When tailor Oscar Hunt looked for inspiration for their Autumn  Winter 2017 collection, they went back to their roots. With a mantra of classic, timeless styling, it was appropriate that they honoured the traditional value of beautiful tailoring.

With the brand always seeking to reinvent beautiful pieces in modern ways – using Dormeuil and Dougdale Brothers fabrics and proving that classic is everything but boring. Tapered modern trousers with pea coats, elegant navy stripe suiting, caramel brown jackets, fine buttoned waistcoats and accessories in time-tested tones.

To walk the talk, the team enlisted two of their real life clients to model the new collection on a Winter’s day in Abbotsford. Proving that their tailoring and style is for gentlemen of any age and that the classic is all about beautiful craftsmanship that stands the test of time.

The Oscar Hunt Classics Collection is available in store now.

Photographer: Tom Blachford / Additonal Photographer: Kate Bollis / Attire: Oscar Hunt

Suit from Politix, image by Figtree Pictures  via Vanessa & Rodney’s Intimate and Rustic Newrybar Wedding

For a woman, wedding attire is more or less foolproof. She can wear almost any dress paired with a matching cardigan and accessories and have a perfect, wedding-appropriate outfit. When it comes to men choosing an outfit to attend a wedding, however, things can get a bit trickier.

Today’s post will cover all of the basics that you will need to know when choosing an outfit to attend a wedding.

Check Your Invitation

The first thing you want to do when choosing what to wear to a wedding is grab that invitation and really read it closely. The wedding invitation can actually be utilised as a bit of a cheat sheet if you know what to look for.

Jacket from Politix, image by Market Lane Media via Bree & Terry’s Relaxed Port Elliot Wedding

Typically, a wedding invitation will give you clues about how formally you should dress and what styles will be most appropriate. If the wedding is formal, there will be something along the lines of “black tie optional” included in the invitation. In addition, knowing whether the wedding is indoor or outdoor and whether it’s happening at day or night will provide you with a bit of extra context.

Choose Your Basics

The number one rule of wedding attire for men is that it’s always better to come overdressed than underdressed. Since men are able to make their outfits a bit more casual if necessary, you should err on the side of caution here.

Unless the invitation specified black tie, you are free to have some fun with your outfit. For daytime, spring or summer weddings, you should opt for a light-coloured suit in a thinner cotton or linen blend. You can pair this with an Oxford or poplin shirt in any light color you wish. Evening, autumn and winter weddings all call for a darker color palette and heavier, more formal fabrics like wools. Here you should wear a dark grey, navy or black suit paired with an Oxford or poplin in a neutral or jewel-toned color.


Women aren’t the only ones that can dress up an outfit with some sharp accessories. Depending on which basics you choose, you have the option of adding a tie, cufflinks, suspenders and stylish shoes to complete your look.


Suits from Politix, image by Aimee Claire Weddings via Gemma & Tom’s Chic Country Orchard Wedding

Unless you’re attending a beach wedding or a very casual ceremony, you should definitely include a tie. Less formal weddings give you the option of a fun, patterned bow tie or an interesting, splashy, traditional tie with a simple tie bar.

Cufflinks are another option if you want to add a touch of sophistication to your outfit. They’re best for formal weddings, but remember to keep them simple.

For daytime and warm weather weddings, adding a matching set of suspenders to your ensemble is not out of the question. If you opt to go this route, keep the rest of your attire understated.

Finally, you can never go wrong with a classic, lace-up dress shoe in black or brown. Most men will already have at least one suitable pair of dress shoes, so this is usually the easiest part of your outfit. A quick word of advice: Make sure that your socks either cannot be seen or match the color of your pants as closely as possible.

Remember, when you’re choosing an outfit to attend a wedding, be sure to study that invitation for clues and don’t be afraid to get creative with your choices.

About Politix: Hi, I’m Ivette and work in marketing at Politix, an Australian-based menswear store that specialises in providing accessible luxury men’s clothing. We believe in focusing on quality and allow men in Australia to be well dressed for any occasion or dress code.

For his marriage to Georgie in Richmond, Tom wore a smart dark suit offset by a crisp white shirt and tie. The contrast of his suit with the white of his shirt and Georgie’s gown added understated elegance to the day. Surrounded by greenery at the Terminus Hotel, the day was a warm celebration of their marriage with family and friends.

Greenery Filled Richmond Wedding064

Greenery Filled Richmond Wedding067

Photographer: Daniel Brannan / Groom's Attire: Henry Bucks / Groom's Shoes: Double Monk / Groomsmen Attire: Henry Bucks / Groom's Tie & Bowties: Henry Bucks