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Get Your Wet Shave On!

by | Groom, Groom Style, Hair and Skincare


Cindy Man Hun

175155-800wImage by Jumbo Tsui

Something that’s been getting a lot of love recently is the Wet Shave. The Wet Shave either uses a double edge safety razor or straight razor, a shaving brush and a traditional cream or soap. It has been around for years now – your grandfather (and even father) may have used this technique at your age.

But it’s come back, and plenty of gents are leaving behind cartridge razors, electric shavers and shaving gels to get on board the Wet Shave train. Better late than never, I say! Whether you decide to attempt this approach yourself or play safe and go to a trustworthy barber shop, there are definitely several benefits to wet shaving:

1. It gives you the cleanest look possible – The blades of double edge safety razors and straight razors have the ability to work extremely close to the skin without cutting it. They don’t cause ingrown hairs either, leaving a smooth and healthy post shave face.

2. Pain is avoided – Sometimes cartridge razors and electric shavers do aggravate the skin because of their multiple blades. Luckily, wet shaving does not result in razor burn, meaning you don’t have to go through the agony of that unwanted redness, bumpiness and itchiness.

3. You save money – Although the thought of cheap cartridge razors sounds tempting, they actually require a huge amount of money long-term, especially if you dispose of a cartridge razor almost everyday! An electric shaver can also cost up to $500. The wisest option would be to buy a good quality double edge safety razor, which you can get for as little as $30 on Shaver Hut, or leave it to your barber.

4. It’s environmentally friendly – Double edge safety razors and straight razors produce minimal waste, as they are completely recyclable, being metal, and last a lifetime. Traditional cream or soap contains an abundance of natural ingredients, whereas your average shaving gel is primarily filled with chemicals.

Swayed? Get your Wet Shave on!

Here are a couple of barbers you can checkout:

Barber Supreme
Cleveland’s Salon & Café

Captains of Industry
Kings Domain Barber Shop

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: A wet shave is indeed the ultimate in distinguished groom styling!

Groom Style – Stewart

by | Groom, Groom Style


Ms Chinoiserie

groom at tasmanian wedding

With the beautifully rugged coast line as their backdrop, Claire and Stewart’s Elegant Tasmanian Wedding incorporated a chic, timeless colour palette of steely hues and textured creams.

Stewart’s blue suit, shirt and tie were all from Godwin Charli, whilst his groomsmen were simply asked to wear their own suits in charcoal, blue and grey. As each of the suits were different – two were from Hugo Boss and one was from Roger David, the groomsmen wore white shirts and black MJ Bale ties to co-ordinate the look.

groom in classic suit

groom with grey tie

groom with mother

happy newlyweds

jonathan wherrett tasmanian

newlyweds in stanley

stanley newlyweds

tasmanian photographerAll images by Jonathan Wherrett via Claire and Stewart’s Elegant Tasmanian Wedding 

Photographer: Jonathan Wherrett

Get The Look: Barcelona Bridal Week 2016 – Fuentecapala ‘Metropoli’ Collection

by | Groom, Groom Fashion, Groom Style


Cindy Man Hun
Image via Fuentecapala

Fuentecapala’s 2016 collection ‘Metropoli’ was the featured menswear attire at Barcelona Bridal Week this year, and judging by the photos, there’s no wondering why! Fuentecapala combined fashion and architecture to create the stunning collection plus a whole new level of couture.

‘Metropoli’ may just look like a crisp work of tailored art, full of sophistication and vibrance, but trust me when I say this, there’s much more to it than meets the eye! In its own way, it captures the design elements of many iconic buildings around the world, such as the clean and linear Grundtvigs Church in Copenhagen, the contemporary yet tropical inspired Wind and Water in Vietnam and the experimental Blue Residential Tower in New York. This iconic building inspiration was motivated by an innovative language that shies away from stereotypes and instead encourages originality and imagination.






foto57Images via Fuentecapala

You’re probably thinking, how do I achieve these looks without buying the real thing (which let’s be honest, could be a bit pricey!)? I’ve realised that the key here is to find a balance between the traditional look and the modern look, which is what Fuentecapala managed to do so well with ‘Metropoli’ – merging classicism and avant-garde into one. You could go for classic silhouettes that have futuristic looking patterns on them or vice versa.

To give you a rough idea, maybe you could start off with the Ted Baker Offrule Satin Shirt in white and the Eclissi and Oro Paisley Tie by Rhodes & Beckett.  Add on Arthur Galan’s Alek Satin Lapel Jacket for a shine and pants to suit, then complete the outfit with the Otavio shoes from Florsheim. When we come down to it, there’s really no right or wrong when it comes to style. So don’t be afraid to experiment with volume, proportion, shape, colour and texture until you’re satisfied and feel half old, half new!

au-Mens-Clothing-Shirts-OFFRULE-Satin-shirt-White-AA4M_OFFRULE_99-WHITE_1.jpgImage via Ted Baker

Image via Rhodes & Beckett

AG_359_2__18376.1426197973.1280.1280Image via Arthur Galan

223452-Z41-2Image via Florsheim

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Very handsome indeed; it’s easy to mix and match a few key pieces to create a smart wedding day look!

About Cindy: Hi, I’m Cindy! Flowers and hot chocolate instantly brighten up my day. I love writing and am an overall creative person. I also enjoy really immersing myself in new and exciting experiences!

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