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Proposal Stories From Bended Knee: Sam + Peggy

by | Engagements, Groom


Ms Chevron

It’s a big moment in any man’s life – the moment he decides to ask his lady to be his wife. But, what exactly runs through his head in the lead up? I’ve caught up with some menfolk to spill the beans on their own proposal stories. Today Sam and Kate (Peggy) share with us how it all happened:

Planning a proposal is HUGE – what initial ideas did you have about how you would propose?

I wanted to make the engagement in the summertime, keep it true to us and be near family and friends so we could celebrate with them.

How were you feeling leading up to the big question?

The only element that made me nervous was whether or not Peggy would like the ring and how I proposed. I had zero nerves about if she would actually say yes!


Please spill on all the proposal details – we want to know how it played out, any hiccups along the way, and if she was surprised!

I kept the weekend very standard. We had a usual Friday night fish and chip dinner and then went for an early morning run through Noosa national park on Saturday morning. On the run home past Little Cove beach, whilst listening to music, I sent Peggy a text message with a link to a video. She opened the video and I asked her to come down to the beach to watch it. After watching the video I proposed and then surprised her with lunch at Sails with our closest friends.

I had also organised for Peggy to have 3 days off work the following week and took her for a getaway to Longitude 131 at Uluru. She had no idea any of it was happening! In typical engagement stories the whole thing was nearly re-scheduled/changed because it was pouring with rain when we originally set out for our run.


Do you have any tips or advice for future grooms planning to propose?

After being together for a long time (10 years), I wanted to make sure I could still surprise her – it’s worth it to put the effort of thinking every detail through. Also, being able to celebrate with our closest friends afterward and having the video as a momento were great things about the engagement.


Congratulations Sam & Peggy and all the best with the wedding planning!

Groom Style Trends In 2015

by | Groom, Groom Fashion


Huxby Haberdashery, Huxby Haberdashery
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When it comes to wedding fashion, I know I’m stating the obvious when I say that the spotlight is on the ladies. Yes, a stunning bride coming down the aisle should have all eyes on her, but I do feel its a shame that the lads miss out on some deserved attention when it comes to dressing up for the biggest day of their life. After all, it is their day too!

I can hear you saying to yourself that many Aussie blokes are perfectly happy to take a back seat when it comes to fashion for their wedding. And trying to drag your man to the shops is about as fun as cleaning the oven. However it is great to see that many grooms are turning a corner and really putting a lot of thought into their attire for the day. It’s a great way for the boys to feel just as involved and in turn get more excited about the other details they’d usually leave to their better half. And when they do it really gets noticed.

Huxby mint green bow tie for grooms

Image by Eddie New Photography for Huxby Haberdashery

Since I started my business Huxby Haberdashery last year, I’ve noticed some promising trends emerging in groom fashion that I forecast to only get more prevalent this year. I do think Aussie men are taking more interest in their style, and this is being reflected in their choices for what to wear at weddings. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with going traditional and sticking to classic black tie, I’m a big fan of showing off your personality with accessories that stand out, and this certainly includes menswear too.

So, I made it my mission to provide an option for creative, colourful and customised accessories for grooms and groomsmen, and so far the reception has been really positive.  Along the way I’ve noticed a few key trends and so here are my predictions for groom and groomsmen fashion in 2015.

1. Colour Co-ordination 

Wedding colour schemes are nothing new, but lately I’m seeing a lot more couples carry the theme through to men’s accessories as well.  It looks quite special when a common colour is threaded through the whole bridal party as well as the decor.

For example, I’m loving all the pretty floral crowns for brides this summer and picking out a key colour such as yellow, looks fantastic when the groom matches it with a yellow pocket square.

Equally as stunning is matching the bridesmaids dresses to the groomsmen’s ties or bow ties. We recently made some custom ties and little boys bow tie for a gorgeous couple in Melbourne who had a mint green theme for their beach wedding. The bridesmaids were wearing Anna Campbell in a soft shade of mint, so we colour matched our linen ties, which looked really unique and had a luxury beach style.

Custom linen ties and matching page boys bow tie.

 Image by Emily Revell of Huxby Haberdashery

It can be hard to find men’s accessories in such specific colours, which is why custom made is often a good option. Bespoke service fabric to order, means you can choose any colour under the sun to match to.

2. Going Casual

Especially for Spring and Summer weddings, I’m seeing a lot more use of natural fabrics with earthy textures replacing the traditional shiny silks and satins.

Linen is particularly beautiful for a warmer weather wedding because it has a casual feel while still looking sophisticated and elegant. It’s also nice and cooling which can be a blessing on a hot summers day!

Some gents are also opting to move away from the standard suit or tuxedo. Beach and garden weddings with a boho feel are ever-growing in popularity, and so it makes sense that grooms are opting for more laid-back style such as linen blazers with chinos. A rather dapper look is wearing a contrasting colour pant and jacket.

Linen tie and pocket square handmade in Australia for casual beach weddings

Mr.Tambourine Man linen tie and Summer Skin pocket square. Image by Eddie New.

Bringing the look together with a coordinating accessory such as a tie or pocket square can give this look the finishing touches it needs to separate it from everyday wear to something more special.

3. Experimenting with pattern

Couples who want to make their wedding reflect their personal style and stand apart from the rest are introducing pattern and prints into their wedding attire.

Summer florals have always looked whimsical and romantic, but more recently I’m noticing bolder geometric prints appearing in wedding fashion, and gents are getting on the bandwagon and opting for a printed tie or pocket square to tickle up their outfit.

Keeping the suit and shirt colours muted and subtle is key when opting for a pattern. Several couples we’ve worked with recently have chosen a patterned pocket square while keeping the ties a solid colour. Just a little pop of pattern in the jacket pocket is sometimes all you need.

Custom made geometric print pocket squares in dark green linen

 Image by Duuet Photography

For this wedding we used the same fabric as the bridesmaids dresses to make the ties, and then printed our linen with a geometric print using the same green tone, to complete the outfit.

If you’re struggling to find a coordinating tie and pocket square that works with your bridesmaids dresses, consider our custom made service. You can bring your own fabric, so if you’ve got a few metres left over from making the bridesmaids dresses, why not turn it into a set of bow ties for lads? Or use our fabric options and we’ll print or dye it in a colour and pattern that suits your wedding. For more information on Huxby’s custom made wedding service visit us here or contact us for a chat about your wedding plans.

That’s my trend predictions for groom and groomsmen style in 2015. I do hope you are loving all aspects of your wedding planning (including what your man is wearing!). If I can leave you with one small piece of advice it’s to get organised early by chatting to suppliers about what you’re thinking for your wedding. It will give you the time and breathing space to really think about what you want from your day and will mean you don’t have to compromise because you’re rushed.

Emily Revell is the owner of Huxby Haberdashery, a local Australian business that makes unique ties, bow ties and pocket squares in Sydney. Offering custom made for weddings and events, the service lets you pick and mix with colour, texture and pattern to get your accessories exactly as you want them.

Proposal Stories From Bended Knee: Mitch + Hannah

by | Engagements, Groom


Ms Chevron

It’s a big moment in any man’s life – the moment he decides to ask his lady to be his wife. But, what exactly runs through his head in the lead up? I’ve caught up with some menfolk to spill the beans on their own proposal stories. Today Mitch shares his story of asking Hannah to marry him in tropical North Queensland:

Planning a proposal is HUGE – what initial ideas did you have about how you would propose?

I didn’t generally want to follow the same lead as other people I knew – I wanted it to be original and specific for Hannah and I.

I contemplated scuba-diving and writing it underwater on a board, setting up signs on beaches or tropical islands along with the typical romantic night out, however that didn’t particularly appeal to me.

How were you feeling leading up to the big question?

I was ok with the whole situation until the morning of Dec 15. I had planned it to be on that particular day, waiting on a break in the weather and so that morning we went to breakfast with friends. It wasn’t until then that I realised how nervous I was. I didn’t propose until around lunchtime, so those few hours were particularly tough.

Please spill on all the proposal details – we want to know how it played out, any hiccups along the way, and if she was surprised!

Hannah and I are lucky enough to do a lot of offshore fishing. She had identified an island with a beautiful beach and palm trees completely secluded and impossible to access without a boat. This was approximately 6 months prior to the engagement however I earmarked it as the place. That first day I made up an excuse that it looked too shallow and dangerous and we left it at that. This continued for a few months until she eventually conceded that we couldn’t access it.

I had packed champagne in the front of the boat the night before the proposal, however the rest of Dec 15 was a ‘normal’ day out on the water for us. We packed some lunch and snorkel gear and off we went. We snorkeled first and that was all I could think of. When we left the dive site I was so nervous and it was about a 15 minute trip to the secluded beach. When we eventually reached the beach, Hannah hopped off with some gear and by the time she turned around, I was down on one knee and thankfully she said yes!

Do you have any tips or advice for future grooms planning to propose?

Tips would be to do your research in regards to ring design and options available. Find out what she likes and don’t rush into anything. Stay away from retail stores because they are way overpriced and you can often get the same ring made for less than half the cost.

In terms of the proposal, try and find something unique and special for the two of you. I tell my friends that although it may not seem all that creative it was relevant and special for Hannah and I.

Hannah had no idea, I tried to keep everything as normal as I could to ensure that she was surprised. If I had have taken her out to a romantic dinner I think she would have expected it.

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