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Top Five Action-Packed Buck’s Activities

by | Groom, Pre Wedding Parties


Cindy Man Hun

Image via Archery Warz

The buck’s celebration is a chance for the groom and his friends to come together and bond through light-hearted, action-packed activities! Take a look at our top five picks – great activities that are enjoyable and thrilling, allowing for “bromances” to strengthen all the while!

Bubble Soccer. In this ‘bubble’ version of soccer, players wear an orb made of transparent plastic as they play futsal. They can make contact with other players, running into them or bumping them! Although things can get quite combative, you’re shielded by your orb. It’s one of the safest sports out there! If you and your mates love soccer, you’ll love bubble soccer even more!

Image via Bubble Soccer 2u

Quad Bike Tour. After a real adventure? A quad bike (a motorcycle with four tyres) session in the middle of a forest or beach with your group of friends is a rad idea. Previous experience riding quad bikes isn’t necessary; it’s an activity that is destined to get your heart racing – and you’re surrounded by nature non-stop.

Image via Red Balloon 

Fishing Charter. Have a blissful day out on the waters fishing and having some laughs! There are many fishing charter packages available that include all the fishing equipment you need and the all-important BBQ feed. These trips require a whole lot of arm strength and patience, but if you’re lucky you’ll experience a lot of rod shaking and fish biting!

Image via Rip Charters

Surfing Lesson. A group surfing lesson is a challenging and fun escapade, especially if it’s at beginner level because you’re all in it together; no one expects anyone to be an expert after a few hours. It’s all about the experience of trying to catch your first wave and the sensation of surfing and being able to share that with your close pals.

Image via Manly Surf Guide

Archery War/Game. Like soccer, archery has been developed into a player versus player game known as archery war/game. Combining the basics behind paintball and dodgeball, archery wars/games involve players battling it out by shooting foam tipped arrows at each other under a set of rules. And yes – you do have a face mask!

Image via Eastern Indoor Sports Centre


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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Some seriously awesome buck’s activities – love the bubble soccer and the fishing as great ways to get the boys together.

Inspired Memories – Samuel

by | Groom, Inspired Memories


Ms Chinoiserie

Waterside Black Tie Wedding027

With a wonderful sense of anticipation and excited nerves, the first time a groom sees his bride walking towards him down the aisle is a moment that he will never forget as Samuel remembers from his waterside black tie wedding.

“Seeing Emma walk down the aisle was so special, she looked stunning – even brought a tear to my eye.”

Waterside Black Tie Wedding021

Waterside Black Tie Wedding022

Waterside Black Tie Wedding024

Waterside Black Tie Wedding026

Images by gm photographics 

The Standout Summer Accessory – A Fresh Floral Bow Tie

by | Groom, Groom Fashion, Groom Style


Ms Chinoiserie


Image by Soda Photography

This year seems to have been the one for groom styling to really have made its mark; we’ve seen some wonderful – and oh so stylish- trends from Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (loving the inclusion of waistcoats this Summer!) and some equally show stopping accessories.

So we were all swooning over the absolutely beautiful floral bow tie that the man of style, Michael Taylor, wore to Melbourne Cup Day earlier this month; we went weak at the knees with his eye-catching design from last year – this racing season though Michael, the founder of EMTI PR and Marketing, said it was about breaking all the rules!!!

“It’s traditionally known that girls wear the feature pieces, including flowers, said Michael.” “But, why can’t guys do the same in their own way? So, with Angie’s Floral Design, the idea was to go for Autumn colours for Spring racing to mix it up a bit.”

“Rich navy and brown tones were matched with coral Autumn colours for my custom suit by Wil Valor. Then we matched the outfit to the flowers using darker tones and orange florals to bring it all together. This year, it was about standing out! With a mix of ranunculus, orchids, roses and peppercorns, we decided to go for more of a ‘garden’ look for the floral bow tie. In the end it weighed one kilogram and had a super lush feel.”

What a unique way for fashion forward grooms to make a statement in style; perfect for Summer garden party weddings! With his amazing flair, we’re sure Michael is already thinking about his creation for 2017; we can’t wait to see it!

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