Five Reasons to Consider a Destination Wedding

Image by Photography By Jules via Sophie and Trevor’s Destination Italian Wedding

Forget eloping with only your bride. Destination weddings are just like eloping, except your closest friends and family come too. They can be as big or small as you like, but be warned – if time and money allows, most people jump at the chance to be a wedding guest in a tropical paradise, so don’t count on people declining and send invites carefully!

If the stresses of planning a wedding close to home are all too much for you and your bride, or even if a destination wedding hasn’t really crossed your mind yet, here are five reasons why you should seriously consider getting hitched away from home.

Everyone is in holiday mode
I’m a firm believer in the fact that it’s impossible to have a bad time at a wedding. Now, take that wedding to a tropical paradise like Fiji/Sri Lanka/Byron Bay/the Cook Islands/the Whitsundays/insert magical destination here and the fun just multiplies. The atmosphere is amplified, everybody is in good spirits, and it’s always more of a party than a traditional ceremony.

It’s a great chance for guests to have an excuse for a holiday, it puts you in a honeymoon location as soon as the vows are said, and with lots of overseas beach venues imposing no strict finish times, that’s one giant party to be had.

Image of Villa Botanica via Iconic Bride Photography 

Quality time with loved ones
As we get older, life gets busier, and trying to organise a family holiday or a group getaway seems impossible sometimes. But people make exceptions for weddings. Give guests plenty of notice and you’ll have your closest family and friends celebrating in one magical place that isn’t the local church.

If people are rolling up a few days before the event, consider beach cricket or sunset drinks before the wedding so everyone gets a chance to know each other. There are so many pre and post wedding events that inevitably end up as family and mates coming over to your place, and believe me, recovery brunch is a million times better on a tropical island than at your own home.

Image by Chris Spira Photography via Shannon & Joss’ Bohemian Destination Wedding In Greece

Cut the guest list
Destination weddings are usually smaller than traditional weddings which means they’re a great chance to really only invite the people you only want. Work colleagues, distant cousins and your friend’s new girlfriend don’t need to come to Hawaii. The intimacy of a small wedding helps create a buzzing atmosphere and everyone there will feel special and appreciate the invitation.

Image via Jumby Bay via All-White Wedding Setting: Pristine Wedding Luxury at Jumby Bay

Reduced costs
With the average cost of an Australian wedding close to $60,000, with fewer people and a honeymoon at your doorstep, destination weddings are often cheaper than getting married at home. This isn’t guaranteed though. Calculate flights, other transport, accommodation, activities and meals throughout your stay, as these can add up quickly. Think about the cost for guests, too. Many overseas resorts offer all-inclusive wedding packages, so forget the best man for a while, research is your best friend right now.

Image by Sweet Ice Cream Photography 

Fewer formalities
Don’t want to wear a suit to your wedding? You don’t need to if it’s in Fiji. Don’t want to wear shoes? Forget them, too. Destination weddings are by nature more casual and relaxed, which is great for both guests and the couple. It’s all about getting from beach to bar. No black tie, no uncomfortable shoes, no generic ‘chicken or beef’ and guests will be talking about it for years to come.

Image by Sweet Ice Cream Photography 

Ms Chinoiserie Says: Destination weddings get a big tick in my book; pick a romantic spot for the ceremony and then stay on to enjoy your honeymoon – bliss!

What’s On Trend This Summer With Oscar Hunt

Image by Marcus Flack

Summer is the season when men get to break a lot of the traditional fashion rules. Even for those who are fully immersed in the business world, summer presents a host of opportunities to break away from the rigid expectations of professional dress.

Work days end earlier, lending themselves to more happy hours, beach visits and casual get-togethers. Summer is also a great time to get away. Holidays serve as a chance to escape from the pressures of everyday life and the sartorial expectations. At Oscar Hunt this summer, the biggest trends are all about dressing down while still flaunting great style.

Lighter Fabrics

Be it a beach wedding or an outdoor cocktail hour, summer is still home to a wide range of events in which you’ll have to dress up. Summer’s smart casual and formal dress codes are more relaxed.

It’s important to look dapper, but with record-breaking temperatures on the horizon, you also need to stay cool. Fabrics like cotton, linen and seersucker are popular every summer. Expect them to come out in full force this season.

Upgraded Casual Style

During summer months, men’s fashion tends to get casual. T-shirts, denim and tank tops become the norm for off-duty style. However, this summer is about demonstrating great style even when you’re in the company of friends.

Instead of relying on basics, guys are looking to blazers and business-casual staples to keep their weekend wardrobe elevated. The best blazers for weekends off are unstructured. They’re less formal and rely less on classic blazer canvassing. This gives them a more relaxed fit that’s both comfortable and stylish and ups your style game.

Seasonal Blazers

Speaking of blazers, this summer is also the season of the seasonal blazer. Even though guys are getting dressed up, we tailors understand practicality. When you wear a blazer in warm weather, breathability is key.

Enter blazers with summer fabrics in a range of options: cotton, twill and linen. Less formality means less accessories. Skip the tie bar and cufflinks and stick to knitted silk ties and pocket squares.  Summer is an acceptable season in which to loosen up. Leave a button or two undone on your dress shirt, but pull the look together with fresh accessories.

Images via Oscar Hunt

This summer, you don’t have to ditch your sense of fashion to find the balance between comfort and style.

Ms Chinoiserie Says: Perfect for beach and relaxed garden party weddings, seasonal blazers in lighter fabrics add that suave finishing touch; love the seersucker for definite on-trend style!

About Oscar Hunt: From formal to casual, and everything in between, our fitters and consultants are highly experienced in assisting grooms to find their ideal look.  Whether it’s a classically-styled dinner suit for a traditionally-themed wedding, or a light-weight linen jacket and trouser for an overseas beach wedding, our wide range of fabrics and design options are sure to provide exactly what you are looking for.

Newlyweds at Balmoral

If ever there is an occasion for white tie, it is a wedding; so suave, sophisticated and so very stylish – and the perfect choice for Luke and his five groomsmen at his classic Bathers Pavillion wedding.

Balmoral wedding photo

Cutting wedding cake

Illustro Photography

Groom Style - Luke

Recessional at Sydney church wedding

Rose petal toss at Sydney church wedding

Wedding portrait at Balmoral

Images by Paul McMillan, Illustro Photography