Happy Monday Dotties! From being jealous of Ms Paisley to being jealous of Ms Gingham who is currently on a press trip to the amazing Mulia Resort in Bali, yes we’re certainly getting our fill of Winter sunshine in Polka Dot Bride land lately. What about you? Have you got any sunny holidays planned?

We’re l\kicking off a fresh week of wedding inspiration at Polka Dot Bride, starting with our spotlight on Ms Polka Dot’s Directory!  From Cinematography to capture your speeches, your dancing and the moments you might forget, to Styling & Hire for all the goodies you don’t have but want to hire, or just someone to pull it all together. We even have Venues ,Favors & Decor Accessories and Photobooth Hire,. So click on over and check it out today!

You know I love a talented florist and the lovely Roberta of Green & Bloom has been a bit of a fixture on Polka Dot Bride for as long as I can remember (we even featured her gorgeous wedding!). We’ve done giveaways, and featured so much of Roberta’s beautiful work, it’s incredibly innovative, fresh and full of life. Seeing Roberta’s work is always a beautiful breath of fresh air. It always struck me that Roberta was so kind, creative and supportive of Polka Dot Bride and it hasn’t stopped, so I am more than thrilled to introduce you to this talented Brisbane florist as this week’s vendor of the week!

queensland wedding florist001

We asked Roberta of Green & Bloom five questions in five minutes –

What is your favourite after five drink?

Orange and Galliano or an old fashioned Pimms .

Your favourite weekend getaway?

Somewhere in the country. So much to love about Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Byron Bay countryside or Stanthorpe. I’m a fan of finding new places to stay any chance we get to go away. I have a soft spot for refurbished homesteads, and rolling pastures of grass.

Favourite restaurant?

La Quinta Mexican Restaurant and Bar

What can we find you eating for breakfast on a Sunday morning?

If I have no weddings to pack down you will find me enjoying blueberry pancakes with ricotta and maple syrup in the garden with my family. Or when zucchini’s are in season in our kitchen garden – making zucchini fritters with bacon, ricotta and tomato relish.

Your favourite wedding story?

Each wedding has so many stories behind it, both with how our couples met, and their travels together. Its hard to pick just one. Again we have a soft spot for country weddings.

Visit Green & Bloom’s page to find out more about our Vendor Of The Week. Green & Bloom is a member of Ms Polka Dot’s Directory

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Samara Clifford

Photo by Samara Clifford Photography

habourside engagement001

Shana and Pete

Engagement shoots really do hold a special place in my heart. It’s that bliss of having nothing to do with plans, demands and complications – it’s just you, your beloved and the promise you made to spend the rest of your life together. Shana and Pete chose Sydney Harbour as the backdrop for their engagement photographs with Gabriela Colebrook Design & Photography.

Shana and Pete tell the story of how they met, which happened to also be on water! “We met on a boat in Sydney Harbour for a friend’s leaving do. Pete won Shana over later that evening with his karaoke rendition of “Sweet Home Alabama”. ”

habourside engagement002
habourside engagement003
habourside engagement004
habourside engagement005
habourside engagement006
habourside engagement007
habourside engagement008
habourside engagement009
habourside engagement010
habourside engagement011
habourside engagement012

On what they love about each other, Shana and Pete remark, “Our mutual love for travel, music, fine wine, good food, family and friends. We both love a good dance off on our friend’s Bondi rooftops or boat parties.”

habourside engagement013
habourside engagement014
habourside engagement015
habourside engagement016
habourside engagement017

Pete proposed on a romantic holiday, recalling, “I proposed on a trip to Fiji last September watching the sunset on the most magical beach bure over the water with a glass of sparkling – I handed Shana a love note to read and when she looked up I had taken to one knee with a ring in hand.”

habourside engagement018
habourside engagement019
habourside engagement020
habourside engagement021
habourside engagement022
habourside engagement023
habourside engagement024

On choosing Sydney Harbour for their engagement photographs, the newly engaged couple explain, “We met in Sydney Harbour and live in the Rocks so we wanted to capture the areas we frequently spend time in. We also wanted to include iconic Sydney sights (Harbour Bridge, Opera House) because both our families live elsewhere and we thought it was important to share beautiful Sydney with them (Pete’s family is in Adelaide, Shana’s is in the States).”

habourside engagement025
habourside engagement026
habourside engagement027


habourside engagement029
habourside engagement030
habourside engagement031
habourside engagement032
habourside engagement033