Photo by Birdsong Photography via Brendas Wedding Blog

Sydney photographer Angelica Peady has been doing some fantastic things lately and I’m excited to share with you her new series of couture bridal portrait shoots called “We Were Late To the Wedding Because…” The series consisted of twelve shoots, all over Sydney based around fun reasons the bride (or couple) were late to their

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Marrying in Paris? Divine! Love the wedding of Genesis and Kevin via Intimate Weddings (see more here)Photo by Amy & Stuart Photography

Every dance floor should be so fun.  A shot from Amy & Ryan’s wedding (see more here) by Cliff Brunk Photography.Photo by Cliff Brunk Photography.

You have to laugh when a skirt is so full it stands up by itself- like these flower girl dresses from Terry & Melissa’s wedding (see more here)Photo by Angelica Peady Photography.

Doesn’t this shot from Kate & BJ’s wedding (see more here) say it all?Photo by Applehead Studio

This photo by Vincent Lai makes me laugh (check out more of the wedding here)Photo by Vincent Lai

From Crystal and Matt’s wedding (see more here)Photo by Simply Bloom Photography

I don’t know about you but after a mad week (chocolate, sugar, thinking Tuesday is Monday, thinking Thursday is Wednesday, and daylight saving ending) I just want to be still.I fell in love with this photo from Clare and Reuben’s wedding ( see more here, much, much better seen big!) by Natasja Kremers Photography. It

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The funky crew at Brisbane photography studio Feather + Stone sent over this recent shoot they did in Victoria’s Yarra Valley. I love the sense of style in the shoot- it’s certainly there, but there is no loss of fun! To me, I love it when the shoot has a sense of fun to it!Britt

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I love rainy day weddings, especially moments where Mother Nature holds off until the ceremony has just finished such as at the wedding of Sarah and Marty (see more here) captured by ST Photography. It’s like Mother Nature is sending a message.Photo by ST Photography

I didn’t want to change the name of today’s photograph, because I think the photographer Cathy Crawley of Beautiful Moments Photography captured it beautifully.Cathy just returned from WPPI in Las Vegas (a photography convention) where this picture won her an Accolade of Excellence- Congratulations Cathy! (See more here).Photo by Beautiful Moments Photography.