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Inspired Memories – David

by | Groom, Inspired Memories


Ms Chinoiserie

Vicky-Jayne Streatfield Celebrant

Waiting for your bride to appear and walk down the aisle can be incredibly nerve-wracking as David remembered from his garden winery wedding.

“Before the ceremony began, our celebrant came over to tell me that Sandra had arrived. But she didn’t walk down the aisle for around twenty minutes!”

“It turned out that heaps of grass and twigs had become caught in Sandra’s dress while taking some photos beforehand and she and her bridesmaid were picking them out before walking down the aisle. However I had no idea this was going on, so naturally I started panicking! I was a little nervous to begin with, but having to wait for so long made me even more nervous!”

“When Sandra finally walked down the aisle it was one of the most brilliant moments that I’ll never forget. She looked absolutely amazing and the nerves completely vanished and were replaced with excitement.”

Circa 1876 Restaurant Garden Wedding

Hunter Valley garden Wedding venue

Hunter Valley Wedding Ceremony

Images by Jonathan David

Create The Look: English Heritage Style

by | Groom, Groom Fashion, Groom Style


Naomi Neilson


Image via MJ Bale 

To achieve the ultimate ‘English Gentleman’ look on your wedding day, the best thing to do is head into English Heritage territory where you’re sure to find something handsomely dapper! I’ve listed the perfect way to go about creating this suave look, as well as how to incorporate it into your groomsmen’s attire.

1. The Suit Jacket

Once you’ve settled on the right jacket, the rest of your suit will come together nicely. For this part you will want to stick to tweed fabrics in light beiges, dark greys, or dark browns. Absolute Bespoke do wonders with suits and have a range of tweed options. Browse through their collection for some ideas.


Image via Absolute Bespoke

2. The Trouser

For the most effective look, the trouser should be a match for your jacket. If you went for the one colour option for your suit jacket, consider pairing it with tweed trousers in a dark colour (or vice versa for white). I’d recommend sticking with the matching suit jacket and trouser combination for the ultimate English Heritage look! Most menswear brands have complete set options for all their suits; a favourite for the English Heritage look would have to be houndstooth from CalibreTweed Addict is worth a look too for some dapper styles!



Image via Calibre

3. The Tie and the Dress Shirt

This part is completely up for creative thinking! Avoid contrasting colours and too many patterns or you will pull away from the theme entirely. If you’re going with a single coloured shirt, try light coloured tones and experiment with a bright tie. Or, alternatively, a light blue dress shirt and a dark brown or navy blue tie do wonders for the look! If not, pair your suit with a lightly patterned dress shirt and a pale-pastel tie. Check out Oscar Hunt for some of the best tie and shirt combinations around.


Image via Oscar Hunt

4. The Shoes

Oxfords. Oxford Brogues. Derby. Need we say more? Except that, of course, finding the perfect colour is a must! Blacks and browns are an acceptable match for an English Heritage suit, and whether you decide to go for brogues is entirely up to you. For a real Oxford dress shoe check out Forzieri or Aquila for some very stylish options!



Image via Aquila

5. Accessories

Play around with a whole lot of different accessories to complement your suit. Going into it, be prepared to experiment – and be aware of the colour palette!

1. Waistcoats: A waistcoat is an absolutely perfect accessory for the suit. For the best look, match it with your suit jacket and trouser or try a waistcoat in the one shade, like black, dark grey, beige, or white.

2. Suspenders: This is a fun addition to the outfit, and can be made to fit both practically and visually. Feel free to trade up the waistcoat for the suspenders during the reception.


Image via Oscar Hunt

3. Cuff Links: A simple, yet very elegant, addition to any suit! If you can, track down something with a vintage feel.

4. Pocket Squares: Need a dash of colour? Either mix it up with bright, bold patterns, or trade up for darker, off-beat colours, like dark greens and maroons.


Image via Calibre

5. Belts: This is pretty easy – just match to your shoes! If you’re wearing a black pair of Oxfords, opt for a black belt. And vice versa for brown.


The top tip for dressing your groomsmen: avoid dressing them exactly like you! Otherwise you may risk having an over the top ‘hunting party’ standing at the altar. To complement your style, and to style your groomsmen with one common accessory that matches yours – the pocket square is the perfect place to start!

Swirl divider

Ms Chinoiserie Says: Such a dapper look for a very suave wedding; perfect for the cooler months, tweed is my absolute favourite!

Groom Style – Will

by | Groom, Groom Style


Ms Chinoiserie

Perth Groom and Groomsmen

The cut and fit of a bespoke tailored suit adds something very special to wedding day style as Will remembers when making decisions about his attire for his vintage style art gallery wedding.

“I wore a dark charcoal suit with black satin lapels and a herringbone shirt. I had all of these made in Hong Kong about four months before the wedding made by Sam’s Tailor which is quite an iconic place in Hong Kong. I wanted the suit to be quite formal but it also needed to fit in with our vintage hipster look. Having a suit made to fit means I will always have a great formal suit to wear in years to come.”

boutonniere bound with string

Groom and groomsmen awaiting bride

newlyweds in frotn of sandstone building

Fremantle Wedding Photo

Fremantle Wedding Group

groom and groomsmen before ceremony

Sam's Tailor Tuxedos

portrait photo of groom

Nicolle Versteeg Wedding

Images by Nicolle Versteeg

Groom's and Groomsman's Suits: Sam's Tailor, Hong Kong / Groom's and Groomsman's Bow Tie and Belt: Hugo Boss / Groom's and Groomsman's Shoes: Aldo
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