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Inspired Memories – Best Man Stephen

by | Groom, Inspired Memories


Bec Lawrence

Max and Meghan Canberra Spring Wedding - Best Man Stephen 1

It was a beautiful spring wedding at Saint John’s Church in Canberra. The couple’s nearest and dearest were all close by. One of the guests was honoured to be the best man; to stand by his childhood friend on his special day was such a privilege. Being a best man is a big job – and today  we catch up with Stephen who remembers how overjoyed he was when best friend Max asked him to fulfil the role..

“Max asked me to be his best man about three months before the wedding. Before he asked me I could tell that he was nervous, that there was something on his mind. He kept hesitating so I prompted him with a question to see if I could help him get the thoughts out of his head.“So, do you have all the numbers for the wedding finalised?” I asked. “Well, about that…there is one thing…I was wondering if you would be my best man?” Max said. Even though I had a good feeling that he was about to ask me I was still extremely happy and honoured. Without any hesitation I said  “of course!!!”

Stephen and Max have shared a long-lasting friendship since primary school where they shared a passion for music.

Max and Stephen as children

“Max and I met in Year 2. I can’t quite remember what it was that drew me towards him but it’s likely it was because he was six feet tall by that time and I probably thought he was my Dad. Max was always the tallest kid in the class and I was always the shortest; no kidding I was literally up to his waist through most of our schooling. We share a passion for music. We both picked up the trumpet in Year 5 and throughout our lives have performed together for thousands of people. Our friendship growing up was always really easy. To this day nothing has changed between Max and I. I still laugh every time I’m around him and we both still play music.”

“One of my main duties was to organise the bucks party. I decided it would be a great idea to hire a coast house at Lake Conjola on the New South Wales’ South Coast. I wanted to organise something filled with adrenaline and adventure for Max. He has always been an adventurous guy so I thought what better way than to include some fast paced activities. On one of the days the group spent the entire day laughing and screaming after I arranged a speed boat and some inflatable rides. They were subjected to some extreme G-forces and ridiculous speeds. The following day we travelled north to Nowra to spend two hours on a high ropes obstacle course. All in all, the bucks weekend was a great success and everyone had a fantastic time, especially Max!”

The most important task for the best man is to be by his friends’ side and of course to make a speech.

Max and Meghan Canberra Spring Wedding - Max and Best Man Stephen

“Writing the speech for the wedding was a nerve-racking task. I decided to write it the night prior to the wedding so that I could ensure that what I wrote was natural and sincere. On the day of the wedding I was dreading doing my speech. Growing up, I thoroughly enjoyed public speaking but not so much these days. I was nervous as ever. I stumbled down the stairs over to the microphone. “Ladies and gentleman I’d like to thank you all very much for attending my best man’s speech today. I think it was particularly nice of Max and Meghan to dress so nicely for it! Before I knew it I had the crowd in fits of laughter and from then on the nerves disappeared.”

Max and Meghan Canberra Spring Wedding 1

“As Meghan walked down the aisle Max did his best to not cry but the moment his emotions took hold,  I saw tears rolling down his face and I patted him on the back and said “this is it! The reception was relaxed and cheerful with great food and welcoming family members. The entire wedding was perfect for Max and Meghan and they both said at the end of the night “It was perfect, we wouldn’t have changed a thing.”

Max and Meghan Canberra Spring Wedding

Wedding images by T8 Photography


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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Thank you Stephen; what wonderful memories you have of Max’s wedding day; sounds like your speech was a huge success!

Magical Proposal Ideas Inspired By Romantic Movies

by | Groom, Tips and Tricks


Cindy Man Hun

landscape-1429198413-htra536-vv647-h‘Sweet Home Alabama’ image via Elle

Who said proposals can’t be magical, just like in the movies? Here are my favourite proposal ideas inspired by a handful of memorable romantic movie proposals.

In rom-com classic The Wedding Singer, Robbie (Adam Sandler) confesses his love for Julia (Drew Barrymore) by serenading her with a song he wrote dedicated to her, called ‘Grow Old With You’, while she’s on a flight to get married to another man whom she doesn’t really love! If you have any musical talent at all, why not write a personalised song for your partner and find a way to sing it to them before you propose? The thought of performing such a heartfelt song to your partner might seem quite nerve-racking, but believe me, it will be worth seeing the look on your partner’s face while it’s happening. So, get out of that comfort zone and get writing!

YouTube Preview Image

Many say “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” Is your partner all about diamonds? Look to Sweet Home Alabama’s iconic proposal scene in which Melanie (Reese Witherspoon) is taken to Tiffany’s by her boyfriend Andrew (Patrick Dempsey) and is told to “pick one” ring. At first, Melanie has no idea where they are because they arrive in pitch blackness, but when the lights turn on, she realises she’s spoilt for choice. If you don’t have a ring budget and you are willing to spend any amount, take your partner to a jewellery store, tell them to pick any ring they wish, then pop the question! If you do have a budget, create your own ring menu and give it to your partner when they least expect it!

YouTube Preview Image

Stepmom’s proposal is hopelessly romantic and sentimental. Luke (Ed Harris) wakes up Isabel (Julia Roberts) holding a jewellery box with a spool of thread inside. As Luke ties a knot around Isabel’s finger with a string of thread and drops a ring down the string from the other end, he makes a speech that tugs at our heartstrings: “Even when things are hard and you feel like giving up, you have to hang on to that decision, that choice to love each other. Even if it’s only by a thread. I let that thread break once. This time, it won’t. Will you marry me?” You could recreate this exact proposal, or maybe you’d like to reword certain parts of the speech. Either way, the thread will only strengthen between you and your partner!

YouTube Preview Image

He’s Just Not That Into You sees Neil (Ben Affleck) attempt to sneak a pair of cargo pants – which his girlfriend Beth (Jennifer Aniston) hates – into the house. What Beth doesn’t know is that there’s a ring box in one of the pockets. Before she goes to discard them into a throwaway pile, Neil advises her to “check the pockets first”. She does, and she is pleasantly surprised by what she finds! Buy your partner a gift (for an occasion such as their birthday) that has a hiding spot and you know would disappoint, like an unattractive bag, and hide the ring. Present the gift to your partner. Once you see the disappointment on their face, let them know the receipt is somewhere, but act unsure. Eventually, your partner will come across the ring!

YouTube Preview Image

Whichever proposal your choose, no doubt you will put your heart and soul into it. The magic happens when you’re in the moment!


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Ms Chinoiserie Says: In true Hollywood style, all of these proposals will melt any girls’ heart!

Peter Jackson Spring Summer 15 Collection

by | Groom, Groom Fashion


Ms Chinoiserie

Clooney-dinner-suit_look_fullFull of bright Spring colours, the Peter Jackson Spring Summer 15 Collection is the perfect place to look for the groom with a bit of a bounce in his step.

The Spring Summer 2015 collection sees a new creative direction for the brand, now led by a fresh creative team that seeks to outfit both the traditional and fashion forward groom and groomsmen.

Inspired by 1960’s Palm Springs, vibrantly coloured neckties in oranges and pinks sit along side the more traditional navy and green, while pocket squares in modern paisleys and polka dots are just as at home in the collection as classic block tones. There’s even the addiction of quirky cufflinks for a little personalised flair.

Burnt orange Kaleidoscope tieNavy gingham check tie

PJSPH 48_pocket squarePJSPH 62_pocket square

Cuffs 8Cuffs 4Tailored suits, each available in three-piece sets or seperates, are made from Australian merino wool in Italy in classic black tuxedo shapes, pale blues, classic navys and warm weather taupes.

The Peter Jackson Spring Summer 15 Collection is available in store now.




Cyan, yellow&grey cross check tiePink polka dot tie




PJSPH 44_pocket squareBurnt orange polka dot tie



PJSPH 54_pocket squareCuffs 2

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