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2. Dressed Lamps

Maison Moschino

by | Destinations, Honeymoons, Location Europe


Walking into Maison Moschino is like stepping into an fantastic dream. Fluffy clouds and light sheeps hanging from the ceiling, beautiful mannequins guarding the entrance adorned by stunning dresses, and then a friendly smile welcoming you home. Part of Hotelphilosophy, a hotel management firm well known in the Italian luxury hotel industry for its cosmopolitan

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Tourist In My Home Town

by | Honeymoons, Location Europe


Duomo di Milano Milan is a strange city … in half a day you can see just about everything you’ll find on a “must-see” guide, but after 25 years you can still be amazed by the number of secret and secluded places randomly getting in your way. It’s not the most popular of all the

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