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We’re well and truly into the first month of winter. What a great time for a wedding! Not only are grey moody skies wonderful for photographs, you can plan those tummy warming treats for your guests – warming puddings on the dessert menu, hot chocolates with marshmallows to send your guests home. We have many vendors with great winter ideas and to help you choose your vendors Ms Polka Dot’s Directory is full of great people to help you. We have Cakes, we have Bridal Gown Services, we have Hair & Beauty and Photography – we even have Food Trucks and Favors & Decor Accessories! Check them out to find the perfect professional for your day.

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Adriana of Adriana Watson Photography is based in QLD and her photos have a quiet reflective quality about them. They are instantly engaging for their clear,  natural and elegant feel and she uses the pure Australian light as an atmospheric element in the images. Overall though, the emotions of the day can be read in each image, inspiring memories of your day forever.

We asked Adriana Watson of Adriana Watson Photography five questions in five minutes:

What is your favourite after five drink?

I loveeeee Gin and Tonic, or like a good Brazilian I do enjoy a caipirinha.

Your favourite weekend getaway?

Noosa is one of my favourite getaways. I never get tired of the beautiful Noosa main beach.

Favourite restaurant?

My absolute number one is The Spirit House in Yandina, just outstanding!!

What can we find you eating for breakfast on a Sunday morning?

Eggs Benedict, yummyyy!!

Your favourite wedding story?

My favourite wedding story is Ben & Natalye’s wedding day. They were together for a long time and planning a wedding was never part of their plans. But life took a strange twist when Natalye was diagnosed with cancer, so they decided to get hitched and celebrate their love for each other.
It was one of the most touching weddings I have ever photographed, the feeling of celebration of love and life was evident on everyone’s faces.
The highlight of the day was to watch Natalye walk down the aisle. Her health was extremely fragile, for her taking two steps it was a massive effort, but just like that she walked down the aisle to everyone’s surprise. It was a very special wedding that I will never forget. More about their special day here

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Image by Van Middleton Photography

Nataša and Boro

Sunset at the beach is always magical and for Nataša and Boro – when they combined it with the bright colours of historic beach boxes and the grey of an approaching storm, well it turned into an engagement shoot of incredible contrasts. The couple chose Meredith Bedford to capture their newly engaged bliss.

Nataša tells the story of how they came to be. “I met Boro at Mint bar in the city. I was having a dance with my girlfriends when a random guy jumped from the table and landed in front of me, I laughed it off and thought who the hell is this guy!? Weeks later he found me on Facebook and messaged me to have coffee, I wasn’t interested at the time and said no. I then bumped into him at another club in the city, and for three years it kept going on that we would find each other out and have a drink together.”

“I found myself after those years in a nightclub in Belgrade remembering it was his birthday so I texted him and we started talking more from then, upon my return to Melbourne we caught up and slowly things began to escalate.”

The couple were engaged in Europe, Nataša remembering “Boro proposed to me on our trip in Europe in 2015.  He took me to the biggest church there – Saint Sava, after a night out of food, drinks and music! It was beautiful because the church bells rang not long after I said yes.”

On what she loves about her husband to be, the bride to be told “I love his humour, he always makes me laugh! He is very caring and passionate about life and searching for a greater meaning in life and I am exactly the same!”

Photographer: Meredith Bedford