Delicate Jewels From Violetfly Jewelry

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As a lover of all things delicate and dainty, I was smitten when I stumbled across the handmade jewellery pieces of designer Violetfly Jewelry.

Designer Katie, creates fine jewellery pieces using delicate metals and gemstones. A dainty ruby stacking ring is made from rose gold, blue green diamond chips are wrapped around a gold band, an amethyst cube sits atop a sharp edged band.

Each piece, handmade in Katie’s studio is made under her motto of “made with love” and part of that love is Katie’s love for the tiniest and most beautiful stones she can find. She’ll even create custom pieces!

I love the stacking rings particularly, giving a different look to wedding day jewels. But each piece would make a beautiful wedding day accessory or a gift for your favourite bridesmaids. The shimmering, sparkly bracelets sit understated and subtle but considered, and the earrings each dainty and modern.

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Handcrafted Rings From Lisa Black Jewellery

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The handcrafted rings from Lisa Black Jewellery have really taken my fancy over recent weeks. Lead designer Lisa Black hails from New York, falling in love with jewels from a very early age and after much study (including horticulture in Sydney and the US National Art School fine art) she brought her love of creating highly art driven jewellery pieces to her home in the Northern Rivers.

Inspired by all things exotic, Lisa works with old and new elements (including shell, bone and fragments of vintage tribal necklaces) alongside beautifully coloured gemstones like rubies, sapphires and diamonds to create unique creations that blend both the “primitive and the sublime”.  Old polished Australian cow horn holds one simple pale yellow diamond in a gold rivet and plate detail., a classic gold cocktail style rings holds a raw cut lilac-blue chalcedony druse stone. Each piece true to Lisa’s design sense.

The brand itself began in 2005 when Lisa met craftsman Jan Hooft, together they work to hand make each piece they sell using traditional jewellery making techniques and making sure each piece has as much care and love in each bend and turn. From rings, to bracelets and one of a kind pieces, the jewels are as interesting as they are beautiful.

Lisa Black Jewellery pieces are available through the website or through one of the brand’s many stockists.

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Modern Bridal Hairpieces & Jewels From Teeki + The Adorn Collective

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Sparkling crystals, glittering sequins and  Teeki + The Adorn Collective have combined forces to create a beautiful range of bridal jewellery pieces that suit brides, bridesmaids and even work as accessories for mothers of the bride or groom! You know Teeki for her incredible range of handmade bridal hairpieces and we’ve come to know and love The Adorn Collective for their bold, fashion inspired jewels so when these two forces combined, it was always going to be special!

With five key versatile pieces, the bridal collection features three necklaces, a pair of statement earrings and a bracelet – each can be worn together in a stacked dramatic, glittering look or alone for something more subtle.

From “Eva” a glittering crystal pendant with art deco style emerald cut crystals, to “Christy” a bracelet of daisy style crystal gemstones, “Helena” a tiered necklace with bold crystals and “Naomi” a modern take on crystal teardrop earrings.  Teeki even created more bohemian inspired hair chains to matched the jewelled looks.

To show off the collection in typical Teeki free spirit glory, the team rounded up beautiful gowns from Karen Willis Holmes, beautiful floral arrangements from Clementine Posy and hair and makeup by Deelush Hair and Lianne Claire then enlisted Scott Surplice Photography to capture it all. Those aubergine toned bouquets and berry lips are a stunning combination with the incredible sparkle of this collaboration!

The Teeki + The Adorn Collective is available online now!

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Modern Bridal Jewels0003

modern bridal jewels0003

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