Articles by Ms Honeycomb

Baking for your own event may seem overwhelming, but a love of cake and handmade treats shouldn’t hold you back if you have a simple yet effective way of decorating. Enter these simple tree cake toppers! A quick and easy way to make your next towering cake look even more spectacular!Play around with different shapes […]

There is something lovely about loads of lush foliage. This magnolia foliage, heart wreath tutorial will have you whipping up event decor to please even the biggest botanics fan! You can tailor this wreath to suit any theme by using different greenery, adding blooms, keeping things simple or by going as opulent as you please!If you’re […]

Flower garlands come in all shapes and sizes, and this easy scented flower garland tutorial will give you some tricks to impress your guests! It’s no secret that I love an event filled with blooms, and this garland allows you to literally hang them from every corner!I’ve used a selection of scented flowers and herbs […]