Mr Day

We have long loved the sophisticated gowns of Melbourne designers One Day Bridal and 2017 heralds a brand new launch for the label that has been all about the woman. Today, meet Mr Day .

Completely in line with the modern edge of the One Day brand, Mr Day shows off beautifully designed men’s accessories that are classically timeless – and so very well loved.

The debut collection features a 100% silk black bow tie and a 100% silk black tie. Inspired by iconic legends like Steve McQueen and Paul Newman, it’s all about effortless cool.

And nothing sums it up better than a letter from the man himself.

Allow me to introduce myself…Mr. Day is the name.

You might have heard of me or seen be about town. Some call me a gentleman others a ‘well to do’ man. You could say I have an outstanding sense of personal style, but I am not a man of wealth. I am a man of value.

Cultured and courteous, I am well educated. Held in the highest accolades by my peers. Learning never exhausts the mind.

May I describe myself  as having qualities of refinement? I don’t consider myself better than anyone else. My focus is just different. You are allowed to be a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously.

Gentlemen, my words of advice, confidence is contagious. Style is the answer to everything and there is nothing more important than family.

Now, with this advice comes great responsibility. You, an honourable man, now possess the means to be up standing and withhold great respect and trust from those around you.

Wear this brand with pride as you move forward in the world.

Mr. Day

Mr Day pieces are available for purchase via the website.

Images by Stephanie Scott

Other: Mr Day / Photographer: Stephanie Scott / Groom's Attire: Joe Black / Hairstylist: Angie Dimitriou

Inspired Memories - Alex

As we chat to Alex about his memories from his intimate vintage inspired wedding, we discover that even though he had seen his beautiful bride to be Hollie at their first their look prior to their heartfelt ceremony, seeing her walk down the aisle was such a wonderfully emotional and unforgettable moment.

“My favourite memory is looking at Hollie walking up the aisle and knowing that I had made the right decision! Prior to the music starting – and despite the fact we had a first look before the ceremony – I was so very anxious, but as soon as Hollie walked into the room, all my anxiety diminished and I started crying.”

Intimate Vintage Inspired Wedding041
Intimate Vintage Inspired Wedding042
Intimate Vintage Inspired Wedding043
Intimate Vintage Inspired Wedding044
Intimate Vintage Inspired Wedding045
Intimate Vintage Inspired Wedding047

Images by Clare Metcalf Photography

Colourful Easter Weekend Wedding080

As we catch up with Jye and talk to him about his outfit for his colourful Easter weekend wedding, we find out that a blue suit with matching bow tie was always his first choice!

“I wanted a strong blue suit and I bought the first one I tried on of course! Kellie and I popped into Calibre ‘just to look’ and I found exactly what I was looking for. Given we were having a semi-outdoor winery wedding, I thought a tux would be a little too much!”

“Calibre also supplied my polka dot bow tie. We are fortunate enough to know the incredible people at Double Monk who provided my shoes and belt on the day. I was very spoilt.”

“I also wore the same Politix shirt as the groomsmen and a Politix waistcoat. I wore the Frederique Constant watch which Kellie had given to me for my 30th birthday a few months before. Kellie had it engraved with words from our favourite song which we danced to at our wedding. To complete my outfit, Kellie gave me a pair of initial cufflinks from Declic that I opened on the day.”

Colourful Easter Weekend Wedding014
Colourful Easter Weekend Wedding006
Colourful Easter Weekend Wedding007
Colourful Easter Weekend Wedding009
Colourful Easter Weekend Wedding010
Colourful Easter Weekend Wedding011
Colourful Easter Weekend Wedding013
Colourful Easter Weekend Wedding015
Colourful Easter Weekend Wedding070
Colourful Easter Weekend Wedding071
Colourful Easter Weekend Wedding079

Images by Sarah Godenzi Photography