Framed Flower Hanging Jars Tutorial

Our framed flower hanging jars tutorial is such a simple way to beautify any room! If you’re looking to decorate your wedding or bridal shower, this is an easy way to add blooms around the space, not simply on table tops. Although this frame is hung on a wall, it also works beautifully when simply lent up against a solid surface! You could pop the frames against hay bales for an outdoor wedding, or lean them up against a wall behind your drinks table – lovely!

There are so many variations to make these floral pieces work for any theme. Consider finding several frames and painting them all to match your colour scheme, or using several different kinds of ribbon (or even lace)! Grab some girlfriends and have a craft day – you’ll have these made in no time at all. All the frames need then are some blooms and somewhere to party!

You Will Need:

  • Picture frames – try op-shops for some good bargains. They’ll likely need a sand and a lick of paint!
  • Ribbon
  • Jars of different sizes and shapes – all with a lip at the top of the jar
  • Your chosen flowers and foliage
  • Scissors

What To Do:

Step 1. Cut your ribbon into long lengths. Start with one jar to give you an idea of how much you’ll need. Take two pieces of ribbon and begin by tying them together in a knot approximately two-thirds of the way down the lengths. This knot will sit at the back of your jar. Tie a bow with the remaining one-third of ribbon at the front of the jar.

Step 2. Continue to tie all the jars the same way, being sure each knot is very secure and the ribbon will not slip off the top of the jar. You’ll vary the hanging heights for each jar, so don’t worry if some lengths of ribbon are longer than others!

Step 3. Once you’ve tied all the bows, arrange the jars in your frame at the height you would like them to hang. Tie a knot where the ribbon first meets the frame. This will stop the jars from swinging about!

Step 4. Tie the jars onto the top of the frame, with the knot below securely holding the jar in place. You can leave the ribbon long, cut it short or tie it in bows. It is easiest to do this with the jars resting on a table top or in your lap.

Step 5. Now that your frame is complete (and looking lovely!), pop it into position and pour a little water in each jar. You only need enough to cover the bottom of the stems, so it won’t be much at all. Place your chosen flowers and foliage into the jars and you’re done! Stand back and admire your creation!

If you’re looking for ways to lengthen the life of these blooms, you could untie (or snip) the jars from the frame at the end of your celebrations and give them to guests to take home! This simple way to fancy up blooms in jars will have your next soiree looking just gorgeous!

All images by Ms Honeycomb


Ms Chinoiserie Says: I’m swooning over this gorgeous tutorial – so pretty and very unique!

About Ms Honeycomb  – Hi, I’m Nicola, the florist and crafter behind rubyandjoy. I’m a gardening, fabric loving, mint tea drinking, brownie baking, book obsessed maker! I love a good adventure having just moved back from five years in Scotland (with my lovely Scottish husband).

Spiked Hazelnut Mocha

Winter days are made so much more fun when celebrations are on the agenda and I think this Spiked Hazelnut Mocha recipe we created is the most delicious way to warm-up cold wedding guests! The patterned people and I love the hazelnut, coffee-chocolate combination – because let’s face it, it’s a little like your favourite chocolate spread in a drink!


  • 1/3 cup chocolate chips
  • 3/4 cup milk
  • 1/4 teaspoon vanilla bean paste
  • 30 ml Frangelico liqueur
  • 10 ml cold drip coffee liqueur (we used Mr Black)
  • 15 ml hot espresso
  • Whipped cream
  • Toasted hazelnut pieces


In an ovenproof bowl over a saucepan of boiling water, melt chocolate chips with milk and vanilla bean paste, whisking to remove lumps for a smooth liquid consistency.

Remove from stove and stir in Frangelico, cold drip coffee liqueur and hot espresso.

Top with whipped cream and toasted hazelnuts.

Image and recipe by Polka Dot Bride.

As the cold weather announces the beginning of winter it also has us dreaming of hot chocolates and warm apple pies! Which also means it’s the perfect time to share this super simple recipe for these delicious pies which could be recreated as part of a dessert buffet, an addition to a bridal shower, a high tea – or if you’re feeling up to the challenge – as wedding favours for your guests.

The recipe itself has only four main ingredients and creates beautifully light and fluffy apple pies, heady with cinnamon and ideal for an autumn or winter wedding. If you don’t have individual pie pans handy, you can create a similar ones by using muffin tins for the bases and a scone cutter for the lids. By making each of them the size of a muffin, it would be easier to create the pies in large amounts. Enjoy! x

Makes 8 individual pies (multiply as necessary) 

You Will Need: 
1kg green apples
80g caster sugar
2 tablespoons of water
1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon
4 sheets of ready-made frozen short crust pastry

1 egg, lightly beaten
Raw sugar for sprinkling
Butter for greasing
8 individual tart tins with removable bases
Small cookie cutter or stencil
Greaseproof paper
Brown paper
Sticky tape

What To Do:
Step One. Preheat oven to 180 degrees celsius. Peel and core apples. Cut into 2cm cubes.

Step Two. Remove pastry sheets from freezer. Place sugar, water, apple and cinnamon into a medium sized saucepan. Stir over a low heat until sugar is dissolved. Once dissolved, bring heat to medium and stir apple mixture until pieces of apple are just tender. Remove from heat and transfer into a heat proof bowl and put in the fridge to cool.

Step Three. Use butter to grease individual tins. Pastry should be at least half thawed by now. Use one of the pastry tins to press the top edge into one of the sheets. Repeat x 8. These are the lids of the pies. Using a small cookie cutter or a stencil (I used a love heart-shaped teaspoon), cut out a shape from the middle of the pie lids. Place into the fridge to cool.

Step Four. Use the remaining pastry to cut 8 x rough circles slightly larger than the pie tins. Slowly and carefully press each circle into its tin and cut away the excess with a sharp knife. Place prepared pastry tins into the fridge and rest for 30 minutes.

Step Five. Brush pie cases and lids with the egg wash. Fill the pies with apple mixture so they are just full. Place the pre-made lids on top and press gently to seal. Brush the tops with egg wash and sprinkle with raw sugar. Place on a tray into the oven for 20 minutes or until crisp and browned.

Step Six. Once ready, remove pies from oven and leave to cool on a wire rack. Once completely cool, wrap in greaseproof paper followed by brown paper. Use the twine to wrap the package and attach a tag if necessary.

Ms Chinoiserie Says: Ohhhh, I can imagine the yummy smell of these gorgeous pies cooking already; a beautifully heartfelt way to say thank you to your guests!

About Jessica: I’m a writer and a lover of words and stories, pretty papers and flowers. I find great satisfaction in creating something beautiful from the simplest of materials. I’m happiest in a home bustling with conversation and music, sitting at a beautifully decorated table surrounded by good friends and delicious food – with a glass of champagne in hand, of course!