Groom Style - Blake

Following tradition and opting to wear either a tailored three-piece suit or a debonaire tuxedo with patent leather shoes were never really options for consideration as we discovered as Blake chatted to us about his suave outfit choice for his modern wine store wedding.

“I wore a grey/navy jacket with white stitched edging, a navy and white striped bow tie, sky blue shirt and camel coloured pants. I picked something that Bec would enjoy seeing me in. I wanted something that wasn’t the standard suit and tie.”

Modern Wine Store Wedding009

Modern Wine Store Wedding003

Modern Wine Store Wedding010

Modern Wine Store Wedding018

Modern Wine Store Wedding019

Modern Wine Store Wedding026

Images by Ginger and Spice Photography

Seaside St Kilda Wedding016

It’s time for the ‘first look’. Even though you think you’re ready to see your bride appear, nothing can really prepare you for that huge rush of butterflies and joy as Joel remembers as he chats to us about his memories from his seaside St Kilda wedding.

“The reveal was my favourite moment. My mind and body was completely overrun with emotions. I have never felt how I did at that moment when I saw my soon to be wife for the first time that day. My wife had kept everything to do with what she was wearing and how she would look on the day a secret. I knew she was going to look good so the anticipation leading up to the reveal was huge.”

“But nothing could have ever prepared me for what I saw. One of my groomsmen, my best friend John, got a sneak peek at Kim as she arrived at the venue and came up to me just prior to the reveal and said: “Mate…your wife to be … looks absolutely smokin! You are going to be a very happy man.” And that I was. Words cannot describe that moment – I was completely lost for words that could describe her. Absolutely stunning. I was completely blown away.”

Seaside St Kilda Wedding013

Seaside St Kilda Wedding014

Seaside St Kilda Wedding015

Seaside St Kilda Wedding017

Seaside St Kilda Wedding018

Seaside St Kilda Wedding019

Images by White Rabbit Productions

Groom Style - Tim

When deciding upon his outfit for his sweet Fairfield Boathouse wedding, Tim chose dark single breasted tailored suits from Briggins for himself and his three groomsmen. Completing his suave look, Tim wore a silver and white tie whilst his groomsmen opted for jacquard designs in a deep navy hue.

Fairfield Boathouse Wedding020

Fairfield Boathouse Wedding023

Fairfield Boathouse Wedding029

Fairfield Boathouse Wedding056

Fairfield Boathouse Wedding041

Fairfield Boathouse Wedding042

Fairfield Boathouse Wedding043

Fairfield Boathouse Wedding047

Fairfield Boathouse Wedding051

Fairfield Boathouse Wedding057

Images by Long Way Home Photography