Articles by Ms Rose

Feel the need for a little something to sweep you away today? We have just the thing. This sweet shoot, captured by Amelia Soegijono, has us wanting to rush out to a seaside cliff and stand in the salty wind to wait for our perfect someone. Amelia explains that the inspiration for her windswept love […]

Micy & Jay Micy and Jay’s decadent Bram Leigh wedding was inspired by their combined love of vintage, glamorous eras gone by. They wanted their day to be full of love, happiness and, most importantly, their families. The couple officially wed two weeks prior to their actual wedding day in Jay’s parents’ backyard. His father […]

Lauren & Rob In the dense Victorian hinterland lies in wait the East Warburton Redwood forest, in all its rich, earthy glory. The location was the perfect spot for Lauren and Rob’s winter romance in the Redwoods engagement shoot. The tranquility of the forest, combined with the photographic expertise of Elleni Toumpas and the couple’s […]