Vendors Favourites - Celebrant Kate

1. Here Comes The Truck I love a food truck wedding! It’s like creating your own festival and I love a festival! There is such a relaxed vibe when your guests can choose what they want to eat and when they want to eat it and Here Comes the Truck can help you organise the food trucks and so much more! Image by Peter Georges Photography

2. @thehappymarriageau As a celebrant, by law, I have to let couples know about the option to attend some form of pre-marriage education. It’s about recognising that you’re two individuals who are committing to spending the rest of your life, doing this life together. I love @thehappymarriageau for its modern and fresh approach to sharing ideas and advice on creating happy marriages. It’s real, it’s relate-able and it’s on Instagram! How easy is that?! Image via @thehappymarriageau

3. Mark Davis Photography Mark captures moments as they happen! I love the way he takes photos of your guests during your ceremony – you can see so many emotions on people’s faces; the love, the pride, the laughs and the tears. He captures all the feelings of your wedding day. He’s relaxed and so easy to be around. I’ve seen brides and grooms who have not felt comfortable being in front of the camera feeling relaxed and confident with Mark and therefore getting the most amazing photos from their wedding day! He’s my fave photographer! Image by Mark Davis Photography

4. Gillian Pollard is such a  talented and creative florist – and really is so easy to talk to. Every time she does the flowers for a wedding I’m doing it looks sensational! She has a gift for floral styling! She’s relaxed and professional and wonderful to work with. Image via Gillian Pollard


Ms Chinoiserie Says: Such a wonderful list of favourites – Mark’s images are so beautifully candid; he has an art for capturing “real moments”!

About Celebrant Kate: Hi, I’m Kate! By getting to know you, listening to your stories, understanding what’s important to you and talking about all the things that make you ‘you’, we design and create your ceremony together. I write your ceremony especially for you, everything in it is authentically you.

At Marry Me Movies, we had the great pleasure of filming in a vibrant, luscious rainforest for Azell and Nick’s wedding at the Bonville Golf Course in Coffs Harbour.

Nick was overwhelmed with emotion when Azell walked down the aisle, but he was laughing when it came time for the vows, which included the fact that he’d love Azell “even when she takes too long to get ready!”

Ms Chinoiserie Says: From tears to laughter – such beautiful and tender emotions!

About Marry Me Movies: As wedding cinematographers we don’t just ‘video your wedding’, we capture priceless moments and memories. We use cinematic quality imagery combined with a documentary style of storytelling to create a spellbinding wedding film. A ‘forever film’ that will ignite memories and infuse magic into any moment of any day, for the rest of your days – allowing you to fall in love again and again.

Wedding planning often starts with a ring and this week I’m meeting someone who sure can design some breathtaking wedding and engagement rings, Simon of Grew & Co. Grew & Co was created in 2006 by Simon and Gabrielle Grew, a jewellery designer couple who met in gemmology school.

Specializing in custom design fine jewellery, Grew & Co focuses on always sourcing the highest quality materials and gemstones that will complement and enhance the design concept for each special piece.

Based in Sydney’s CBD, Grew & Co is hidden inside a beautiful heritage listed building on George Street. Simon describes the space as “an open studio” where workshop meets meeting space. The studio is the perfect place to meet couples and guide them through the process of design and creation of special pieces and I love that couples can get a sneaky peak into the workshop itself! “We can show clients samples and then walk them ten feet to where they are designed and then made,” says Simon. “It’s fantastic to have them be a part of the process.”

Simon tells me that they had to do very little to the old building to create the space, as it was so beautiful just as it was. The open style studio is home to six designers and you can just tell that it’s a very active and collaborative workspace. “It’s got such a great vibe,” say Simon. “There’s always a lot happening and people bouncing ideas around.”

The team also travel all over Australia for trunk shows and are very popular nationwide. Couples can make an appointment when Grew & Co are visiting their city and get a chance to talk one on one with designers as well as try on rings and chat through ideas.

Simon and the team are particularly skilled in merging the old and new, combining techniques and craftsmanship from decades past to create timeless modern pieces that stand the test of time. Twinkling stones are set in an amazing array of metals from gorgeous rose gold to the subtle grey tones of tantalum.

I love the style of the stacker rings that fit together so seamlessly and the idea of new traditions being formed. “We really encourage couples to stray from the expected and design something that is uniquely them,” says Simon. ‘It gives us the creative freedom to throw ideas up in the air and see where they land.” How treasured these beautiful pieces must be by the lucky couples that have them created!

Images by Alex Carlyle and Scott Surplice Photography

Ms Chinoiserie Says: Such a creative space – I love the idea of fusing old with new to create something unique!

About Amelia Waddell of Make Your Day Wedding Styling: I’m a wedding stylist and proud store owner who loves to chat weddings with everyone and anyone! I love to talk shop with other business owners (particularly over some chocolate cake!) and am the first to try and have a sticky beak behind the scenes of any event. My free time is spent ‘investigating’ new cafes, stores and events.