Fleur shared this advice with us when she married Rich at her gorgeous country wedding in Barwon Heads. With her maids dressed in red, Fleur’s Carla Zampatti dress really popped, the sun shone and the bubbles flowed.

“Just try and plan a day that reflects you and your husband. It will never be perfect but as long as you have your friends and family and good music the night will be perfect! Make sure you try and sneak off for champagne together on the night and soak it all up…it goes so quickly!”

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Their venue Thornbury Theatre was a major decision for Jessica and Sean and this historic venue set the tone of their wedding day.

They tell “Over the year we enjoyed the crazy roller coaster that is planning a wedding. The very first thing that we did was book the venue. It seems odd to think about it now but we were just chatting and said to each other how cool it would be to have the reception at an old theatre. So, we Googled it and found the Thornbury Theatre, built in 1926. It was absolutely perfect. This set the tone for the whole wedding; we decided to go with a 1920’s/30’s, ‘old Hollywood’ feel.”

“During the photo shoot, our guests enjoyed cocktail hour in the Theatre foyer before being invited to take their seats in the grand ballroom, as the five-piece band began to play their first set. The bridal party went through a secret passage to the mezzanine level where we could all watch the guests’ reactions to the décor as they found their tables.”

“Each table was named after Sean and my favourite films and the centrepieces were light-boxes with the film names and mismatched vintage vases with arrangements of baby’s breath. Each place had a glittery gold star with a swing tag instead of place cards (a nod to my love of Christmas).”

“Just when everyone thought the evening was wrapping up, wait staff, in red waistcoats, came around with trays of choc tops to tie in with our theatre venue. In the blink of an eye, it was time for us to say goodbye and head to our gorgeous room overlooking the park at Melbourne’s iconic Hotel Windsor. A couple of days later we departed for our European honeymoon, first stop: Paris!”

Ms Polka Dot says: What a gorgeous historic venue – and the gold detailing is just the thing to add the extra sparkle to your wedding.

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The Camden winery wedding of Kira and Damien was bathed in the golden setting sun with stunning gowns and a beautiful winery to spend the day at, and so much love in the air.

“When planning our wedding, I knew I wanted a videographer, however my husband was in doubt. After talking to a few friends and family members that are married, their regret was not hiring a videographer. I convinced my husband and we decided to hire a videographer. I planned our wedding for months and at the end, our wedding day went so quick. Looking back on our wedding video, was probably the best decision we made.”

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