Sarina Suriano White Collection Bridal Jewels

When it comes to sparkle and glamour, Sydney jewellery designer Sarina Suriano has it covered and with the launch of her new wedding collection, titled “White” she mixes old and new to create a beautiful collection for brides wanting something modern with a nostalgic twist.

Sarina Suriano studied industrial design in Sydney before living and working in both Milan and London where she honed her designer skills and worked with jewellery designer Erickson Beamon. Her own label began upon her return to Sydney in 2001, and quickly made a name for herself, the first jewellery designer to be offered her own show at Australian Fashion Week. Her pieces continue to literally shine with glamour and femininity. Each handcrafted to reflect  her love of modern design.

“White” draws inspiration from vintage garments, accessories and even architecture. Each piece uses clear Swarovski crystals that sparkle romantically, each design timeless and feminine. Drop earrings,  cluster necklaces, collars, bracelets and even a feather brooch make up the collection. The sparkle being as appropriate for the bridesmaids as it is for the bride.

Sarina Suriano pieces are available her website or stockists around Australia.








Maniamania Fine Jewellery Collection “Immortalia”

unique engagement rings maniamania006

Ritual Solitaire Ring. White Gold V-shaped Solitaire Engagement ring with 8x6mm Pear-shaped rose cut Champagne (or Cognac) diamond (0.75ct), nine 2mm round grey and white mixed diamonds and pave of grey and white diamonds on band (.37ctw)

It’s no secret I love a beautifully different engagement rings and with the launch of much loved brand Maniamania’s fine jewellery collection entitled “Immortalia”, influenced by the Victorian and Georgian eras  it is right up my unique engagement ring loving alley.

Each piece from Maniamania is hand made to order in New York using only certified diamonds. Each piece from the premiere collection is carefully designed to stay true to the brand’s dark bohemian aesthetic. From precious gemstones such as cognac, grey and champagne diamonds to black rhodium, white gold and yellow gold settings decorated with smokey quartz and rutilated quartz.

The gemstones themselves have been carefully chosen to represent the mood and spirit of the stone, for example it is said that rutilated quartz is an excellent stone to use if you need to change your direction in life, while Smokey Quartz is adored by sensitive women for her ability to regulate and disperse emotional blockages and their physical manifestations.. Each styled is named for the sentiment with which they are empowered.

I love these pieces as engagement and wedding rings and the delicate designs lend themselves beautifully to having a unique piece of jewellery, but for making more of a bold statement, the cocktail rings get my vote!

Check out the Maniamania website for details and to purchase.

unique engagement rings maniamania004

unique engagement rings maniamania005

Sacred Wedding Band. White Gold V-shaped band ring with two Rose-cut Pear-Shaped Champagne (or Cognac) diamonds (0.5ct), two 2mm round rose cut champagne diamonds (0.24ct) and pave of grey and white diamonds (.17ctw)  unique engagement rings maniamania007

unique engagement rings maniamania011

Mineralia Cocktail Ring. White Gold Cocktail ring with a 10mm Rose Cut High Grade, Rutilated Quartz, 5.2mm Rose-cut Champagne (or Cognac) diamond (0.46ct), and pave of grey and white diamonds (.7ctw)

unique engagement rings maniamania001

unique engagement rings maniamania008Equinox fine knuckle ring. White Gold knuckle ring with one 4mm round rose-cut Champagne (or Cognac) diamond (0.14ct), with pave of grey and white diamonds (.03ctw). Entity solitaire ring. White Gold ring with one 4mm round rose cut Champagne or Cognac diamond (0.27ct), with pave of grey and white diamonds (.1ctw)


unique engagement rings maniamania009Ceremonial Engagement Ring. White Gold Solitaire Engagement ring with 7mm round rose cut Champagne (or Cognac) diamond (1.09ct), two 3mm round rose cut champagne (or Cognac) diamonds (0.24 ct), and pave of grey and white diamonds (.18ctw)

unique engagement rings maniamania002

unique engagement rings maniamania010

Dimension Double Ring. White Gold double band ring joined with white gold chain, with one 4mm round rose cut Champagne diamond, and one 4mm round rose cut Cognac diamond (0.54ct), with pave of grey and white diamonds (.2ctw). Mystic Ring. White Gold ring with two 5x4mm pear-shaped rose cut Champagne (or Cognac) diamonds (0.55ct).

unique engagement rings maniamania003

Lannah Dunn Unique Engagement Rings

Oh, how I utterly adore an engagement ring with a difference like these beautiful engagement rings from Toowoomba designer Lannah Dunn. Semi precious stones combined with diamonds, filigree detailing, chocolate diamonds, sapphires – the combinations and designs are modern, unique with old world flair.

Lannah started designing her beautiful jewel brand in Toowoomba almost thirty years ago.  Her design inspiration is fueled by her love of antiques – though my personal favourites are the styles which combine modern elements with art deco styling. Her antique jewels are sourced from all over the world – including New York and London, adding to a collection rich in vintage stones – including 100 year old diamonds.

Lannah Dunn showcases three collections. The antique collection houses some of the oldest and rarest stones in Australia, the contemporary collection is completely designed in house using antique inspiration and beautiful stones. Miss Dunn is a fashion inspired collection using crystals and gemstones in designs inspired by runways and the couture world.

modern engagement rings009