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The National Breast Cancer Foundation together with their gold partner Telfast has sought the help of many of Australia’s best designers this month to create bridal gowns for their ‘Brides For Breast Cancer’ auction. Designers such as Luci Di Bella, Steven Kahlil, Charlie Brown & Amanda Garrett all created bridal gowns for the cause which […]

Today is Blog Action Day a day when bloggers around the world will unite and write a post about an issue in the hope of making a difference. This year the topic is the environment so I thought I might post about eco friendly weddings. Weddings, with all the trimmings can do a lot of […]

When your mother is driving you nuts about the shade of your wedding dress, or your uncle is finding a way to invite all his mates to the wedding and score free beer too you might need a laugh! One of my favourite websites for a giggle (or a gasp) is Going Bridal. A website […]