Articles by Jessica Derrick

If you’re searching for a fun and colourful treat to serve at a bridal shower or hen’s lunch, look no further. These lollipops are flavoured with rosewater essence and decorated with varying colours of sprinkles – both which could be customised for your wedding. Just imagine, you could flavour the lollipops with peppermint essence and […]

The thing I love most about wedding DIYs is that the very process of creating allows you to inject a little of your personality into the details; this can make for a wedding day that is truly ‘you’ and something that your guests will appreciate. When creating these watercolour seating cards, I really wanted a feminine, whimsical […]

Love is certainly in the air this week.  And what better way to celebrate than with these sweet love heart cupcakes? The beauty of this recipe is that it creates cupcakes the are deliciously light and airy, but still have the crumbly consistency of a cake. The key to creating the silky texture is to follow the […]