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Bethany and Riordan’s Romantic Tamborine Mountain Engagement Photos

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Bethany & Riordan

This beautiful set of photos, celebrating the engagement of Bethany and Riordan come to us from Sophie Baker Photography and captures the beauty of Tamborine Mountain, which coincidentally is also one of Bethany and Riordan’s favourite places to be!

Riordan tells how they met “One summer’s morning on a Sunday in late 2008, we were at a church BBQ. Now, my name: Riordan, is quite different to the ordinary modern day Australian name. Upon meeting Bethany’s beautiful mother – Susan, I was formally introduced to her as…(sigh)…Rissole. When it came time for me to be introduced to Bethany, her mother introduced me in the same manner. Bethany at the time had just taken a bite from her sandwich, looked down at it and with a mouthful of food said “I’m eating a rissole”. I tell you what.. If you don’t believe in love at first sight, our relationship is a prime example… ”

And of the proposal? A beautiful story in itself! “It was the 25th August, 2012 and also the day of my (Bethany’s) 20th birthday. Riordan had planned a surprise day-trip to celebrate together. I did not suspect a thing.

First off, he took me to Dreamworld (on the Gold Coast) where we enjoyed a morning of thrill rides, fun and a massive adrenaline rush. Then, just after lunch, we left for a secret location in which I was blindfolded to travel to. After about 30mins, we arrived. Riordan had told me to pack formal clothes (I assumed we were going somewhere fancy for lunch). When we got to our secret location, he escorted me through a lobby into a lift where a loudspeaker welcomed us to Q1 Skypoint Lookout on the Gold Coast and said that we were about to ascend 70 stories up to one of the best views of the entire coast!

We got up the top and Riordan still did not remove my blindfold until we had walked forward, down a few steps and he had positioned me into a precise spot. He let go of my arm for a brief moment, and then said “open your eyes”… There he was, down on one knee, holding an engagement ring up to me where he asked me one of the most important questions of my life: “Bethany Schuster, will you marry me?” I was shocked, amazed at the stunning view, surprised and the happiest i have ever been in my life. I said “yes” straight away! Several onlookers clapped and came and congratulated us on our engagement. We then celebrated by having a beautiful lunch, with the most amazing view of the coast I have ever enjoyed. It was truly perfect. We drove home that evening to see family & friends and announce our exciting news. I will never forget that day. ”

Bethany tells “I love Riordan’s fun-loving nature. He is always friendly and warm towards everyone he meets! He enjoys a laugh (always) and I love that I can truly call him my best friend. The thing I love most about my fiancé is his deep love for God and his passionate pursuit of Him. Riordan is always full of joy. He is always saying romantic things to me and serenading me with silly songs. He constantly makes up new nicknames for me and uses them interchangeably, so I never know how he is going to summon me. On a deeper note, he is my biggest support and encouragement. I love how he always helps me to be the best version of myself. He sees me as I am and also who I am becoming and loves me just the same. His wisdom and intuition are amazing. Sometimes (in a moment of crisis) he seems to know me better than I know myself. I love that he is always calm and collected, a strength to me and all those who have him in their life. I love Riordan’s smile, his random (& constant) guitar playing and how he loves me and makes me feel so precious no matter where we are. Most of the time, he calls me “princess”.

Riordan recalls “Hearing Bethany flatulate for the first time was quite hilarious. It was about 3 years into the relationship. I think the funniest thing was seeing her face after when she tried to cover it up… That’s probably the funniest relationship story we’ve got… Most modern day “comical romances” (as depicted in films) usually revolve around some sort of conflict or tension, but our conflicts only last very briefly so we can’t really use any of these as examples… Our relationship is overall fun and full of joy. We don’t really look for faults in each other. We still acknowledge that they are there, but don’t really focus on them as a lever to get a cheap laugh or make the person feel any less loved. Our connection as a couple, is much more important. – Sorry to disappoint. P.S. of course I would tell a fart story.”


Riordan tells ” I enjoy Bethany’s company as a person, she’s pretty easy to be with because she’s so transparent…(to me anyway). I love her altruistic and selfless attitude towards not only myself, but people in general. I love her heart – when the waves are crashing around she is sensitive and still, yet she holds firm in the one that covers her. Her music ability astounds me, I know she has so much potential and passion to develop her gifts. I love who she is, who she’s becoming, and who she has been, she grows in humility every day. I love our ability to articulate and understand each others values and beliefs, being open and respectful to each others opinions. In all circumstances I see the best in her. Because in my opinion, there is no-one else who would be better suited for someone such as me.”

8 Cool Wedding Presents I’d Like To Own

by | Bride, Wedding Gifts


As someone continually looking for unique and fun wedding presents ( I have a lot of ‘getting married’ friends!) I always love to look at wedding presents and make them really special. I’m not one for electronics- they make great presents, but I’m a bit of a hoarder and incredibly sentimental, so I can’t bring myself to buy them as gifts. Instead I love to purchase things that the couple will have forever. My mother still uses the silverware from my great grandmother and I adore the idea of special china for Christmas and birthdays.

I can never part with a gift, and wedding presents are just the ultimate, a symbol of support if you will, to start the “new stage” of your life with.

Here’s some of my latest favourite finds.unique wedding presents

1. Custom chairs from My Bespoke Chair

What Is It: Custom made chairs to your specifications!

Why I Love it: I love the idea of a bespoke piece of furniture given as a wedding gift and these chairs are gorgeous. Setting the scene of a corner reading nook with a chair in a gorgeous fabric. Pick your style, your fabrics and even your wood finish! If you’re not confident in your own design choices, they offer gift certificates so the newlyweds can design their own!

2. The Juke Case

What Is it: Upcycled vintage suitcases turned into speakers

Why I Love It: I love that these are portable sound systems that are lovely enough to keep as decor in your own home. They’re unique and inventive (and last for 15 hours if fully charged!) so they can go with you wherever you go. Again electronic, but so cool I wouldn’t mind hanging on to it forever!

3. Kitchenaid Stand Mixer in Empire Red

What it Is: A kitchen appliance that does (almost) everything

Why I Love It: I know this mixer makes every one of my lists, and I’m sorry for that but I still love it! I’ve always been tossing up which colour and my friend recently received the Empire Red for Christmas, personally I’m an Almond Cream fan. I just love this mixer and as baking is my relaxation ritual I think it’s a fabulous wedding gift (and my one electronic ‘must have’ item!)

 4. Hand turned pepper grinder from DaileyWoodworking

 What Is It: One of a kind pepper mills

Why I Love It: I love taking something that is a staple of the home and choosing a really amazing version of it. These grinders are works of art (and come in some many different colours and versions) that start out as 49 pieces of wood and are carved and created into the most beautiful pieces.

5. Blacklist You Are My Sunshine Print from From The Owl

What Is It: A fun print for your home

Why I Love It: Not only is this print in itself awesome (bronze foil?) but I love this kind of artwork around the house. It makes me smile and fills me up – fun quotes from friends, beautifully drawn posters and art in general is a gorgeous gift. It can be very personal to the couple so I like that this poster is fun, well designed and easy enough to place in a bedroom, office or living room without being too different to a particular style (risking the couple hating getting art!)

6. Mexican Wedding Blanket from Table Tonic

What Is It: A gorgeous blanket

Why I love It: I think these make for absolutely gorgeous wedding gifts. They’re stunning  for starters but the stories go that high in the Atlas mountains, Berber brides would wear these handmade blankets made by their family as they walked to meet their new husbands. I love anything from another culture that ties to marriage traditions.

7.  Owl lamp from Have You Met Miss Jones

What Is It: A decorative lamp

Why I Love It: Decor gifts are fun if you know the couple’s taste

8. Kate Spade Larabee Dot Champagne Saucers from Wedding Gifts Direct

What Is It: Gorgeous champagne saucers

Why I Love It: a) It’s got all the glamour of times gone by b) it’s polka dots! I love champagne coupes, because I always feel 1000% more glamorous drinking bubbles from a saucer and when you add polka dots, well it’s my idea of drinking bubbles in style! It makes a difference to the traditional champagne flute gift too!


Over to you – your favourite wedding presents? Where do you shop? What do you want to put on your wedding registry?

Friday Roundup

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Wedding cake topper

Kellee & Mark’s Fiji Wedding Photo by Beata English

The slow onset of cold nights as we move into Autumn is proving perfect sleeping weather, and my friends who crave the Winter months are all getting a little bit excited! Me, I’m a Summer girl through and through, so all this cardigan-wearing and thick-sock pulling is not my style at all. But I digress!

This week has also seen the team at Polka Dot Central transitioning into Autumn mode, with the colours changing, and the specialty blogs offering a taste of what you can do to spice up your Autumn wedding, or where you can  jet off to if you crave the heat like me! Though, a couple did go to Antartica for their honeymoon, which just looks amazing. Oh my, the penguins!

If you missed this fabulous post, or anything else this week, check out our roundup of all things fab from the specialty blogs!

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WEdding Gifts Direct

The team at Weddings Gifts Direct just love a giveaway! And this month they’re offering a fabulous free gift for those couples that regiester in April! To find out more, and to sign up for your wedding registry, head to their website!

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Fleur WoodOoh, we’ve noticed that Fleur Wood currently has a Bridal Sample sale happening on her website! Head on over to check out the delightful gowns on sale!

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Johanna Johnson

20s silhouette, flowing satins and glimmering jewels, new collection unveiled by Johanna Johnson

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Henry Roth

Try the latest Henry Roth and Michelle Roth designs at an exclusive Sydney Designer Day on 13 April 2013, with live Skype consultations with Henry Roth himself – direct from New York! Held at Vision in White in Parramatta, it is by appointment only, so head to their website to confirm your place.

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A gorgeous Autumn wedding for you all this week, from the talented team at Handheld Wedding Films . I just love  how they have expertly captured the joy, love and of course, the colours! It really is just a breathtaking time of year!


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