Articles by Lucy Leonardi Photography

When it comes to buttonholes you would think that it wouldn’t be hard to choose but this collection of Lucy Leonardi’s top ten buttonholes proves exactly the opposite. Enjoy the inspiration! All images by Lucy Leonardi Photography Ms Gingham says: It’s amazing how the humble buttonhole can be designed in so many different ways! Lucy Leonardi […]

Wedding photographer Lucy Leonardi has seen and photographed many reception setups in her time! Here is a collection of her top ten! All images by Lucy Leonardi Photography Floral arrangements by Chiho Kobayashi at Kobayashi Flowers, Grandiflora, Kerstin Boike and Katering Ms Gingham says: Wow. This is what I call a feast for the eyes! […]

Lucy has such a clean, sensitive style of photography and joins us today to impart her wisdom! 1. Research. Read online on wedding forums about a photographer’s method/style of work and their results. Ask around on blogs or friends to see if anyone has heard of, or used this photographer. 2. Meet with your potential photographer to get a […]