So your big day’s right around the corner – congrats on your engagement! When it comes to planning the big day, you’ll probably be in one of two camps – the couple that can’t wait for the moment they tie the knot but really dread the thought of organising the entire day, or the enthusiastic duo who want to be in charge of every single decision! Regardless of which camp you fall into, you should understand what exactly a wedding planner can do for you to ensure your wedding is exactly as you envisioned and so much more! Let’s take a look at the top 10 reasons a wedding planner  will be your best asset.

Styling by Love 2 Love Wedding & Event Planner, Image by I Love Wednesdays

1. Save Time

Initially, you might think about the key elements of a wedding and get excited – the dress, the venue and the guests. But when you actually sit down and make a list of everything you need, like most couples, you are sure to feel overwhelmed. The average couple will spend 200 hours planning their special day – do you really have that much free time? Having already established strong working relationships with suppliers, your Wedding Planner will have streamlined processes in place, making every element of your wedding easier to plan, saving you precious time.

2. Save Money

A wedding is something most people only plan for once in their life, so it’s a given that the average person wouldn’t be on top of what every single element should cost. For this reason alone, many couples are taken advantage of and end up paying a lot more than they should. The emotion of the occasion also tends to take over the budget limitations. Hiring a Wedding Planner eliminates the guesswork, instead you have an advocate in your corner who knows your budget, can optimise it (strong relationships with suppliers mean savings for you!) and importantly has your vision in mind but can work subjectively.

3. Industry Insight

The wedding industry generates over $2 billion annually with the number of suppliers growing every day. Although having so many options is great, it also means that you have to blindly navigate the market to discover who is reputable, who offers value and importantly, who can deliver the wedding of your dreams. A Wedding Planner has a close network of suppliers they can rely on, they know who to trust, who offers value for money and ultimately who can deliver on their promise.

4. Save Your Sanity

Memories of your wedding should fill you butterflies, joy and happiness, not stress and regret. Engaging a highly reputable Wedding Planner to take care of organising your special day ensures you don’t stress about how your dream wedding came to be. Your engagement should be a time to enjoy with your partner, unnecessary stress shouldn’t even be in the picture.

Rather than stressing for months on end, entrust a Wedding Planner, someone who is passionate and who thrives on organising and bringing dreams to life!

5. Nail Your Budget

Money is notoriously the source of many avoidable disagreements. Instead of arguing with the person you love, a Wedding Planner will take your budget and maximise the value you receive. Think of a Wedding Planner as a Financial Advisor who specialises in weddings! They will know exactly what everything should cost, how to allocate your budget for each area and importantly they will stay on top of the all-important payment schedule. Wedding Planners offer invaluable advice, recommendations and cost-saving tips – all of which you wouldn’t receive if you went out on your own!

Image by Frank Farrugia Photography

6. Visionary Mastery

So you’ve had this picture of you marrying the partner of your dreams amidst a fantasy setting – that’s all very well but how do you bring your vision to life? Reputable wedding planners are excellent communicators, creative and highly skilled in meticulously defining your ideas so that they can be brought to life just as you imagined. A wedding planner will sit down with you and determine the exact mood, style and atmosphere you wish to create.

7. Protect Your Relationships

This one applies to your relationship with your partner and with friends and family. Whenever a wedding comes around, everyone seems to be an expert on something! Your sister thinks you should choose one venue but you mum thinks another venue would be perfect! Planning a wedding on your own is stressful enough without having to consider the opinions of 50 other people! This is a valuable reason why you should invest in a wedding planner – they will not only be able to deliver the wedding of your dreams but importantly they will protect your relationship with your loved ones, avoiding problems before they occur and acting as a buffer when conflicts do arise.

8. Valuable Experience

As much research as you’ve done, it will never compare to the experience of a professional wedding planner. The wealth of knowledge they offer truly is invaluable. Wedding to-do lists are pages long so it’s no surprise people going it alone forget something! Your wedding planner knows what needs to be done like the back of their hand; they will keep track of deadlines, communicate with you along the way and advise you when decisions need to be made. Having a checklist is one thing but pre-empting risk requires experience from a highly experienced professional in the industry – a Wedding Planner.


Image by Frank Farrugia Photography

9. The Ultimate Organiser

One really important issue that arises when couples have a go at organising their own wedding is not realising the role of certain suppliers. In particular, the venue coordinator at that dream destination you’ve chosen! Venue coordinators are there to showcase their venue, they are there to make you fall in love with it and then sell it to you; they may be able to recommend suppliers but that’s usually where it ends. A wedding planner, however, will take care of everything – from budget management and family dispute resolution right through to researching items and advising you if your favourite flowers will be in season for the big day! Wedding pPlanners are hired to be YOUR advocate.

10. Expertise to Minimise Risk

Everyone likes to be optimistic about a wedding, but unfortunately, any event will have certain risks associated with it – from weather to logistics. If you’re thinking about planning you own wedding, you’ll also have to put your risk assessor cap on and unveil every single thing that could go wrong. Let’s face it, if weddings aren’t something you plan every day, it will be very difficult to identify them all! A wedding planner. minimises risk for a living, they know how to seamlessly orchestrate the wedding of your dreams and they have the resources, knowledge and experience to guide you through any obstacle so smoothly that you’ll have thought it was part of the plan!

So we’ve just looked at the 10 top reasons a wedding planner. will be the biggest asset for your special day! A wedding is one of the most significant milestones in your life, it should be a magical day to look back on and your engagement should be a time to enjoy (stress-free) before you enter the next stage of your lives. A reputable wedding planner. loves their job, they will have an innate passion for planning, take great pride in saving you time and money and ultimately they are driven by their love for people and their creative genius to bring your dream wedding to life. Leave stress at the door and engage a reputable wedding planner.! Stay tuned for our upcoming blog on how to choose a reputable wedding planner.

Ms Polka Dot says: Jason’ sgreat advice is key to consider, especially thinking of your wedding planner as your financial advisor for weddings – costs can really spiral out of control way too easily!

Jason of Love 2 Love Wedding and Event Planner: We realise that for a couple, their wedding is usually the first large event they will host together for their family and friends. For that reason, you will have our full support along the way, ensuring you, your partner, your family and friends enjoy what will be – your best day ever!

As with many businesses I speak to, 3 Eggs Design was started organically when owner Kim Pham made some beautiful wedding invitations as a favour to friends getting married. What started as  a fun creative project resulted in more favours for more friends, and has evolved into a fantastic range of event stationery, greeting cards and even scratchies! Kim started the business in Sweden in 2011 but has since moved to Australia and is loving the reaction to her work here.

3 Eggs Design is based in Melbourne but Kim can design and create stationery for clients all over the world. Kim tells me she loves meeting customers at the many design markets which she exhibits at and through her online store. Kim’s designs range from the bright and quirky to soft and pretty. Many designs also feature her love for nature with various inspirations that range from Scandinavian patterns to vintage detailing and typography. “I love doing invites” says Kim “but I also wanted to cater for the whole engagement and wedding planning process from save the dates to thankyou cards”.

3 Eggs Design have brides totally covered for invites, rsvps, programs and favour tags but they also have a range of other pieces perfect for pre wedding planning too. I love the scratch off balloon cards where brides can write a secret message for bridesmaids to be. Kim tells me that brides love picking styles that personalize the cards for individual bridesmaids with different hair colours and distinguishing features. There’s also a fantastic range of interactive guestbooks like the tree poster where guests can leave a thumbprint stamp to create a lasting memory of the wedding.

Being eco-friendly is particularly important to Kim as she hates the wastage that can sometimes be involved in creating stationery. “Everything on a print is locally produced” says Kim “and I always strive to use eco-friendly papers and printing techniques”. Kim also makes the extra effort to collaborate with 100% carbon neutral companies, so brides can rest assured their wedding stationery is not only inspired by nature, but kind to it too. As a graphic designer Kim can also create printable versions of many of her designs meaning brides can print them at home or even email to guests to save on paper and postage too.

I ask Kim what the most popular designs are and she tells me her cards featuring scratchies are a real winner. “I was looking for something different to add to my cards and was inspired by the old school scratchie tickets” says Kim “they add an element of surprise and encourage creativity”. Kim also tells me she has some new designs in the works, I can’t wait to see!

Photos by Phoebe Powell Photography

Ms Polka Dot says: We love that anything is eco-friendly – such a plus in this throwaway world.

About Amelia Waddell of Make Your Day Wedding Styling: I’m a wedding stylist and proud store owner who loves to chat weddings with everyone and anyone! I love to talk shop with other business owners (particularly over some chocolate cake!) and am the first to try and have a sticky beak behind the scenes of any event. My free time is spent ‘investigating’ new cafes, stores and events.

Let me introduce you to Jack Levi aka Wedding MC/Comedian Elliot Goblet. Elliot Goblet graced the screen in Hey, Hey Its Saturday and The Footy Show as well as comedy festivals and stand up comedy. As well as adding a good dose of laughs to your wedding formalities, he is a very capable wedding MC. He’ll guide the proceedings in a professional manner, entertaining at the same time with his wry sense of humour. Instead of relying on Uncle Bill to perform the role on the wedding day, why not allow all your relatives to relax and have a good time, knowing that the formalities at the reception will be conducted in a professional and engaging manner.

Were you always aware of the comedic side of life – even as a child?

Not in my early years. Although my parents told me that when I was born I got a big roar of laughter.

What was it that inspired you to become a professional comedian and MC?

I’ve always liked to make people laugh and found that I could make them laugh…so making a living out of something that came naturally sounded like a logical choice for a career. The biggest outside inspiration was Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

Is being a comedian a chance to become someone else – your alter ego perhaps?

Yes and my alter ego Elliot Goblet is a healthy extension of myself. With an alter ego I can get away with an invented quirky character.

When did you do your first stand up comedy performance?

June 1981 at famous Melbourne comedy venue The Last Laugh.

Where has your career taken you?

All over Australia and to 7 other countries including America, England and Fiji.

Please tell us some notable shows you have performed in?

When I was the support act for the band “America” during one of their Australian tours. Also the Montreal Comedy Festival.

And what else in the comedy arena have you done?

Lots of variety…corporate events, weddings, parties, football clubs and public performances.

Who are some of the well known people you’ve worked with?

On television…Daryl Somers, Ray Martin, Bert Newton, Eddie McGuire, Derryn Hinch, Wendy Harmer. And live…Shane Jacobson, Andrew Denton, Charlie Pickering, Wil Andersen, Judith Lucy.

Was Ossie Ostrich your favourite?

He is certainly my favourite feathered character.

How would you describe your style?

Comedy with a unique twist.

As a comedian, do you feel that you are a sharp observer of life – more so than most people – which then translates into seeing the funny side?

Not really. I just have a bigger imagination and that helps me come up with what I write.

What do you love about comedy?

It makes people happy and can even be an education.

How has your comedy background led to your MC work?

It was automatic. When you are on stage people assume that you can MC and you get requests to do that.

How have you honed your skills as an MC?

Watching others but mainly it’s experience that has taught me what to do and what not to do.

How do you see the role of MC at a wedding – how is it an extension of your comedy career?

MC is a very important role at a wedding. The MC controls the sequence of events and makes sure that everything flows properly. It is an extension of my comedy career because I always use my comedy skills to add humour.


Image by Lynda Nguyen Photography

What do you do in your role as a wedding MC?

Perform all the formal duties with a wrapping of appropriate humour, react to any situation with spontaneous humour and include some material written about the bride & groom.

Why is it important to employ a professional wedding MC?

They can focus on the job, have the experience to do the job properly, have the experience to handle difficult situations, use tasteful humour and have a reputation to protect.

 Do you arrive at the wedding incognito? What is the reaction you get when you stand up and start your performance?

Yes generally. Positive reaction from those who know my work mainly from television. Younger people who don’t recognise Elliot Goblet are curious but open to experiencing something different.

Do you prepare extensively for your MC roles, or are you able to gauge the mood of the guests and tailor your performance accordingly?

I prepare properly after studying the run sheet and I also prepare tasteful material about the couple. Ad libbing (spontaneous humour) happens on the day/night.

You have many other skills which include producing, film roles and writing a book. What exciting projects does 2017 hold in store for you?

A likely new film part but mainly a continuation of my live work especially corporate events & weddings.

If couples would like to see you perform, where can we find this information?

It’s rare that I do public performances but there is good footage on my website Also there is plenty of my old stuff on Youtube.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Bush walks, beach walks, music festivals, restaurants, theatre shows, keeping fit and visiting antique shops to add old tins to my collection.

What do you enjoy about living in Melbourne?

Melbourne is a beautiful city especially around Southbank. I love the bay, the variety of country getaways, events like the Australian Open and AFL football. As a wedding MC in Melbourne I can work in some stunning venues.

Thank you Jack for sharing your story.  Relax and enjoy your reception knowing that you will be in good hands. To find out more about Elliot Goblet Entertainment visit the website.

Images unless otherwise stated courtesy of Elliot Goblet Entertainment.

Headshot courtesy of Elliot Goblet Entertainment.