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The Dish with Mr Herringbone – Spotless And Teage Ezard Design Your Wedding Menu!

by | Groom, The Dish - With Mr Herringbone


Mr Herringbone


I love a good pairing when sitting down to a meal. Perhaps a matched wine, or a combination of two flavours that both surprises and satisfies. This is what Spotless, Australia’s leading facility management and catering service, has managed to achieve by engaging the talented Teage Ezard as its consultant chef and culinary advisor across its catering brands Spotless, EPICURE and Alliance Catering. The union creates an exciting new offering for clients and guests of Spotless’ venues and special events who seek something extra special.

Teage Ezard is recognised as one of the country’s leading chef-restaurateurs, whose trademark ‘Australian freestyle’ food is championed in his Melbourne establishments Ezard and Gingerboy. His Sydney restaurant BLACK by ezard presents classically inspired food styles influenced by the great American grills as well as contemporary Europe, and allows Teage to ply his classical training and passion for reinterpreting food styles of the world.

If you are yet to confirm a venue for your big day, EPICURE caters for some of the country’s highest profile venues, including the Melbourne Town Hall and  Zinc Federation Square – which means you could ensure your guests are enjoying some of the best food in the country. The menus available will be heavily inspired by Teage’s much-loved signature dishes and will change according to season and occasion.

I was lucky enough to be invited to attend the launch of this great new partnership, an event that showcased the culinary delights that you could also be enjoying.

Commencing at the Melbourne Town Hall, with champagne and Hors d’oeuvres on the grand balcony (the scene of many classic weddings), we enjoyed:

miso and blue cheese broth, apple, celery and roasted sesame

salt and pepper oysters with shredded iceberg and prik nam pla

lime-cured cuttlefish with sticky soy and bonito, crispy leek and seaweed salad

photo 1

photo 2

Once we had tantalised the taste buds we were invited into the dining room, where Teage himself joined us (an amazing experience)

Entree was a choice of:

black sesame crusted kingfish sashimi with crème fraiche custard, black garlic, citrus oil


crispy polenta with sautéed mushrooms, spring peas, poached egg and truffle oil (v)

Matched with a lovely Riesling

photo 3

photo 4

We were then shepherded out of the town hall and lead on a little walk across to Zinc at Federation Square, where we were joined by executive Chef Peter Dixon and Glen Flood for our main course.

photo 9

I love a steak, and was delighted to receive :

eight score wagyu beef, cauliflower cream, green beans, mushroom soil, sticky shallot jus and crispy enoki, taro and chive salad (a very generous portion about the size of my fist)


photo 10

Of course,  I would have been just as thrilled to receive the:

red roasted barossa chicken, pea and mint fritters, chiang kiang caramel, roasted garlic, pickled cucumber salad

Also again with a perfectly matched Moorooduc Estate Pinot 

photo 11

After we completed main course, we said our goodbyes to the chefs and were off to our final destination. EZARD. Hurrah!

photo 7

Dessert was almost a whole menu in itself, and we each received a trio of:  

toasted coconut parfait, spiced pineapple, kaffir lime syrup
chocolate tart with raspberry caramel
tofu cheesecake, pandan jelly with mango

photo 8

Take it from a man whose main focus for his wedding was the menu – if you can secure a Spotless and Teage Ezard designed menu for your big day, and good food is a big love for you too – get cracking! 

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The Groom Wedding Survival Guide

by | Groom, Tips and Tricks


James Harvie of James Harvie Photography
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Image by James Harvie Photography

Now lets get one thing straight here. This big wedding day Shabanza is not just about your stunning sexy lady right? Yea us blokes need to get in on some of the action too. So many times I come across a groom whose nerves make him as jumpy as can be and then during the ceremony they turn to a sobbing mess. Lucky you guys don’t wear mascara.

I think what happens to us boys is a last minute panic of nerves. You see your gorgeous lady has been focused on her wedding day since she was 4. Yep that cute flower girl swirling in her dress is fixated on one day becoming a bride in a pretty dress. . . And from here on she longs for that day.

But for us boys its different. Sure we have a soft side, but hey it’s unmanly to show that. We are more interested in the honeymoon, sport, surfing, footy yep the list goes on. Suddenly before you know it the wedding day is here and you’re emotionally unprepared.

So lads  here is my groom wedding survival guide for getting you through the day as smoothly as possible:

1/ Everyone is here for you both.

To ease your nerves remember everyone is here for you and they really don’t care about that spot on your face. Actually they are probably  more interested in the bride. So just try to chill and tell yourself…”This is my wedding… and I’m gonna lap it up … these are my friends and they want to have a good time with me.”  Taking this attitude can ease the emotional burden you place on yourself.

2/ Help your bride to be.

Yes I know flower arrangements and all that fuzzy stuff can be a bit non bloke like. But the more help you pitch in with, the more relaxed you are going to feel about things being under control. Get involved with the logistics planning. Organising the music, MC, wedding venue etc.

3/ Task delegation.

As  bold as it might sound a wedding is a project with many things to organise so its a good idea to put together a plan. Make a list of jobs and deadlines and delegate. Breaking all those jobs down into tasks and ticking them off as you complete them will make your wedding planning job a lot easier.

4/ Find a wedding Photographer.

You can get the search going for a wedding photographer. Select 3 whose work you like and make an appointment to see them. Help plan the day’s timings with the photographer. Research key questions to ask a wedding photographer.

5/ Organise the cars.

Blokes are generally interested in cars, so do some research here and make some enquiries. Ask to see referrals.

6/ Wedding Theme format.

Help decide on the wedding celebration format. Is it going to be a formal sit down or a cocktail evening. A formal celebration will require seating planning and a more formal structure. If you prefer a more relaxed approach then provide a cocktail theme. This generally encourages a more relaxed atmosphere and keep in mind that you will usually experience higher noise levels as guests mingle with who they want to.

7/ Music

Make a short list of music you would like to hear, research bands and styles you both like.

8/ Groomsmen

Have the groomsmen involved in the planning process. Bounce ideas off them.

9/ Suit hire

Have the boys research suit hire or dress styles. Use wedding magazines, Pinterest and bridal websites for ideas. Consider purchasing a suit which you can wear on the wedding day and for work or special occasions afterwards.

10/ Relatives

It won’t be long before you realise that everyone wants to share their words of wisdom so encourage them to get involved and put forward their  ideas.

Well I could go on but I can see your eyes glaze over so lets quit right here and lets hope there are a few useful tips to help keep you in the good books. Who knows you might change careers and become a wedding planner.

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Ms Gingham says: Everyone might be focusing on the bride but in a way, you are the frame to the painting and equally as important!! Take part and enjoy your day!

James says: “What I specifically like about wedding photography in Melbourne is the character of the city. The Docklands offers dynamic images and we love to use the curves and lines in our images that the many bridges of Melbourne portray. The cute laneways lend themselves to black and white contrasty images which really gives Melbourne wedding photography that artistic edge.”

Groom Style – Ryan

by | Groom, Groom Style


Ms Herringbone


 Alex and Ryan’s Stones of the Yarra Valley Wedding

I have been known to sport a flash of velvet here and there, and I am always one to encourage a man to wear a fabulous black velvet jacket – and it appears Groom Ryan is a man after my own heart! Sporting at fantastic jacket from Ted Baker, and his Groomsmen in bowties from Mrs Bowtie. Bravo!



Images by Chris Garbacz at Epic Photography 

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