After the formalities of the wedding are done, and the happy couple are signed, sealed, delivered, then it’s time for the just-married newlyweds and the guests to let their hair down and have even more fun! This week’s Inspired Memories groom, Will, revelled in the reception portion of his modern garden party wedding, and reflects fondly on dancing with his beautiful bride, Bess.

He says, “My favourite memory is kissing Bess above the jumping crowd after we had both been carried around the dancefloor on the shoulders of our friends. It was a spontaneous, unforgettable moment.”

Photographer: Aparat Photography

There is an old world glamour to Louise and Luke’s elegant Fitzroy town hall wedding. Drawing inspiration from an old bridal illustration and the bride’s love of all things old and beautiful, the couple created a day that was beautiful in its elegance. Luke looked so sophisticated in his bow tie – it was the perfect complement to Louise’s traditional gown.

Louise is a fan of the classic bow tie, and shared this memory with us, “My big request for Luke was that he wore a bow tie, and a formal suit – and the rest was left up to him – he spent a long time designing and perfecting his suit with Joe Black– I was very impressed!”

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Photographer: It's Beautiful Here

Image by Jeremy Wong via Unsplash

We all know that traditionally, a best man supports a groom and a maid of honour supports a bride. But with more diversity and more options for your wedding party, a man of honour or a best woman are just as acceptable. Can the groom have a best woman? Here’s what you need to know.

Planning with your fiancée

It should come as no surprise to your bride-to-be that your best man is a woman. After all, there are probably years of friendship (it could even be your sister) and chances are your lives are already pretty intertwined. There should also be no qualms with the choice either, unless of course, your best woman is an ex, in which case the choice should be seriously considered! Whether it’s your bestie or your sister, a best woman may take a little more planning in terms of what to wear, what she’ll be called (I like ‘best woman’ but ‘honour attendant’ gets thrown around a lot) and where she’ll get ready but it’s really no big deal.

What to wear

There are a few options here, and all of them will work. Your best woman could wear a suit, just like the rest of the groomsman. It’s a fun, edgy look and means they’ll still all look aligned for photos. Or, she could wear a dress that still fits in with the groomsmen outfits. If they’re all wearing tuxedos, a black dress still works nicely. Or, she could wear a dress similar to the bridesmaid dresses, which are usually connected to the groomsmen’s in some way or other, such as matching their ties or pocket squares. These are minor details that are all up for discussion with the woman of honour and your fiancée.

Image by Henri Meilhac via Unsplash

What your best woman is invited to

Chances are, your best woman might not want to sink beers with you and the boys while watching a burlesque show on your bucks night. There are so many different options for pre-wedding parties now that there’s usually something suitable for everyone. This doesn’t mean you have to plan your bucks’ night with your best woman in mind, but it’s nice to give her the choice; if she’d prefer to go with the girls on the hen’s night or the kitchen tea, an invite to that is always welcome.

Where she gets ready

Again, there shouldn’t be any pressure on your best woman to get ready with the rest of the groomsmen on your big day if she doesn’t want to. Perhaps she’d prefer to get dressed and have her make up done with the bridesmaids, and then meet you all at the wedding venue early. All you have to do is ask what she’d prefer and be open to a few different options!

Image by Jeremy Wong via Unsplash

When supermodel Kate Moss married Jamie Hince from the Kills, his band mate Alison Mosshart was his best woman. So if a supermodel and a rock star can make a best woman work, anyone can!

Ms Zigzag says: I love that we’re seeing more and more women taking on the role of ‘best woman’ or ‘groomswoman’ and vice versa, we are also seeing men in the bride’s party too. Gender shouldn’t stand between you having all the important people in your life playing a special role in your wedding day.