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About Polka Dot Bride


I’m Ms Polka Dot, Editor of Polka Dot Bride, Australia’s most loved wedding blog dedicated to “inspiring weddings”.

I live in Australia, and spend way too much time in front of my computer, way too much money on wedding magazines and not enough time eating my favourite things (for the record Mr Polka’s risotto, cherries, Haighs dark chocolate peppermint frogs and lychee martinis). In 2010 I was thrilled to be named as one of Anthill’s 30 under 30 entrepreneurs.

My love of all things bridal began many years ago. In my younger days I was an avid collector of all kinds of bridal information. As a child, I’d drag my father to the photocopier and have him help me photocopy my favourite bits out of bridal magazines. I’m slightly red faced about my collection, but throwing them out would be too painful!

A wedding represents so much to me, a beautiful, big celebration surrounding the love of two people (corny…? maybe). Now I’m older and lucky to be part of the industry. I love all the different facets of weddings – the divine couture, stunning papers, delicious food- and who knew there were so many options for a veil?

I’m always scouring the world for new ideas and creative takes on old things and am continually amazed by the fresh, unique and stylish ideas available. I find inspiration everywhere – gardens, books, a beautiful piece of crockery.

I’m all for doing things traditionally, but admit there’s a slight touch of anti-bride in my system. I believe in making your wedding unique to you and a heck of a lot of fun! I love a wedding where the couple shines.

With Polka Dot Bride, I hope to touch on anything and everything wedding related that may be useful to today’s couples – style, unique finds, fabulous suppliers, with a little bit of fun thrown in! I want to inspire you, to make you dream, to ease the wedding stress and to create an event that is beautiful, but most importantly inspire you to create a wedding that is heartfelt and all about you and your beloved.

I’d love to hear from you, so drop me a line via our contact page. Our postal address is Polka Dot Bride, PO Box 1404, Darling VIC, 3145
Ms Polka

Meet the Team

Editorial Team


Ms Harlequin

Lover of laughter, handy behind a camera, always on puppy dog watch and city dweller is Ms Harlequin, Ms Polka Dot’s executive assistant. From managing the ever overflowing Polka Dot inbox to creating systems and smooth operations, Ms Harlequin is the one who can make a perfectly organised list out of a pile of mess.

Ms Gingham

Cocktail shaker, quick thinker, closet computer nerd, amazing eyebrow waxer with a wicked sense of humor is Ms Gingham, the Polka Dot Bride content manager who coordinates and edits all the content for the Polka Dot specialty titles.

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advertising team




Ms Paisley

Wine lover (and grower), flower connoisseur, genius with words & sunshine in the morning, Ms Paisley is the Polka Dot Bride Sales Director and looks after all our fantastic advertisers while running Ms Polka Dot’s Directory. Ms Paisley loves working with innovative, gorgeous businesses and can be contacted through our Advertising page.









Ms Stripey

Grand Designs addict, garden lover, most incredibly patient woman on earth and lover of green tea, Ms Stripey is our client concierge and works with our advertisers to make sure they get the most our of their experience with the Polka Dot Bride family.

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Writing Team


Ms Floral

Champagne drinker, literary critic, lover of words and genius with children, Ms Floral is the Polka Dot Bride Sydney Features editor, who lends a helping hands with all things Polka Dot Bride Sydney.















ms chevron

New mum, lover of events and weddings, calm in a crises and travel lover Ms Chevron resides in Brisbane and not only covers most of our Brisbane events but is also a dab hand at coming up with creative ideas across the Polka Dot site. See more of her posts here.


Dab hand with a glue gun, even better with glitter, meet Jane our contributor to Polka Dot Made. Jane creates insanely cool projects once a fortnight for those that love a little DIY handmade action for their big day. Check out Jane’s posts here.

ms lace

Cocktail connoisseur, mixologist and lover of the world Ms Lace attends Brisbane events when she isn’t jet setting across the globe. She’s also petty fantastic at whipping up Cocktail Fridays! Check out her posts here.

ms filagree

Fashion lover,  dreamer and always covered in the finest of threads, Ms Filagree is our Sydney event correspondent. Attending launches and parties and getting to the core of it all is her game, Ms Filagree her name! Check out her posts here.

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Mr Polka Dot
Self confessed Mac geek (without the lining up from midnight part), deliverer of lychees and jelly belly jelly beans, Ms Polka Dot’s computer fixer and king of novel ideas Mr Polka Dot is the one beside Ms Polka Dot every day and the inspiration behind Polka Dot Groom! He also contributes to the Polka Dot Groom specialty blog.

Mother Polka Dot
Best cook in the world (especially of chicken soup), deliverer of incredibly wise words, sensible advice and Ms Polka Dot’s own personal hero, Mother Polka Dot writes a regular column on getting back to the basics of marriage (read her words here).

Gigi & Lulu
Co-squealer, idea translator, dreamer and lover of all things red & birdlike, Prue from Gigi & Lulu is the Polka Dot Bride graphic designer, marketing expert and Polka Dot Bride Bright Ideas Director!

Metrix Operations
Wedding speedy gonzales, tech head and traveler of the world Felicity from Metrix Operations is the Polka Dot Bride website manager who keeps the Polka Dot Bride site humming along and makes water into wine (or code into spectacular features!). Anthony, ever trusty side kick and voice of reason joins the Metrix Operations team to code his life away.

Want a chat? To advertise? To make a submission? Head to our contact page to get in touch!

Check out the Polka Dot Bride blog policies here.

Team head shots are drawn by ever fabulous Brooke Hagel.

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village title

We value each and every team member who has contributed to Polka Dot Bride. So here is or little village who have come and gone over the years but will always be a part of Polka Dot Bride.
ms herringbone headshot
Ms Herringbone