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Rowena shares her memories of Jordan’s stressful day even before the ceremony started at their Palm Beach wedding.

“Jordan says his favourite memory was when I walked down the aisle. He also was thinking that I looked really saucy, hahaha. He had had a really stressful morning getting there due to traffic, and then needed to set up some things but was running late. Jordan heard the music start playing and saw me walking down, and then the waterworks started.”

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With chocolate brown pants and vest and a spotted bowtie, Byrne celebrated his wedding to Laura in style. His attire from ASOS fit the day of celebrations perfectly where the family pet Chica joined in the ceremony and the celebrations ended at the family home the next night.

Laura tells “Byrne wanted something beach semi-formal but comfortable and not traditional. Both his wedding and reception suits were from ASOS. He was very excited to wear his reception “party suit”.


Photographer: Russell Stafford

When tailor Oscar Hunt looked for inspiration for their Autumn Winter 2017 collection, they went back to their roots. With a mantra of classic, timeless styling, it was appropriate that they honoured the traditional value of beautiful tailoring.

With the brand always seeking to reinvent beautiful pieces in modern ways – using Dormeuil and Dougdale Brothers fabrics – and proving that classic is everything but boring. The range features tapered modern trousers with pea coats, elegant navy stripe suiting, caramel brown jackets, fine buttoned waistcoats and accessories in time-tested tones.

To walk the talk, the team enlisted two of their real life clients to model the new collection on a Winter’s day in Abbotsford. Proving that their tailoring and style is for gentlemen of any age and that the classic is all about beautiful craftsmanship that stands the test of time.

The Oscar Hunt Classics Collection is available in store now.

Photographer: Tom Blachford / Additonal Photographer: Kate Bollis / Attire: Oscar Hunt