men's umbrellas

Now that the ‘stormy weather’ is well and truly upon our winter’s doorstep, we are swooning over the debonair collection of Francesco Maglia men’s umbrellas from Trunk Tailors. Handmade using time-honoured techniques, each umbrella is truly unique – with a decidedly stylish masculine touch. When skies are grey, keep one handy to uphold your sartorial – and even chivalrous – standards!

Sparkling garden cafe wedding028

As Reece looks back on his sparkling garden cafe wedding and chats to us about his favourite memory, he definitely set all our hearts aflutter as he described how her felt when he saw Kat walk down the aisle towards him.

“How could I not say “the first moment I saw my bride? The song, “At Last”, was playing and truer words have never been sung. The warm Sydney sun was clinging to her dress as she gently feathered down the aisle. She didn’t just take everyone’s breath away, she literally stopped traffic! A combination of the soundtrack, the sun, the dress and the sight of her face made for easily the best memory I’ll ever have. Period!”

Sparkling garden cafe wedding026
Sparkling garden cafe wedding027
Sparkling garden cafe wedding029
Sparkling garden cafe wedding030
Sparkling garden cafe wedding031
Sparkling garden cafe wedding032

Images by Sarah-Kate from Chasing Brightness Photography

Outdoor Country Wedding090

As we chat to Phil about the outfit for his relaxed outdoor country wedding, we find out that deep down, he isn’t really a “suit man” – so rather than following tradition, he decided to opt for something that reflected his personality.

“I’m not a suit sort of guy so I found a beautiful tweed vest on-line from David Jones (London Hackett) which set the mood for my outfit. I found the rest from my favourite store Rodd n’ Gunn.”

“I think without really too much thought, I pulled together a cool outfit which suited my style and personality to a T!”

Outdoor Country Wedding016Outdoor Country Wedding017Outdoor Country Wedding018Outdoor Country Wedding047Outdoor Country Wedding102Outdoor Country Wedding117Outdoor Country Wedding168

Images by Daniel and Maria from Keepsake Photo

Vest: David Jones / Groom's Attire: Rodd ‘n Gunn