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Enchanted Atelier By Liv Hart The Dreamers Collection

by | Accessories, Bride, Jewellery


Bridal Hairpieces By Liv Hart001

Inspired by the ethereal beauty  of the painting “Dreamers” by Albert Joseph Moore comes the new Enchanted Atelier By Liv Hart The Dreamers Collection. Beautiful gilded hairpieces, delicately crafted combs, crowns, hairbands and veils mimic garden vines, fresh floral blooms and delicate butterflies – each designed to add a touch of ethereal beauty to their wearer.

Crafted from precious metals – 14 karat golds, brass and silver with Swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls and the finest of fabrics, the Liv Hart team works to create quality pieces that reflect beautiful detail and well thought out styling – all inspired by Liv’s own fine art degree and love of expressing oneself through art.

The pieces are available via the Enchanted Atelier By Liv Hart website and at Primrose & Finch in Australia.

Bridal Hairpieces By Liv Hart003Bridal Hairpieces By Liv Hart004

Bridal Hairpieces By Liv Hart061

Bridal Hairpieces By Liv Hart006Bridal Hairpieces By Liv Hart016

Bridal Hairpieces By Liv Hart017

Bridal Hairpieces By Liv Hart020Bridal Hairpieces By Liv Hart021

Bridal Hairpieces By Liv Hart024

Bridal Hairpieces By Liv Hart025Bridal Hairpieces By Liv Hart026

Bridal Hairpieces By Liv Hart030

Bridal Hairpieces By Liv Hart031Bridal Hairpieces By Liv Hart032

Bridal Hairpieces By Liv Hart034

Bridal Hairpieces By Liv Hart036

Bridal Hairpieces By Liv Hart037Bridal Hairpieces By Liv Hart038

Bridal Hairpieces By Liv Hart047Bridal Hairpieces By Liv Hart042

Bridal Hairpieces By Liv Hart044Bridal Hairpieces By Liv Hart045

Bridal Hairpieces By Liv Hart048

Bridal Hairpieces By Liv Hart052Bridal Hairpieces By Liv Hart053

Bridal Hairpieces By Liv Hart056

Bridal Hairpieces By Liv Hart058

Bridal Hairpieces By Liv Hart059Bridal Hairpieces By Liv Hart060

Bridal Hairpieces By Liv Hart064

Accessories: Enchanted By Liv Hart / Photographer: Laura Gordon / Makeup Artist: Anna Breeding / Hairstylist: Anna Breeding / Calligraphy: Signora e Mare / Model: Kathleen McGonigle / Flower Crowns: June Hart Flowers

Lucy & Mathew’s Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding

by | Australia - Western Australia, Bride, Inspired Weddings,


Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding089

Lucy & Mathew

I am very much enchanted by the beauty of Lucy and Matthew’s bohemian country backyard wedding. The couple chose Lucy’s family property for their wedding, a place that held many happy memories from her childhood and for Matt and her time together. They worked with IZO Photography to capture their wedding day.

On how they met, Lucy tells, “Mathew & I met at The Wine Bar in Dunsborough in 2010. I was out with a friend for my 18th birthday and Mat was down from Perth on a surfing trip. We met at the bar and immediately liked each other. We both got a shot of Frangelico and where inseparable for the rest of the night. The rest is history :)”

Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding018

Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding032

Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding034

Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding036

Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding037

Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding039Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding040

The bride chose  Anna Campbell for her wedding day, noting, “I wore a dress by Anna Campbell; a bohemian inspired collection that really complimented Mat & I’s style of wedding. I chose this dress because it was beautiful and different to the other wedding dresses I had seen.

There is only one shop in WA that sells these dresses (Soul Sisters Fremantle) so I knew this designer was the one to go with. Before Mat had even proposed I had been looking at the Anna Campbell dresses knowing I was going to wear one at our wedding. My first visit to Soul Sisters was with one of my bridesmaids and as soon as I put on my dress I knew it was the dress. I took my mum, grandmother and one of my sisters to see the dress a couple of weeks later and they agreed.” Lucy’s bridesmaids wore pewter grey gowns from Two Birds Bridesmaid.

Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding041Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding042

Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding046

Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding048

“Our Ceremony and reception was at Jesters Flat Equestrian Centre in Margaret River. Jesters Flat is my parent’s business and home. Three generations of my family have lived on the property so it seemed fitting to get married there.”

Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding051

Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding052Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding053

Lucy remembers, “The song “Halo” by Ann Brun was played while the flower girl and bridesmaids walked down the aisle. The song faded out and we had a violinist play while my Dad and I walked down the aisle.”

Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding054

Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding058

Hugh Galloway officiated the ceremony, the bride remembering, “We wanted the ceremony to be about love and family and have a romantic and fun feel to it. We had Mat’s cousin do a reading of “Desiderata”. The priest was my mother’s uncle which made everything really relaxed and fun.”

Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding059

Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding061

Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding064

Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding066

Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding069

Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding070

Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding072

Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding074

Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding075

Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding076

Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding077

Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding078

Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding079

Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding080

Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding081Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding082

Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding083

Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding085

Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding086

Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding087

Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding088

Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding090

Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding091

Of their photographer, the bride remembers, “Jimmy & Shona from IZO photographer were just amazing! IZO Photography was recommended to us by a friend and we were not disappointed. Jimmy put everyone at ease on the day with his calm and capable manor. Most of the guests did not even notice that him and the second photographer where around which made for great natural photos. We could not recommend IZO photography enough. They where just incredible!!”

Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding092

Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding093

Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding001

Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding094

Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding097Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding103

“We both wanted the focus of the wedding to be on family, friends and our love. We placed photos of our family around, I had my grandmother and her sisters make our wedding cake and we had a local band play for most of the night.”

Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding003

Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding004Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding005

Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding098

“We had a great local band playing called The Brothers Thin who made the atmosphere just amazing. Later that night they where joined by another band member. The band then got everyone up to start the bush dance. It was so much fun and really got everyone up and meeting each other.”

Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding100

Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding101

Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding105
Supper Road catered the wedding, Lucy remembering, “Our food was done by Supper Road. They are a local company that have a huge mobile kitchen. The food was amazing, people are still talking about it! I loved the whole wedding planning experience. It was stressful in the last few weeks but was definitely worth it!”

Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding110

Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding111

Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding112

Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding113

Of their first dance, the bride remembers, “Our first dance was to “Wedding Song” by Angus & Julia Stone. We took private lessons with a man called Sandro Catalano and ended up doing a choreographed dance with a lift at the end.”

Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding115

Bohemian Country Backyard Wedding119

Congratulations Lucy and Matthew! Thank you for sharing your day with us! Thank you to IZO Photography for sharing today’s wedding!

Photographer: IZO Photography / Bride’s Dress: Anna Campbell / Bride’s Veil/Hair Accessories: Anna Campbell / Bridal Salon: Soul Sisters / Bride’s Jewelry: Mimco / Bride’s Shoes: Shoeshow / Groom’s Attire: Topman / Groom’s Shoes: Topman / Groomsmen Attire: Topman / Groomsmen’s Shoes: Topman / Bridesmaid Dresses: Two Birds Bridesmaid / Bridesmaid Accessories: Samantha Wills / Hairstylist: Karli Ebert / Makeup Artist: Claire Bone / Flowers: Zest Flowers Dunsborough / Invitations & Stationery: Minted / Venue: Jesters Flat Equestrian Centre / Ceremony Hire Items: Margaret River Party Hire / Ceremony Officiant: Hugh Galloway / Ceremony Musicians: Ann Brun / Reception Hire Items: Chic Rustique / Band: The Brothers Thin / Favors: Honey by Mat's uncle Peter / Catering: Supper Road / Cake Baker: Lucy's Grandma / Wedding Rings: Sinclairs Jewellers

Playful Gemstone Inspired Bridesmaid Luncheon

by | Bride, Bridesmaids, Inspiration Shoot,


Playful Gemstone Inspired Bridesmaid Luncheon013

I feel like there is almost nothing better than a long lunch with your favourite girlfriends and today’s inspiration focuses on that very thing – the bond between a bride and her bridesmaids.

Photographer Kylie of  ​Just For Love Photography tells, “So often we see inspiration shoots ​that are always focused on the wedding day, but there are so many special & memorable moments spent leading up to the wedding, that are often forgotten about. We wanted to provide girls with some ideas in which they could ask their closest friends to be their bridesmaids… ​in a heartfelt yet fun way, not only popping the question to them, but also making them feel as special as they are to the bride! ”

Kylie teamed up with stylist and floral designer Coco & Confetti, calligrapher Floralovely Calligraphy, with decor from  Kolo The Wanderlust Effect and The Wedding Shed and silk ribbon from Feathers & Stone and gorgeous girls Madalyn, Maddie, Regan, Meg & Jess​ ​to bring this vision to life at the stunning Byron View Farm.

Playful Gemstone Inspired Bridesmaid Luncheon014Playful Gemstone Inspired Bridesmaid Luncheon015

Playful Gemstone Inspired Bridesmaid Luncheon021Playful Gemstone Inspired Bridesmaid Luncheon017

Playful Gemstone Inspired Bridesmaid Luncheon024

Playful Gemstone Inspired Bridesmaid Luncheon039

Emma of  Coco & Confetti leads us through the story. “Nestled in the shade of a bamboo grove on a hinterland estate in Byron Bay, a bride-to-be invites her girlfriends to join her party as bridesmaids, with a colourful and playful picnic escape. ​ ​The bride welcomes the girls at the country gate and leads them to at a low, lavishly decorated table where they lounge on the lawn together to share a feast amidst the soft bohemian furnishings.”

Playful Gemstone Inspired Bridesmaid Luncheon025

Playful Gemstone Inspired Bridesmaid Luncheon027Playful Gemstone Inspired Bridesmaid Luncheon031

Playful Gemstone Inspired Bridesmaid Luncheon032

Playful Gemstone Inspired Bridesmaid Luncheon035Playful Gemstone Inspired Bridesmaid Luncheon046

Playful Gemstone Inspired Bridesmaid Luncheon037

Playful Gemstone Inspired Bridesmaid Luncheon047Playful Gemstone Inspired Bridesmaid Luncheon048

Playful Gemstone Inspired Bridesmaid Luncheon050

Playful Gemstone Inspired Bridesmaid Luncheon052

Playful Gemstone Inspired Bridesmaid Luncheon067

Playful Gemstone Inspired Bridesmaid Luncheon070

Playful Gemstone Inspired Bridesmaid Luncheon075

Playful Gemstone Inspired Bridesmaid Luncheon084Playful Gemstone Inspired Bridesmaid Luncheon078

Playful Gemstone Inspired Bridesmaid Luncheon094

“They chat and laugh and celebrate moments past as they had done for years on end and hoped to carry on for years to come. There’s a palpable sense of fun and the styling feeds into this energy with hyper-colour florals, which play off the bright rich hues of the gemstone feature pieces and are complemented by textured accents of ivory and brass.”

Playful Gemstone Inspired Bridesmaid Luncheon103

Playful Gemstone Inspired Bridesmaid Luncheon105

Playful Gemstone Inspired Bridesmaid Luncheon107

“​As the afternoon wanders on towards sundown, the bride invites her besties to accompany her to the escarpment, where she pops the question “Will you be my bridesmaid?” on the silk-ribbon tails of personalised, hand-crafted kites.”

Playful Gemstone Inspired Bridesmaid Luncheon116Playful Gemstone Inspired Bridesmaid Luncheon120

Playful Gemstone Inspired Bridesmaid Luncheon119

Playful Gemstone Inspired Bridesmaid Luncheon129Playful Gemstone Inspired Bridesmaid Luncheon127

Playful Gemstone Inspired Bridesmaid Luncheon128

Playful Gemstone Inspired Bridesmaid Luncheon133

Playful Gemstone Inspired Bridesmaid Luncheon136

Playful Gemstone Inspired Bridesmaid Luncheon137Playful Gemstone Inspired Bridesmaid Luncheon138

Playful Gemstone Inspired Bridesmaid Luncheon140

Playful Gemstone Inspired Bridesmaid Luncheon142

Just For Love Photography finished off the shoot with this fun filled video

YouTube Preview Image

Photographer: ​Just For Love Photography / Cinematography: ​Just For Love Photography / Venue: Byron View Farm / Stylist​ & Floral Designer​: Coco & Confetti / Calligraphy: Floralovely Calligraphy / Decor: Kolo The Wanderlust Effect / Decor: The Wedding Shed / Silk Ribbon: ​Feathers & Stone / Models: Madalyn, Maddie, Regan, Meg & Jess​ ​
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