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8 Tips To Make Getting Dressed On Your Wedding Day A Breeze

by | Fashion Wisdom, Wedding Planning Wisdom, Wisdom

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MHP 5312a 550x825 8 Tips To Make Getting Dressed On Your Wedding Day A Breeze

Image by by Madelyn Holmes Photographics assisted by Cory Pedder Photography via Amy & Tom’s Rustic Country Wedding

Make getting dressed on your wedding day an absolute breeze with these 8 all important tips:

1. If your garment bag is plastic, take your bridal gown out of it and hang your bridal gown where it will be safe from children or pets. Wrap it in a clean sheet to protect it from light and dust.

2. Make a list of everything you will need the day of the wedding– including things for emergencies. Its handy to have things to treat spills with to prevent damage to your wedding gown the day.

3. Several days before the wedding, look over your wedding gown and wedding accessories and make sure everything is ready to wear. TIP: Hang your veil near the shower to smooth any wrinkles.

4. Wear your shoes around the house so you will be comfortable the day of the wedding. You might even rub the soles of your shoes against a sidewalk or other rough surface to make them less slippery.

5. Arrange for someone (two “someones” are even better) without a fresh manicure or dark polish to help you dress in your wedding gown. Or hire a professional dresser who will take responsibility for your bridal gown all day and make sure you are dressed perfectly in a bridal gown that is not creased or wrinkled and is bustled properly.

6. Make sure you know how to bustle your wedding gown and show whoever is helping you dress how to do it, too. TIP: Pin five or six safety pins to the underside of your wedding gown. They will not show, and you will be glad so have them in an emergency!

7. Allow plenty of time to get dressed in your wedding gown. Allow even more time if it is raining. I repeat – allow plenty of time to get dressed in your wedding gown. Allow even more time if it is raining.

8. Most importantly, remember to relax and enjoy every minute of your special day because your wedding day will go by all too quickly!

Swirl divider3 8 Tips To Make Getting Dressed On Your Wedding Day A Breeze

Ms Gingham says: I love the idea of keeping your veil in the shower. The steam keeps the tulle crease and wrinkle free. Just don’t forget the obvious… don’t get it wet!

For more information about wedding gown care click here Bridal Gown Care Tips. Look here for help with your destination wedding gown Destination Wedding Gown

What Would They Know? Melissa O’Driscoll of Birdsnest Bridal

by | Hair and Beauty Wisdom, What Would They Know?, Wisdom


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Birdsnest Bridal What Would They Know? Melissa ODriscoll of Birdsnest Bridal

Western Australian brides – you are indeed lucky! Melissa of Birdsnest Bridal (based in WA) is one multi-talented person. Not only does she do wedding makeup and hair, she also designs and makes beaded hairpieces to compliment your bridal gown. Subtle makeup is her forte, but if you want something bolder, she can do that too. And she has some great tips to tells us about, to help us look our best on the wedding day. Here is Melissa’s story…..

How did you get into the bridal hair and makeup profession?

I’ve been a hairdresser for the past 17 years. I’d worked for myself since 21, I meet and married my handsome farmer and moved to the country, I was looking for a new direction but still loved hair and saw a niche in the market.

Which came first – hair or makeup, and was one a natural progression from the other?

Hair was first then makeup artistry.

53def8a49d8a4400x What Would They Know? Melissa ODriscoll of Birdsnest Bridal

Image by Sarah Tonkin Photography

What do you enjoy about bridal hair and makeup?

I love the creativity with bridal work. I’m still hairdressing and have a very regular clientele so it’s lovely as I get out to meet new people and work with hair in a different way.

How do you keep up with the changes in hair and makeup styles and trends?

Last year I headed east for training with Sharon Blain, but I always look to events like the Oscars and Cannes Film Festival, I love how elegant the women look, yet there is a softness and grace. I love looks usually worn by Cate Blanchett, Naomi Watts, Keira Knightley and Scarlett Johansson.

What do you love about current trends?

That anything goes and people are being true to themselves.

Birdsnest bridal 4 550x733 What Would They Know? Melissa ODriscoll of Birdsnest Bridal

Image by Bird On The Wall Photography

How would you characterize your style? (Are you known for a certain ‘look’?)

My brides tell me when booking that they love that my styling is soft, not stiff and too hair sprayed. I often get picked to do vintage styles too.

Do you prefer to do the whole look (makeup and hair) for the bride on her wedding day?

I do prefer to do the whole look for smaller wedding parties. But I don’t favour one over the other.

Are you able to advise on a look for the bridal party? And what influences the look for the day?

I do tend to listen to what the bride has envisaged, she has been thinking about this day for along time.

However I’m happy to advise and I usually base it on what the bride has chosen for herself and create a toned down variation of the style to suit the bridesmaids.

DSC 8092 Edit 15 550x348 What Would They Know? Melissa ODriscoll of Birdsnest Bridal

Image by Bird On The Wall Photography, hairpiece by Birdsnest Bridal

How do you determine the colours you use?

I tend to stick with colours that complement the client’s skin, hair and eye colouring. And not to clash it with the tones of the wedding party.

How should a bride and her maids prepare their skin for the wedding day?

Good sleep and limit alcohol in the lead up and the night before (seen too many blotchy puffy faces) makeup can only do so much. Start with your insides drink plenty of water and eat good clean foods, start exfoliating once a week to remove dry patches and moisturise.

What tips can you give us to prepare our hair for the wedding day?

In the lead up trim your ends at least every 6 to 8 weeks, don’t start playing with colours a month or two out. If you regularly colour your hair take note of when you like it best, the week you do it or 3 weeks after when foils may have softened and grown out a bit. Book you last salon visit at that time before the wedding.

Not all hair stylists are the same but I find I like a dry texture to the hair and not too slippery. I recommend to wash the day before, condition only the ends and don’t style it other than a blow-dry with no product. (I hate working on the myth of “dirty hair”).

Do you have any tips for keeping their makeup looking fresh during the day?

A lot of Aussie brides are getting married on hot over 30 degree days. Have a light layer of foundation so you don’t feel like you are melting, if you need to re powder make sure to remove the excess oil first, if you don’t if will start to look caked. But try and stay cool.

photo6 550x825 What Would They Know? Melissa ODriscoll of Birdsnest Bridal

Image by Angela Higgins

What should a bride pack in a kit to take with her on the wedding day?

Lipstick, gloss, blotting paper, pressed powder and brush to apply, blush if you want to add a bit more colour for the evening, small hairspray, babywipes (great to wipe over your body if it’s a hot sticky day).

Your favourite hair and makeup products?

Hair  – I love the White Sands range, for makeup I favour Nars, MAC and elementwo for my airbrushing.

How do you make sure your career fits in with family life?

I have a very supportive husband and wouldn’t be able to do half as much without him. And learning it’s OK to say no.

MM 2152 550x366 What Would They Know? Melissa ODriscoll of Birdsnest Bridal

Image by 27Creative Steve Wise

What can we find you doing on your days off?

I love being at home, cooking and gardening, you’ll find me shopping, eating, opshopping or photographing.

Thank you for Melissa for sharing your story. To find out more about Melissa at Birdsnest Bridal visit the website.

All Hair and Makeup in these images by Melissa at Birdsnest Bridal.

Headshot by 27Creative Steve Wise

Planning your Wedding Car Hire – Part 2

by | Transport Wisdom, Wisdom


Triple R Luxury Car Hire
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modern ethereal wedding020 Planning your Wedding Car Hire Part 2

Car by Triple R Luxury Car Hire / Image by Gus Reyes Photography

Having decided upon details such as the theme/style/colour of cars you desire, its time to find the right supplier to provide you with these vehicles. Consider the following questions and advice when deciding on a supplier:

  • Is this company credible and part of any Wedding or Transport associations?
  • Do they hold the necessary license with the state Government and/or Taxi Directorate?
  • Will I be able to view the cars before I book them? And will these be the same cars on my wedding day?
  • Is this company a third party such as a booking agency or are they the direct Supplier and own these vehicles?
  • Do they have a contingency plan in the event that there is a mechanical failure?
  • Will they have enough cars for my bridal party?
  • Do the cars look well maintained and clean?
  • Do your research online and read previous customers’ reviews for peace of mind?
  • The cheapest option is not always the better option; Service and product quality should not be compromised for price, especially on your wedding day!
  • Is a deposit required to secure the car, and how much is required? Are there payment plans available?

Planning your schedule for the day

We encourage you to spend time considering how your day will unfold and the logistics of your schedule. Generally, wedding transport companies will have a minimum duration for your booking, followed by a per hour charge thereafter. Your schedule will determine the duration for which you require your wedding transport.

Some Important factors to plan for include:

  • The day of the week, and how traffic flow may be impacted.
  • The route you wish to travel and the time it takes to do this.
  • Public and sporting events which may be occurring on the same day, and therefore impact on travel times and routes.
  • Where will your photographs take place? How much travel time is required from the location of your ceremony to the location/s of your photographs?
  • Time required by your photographer at the locations you choose.
  • Alternate locations for your photography should poor weather be a factor.

A good supplier will be committed to assisting all couples in planning their schedule involving transport, and will happily offer advice on any of the above factors. After 33 years of service, there is no situation or set of circumstances that Triple R has not encountered previously, and therefore we can offer expert advice on any of the above factors and beyond to ensure you special day runs exactly as you plan.

Swirl divider6 Planning your Wedding Car Hire Part 2

About Triple R Luxury Car Hire: The Triple R collection started with a consuming passion for classic motor vehicles over thirty years ago.While working as a professional photographer, owner Micky Jovanovic’s 1951 Bentley Dawn attracted as much demand as his wedding photography.

Micky drove his passion into a thriving business and revolutionized the wedding car hire industry. With his sophisticated style and photographer’s eye, Micky has selected each of his 40 cars for their aesthetic appeal, creating a beautiful backdrop to your wedding photographs you will cherish forever.

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