Hello Spring! Oh I am sad to say goodbye to Winter but I am SO excited to see what Spring brings to the wedding world. So many weddings are upcoming and so many excited thoughts to be had. With the first day of Spring and the first working day of the week coinciding I may have skipped Mondayitis this month!

So before we dive headfirst into wedding season it’s time to raise the curtains and tell you just how fabulous the members off Ms Polka Dot’s Directory are.  We have Flowers, we have Catering, we have Celebrants, we even have Wedding Planners! We work really hard to get vendors on board who are the kind you keep as friends after the day, eating Mexican and drinking cocktails together, or champagne because they are not only lovely but they are amazing at what they do!

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bohemian wedding gowns grace loves lace

From the first time I spied Grace Loves Lace back in 2012 I knew this was a dress designer with something special. Bohemian, relaxed wedding gowns with a sense of dreaminess to them. Available online and made on location at their Gold Coast headquarters the gowns are just about to touch down in the USA. The brand keeps growing, captivating more and more brides into their bohemian dream.

To get to know a little more about the Grace Loves Lace girls, we asked Megan five questions in five minutes –

What is your favourite after five drink?

A nice glass of Merlot, and I’m constantly drinking loose leaf herbal teas.

Your favourite weekend getaway?

Byron Bay.

Favourite restaurant?

The Fish House in Burleigh Heads.

What can we find you eating for breakfast on a Sunday morning?

At Loren Cafe / Restaurant in Tugun on the Gold Coast I have every week the herb scrambled eggs with avo and sourdough.

Your favourite wedding story?

My own 🙂 I love my husband.

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welsch photography

Photo by Welsch Photography

romantic park engagement002

Amelia and Ian

Flower crowns from The Sisters, Boston terriers, golden rays of sunlight – what could make this romantic park engagement session more of a delightful treat today? Not much! Glen of Mr Edwards Photography captured their story with the buttery, dreamy colours he is so talented at conveying.

Amelia kicks us off with the story of how she and Ian came to be. “Ian and I met at university. Ian was living in a college with two of my best friends. Although we’d met at mutual friends’ parties, we had only admired each other from afar – until our friends decided to set us up. They organised a few chance encounters where they subtly disappeared, leaving us alone to get to know each other at the art gallery, on the tennis court and a few other places.”

romantic park engagement003
romantic park engagement004
romantic park engagement037

Ruby is huge part of Amelia and Ian’s life and so they made sure she was at their engagement session. Amelia remarking, “We love Glen’s style of photography – it’s film so it is soft and beautiful. Glen also knows how to tell a personal story. We wanted to incorporate Ruby (our dog) as she won’t be attending our wedding. We thought we could have a little “family” session. We live quite close to Centennial Park and love walking through it together and have often marveled at how romantic the pine grove is. We couldn’t think of anywhere better to capture our little family at this special time. Glen was fabulous – we got along so well and had so much fun. Ruby, of course, loved Glen too!”

romantic park engagement010
romantic park engagement032
romantic park engagement011
romantic park engagement015

The first date is etched in Amelia’s memory , as is his punctuality! But all for good reasons, they make up just some of the stories that Amelia loves about their time together. “Ian took me to Oporto for lunch as one of our first dates. Fortunately he’s never done that since! We faced a big relationship test after only about 6 months of dating. We decided to put together a flat-pack barbecue. We proved we could be a great team when we completed it in record time (well, we don’t know if it was a “record” but we thought it was pretty fast!) Before Ian went to New York (on the proposal trip) he was having a birthday dinner. We’d booked a spot at our local pub and had two tables of friends waiting for his arrival. He was over an hour late! Turns out he had a good reason – he’d been speaking to my parents to get their blessing to ask me to marry him.”

romantic park engagement018
romantic park engagement047
romantic park engagement009
romantic park engagement017
romantic park engagement022

On what he loves about Amelia, Ian remarks “Amelia is the most talented woman. She excels in the office and can also casually whip up a feast at home. She can also make me laugh harder than anyone else. Amelia is vivacious and driven, but she is also a feminine beauty.”

romantic park engagement005
romantic park engagement050

On what she loves about Ian, Amelia tells, “I love everything about Ian. He’s a really open, genuine guy. He’s funny, witty and very smart. He’s confident, but not arrogant. He doesn’t always let me get my way! He is also really supportive.”

romantic park engagement006

romantic park engagement007

romantic park engagement051

romantic park engagement014

Ian concocted an utterly romantic New York proposal, Amelia tells. “Ian had to go to New York for 6 weeks for work. He was meant to be away for our anniversary. Instead, he flew me over and took me to Jean-George for a 7 course degustation. Despite being in a food coma, another course came out and when the cloche was removed my plate had a ring box surrounded by rose petals. Ian popped the question and I said “of course I will”. Then we popped some champagne and celebrated well into the morning.”

romantic park engagement020
romantic park engagement021