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PULLED ON REQUEST OF BRIDEAs many of you know the groom-to-be in this love story wants to wear a traditional tartan kilt on our wedding day. So last month, after I had found the perfect wedding dress, we made an appointment at Anderson’s Kilt Hire in South Melbourne.Image from Sex and The City –  Episode […]

PULLED ON REQUEST OF BRIDEOkay, it’s official, there are less than seven months until Paul and I get married and I am truly starting to feel very excited … I am not just excited about our wedding day but being able to officially say “this is my husband Paul” to everyone we meet!A couple of […]

PULLED ON REQUEST OF BRIDELike many other couples, item number one on our to-do list was to find the perfect venue and lock in a wedding date. Readers of my first post will already know that I was in search of somewhere that matched my love of classic elegance but was also the perfect backdrop […]