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Vendor of the Week – Hostco – The University of Sydney

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Happy Monday Dotties! I am well and truly excited for this week- the gang is back together and we’re going to get so many new things underway! Hooray!

With unpredictable Spring weather almost upon us, be sure that your wedding day covers all possibilities. Do you have a wet weather option available? Or if your heart is set on an outdoor wedding do you have umbrellas for you and your guests in case of rain? Shade in case of an unseasonally warm day? To help you during your wedding journey, we have so many vendors in Ms Polka Dot’s Directory and are adding more all the time. We know that you will find your ideal your wedding vendors right here – ready to give you lots of great advice and assistance.  We have Bridal Gowns, we have Celebrants, we have Jewellery and Photobooth Hire – we even have Bridesmaid Gowns and Catering! Our Directory is filled with vendors who are dedicated to creating the best day possible for you.

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Located within the majestic buildings of The University of Sydney, Hostco is your host for the most beautiful wedding. With a dedicated wedding specialist to answer all your questions and guide you through your wedding journey, you will find several spaces to suit your needs, within the University. From the magnificence of the Refectory to the smaller Sutherland Room and pre dinner drinks in the Drawing Room your guests will love the sense of history, learned wisdom and elegance that these spaces impart. And the food – oh the food – it will make your mouth water!

We asked Tran of Hostco  five questions in five minutes:

What is your favorite after five drink?

I love to end off a busy week with something sweet and delicious. Chambord and Lemonade with a piece of Lime and in a short glass never fails to win me over and is definitely my drink of choice for a relaxing start to the rest of the evening.

Your favorite weekend getaway?

Melbourne, Melbourne, Melbourne! I find myself booking trips to Melbourne whenever I can. It’s just such an incredible city with such amazing restaurants. My favourite way of relaxing is sampling (and eating at!) Melbourne’s finest restaurants. There’s always a new one or two to visit each time I go.

Favorite restaurant?

Good food and service is really important to me. When in Sydney you can never go wrong with Black by Ezard, one of restaurants I know I can go back to and not be disappointed.

What can we find you eating for breakfast on a Sunday morning? 

Dumplings at Yum Cha! Starting my Sunday by sharing a meal with my family is important to me.

Your favorite wedding story?

Early Jan 2015, I met a couple, Samantha and Stuart as well as their wedding planner, Anna Wang. They were engaged and looking for a venue for their wedding. I took them around HostCo’s spaces and treated them to our menu tasting. It turned out they had already secured another venue at a different location but I remember, not long after our viewing Sam phoned me for a chat. I recall Sam saying ‘you know things happen for a reason. My gut was telling me the other venue wasn’t right. When I saw your space and how perfectly it fit with the vintage theme for our wedding I knew we had to book with you’. I couldn’t believe it! I knew when I met all three of them that they were perfect for our venue also so it really was meant to be!  We have incredible Chefs at HostCo so it helped that we won them over by our delicious food and wine during their menu tasting as well.

On the day of Sam and Stu’s wedding, as Anna Wang and her team were setting up and styling the space, there was a miscommunication with the setup of the balloons. The supplier had changed the particular type but luckily it still worked for the wedding theme – although I did need to advise the supplier that they need to ensure the balloons would not be able to move and set our fire alarm sensor off. So, everything was set perfectly, the wedding was running on schedule and the bride and groom looked beautiful. Guests started to arrive in droves all dressed for the vintage Great Gatsby theme. As time went on guests enjoyed their meal, fawned over Sam and Stu’s first dance, and gushed over their incredible cake and amazing dessert room. When it was time to dance the DJ was pumping and suddenly the balloons started to deflate. Thankfully our staff jumped on this so quickly moved them. Nothing was going wrong, but what our staff didn’t notice was missing was one of the balloon arrangements, toward the end of the night somehow made its way to the sensor and triggered the fire alarm! Suddenly the Fire Brigades arrived and made their way to our building. By this time, we thought Sam and Stu would not be very happy, but they were the opposite, they loved it! So much so they couldn’t wait to get some photos of the fireman!

Visit Hostco – The University of Sydney’s page to find out more about our Vendor Of The Week. Hostco – The University of Sydney is a member of Ms Polka Dot’s Directory.

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Snapshot Sunday – Pure Joy and Love

by | Bride, Snapshot Sundays


Kit Haselden Weddings

Image by Kit Haselden Photography

Kim & Nam’s Dreamy Seaside Engagement

by | Australia - Western Australia, Bride, Engagements,


Dreamy Seaside Engagement20160713_1706

Kim & Nam

I really don’t think it is possible for this dreamy seaside engagement to be any prettier than it is. There isn’t much more for me to say, other than sit back, relax and prepare to be swept away by Kim and Nam’s exquisite engagement session, captured by Jemma Keech.

Dreamy Seaside Engagement20160713_1703Dreamy Seaside Engagement20160713_1713

Kim describes how she and Nam came to be. “We first met on Christmas Eve in Myer while we were both getting our last minute shopping done, but after that encounter we didn’t see each other again until a whole year later on Christmas Eve again. This time we saw each other at church where he came up to me and asked me on a date.”

Dreamy Seaside Engagement20160713_1709Dreamy Seaside Engagement20160713_1710

Dreamy Seaside Engagement20160713_1716

Dreamy Seaside Engagement20160713_1715Dreamy Seaside Engagement20160713_1718

As far as proposal stories go, Kim and Nam’s is pretty amazing. Kim remembers, “On the day that we got engaged, it was Nam’s birthday, so we took a boat out and spent the day cruising around the Swan River until about lunch, where we stopped off at Point Walter to have a picnic. I had packed Nam a birthday hamper, which turned out to be nothing compared to what he had prepared. Before lunch we went for a little walk to the sand bank where the water was crystal clear and there was absolutely no one around us. It was so beautiful and peaceful. He said he had to go the bathroom, so ran all the way back while I waited for him. As I turned around he came walking back with a huge bunch of roses, and his guitar. He then started singing “Marry Me” bye Bruno Mars, got down on one knee and said those magic words, “Will you marry me?”. That moment was pure bliss. Afterwards, he had planned an evening dinner at the restaurant we had our first date, the exact same spot four years earlier. He planned a menu with the chef from start to finish with everything I love to eat. It was an absolute dream!”

Dreamy Seaside Engagement20160713_1719

Dreamy Seaside Engagement20160713_1725

Dreamy Seaside Engagement20160713_1727Dreamy Seaside Engagement20160713_1728

Dreamy Seaside Engagement20160713_1740Dreamy Seaside Engagement20160713_1738

Dreamy Seaside Engagement20160713_1737

Kim and Nam chose to have their engagement session on the sand and cliffs of one of the beaches in Perth. Kim says, “We chose the a relaxed beach style shoot because we are so blessed to live in such a beautiful country that produces amazing beaches, and I just love the feeling of wind, sand and water.” With the soft touch of the sunset on their faces as they stroll hand in hand, we can understand why this was the obvious choice for their photos.

Dreamy Seaside Engagement20160713_1748Dreamy Seaside Engagement20160713_1749

Dreamy Seaside Engagement20160713_1745

Dreamy Seaside Engagement20160713_1788Dreamy Seaside Engagement20160713_1800

Dreamy Seaside Engagement20160713_1805

Dreamy Seaside Engagement20160713_1803

Dreamy Seaside Engagement20160713_1759Dreamy Seaside Engagement20160713_1760

Dreamy Seaside Engagement20160713_1765Dreamy Seaside Engagement20160713_1764

Jemma Keech Photography

Dreamy Seaside Engagement20160713_1767Dreamy Seaside Engagement20160713_1771

Nam gushes about his bride, “I love everything about my beautiful wife. How gullible she is which always makes me laugh! How selfless she is – she always puts others first. Most of all I love her honesty and her pure heart. I am comfortable, and I can be myself, when I am around her and I know that she loves me with all her heart.” And Kim counters with what she loves about Nam. “I love his kind heart, his patience, how caring he is. The way he loves me and the people around him, and just being able to look at him knowing that he will one day be the most amazing father and role model to our children.”

Dreamy Seaside Engagement20160713_1782

Dreamy Seaside Engagement20160713_1794Dreamy Seaside Engagement20160713_1797

Dreamy Seaside Engagement20160713_1799

Dreamy Seaside Engagement20160713_1787
Congratulations Kim and Nam! Such a stunning engagement session. Thank you to the gorgeous couple, and Jemma Keech, for sharing it with us!


Photographer: Jemma Keech
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