagement027
Exmouth Beach Engagement028

Kate recalls, “Ben and I were actually living in London at the same time with the same friends whose wedding we met at and then lived on the same street when we came back to Perth but somehow never met until years later at our friend’s wedding!”

Exmouth Beach Engagement029
Exmouth Beach Engagement030
Exmouth Beach Engagement031
Exmouth Beach Engagement035
Exmouth Beach Engagement037
Exmouth Beach Engagement038
Exmouth Beach Engagement039
Exmouth Beach Engagement040
Exmouth Beach Engagement043
Exmouth Beach Engagement045
Exmouth Beach Engagement046
Exmouth Beach Engagement047

Kate remembers, “Ben proposed on the beach when we went away to Bunker Bay for the weekend for his birthday. He had also arranged for both our families to come down on the Saturday night for a bit of an engagement party as a surprise.”

Exmouth Beach Engagement048

Photographer: Nicolle Versteeg

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