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Galia Lahav – Les Reves Bohemian Collection

by | Event Reviews, Fashion Wisdom, Wisdom


Ms Filigree


“It’s a mystical collection, as daring and adventurous as the heroes of the tales it draws its inspiration from, with phenomenal corsetry, intricate lace details and enchanted tulle skirts. It’s both romantic and classic combined, but most of all it’s something new for the eye.”

Set against the ornate background of the Langham Sydney, Galia Lahav through exclusive Australian supplier Eternal Bridal, sent me and other invited guests through the Narnia closet and welcomed us into an exquisite world of mystique, beauty and artful detailing.

Blossom & Belle


With over 30 years experience in the haute couture industry, the Galia Lahav brand has grown to become one of the most sought after and desirable bridal couture labels in the world. Synonymous with luxury, signature design elements such as cascading silk tulle skirts and Italian ivory lace are intricately sculpted and manipulated to create the brand’s iconic luxurious gowns.



Tiger Lily Zoom

Combining a love of art and fashion, the 2016 ‘Les Reves Bohemian Collection’ is a magical showcase of romantic and dramatic gowns featuring exquisite detailing and embellishments. As the lights dimmed and the doors to the catwalk opened, a stillness blanketed the audience as we sat mesmerized by the breathtaking Jewel Gown worn by model and Galiah Lahav Brand Ambassador, Katharina Linke. As the models glided down the runway in one masterpiece gown after the next, the whole collection was nothing but pure decadence and luxury.


Aria & Gemma

With designs in A-Line, fish tale and fitted silhouettes, there was an exquisite detail to each gown including lace, beading and layered silk tulle. Completing each look was a luxurious gold leaf crown headpiece by Viktoria Novak and for the perfect photo op, a romantic flower wall by Fleur Events was positioned at the end of the catwalk – the ultimate in romantic luxury!

Snow White-Back

Showcasing this collection in Australia for the first time, we were also treated to a video walk through of the Galia Lahav design house in Israel, as well as a special Q&A session with the designer. This sneak peek into the workings behind each gown and life in the Galia Lahav studio showcased the refined techniques that create each gown. Individually crafted by hand, each gown is a product of the finest workmanship and truly is an exquisite work of art.

Wendy-BackImages via Galia Lahav 


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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Such a beautifully luxurious collection; the embellishments and detailing are exquisite!

A Floral Affair

by | Flower Wisdom, Wisdom


Ms Filigree

Wedding arbour made of greeneryImage by Darin Collison via Erin and Manning’s Romantic Winery Wedding

When it comes to planning a wedding, there has always been an emphasis placed on beautifully crafted floral arrangements. Whether they are lining the aisle, bunched for the bride and bridesmaids or used as centrepieces, the perfect display of flora can add that extra special touch to your ceremony and reception.

For our brides wanting something completely unique for their wedding, we’ve got the most beautiful (and simple) tips and ideas for an unforgettable floral statement for your ceremony or reception!

While flowers are traditionally planted or displayed in vases at events, we absolutely love hanging and framework displays that can be utilized throughout every space of your special day!


You’ll need to evaluate your space to see how many hanging pieces or framework displays will work, where you want them to be placed and how big they will be. The best part about these beautiful displays is that they can be as small or as large as you’d like to perfectly accent your particular space.

Here are our top suggestions on stand out floral masterpieces:

The Floral Chuppah: We all love chuppahs made from timber and decorated with flowers – however if you’re looking for something a little different, a suspended floral chuppah is just the thing!

The Signing Desk: What could be a more perfect way to start your marriage than by signing the papers underneath a beautiful display of your favourite flowers?

A Photography Backdrop: Create an absolutely flawless background for your guests to be photographed against.

vintage garden party wedding0070Image by Welsch Photography via Caroline & Xander’s Vintage Garden Party Wedding

whimsical garden wedding073Image by Bushturkey Studio via Eirin and Wez’s Whimsical Garden Wedding

colourful western australian wedding051Image by Nic Duncan via Anna and Darren’s Colourful Western Australian Wedding

Hanging Ideas:

It’s also important to decide where you’re going to place your hanging displays and how are they going to be secured – no one wants a flower mishap on the day! Doors and gates are perfect options!

Willow Heart With FlowersImage by Matt Rowe via Megan and Adam’s Colourful Rustic Farm Wedding

floral heartImage by Studio Sixty Photography via Australian Glamping Wedding Inspiration

If you’re to be married underneath an old beautiful tree, the branches can make a perfect support, however if not, there are plenty of other ways to secure a floral display.

C+A 78Image by Milk Photography via Candice and Alex’s Pretty Pink Wedding

chic at home wedding0027Image by Carla Atley via Rochelle & AJ’s Chic At Home Wedding

Suspended from the roof – this of course is only possible if your venue approves it! A warehouse or gallery space will generally be able to accommodate your wishes with suspended roof displays.

spring winery wedding065Image by Joseph Koprek via Esther and Omar’s Spring Winery Wedding

Framework – If hanging isn’t an option, you may want to consider a framework to support your floral display. A worn and weathered timber frame made from old boards can create a rustic look.


Choosing your flowers is the best part out of the whole process! With your florist, choose flowers that suit your colour scheme and don’t forget some greenery to fill out your design. White blooms are always a beautiful and classic choice for a wedding display.

vintage inspired garden wedding0098Image by Vivid Photography via Stacey and Matt’s Vintage Inspired Garden Wedding


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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Such beautiful ideas to add a floral ‘wow factor’ to your wedding; I love the heart-shaped wreath on the farm gate!


My Inspiration – Magnolia Photography

by | My Inspiration, Wisdom


Magnolia Photography

My Studio 005

Magnolia Photography was named after the most amazing tree in my Grandma’s garden. The beautiful pink and white flowers provided the perfect canopy to play under. Along with my sisters, it was my favourite spot for secret dreams which nurtured our imaginations. I have now planted several magnolias in my own garden but it will be some time until they reach the magnificence of my Grandmother’s tree.

My Grandmother, my Nana and my Mum have all provided inspiration and helped define my style. My ‘Meeting Room’ where I chat with clients is filled with their memories and knick-knacks. The walnut chair with the olive coloured seat-pad belonged to my Grandma. We shared many meals around her matching circular dining table where I fondly remember sneaky bowls of home-made ice cream. The décor of this room, from the rug to the storage cupboards to the mirror and the subtle wallpaper, were all well chosen to match this chair! The delicate gold-rimmed tea-cups were my Nana’s and are part of a set with bowls and plates that are now only used for special occasions. The Depression glass and vase are also items that I cherish.

My Studio 001

My Studio 006

My Studio 004

I have also added my own memories which will hopefully be embraced by my daughter. I purchased extra fabric from my wedding dress and had it framed – a permanent visual reminder of such a special day. This is unlike my own Mum who keeps her wedding dress stored in an old suitcase swaddled in tissue paper and mothballs! Often, we would be allowed to have a look and my younger sister even considered wearing it for her own wedding. We also spent many hours looking at my parents’ wedding album. I think this planted the seed for my love of weddings.  I love to capture the happiness of each unique celebration and to provide memories that can be handed down to the next generation.


My parent’s wedding – where my love for weddings all began!

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: What a beautiful inspiration –  romantic, cherished memories which are indeed unforgettable!

About Magnolia Photography: Hi there, my name is Anna from Magnolia Photography. I shot my first wedding while at uni and haven’t stopped. I love beautiful fabrics, magical colours, memories of my Morris Major, David Austin roses and magnolias (especially the pink and white tree at my Grandma’s house!)

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