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Five Minutes With….Matt From Matthew Evans Photography

by | Five Minutes With.., Wisdom


Matthew Evans Photography
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Dan and Zac 3062

What is your favourite wedding theme?

I love anything that the bride has done herself. I know that it takes a lot of time and effort, but it really shows. I think that the guests really appreciate any DIY and personal touches also. I also love country/rustic themes.

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by my couples. I’m 100% fuelled by their enthusiasm on the day and leading up to it.

Chivonne and William 1001

What is special about weddings to you?

Families coming together and celebrating, couples declaring their love for one another and the great energy coming from everyone all day long.

What do you love about photography?

I love wedding photography, I love that I can be as experimental as I like without a director or client giving me any direction. From that, I love that I can make people so happy with what I create.

Lauren + Simon 1844-Edit

What is your favourite image of all time?

I don’t often look at or study photos and have never really thought to myself ‘this is my favourite’, but I do love everything that is created by Jeff Newsom who photographed our wedding last year.

What book are you reading at the moment?

I just finished ‘Scar Tissue’, the auto-biography of Anthony Kiedis. I’m about to read ‘Drive’ by James Sallis. I loved the movie!

What is your Number 1 tip for brides and grooms?

Enjoy every moment of your wedding day.

Emelia + Alex 2798

What is the one tool of your that you can’t live without?

My camera.

What is your resolution for this year?

Get out of the house more! I’m always working to streamline my business to allow me more time to get out and about.

What are you excited about right now?

The wedding season ahead. It will be exhausting but I’m regenerated after several months off and ready to push myself.

Jaime + Mick 2767

Where is your favourite place to escape to for downtime and why?

We just escaped to Cape Tribulation last weekend, it was incredible and only two hours away. The place is off the grid with no phone reception. I personally loved being disconnected from everyone, except my wife, for a couple of days.

All images by Matthew Evans Photography

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: I love the brides’ little DIY touches too – and Cape Tribulation must have been a wonderful place to get away from it all before your busy wedding season starts again!

About Matthew Evans Photography: Hi, I’m Matt! I’m a visual story teller who loves to take unique, dramatic and romantic photos of people in love. I love to capture all those precious moments while looking to push the limits in creative imagery.

Entertaining Your Guests – Wedding Lawn Games

by | Entertainment Wisdom, Wisdom


Grange Cleveland Winery
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It can often be a bit tricky to think of fun ideas to keep your guests entertained during the time between your ceremony and reception. You are often off having your photographs taken with your partner and bridal party – but what are your guests to do?

At Grange Cleveland Winery, we recently hosted a wedding where the couple decided to provide a series of fun lawn games to entertain their guests, including giant Jenga, Bocce, Croquet and Ring Toss as well as the classic Noughts and Crosses.

Our all time favourite was the giant Jenga. We loved the smiles that we saw on the guests’ faces when they first laid eyes on the oversized pieces. Another popular game with the adults was the Croquet and Bocce. The kids loved playing with the Ring Toss as well as Noughts and Crosses.



Croquet involves hitting plastic or wooden balls with a mallet through hoops embedded in a grass playing court; it is the perfect game to be played just in front of our historic homestead as it has a lovely stretch of green lawn right next to it.


Bocce is usually played on natural soil, which again we have the perfect spot for. It is played between two players or teams. A simple way to describe the object of the game is to relate it to the game of soccer. In soccer the only real object of the game is to get the ball into the goal of the opposing team more often than they do, within an allotted time period. In Bocce, the only object is for one or more of your team’s balls to be closer to the pallina (small target ball, often white) than any of your opponent’s balls at the end of every set. Rather than a time period, you can play a fixed number of ends and total the highest score to win or be the first team to reach a pre-determined score.


With lots of wide open spaces around Grange Cleveland Winery we were able to help our couple organise the games. We spread them around different areas on our lush green lawn and the outcome was just fabulous. Guests, both young and old, had lots of fun with them…after all, it’s not everyday you see these sort of games laid out all ready to play!

All the guests mingled and relax on our lawns. Cocktail and canapés were served and we created a really relaxing atmosphere; all the guests were playing games, eating, drinking and just having fun. Exactly what couples want at their weddings!

All images by Elk and Willow Photography

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Such a fun idea to keep guests entertained! Try one or include them all – Bocce anyone?

About Grange Cleveland Winery: At Grange Cleveland Winery, we offer an impeccable location for a winery wedding, located just under an hour from Melbourne. From getting ready for your wedding in an impressive 1887 gothic style Homestead to exchanging  vows in the vineyard, by the lake or in one of our beautiful private cottage gardens, our professional dedicated wedding planner will help you tailor make the wedding of your dreams.

Vendor’s Favourites – gm photographics

by | Vendor's Favourite, Wisdom


gm photographics
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1.Roll up in a RollsThe best car company in Sydney. They are always so polite and obliging which is so important to us so we can get all the best shots in the shortest amounts of time. They know their way around and they go out of their way to accommodate everyone. The cars always look amazing in photos and the team present beautifully. A total first class experience.

2.Steven KhalilOne of our most popular designers chosen by our brides and certainly one of our absolute favourite designers to work with. Steven is the consummate professional and his team deliver every time. The workmanship is incredible but what stands out for us is the experience and the way in which Steven tends to each and every bride personally. We love going to Steven’s studio for a dress fitting photo session, just an extra way for us to catch every little detail of the bride’s pre-wedding experience.

3.House of K’Dor – JewelleryThe most amazing hand crafted jewels, engagement and wedding rings. They have the greatest customer service and the experience is second to none. Everyone that enters their store becomes like family. They are masters in creating new and unique or personal pieces. We absolutely love working with them and their couples.

4.Faye Cahill Cake DesignAttention to detail! Absolutely love the creations that we see week to week from Faye. There is always something new and unique and they are such a masterpiece for us to photograph. These cakes are art!

5.Simona Janek Hair & MakeupSimona has been a professional makeup artist and hair stylist for over 20 years. Her experience means she is an absolute pro when it comes to preparing and pampering brides and bridal parties. Importantly for us as photographers, she is always running to schedule and always has the bride and bridesmaids ready on time. This gives us enough time to capture all of the beauty shots our brides love and expect from us. We hear back from so many brides how much they love her work and her gorgeous personality.

6.John Emmanuel Flower EventsSuch a creative! The atmosphere and style that John creates adds to our photos and he makes us look great! There is always such visual feast when John styles his florals. It gives us as photographers a shot of creative inspiration and we never know what to expect next. He makes weddings fresh and exciting.

All images by gm photographics

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Oh, I’m absolutely in wedding heaven; such a beautiful list of favourites! 

About gm photographics: Our handpicked team of photographers have an innate ability to connect and capture. With a photo-journalistic style, we absolutely love what we do! Together with our dedicated in-house creative team, we’ll help you plan the perfect shoot and ensure it flows flawlessly. Our award-winning photography is all about you. Your wedding. Your family. Your special someone.

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