Articles by Ms Honeycomb

Jenna & LawrenceThere is no doubt that this luxurious industrial Jewish wedding has got it all, from dancing to romance to florals hanging from the ceiling – and all with a stunning Sydney Harbour backdrop! Todd Hunter Mcgaw captured every beautiful moment.Jenna tells of how true love can overcome the unlikeliest of beginnings! She remembers, ”Lawrence and […]

Image by Nico AlaryIf you’ve chosen your dream honeymoon destination, and that destination is Paris (lucky you!), there is no doubt the thought of French food will be already tantalising you from afar! So what do you choose to tempt your taste buds? Although this list is short and not exhaustive – by any means! – […]

Our framed flower hanging jars tutorial is such a simple way to beautify any room! If you’re looking to decorate your wedding or bridal shower, this is an easy way to add blooms around the space, not simply on table tops. Although this frame is hung on a wall, it also works beautifully when simply […]