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Looking back on his gorgeous restaurant wedding, Anthony remembers that it wasn’t the ceremony or the cutting of the cake, but in fact the time in the lead up to his speech that he became the most nervous.

“Everyone patted me on the back and shook my hand after my speech (which was pretty darn good!). From there, I could relax and have fun!”

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Groom in grey suit with navy tie

The smart combination of patterns and plains that Matt chose for his Dunkeld country wedding added to his suave and relaxed look; the checked pocket square and plaid vest were the on-trend pieces that caught our eye!

“I work in advertising as a studio manager therefore I don’t wear that many suits (only on occasions). I also wanted to feel comfortable on the day with attire that was also in keeping with the style and theme of the wedding.”

Peter Jackson were extremely helpful when we arrived to look at some potential options. I wanted to be the only one wearing a jacket during the ceremony so that I stood out. The ties and waistcoats for me and my best man were so different but somehow they all came together when we put them on. I had purchased a tie in Orange for a friend’s wedding in Queensland which I loved so I decided to wear that again. My brown shoes were from Windsor Smith and the trousers were from another retailer in Brunswick.”

Australian country newlyweds

Circular Ink Wedding Photography

Dunkeld wedding ceremony

Emotional bride during ceremony

Groom at Australian country weddingGroom at Dunkeld wedding

Groom doing up navy tieBlue patterned waistcoat on groom

Groom in black and white

Groom with his suitGypsophillia boutonerrie

Groom with groosmen

Newlyweds at Dunkeld

Patterned grooms tiesPale gray suit with blue pocketsquare

Peter Jackson wedding suit

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It’s no secret that guys often get a bad rap when it comes to wedding planning. I’ve had male friends whose only job on their wedding day was to turn up on time, cleanly shaven, in a decent suit. The bride had taken care of absolutely everything else – invitations, venue, music, decorations, seating plan, you name it. But the honeymoon is where the fun begins, so put those organisational skills to good use and get involved in planning the perfect getaway for you and your new bride.

Stick to a budget
Unless you want to start married life together with a debt hangover, it’s crucial to make a budget and stick to it. Think of transport, accommodation, meals, drinks, taxes, tips, and insurance as a start. Don’t forget to think of a “time” budget, too. Is a 20 hour flight for a two night stay worth your time? A money (and time) budget will help determine where/when/how long you can go for.

Image by Ned Hemnani

Share the planning
‘Marital Mondays’ are a good way to put time aside for one night every week to plan the honeymoon. Doing it together means both of you can tailor make the holiday you want. If one person wants to relax on a beach, and the other wants to hike up Mt. Everest, it’s time to compromise. Think of it as good practice for a long life together. Decide on logistics like the destination, length and activities, then start researching. The internet is your best friend. Decide early whether you want to enlist the help of a travel agent or holiday specialist.

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Don’t copy someone else’s honeymoon
This is a fairly common trap, targeted at lazy planners! You see photos of Steve and Claire’s honeymoon on Facebook and decide to sign up for the exact same trip. But here’s the thing. They planned that trip with themselves in mind, not you, so chances are you won’t enjoy it as much as they did! Take recommendations and inspiration from friends, but remember to be original. Putting you two first isn’t selfish, it’s well-deserved! After all, when will you be able to go on another holiday and do exactly what you want? Whether your trip is based on food, adventure, luxury or volunteering, make it unique for you two as a couple.

Image by Raining Huang

Don’t over schedule
People often fall into one of two camps when it comes to holiday planning: saying ‘yolo’ and winging it or planning absolutely everything on every day down to the hour. What you’re after when it comes to planning the perfect getaway is the sweet spot in between these two extremes. Definitely book flights and accommodation early, especially if you’re going in peak season or staying in sought-after resorts. But packing in too many activities can also be stressful and limits your freedom. Remember, the lead-up to the wedding will be full of scheduled activities, so it’ll be nice to have some flexibility on your honeymoon. If it’s raining but you booked that hike three months ago, no one’s going to be happy.

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Make your honeymoon unique  – great advice about being flexible with plans and taking some time out to relax!