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Lucy & Pat’s French Picnic Style Wedding

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french picnic style wedding0040

Lucy & Pat

Lucy and Pat chose the incredible sandstone building of the NSW Writers Centre as the backdrop for their French Picnic style wedding. After the ceremony in the gardens, guests feasted on a spectacular grazing table under the setting sun before dancing the night away! Weeligoh Photography captured all the joy and romance of the day.

“We actually met on our first day of high school, and were really good friends the whole way through school. But it wasn’t until our last day of year 12, when he realised we wouldn’t be seeing each other every day that Pat took the plunge and asked me out. And we ended up getting married exactly 7 years from that day!”

french picnic style wedding0004

french picnic style wedding0079

french picnic style wedding0009

french picnic style wedding0011

Lucy chose a gown by Felicitas Bridal and paired it with pale blue ballet flats from Witchery. She remembers, “I had a full tulle dress with a layer of sparkly tulle peeking through, so I shimmered in the sunlight. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, and certainly got a lot of compliments on the day!”

french picnic style wedding0014

french picnic style wedding0015

french picnic style wedding0016

On choosing the NSW Writers Centre  as their wedding venue, Pat tells, “It was really important to us that our guests had no lag time between the ceremony and reception, so we decided to use the same venue for both. As soon as we walked through the stone doorway into the grounds of the NSW Writers’ Centre in Rozelle it felt like a secret garden, and we knew immediately that this was where we wanted to get married.”  Lucy adding, “It was also great to have access to both the grounds and the Centre itself, so we had an inbuilt wet-weather plan!”

french picnic style wedding0017

french picnic style wedding0019

For her walk down the aisle, Lucy chose, “Welcome Home by Radical Face. It’s just a beautiful song that gives us shivers every time we listen to it.”

french picnic style wedding0024

french picnic style wedding0020

french picnic style wedding0023

Jessykah Miles at Milestone & Co performed the marriage ceremony. Lucy notes, “We loved our amazing vendors! They really worked so hard to listen to us, and what we wanted, and to turn that into a reality. We could never have done it without them!”

french picnic style wedding0027

french picnic style wedding0028

french picnic style wedding0029

french picnic style wedding0030

french picnic style wedding0031

Pat tells one of the funnier memories of the day. “As we were rejoining the crowd after signing the marriage certificate, Lucy suddenly looked at me, terrified, and started whacking me with her flowers. It turned out that I had a spider crawling up my shirt, so she wasn’t just hitting me for no apparent reason!” Lucy explaining, “For some reason my dress was some kind of haven for insects, so there are a lot of photos of me and an army of helpers rifling through the 13 layers of tulle picking out sneaky flies!”

french picnic style wedding0032

french picnic style wedding0035

french picnic style wedding0037

Lucy remembers, “One of my bridesmaids even flew out from NZ a week before the wedding to be our full-time extra pair of hands, calmer-downer, and cook!”

french picnic style wedding0038

french picnic style wedding0039

Of their photographer, Lucy remembers, “I’d been secretly reading Polka Dot Bride for a few months before we got engaged, and so as soon as we were engaged I knew where to look for our vendors! A few months later you featured an engagement shoot Weeli had done, and it was love at first sight! His photos were full of colour and light and smiles, and that was exactly what we wanted. Pat: He was so brilliant to work with, we couldn’t have asked for anyone better. He came up with great ideas, but made sure that we were always in charge and comfortable with every photo. On the day, it felt like having another friend there (who happened to have a camera, and take amazing photos!), and true to his word, he stayed right until the last person left the dance floor. We can’t recommend him highly enough!”

french picnic style wedding0042

french picnic style wedding0045

french picnic style wedding0046

french picnic style wedding0047

french picnic style wedding0051

french picnic style wedding0055

french picnic style wedding0059

The bouquets and bridal party flowers were arranged by Gemma Mehta (0452447462), the bride noting “The flowers were a pretty amazing feature. They were the only decoration we had, so after two 4:30am trips to the flower market our house was bursting with beautiful poppies and ranunculus that we arranged in jars that we’d had everyone we knew collecting for the past year! They really brought colour and life to the day.”

french picnic style wedding0060

french picnic style wedding0036

“We had giant pick up sticks and giant jenga for the (big) kids, and a photobooth with photos of our grandparents on their wedding days as the backdrop.”

french picnic style wedding0061

Lucy remembers, “It was really important to both of us for the whole wedding to be true to us, so there were personal touches everywhere. My mum is a stylist, so she had a hand in just about every aspect of the day, and was really able to bring all of my muddled ideas into beautiful reality. We were going for a vintage French picnic kind of vibe, so had picnic blankets, and a spectacular grazing table put together by the amazing Violets and Vinegar team.”

french picnic style wedding0062

french picnic style wedding0066

Lucy tells “We made our own photobooth, did a lot of the flower buying/arranging ourselves, made the favours, and really the biggest job was coordinating the whole thing. Because we booked a venue that doesn’t offer package deals, we had to source and coordinate all of our own vendors – a tricky task, but one that I think was the key to the day being as perfect as it was.”

french picnic style wedding0064

french picnic style wedding0065

french picnic style wedding0068

french picnic style wedding0069

french picnic style wedding0071

Pat remembers, “It really did take a village to pull the day off, and none of it would have been possible if we didn’t have all those people helping us make it all happen.”

french picnic style wedding0072


Lucy loved, “Having so many of our friends and family involved in so many different aspects of the planning and setup. That really meant the world to us. Being able to look around and see everyone we love with us (and for once not needing to check my phone every 5 minutes, because everyone important was already there!”

french picnic style wedding0078

french picnic style wedding0082

french picnic style wedding0084

Of their first dance, Lucy remembers, “We were pretty adamant not to have a traditional ‘first dance’, because we’re not very traditional, and neither was our wedding. So I think our first dance ended up being to Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy’ with some very enthusiastic family members!” Pat adding “I think my uncle actually had the first dance!”

french picnic style wedding0086

Congratulations on your marriage Lucy and Pat! Thank you for sharing your day with us! Thank you also to Weeligoh Photography for sharing today’s glorious wedding!

Photographer: Weeligoh Photography / Styling/Hire: Sandy Baird of Flourish and Baird Decorative Finishes (02) 9568 3388 / Bride’s Dress: Felicitas Bridal / Bride’s Shoes: Witchery / Bride’s Jewelry: Kate Ketzal / Groom’s Attire: Topman / Hair & Makeup Artists: Diane and Katriina at Sparkling Belle Makeup Artistry and Hair / Flowers: Gemma Mehta 0452447462 / Venue: NSW Writers Centre / Ceremony Officiant: Jessykah Miles at Milestone & Co / Catering: Violets and Vinegar / Cake Baker: Pasticceria Tamborrino / Wedding Rings: Michael Hill

Amy & Daniel’s Chic Garden Cafe Wedding

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chic garden cafe wedding0061

Amy & Daniel

I have a rule at Polka Dot Bride, I only choose weddings to feature that really make my heart sing, that really connect with me and something about Amy and Daniel’s chic garden cafe wedding did just that. The bride’s aunty, a florist, set the scene with a stunning floral necklace, the couple walked down the aisle together and the bride’s aunty and uncle made homemade jam favors using fruit from  the apricot tree in their backyard. Gold Hat Photography was there to capture the moments of the day,

Of their love story, Amy remembers, “We’re a teenage tryst that worked out well – really well. We went to the same school but didn’t really know one and other. In late 1998, when I was 16 and Daniel 18, Daniel joined the fresh produce team at Coles, West Gosford and that’s when things got going. When Daniel left to do his apprenticeship, I plotted to host a party as a reason to invite him out and see him again – a 300-strong crowd of high school revellers got wind of things and, while it worked to woo Daniel, I was never allowed another party (although the night provided enough debauchery to be shared around several wedding speeches!). That was 22 May 1999 and we’ve been together ever since and now live in London together.”

chic garden cafe wedding0005

Amy’s florist mother (of The Wildflower Place) created the floral arrangements for the day. She notes, “All the flowers my Mum and her crew from The Wildflower Place created, were incredible – from the bridal party flowers to the styling and decoration of the arbour, chairs and reception venue. The bridesmaids had tight posies of Christmas bush and I had a mix of flannel flowers (my favourite) and sweet sixteen. As a family of floral professionals, my Aunt also made me a completely stunning necklace, also made from flannel flowers and sweet sixteen. Flannel flowers have always been my absolute favourite flower – I have a tattoo of one that my Mum actually drew, so needless to say there was an abundance of them on the day!”

chic garden cafe wedding0008

chic garden cafe wedding0009

chic garden cafe wedding0011

chic garden cafe wedding0013

chic garden cafe wedding0028

chic garden cafe wedding0030

Amy and Daniel were married at Centennial Parklands “We chose Centennial Park for the ceremony because of the gorgeous Melaleuca trees – at the ceremony site there’s this magic corridor of them and they have this amazing textured paper bark and the trunks form in these incredible clusters that I just love. There’s also a huge bat colony in the trees – Daniel has a strange love of bats, so they were a weirdly welcome addition to ceremony!”

chic garden cafe wedding0033

chic garden cafe wedding0037

Amy was met by Daniel part way down the aisle. “We walked down the aisle together to Eva Cassidy, Songbird. Absolute cheese, but we just love it and when performed by our acoustic guitarist and singer, it was a great stripped back rendition that we just loved. There was never a doubt that we’d buck tradition (quite a few times) and that I’d have Daniel walk me down the aisle. I didn’t fancy myself to be ‘given away’ and I also thought that having been together for so long that if anyone actually ‘owned’ me, then it most certainly was Daniel.”

chic garden cafe wedding0038

chic garden cafe wedding0039

Amy’s bridesmaids wore dresses from ASOS , Alexander McQueen and Forever New The bride noting, “Keeping things individual and personal was something we tried hard to do – even with the bridesmaid’s dresses and shoes, we didn’t want them to look like twins because they’re all so different. We charged them with finding their own knee length white dresses and gold shoes and they did a wicked job and looked fabulous.”

chic garden cafe wedding0043

chic garden cafe wedding0045

“We wrote our ceremony and vows ourselves, with help from our celebrant. It meant the whole thing felt like us. The celebrant (Jo McErvale) is also our bridesmaid’s mum and we’ve known for her years – it made it all the more special to have someone close to us officiate our marriage.”

chic garden cafe wedding0046

“By far the best bit was having almost all of our favourite people on the same side of the world in the one place at the one time. Having lived in London for almost 7 years now we couldn’t imagine having a wedding without at least some of the people that we’ve spent all our time with in recent years. We’re so grateful to all our friends who traveled from London to share in our big day – it just wouldn’t have been the same without them. As luck would have it, many of our British friends have moved to Australia in the past 6 months, so we already had a posse of poms waiting for us.”

chic garden cafe wedding0050

chic garden cafe wedding0058

Amy notes, “The wedding was very relaxed and made the most of being in Sydney for summer – it was a kind of botanical wonderland meets urban-esque country fete (stay with me…). There’s really no other way to explain it – just had loads of things we love.”

chic garden cafe wedding0056

chic garden cafe wedding0064

chic garden cafe wedding0066

chic garden cafe wedding0068

chic garden cafe wedding0069

chic garden cafe wedding0071

Of their photographer, Amy notes, “Our photographer, Mark at Gold Hat Photography, was an absolute legend. We grabbed a coffee with him in Bondi when we were back in Sydney in February for another friend’s wedding and gave him the job on the spot. He was really laid back, personable, professional and not only ‘got’ what we wanted (which I think was a challenge in itself) but seemed to be genuinely excited in helping us capture it. For the most part we barely knew he was there – I look back on the photos and think ‘how did you get that one, I didn’t even see you there?!’ – totally unobtrusive but always there to capture the best moments. Plus he’s REALLY tall, which helps eliminate any double chins ;)

chic garden cafe wedding0072

chic garden cafe wedding0074

“My something old, borrowed and blue was an incredible rose gold bracelet with an aquamarine that belonged to my great grandmother. It was her wedding present from her husband in 1916 that he gave her before going to war and being KIA, having never met his son / my grandfather. It’s not only an amazing piece that I absolutely love, but it was incredible to have wear something so personal and with such history.”

chic garden cafe wedding0077

“The Grounds of Alexandria set a perfect reception scene for us – by day it’s a classic outdoorsy café with amazing lush gardens everywhere – just the kind of place we love and miss about Australia. Given we were organising from afar, we booked and paid for both venues before we actually saw them – there was a lot of online image searching, sending friends/family on ‘reccees’ and finger crossing going on but we couldn’t have been happier with both venues. Since we saw The Grounds in February they’d constructed this amazing long arch of fairy lights – it was totally dreamy and we decided to forgo the normal space they use for the dance floor and just use the space under the arch. It was incredible.”

chic garden cafe wedding0082

All of table names were also the botanical names of some of the main flowers used on the day – Ceratolpetalum, Actinotus, Anigozanthos, Eucalyptus and Bracteantha. The style of the ceremony and reception was by Little Lane Events   along with blooms by the bride’s mother.

chic garden cafe wedding0078

chic garden cafe wedding0076

Amy tells, “Daniel I wrote out everyone’s table place cards on amazing gum leaves Mum sourced too. My sister also made some incredible kids activity packs for all my little nieces (flower girls) and nephew – she made crosswords and find-a-words with questions and words about Daniel and me and made sure they had enough sugary snacks to be bouncing off the walls well into the depths of the evening.” The guests’ favors was homemade jam made by the bride’s aunty and uncle from their backyard apricot tree.

chic garden cafe wedding0086

chic garden cafe wedding0091

chic garden cafe wedding0094

Amy tells, “Two of our best friends (also Aussies living in London) were married in Sydney 3 weeks before us and we were unable to make it to each other’s weddings, which was really hard for us all. The bride had secretly sent her parents along to represent them, which brought us both to tears as soon as we saw them.”

chic garden cafe wedding0102

chic garden cafe wedding0104

Amy remembers, “I loved the variety of speeches we had and that because we’ve been one big family for years now, all of our speechmakers shared stories about the both of us. It wasn’t really ‘bride side’ and ‘groom side’ speeches, everyone already knew us both so well.”

chic garden cafe wedding0107

chic garden cafe wedding0109

chic garden cafe wedding0117

Amy remembers, “The night before the wedding I got laryngitis, leaving me with barely any voice. Adrenaline, Prosecco and cup after cup of lemon and ginger tea from The Grounds thankfully got me through. Pretty much nothing can get you down on your wedding day!”

chic garden cafe wedding0119

Of their first dance, Amy tells, “Given we’ve been together for 15.5 years already and a wedding is just one day (before many more) we wanted to savour as many moments in the lead up as possible. Without a rhythm between us, we decided to get some dance lessons – nothing to create a YouTube sensation, but just something we could spend time doing together in the weeks leading up that would be a bit of a surprise to our family and friends. We arranged for private lessons with Emer Walsh at Pineapple Dance Studios in Covent Garden to help us piece together a dance to Coldplay’s Magic. We were utterly terrified but Emer was fabulous and within four lessons, some bruised toes and a lot of practice sessions we had a 3 minute dance down pat (sort of).”

chic garden cafe wedding0120

Congratulations on your marriage Amy & Daniel! Thank you for sharing your day with us. Thank you also to Gold Hat Photography for sharing today’s wedding with us.

Photographer: Gold Hat Photography / Styling/Hire: The Wildflower Place / Styling/Hire: Little Lane Events / Bride’s Dress: Akira Isogawa / Bride’s Shoes: Karen Millen / Bride’s Jewelry: (Earrings) Monica Vineda / Bride’s Jewelry: (Bracelet) Family / Groom’s Attire: Ted Baker / Groom’s Attire: (Tie) Politix / Groomsmen Attire: Ted Baker / Bridesmaid Dresses: ASOS / Bridesmaid Dresses: Alexander McQueen / Bridesmaid Dresses: Forever New / Bridesmaid Accessories: (Earrings) Monica Vineda / Hairstylist: Maria Wassef / Makeup Artist: Taryn Standen / Flowers: The Wildflower Place / Invitations & Stationery: Project Pretty / Ceremony Venue: Centennial Parklands / Ceremony Officiant: Jo McErvale / Ceremony Musicians: The Baker Boys / Reception Venue: The Grounds of Alexandria / Cake Baker: The Grounds of Alexandria / Favors: Aunty Corrie and Uncle Gary / Wedding Ring (Bride): Stephen Webster / Wedding Ring (Groom): Georg Jensen / Transport: Uber / Dance Lessons: Emer Walsh at Pineapple Dance Studios

Dreamy Woodland Wedding Inspiration

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dreamy woodland wedding inspiration0015

This dreamy woodland wedding inspiration shoot, set at Milton House Park & Estate Bowral sets the scene to show off the pearl bridal collection from Roz La Kelin. The collection, as with all Roz La Kelin designs, is inspired as wearable art. Delicate lace backs, beautiful ball skirts and form fitting shapes take centre stage with the setting sun.

Together with hair & makeup artist Abbey Love , model Erica East, stylist Deahne Copeland photographer Lisa of Love Note Photography created a shoot with an Alice in Wonderland feel. The forest and gardens becoming the backdrop for a bride who discovers gardens full of bluebells, daffodils and snowdrops while dressed in the most beautiful of gowns.

dreamy woodland wedding inspiration0104

dreamy woodland wedding inspiration0039

dreamy woodland wedding inspiration0105

dreamy woodland wedding inspiration0100

dreamy woodland wedding inspiration0050

dreamy woodland wedding inspiration0113

dreamy woodland wedding inspiration0103

dreamy woodland wedding inspiration0056

dreamy woodland wedding inspiration0010

dreamy woodland wedding inspiration0109

dreamy woodland wedding inspiration0098

dreamy woodland wedding inspiration0107

dreamy woodland wedding inspiration0069

dreamy woodland wedding inspiration0001

dreamy woodland wedding inspiration0014

dreamy woodland wedding inspiration0102

dreamy woodland wedding inspiration0106

dreamy woodland wedding inspiration0108

dreamy woodland wedding inspiration0076

dreamy woodland wedding inspiration0112

dreamy woodland wedding inspiration0083

dreamy woodland wedding inspiration0088

dreamy woodland wedding inspiration0111

dreamy woodland wedding inspiration0093

dreamy woodland wedding inspiration0095

A Story Cinematography joined the team on the day to create this film of the shoot, which perfectly sums up the dreamy feeling!

Photographer: Lisa Pires, Love Note Photography / Cinematographer: A Story Cinematography / Gowns: Roz La Kelin / Hair & Makeup Artist: Abbey Love / Model: Erica East / Stylist: Deahne Copeland / Shoes: Panache Shoes / Venue: Milton House Park & Estate Bowral
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