There is so much to remember of your wedding day – the little and the big moments. But some of the more special are those that are deeply personal and live on in the warmth they give you whenever you recall them. When Sharni and James married in a classic Customs House wedding, James remembered this as his fondest memory of the day. “Watching Sharni walk down the aisle and looking out over the pews and seeing the faces of all those most important to us who were so happy to be sharing in our day.”

Classic Customs House Wedding031
Classic Customs House Wedding032
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Classic Customs House Wedding036

Michael and Tanya

Fitzroy Gardens was the venue of choice for Tanya and Michael with the conservatory as their backdrop and wedding reception held nearby. Michael chose a classic outfit for his wedding day.

Tanya tells “Michael just wanted a very classic black suit. We found a wonderful tailor in Carlton that made it very easy. He got some amazing little cuff-links made, each groomsmen got different ones, something that reminded Michael of an experience they had shared.”

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Elegant Fitzroy Gardens Wedding031
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Photographer: Elleni Toumpas / Groom's Attire: Black Tie Classic / Groom's Shoes: Aquila / Groomsmen Attire: Black Tie Classic

Image by Shoshana Kruger Photography via Modern Warehouse Engagement Party with Moody Florals

The pressure to create a proposal moment to be remembered and retold forever more can make the whole situation feel pretty stressful. But it’s important to remember that even without the flash mob and the fireworks your partner will cherish that special moment between you and retell it, no matter how you go about getting down on one knee.

The key to the perfect proposal is to ensure it matches you and your partner’s personalities and includes elements you are both comfortable with. Forget the extras and the grand gestures, just enjoy the moment and your time together.

With this in mind, here are the basic requirements to ensure your proposal is perfect.

Research before buying the ring

It’s a good idea to carefully discern exactly what your partner likes when it comes to jewellery, as this will be the takeaway item from that special moment – and an accessory that they will have to wear forever! Take a look at the jewellery they already wear, making note of their preferred metal choice (it’s best to buy the same type or in a similar colour) and what precious stone they’d prefer – diamonds are always a popular choice but if you’re concerned about budget you can put together a bespoke ring via the likes of Get this right and you’re on your way to a perfect proposal.

Image by Catherine Forge via Emma and Ryan’s Deep Forest Engagement Shoot

Get their family involved

Whether you think asking for ‘permission’ is a good or bad thing, it’s always nice to give their family a heads up on your plans – if you think they can be trusted with the secret! You could simply let them know with a friendly phone call or plan a visit to tell them face to face. Knowing that they are happy with your plans may also ensure you feel a little more confident when the big day arrives!

Gauge whether they’d prefer public or private

Some people enjoy a show but others would prefer such an intimate occasion to take place privately, so it’s important you choose the right option for your partner. In the middle of a busy restaurant is perfect if you know they won’t mind everyone watching. Otherwise a private proposal in the comfort of your home will do just fine.

Refrain from special days

Birthdays, Christmas and anniversaries are best left alone, to enjoy on their own. Choose a separate date that you can enjoy forever more as your engagement anniversary and have on the calendar to remember in years to come. It’s a day just as special as the wedding itself after all!

Image by Caroline Sada via Eliise and Sam’s Romantic and Joyful Engagement Party

Plan a get together afterwards

Whether it’s immediately after you pop the question or later on, arrange for your family and friends to join you and your partner after the proposal to celebrate! It doesn’t have to be a grand party or a lavish meal out, just some celebratory drinks in your or your parent’s home is a great way of relishing the moment. Just bear in mind, that whoever you invite to an engagement party or gathering will expect an invitation to the main event so don’t just invite anyone!

Ms Polka Dot says: Creating the perfect proposal is so important – and there are so many things to consider – some you may not even have thought of.