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Inspired Memories – Josh

by | Groom, Inspired Memories


Ms Chinoiserie

inspired memories-josh

Wanting to keep every detail of his fiance’s arrival and walk down the aisle a complete mystery, Josh looks back on his flower filled winery wedding with a sense of elation and pride.

“The most incredible sight was my wife walking down the aisle. I had made an extraordinary effort in this day and age of information overload to completely avoid every single detail of what her arrival would be like and the dress she would wear.”

“Unfortunately words cannot totally capture the overwhelming sense of pride, joy, and happiness. Needless to say that moment will stay with me forever. As far as I was concerned everything else was just a bonus but the rest of the day was full of brilliant fun eating amazing food, dancing up a storm and spending the best day of our lives with those who mean the most to us.”

Yarra Valley winery wedding051

Yarra Valley winery wedding052

Yarra Valley winery wedding053

Yarra Valley winery wedding054

Yarra Valley winery wedding055

Yarra Valley winery wedding056

Images by It’s Beautiful Here 

Groom Style – Henry

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Ms Chinoiserie

Country Victoria wedding photo

Adding a touch of fun and whimsy and steering away from traditional attire was important to Henry when choosing both his and his groomsmen’s outfits for his romantic country wedding.

“I chose to get fitted out by the team at Roger David in Bendigo. My groomsmen all lived in different places so they made it very easy for them to just go to their local Roger David store and they had everything I chose ready for them to try on. I wanted to steer away from the formal suits because I wanted it to be fun, different and memorable. I knew I wanted bow ties, suspenders and chino pants; then it was just left to pick the colours and add the rest.”

A-Model Ford Wedding Cars

Blue check shirt with braces wedding

Country wedding newlyweds

Groom and groomsmen in chinos and checked shirts

Groom and groomsmen in country

Groom and groomsmen with bouquets

Groom dancing with grandmother

Swan Hill Hall Wedding

Images by Photography by Sarah J

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2016 – MR Designer Runway

by | Groom, Groom Fashion, Groom Style


Cindy Man Hun

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2016 - MR Designer Runway

Every year at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week you can count on the MR Designer Runway show to provide a grand preview of forthcoming spring/summer trends in men’s fashion. This year, designers Arthur Galan, AquilaCalibre, Dom Bagnato, Godwin Charli and MJ Bale had no trouble impressing onlookers with their formal wear. Highlights included cropped pants, three-piece suits and street wear inspired looks!

Calibre most certainly set the tone with its luxurious beachside aesthetic; garments were relaxed yet appeared sophisticated as ever. Here we got a sufficient taste of the cropped pants-no socks style that is currently hot, hot, hot on the fashion scene.




The waistcoat has made a comeback, and Dom Bagnato and Godwin Charli only made it more clear with stunning three-piece suits that dominated the runway. We saw a stylish variety – some waistcoats coordinated with their blazers yet others strongly contrasted!




MJ Bale and Arthur Galan incorporated street wear accents into their collections, accessorising smart outfits with sneakers and partnering traditional shirt and blazer combos with skinny trousers or shorts above the knee for that cool, laid-back undertone.



 Images via Fashion Journal

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Love the spring/summer trend forecast – such a stylish statement for men!

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