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Inspired Memories – William

by | Groom, Inspired Memories


Ms Chinoiserie

I always love to hear how grateful a groom is about the special touches that his bride-to-be added on the day of their wedding. Groom William shares his favourite memories of his gorgeous Romantic Adelaide Wedding.

“Mona won’t be happy with me saying this, but what she did to arrange for such a wonderful day was incredible. Since I was still living abroad during the majority of the planning stages, I wasn’t able to be here to help with all of the arrangements. On top of that, Mona took it upon herself to really put a lot of personal touches in the decorations. From the table decorations to even the straws used in the drinks.”

“It made for such a beautiful wedding and it was a great feeling knowing that her personal touches were everywhere. My only regret from the wedding was that I wanted to thank her for everything she had done when I had a chance to say a few things to everyone at the wedding, however, my nerves got the best of me and I completely forgot to do so while rushing to end my speech. I was so grateful for everything she did.”







Images by Whitewall Photography

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Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2015 – MR Designer Runway

by | Groom, Groom Fashion, Groom Style


Cindy Man Hun


Oozing style and masculinity, some of Australia’s top menswear designers – Aquila, Arthur Galan, Brent Wilson, Calibre, Et Al, Godwin Charli, Jayson Brunsdon, Joe Black and MJ Bale – were showcased earlier this month at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week’s MR Designer Runway. Pastel colours and prints matched back with classic suiting to define the latest looks for the season.

The opening designer, Aquila, kept it sensible with neutral tones and traditional forms. The colour combinations worked back well with the classic silhouettes, oozing an effortless ‘English gentleman’ vibe.



Arthur Galan did what Arthur Galan does best – classics were taken and given a modern edge through detailing. I adore how the pop of blue in a few of the looks colour-coordinated with the shoe laces; now that is an eye for detail!

arthur galan ag 100 (4)arthur galan ag 100 (7)

Next up, Brent Wilson impressed with pastel coloured suits. Even though these standouts appeared as if they had travelled straight from the ‘50s, they still rocked the runway. I guess time doesn’t change everything! Love the white sneakers!



Calibre is the master of print. And we could see this from the latest collection. The prints were both simple and complex, but either way, they stood out against the bold shades. That navy and white striped suit and intricate printed shirt look is one to remember!



Minimalistic, cool and relaxed are three key words to describe Et Al’s one of a kind designs. The monochrome look included two outfits which would be excellent picks for a casual wedding.


Godwin Charli mixed it up with old and new styles. Finely tailored shapes were fused with an on-trend earthy colour palette. Along with the colour scheme, the patterns and external detailing spoke playful but subtle.


godwin charli 100 (2)

If there’s one thing that Jayson Brunsdon knows, it’s texture. Gothic inspired textures were the centrepiece throughout. A definite highlight, the ruffle textured black blazer added instant interest!


Joe Black delivered smart, expensive and timeless – for the young and old. Every model who strutted down the runway could have easily been mistaken for a confident professional in his field!


Finishing off the show, MJ Bale not only ticked the sophistication box but was polished with lovely contrast. The shiny royal blue suit looked fabulous alongside the contrasting sky blue shirt and black and white dotted tie!

m j bale 100 (10)m j bale 100 (2)

All images by Lucas Dawson Photography


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Ms Chinoiserie Says: It’s great to see such a strong fashion statement in colour, styling, prints and patterns!

My Life As A Groom – Chris

by | Groom, Life As A Groom


Ms Chinoiserie

CM_110 Chris and Maryanne

With some candid insights and important tips, celebrant Joanne Armstrong chats with one of her grooms, Chris, about his wedding day.

How did you feel on your wedding day?

I felt nervous but excited as well. I guess you would call it butterflies.I was excited about the ceremony and wanted to get through it all successfully as well as seeing everyone of course. One of the biggest aspects was the party afterwards.

In the lead up to the wedding, how did you feel “emotionally”?

I was quite relaxed in the lead up to the wedding. Part of me wanted to have it over with (which doesn’t sound great I know but I mean this positively).

How did you contribute to your wedding/get involved with the planning?

I did most of the work! Just kidding! I was a fountain of ideas that were shot down! Just kidding. No, on a more serious note, I reckon we worked as a team and were both open to ideas. Maryanne and I tried to plan things so that it was easy for everyone (one location for the wedding and the reception is something we both agreed on) but I also enjoyed planning where, when, how etc. With regards to the ceremony I was involved in writing my own vows. There was a lot to think about – but we were given us lots of information and support. It could have been a daunting process but we ended up having so much fun. I think that the secret to success is just to work together and agree on important things together.

How did you choose your attire?

I knew what I wanted and had it all sorted. I bought a nice suit and accessorized it with our theme colour of red. I then contrasted that with the silver of the groomsmen.


The thing you remember the most from the day?

This is a hard one to answer… I suppose it would have to be when Maryanne walked up the aisle and seeing how beautiful she looked. I also have so many good memories of spending time with my closet friends and family.

I will also never forget the amazing contributions and speeches from guests. And then there are the terrific photographs that help to remind us of a thousand memories.

CM_067Images by Craig Spittles Photography

What is your advice for Grooms?

Stay relaxed and be supportive and interested in all the organizational stuff that your bride is coping with. Also take on responsibility for anything that you can.


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