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ABC Of Weddings


ABC Of Weddings- The Full Alphabet

by | ABC Of Weddings, Bride


A Is For Ancestry B Is For Bouquet Ties C Is For Champagne (Written by Brother Polka Dot) D Is For Dance E Is For Engraving F Is For Footwear G Is For Guestbook H Is For Hair Accessories I Is For Initials J is For Jewellery K Is For Kids L Is For Lolly

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ABC Of Weddings: Z Is For Zany

by | ABC Of Weddings, Bride, Reception


For a zany, zesty wedding, have it at the zoo with zebras and other zoophytes for company. ~ Well how zany can a wedding get? Let us recount some of the ways you can add a touch of ‘zany-ness’ to your wedding. From bungy jumping, to your wedding in a cave in the Blue Mountains,

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ABC Of Weddings: Y Is For Years

by | ABC Of Weddings, Bride, Favors and Decor


The years fly by while yodeling and eating yoghurt until we are yearning to be youthful again. ~ Wedding anniversaries are one of the fun things you get to celebrate after your wedding. Each anniversary has a traditional and modern gift interpretation. Anniversaries between the 15th-50th do not have traditional gifts associated with them (unless

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