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Only Organisers Organise Events with Opulence and Oomph. This brings a sense of Occasion to the event!~I’m going to cheat slightly on this letter and re-post an entry I did last year on the best organisers for your wedding. A wedding organiser can be a great aid in planning your big day!A common gift for […]

While today might be full of limericks and Guinness, my nod to St Patrick’s day is this green, grey and white inspiration board. I remember when I was growing up my best friend Peta used to celebrate her birthday on the same day, so I always think of where she is and what she might […]

Nuptials are made over New rings by the Newlyweds who are happily wed and sometimes a little Nutty after planning.~Wedding dresses are like snowflakes – almost every one has it’s own unique details and touches. One factor to consider is the neckline – different body shapes can suit different necklines.AsymmetricalConnie Simonetti CouturePerfect: Lovely collarbonesAvoid: Broad […]