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A Glass of Whisky … with Daniel Ossher

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Ms Herringbone

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We are very pleased to be sitting down to a (virtual) Glass of Whisky with Daniel Ossher, the now husband to the lovely Toni Ossher of Be My Guest Invitations, to share his memories and advice from his very own wedding day. We love hearing from vendors and their partners, since their lives can so often be all about weddings, it is particularly interesting to hear about their own experience!

Daniel has shared some great advice and tips for all grooms out there, in particular ones who may have a groomzilla moment!

Tell us about your Wedding!

The day was full of love, laughter and tears of joy, as my wife and I were joined by our family and close friends to celebrate this major milestone in our relationship. A year earlier, we had found the perfect place in which to get married – in open air, nestled among the vines, in the heart of the Yarra Valley. As it happens, the heavens parted on our wedding day, and threw down everything they had! So Plan B kicked into action – rather than the outdoor wedding we had planned, we moved into the cute chapel at Stones of the Yarra Valley. With live jazz, delicious food, a rustic barn setting and red wine on tap, it was easily one of the best days of our lives.

TDOssher chairs 550x366 A Glass of Whisky ... with Daniel Ossher

What was your most memorable moment (or moments!)

My best man’s speech – he began reading off prepared cards, then tossed them over his head and began speaking from the heart about how much he had enjoyed and learned from watching Toni’s and my relationship grow over the years. That was special.

The other classic moment – my “Groomzilla” moment – when I arrived at the venue a half hour before my bride-to-be. The drizzling rain had ceased, and the sky was overcast. The spot where we had planned to hold the wedding ceremony was deserted – no chairs, no four-pole canopy, no red carpet. Apparently my bride-to-be and the venue owner, Steve, had agreed to move the wedding indoors earlier that day (thanks for letting me know). While discussing the logistics of setting up outside, staff and my groomsmen began unfolding white wooden chairs, should I make the call to switch. My favourite line? Steve: “See that dark rain cloud over there, in the north west? That’s where the rain comes in from. It’s up to you. Do you want to change what your fiancée and I agreed on, move the set up outdoors and risk a downpour during your wedding?” No groom is that foolish.

OssherD476 550x366 A Glass of Whisky ... with Daniel Ossher

If you could change one thing, what would it be?

I have to say take a page out of Edith Piaf’s book on this and have no regrets. We enjoyed our wedding with full gusto – we danced, laughed, cried, we were in the moment. It’s better not to think about what you would have changed after the fact.

Did you have a favourite vendor?

When I heard the phrase the first time, I nearly died with laughter. “This light is intoxicating”. But he meant it. John Thomopoulos of Sujon Photography, teaming up with the delightful Katerina, were a terrific duo on the day. A passionate artist, John’s genuine interest in getting to know the family was memorable. (He attended and captured the pre-wedding family dinner on film at no extra cost). His insistence on using old school black and white film was a selling point, as was his warm, passionate manner.

TDOssher tables 550x367 A Glass of Whisky ... with Daniel Ossher

The table settings, by Brett Currell, matched the rustic venue perfectly. My one request? Candles! He pulled this off beautifully.

What advice would you have for other men when planning their wedding?

Think about what you want out of your wedding day. Your wife-to-be may have been dreaming about this day since she was a little girl. But you’re going to have an amazing time too! Get involved as much as you can. Show genuine interest in the things your partner shows you, the stories she shares with you. Her excitement about getting the day perfect is a sign of how much she loves you. Oh and don’t stress her out – get your suit and groomsmen’s outfits together a good few months in advance. That is most certainly one job for which the groom is responsible. Don’t outsource it to your mother!

OssherD341 550x366 A Glass of Whisky ... with Daniel Ossher

Images by  Sujon Photography

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Groom Style – Nathan

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Ms Herringbone

groom style5 Groom Style Nathan

Sometimes, when you’re rocking a tailor-made suit from Vietnam, you’re allowed to opt for comfort in the shoe department! Which is exactly what Groom Nathan did for his Sweet Mornington Peninsula Wedding to Lucy, teaming his bespoke suit with shoes from Rivers. According to Nathan “soooo comfy!” And how much do we love the patterned tie!

groom style23 Groom Style Nathan

 Groom Style Nathan

Images by  Little Wolf Photography

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Inspired Memories – Mirsad

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Ms Herringbone

byron bay rainforest wedding48 Inspired Memories Mirsad

Short and sweet! That’s the memory Groom Mirsad shares with us today after his gorgeous Byron Bay Rainforest Wedding to Michelle.

Mirsad says “Watching my future wife walk down the isle = happiest man alive!!”

byron bay rainforest wedding21 Inspired Memories Mirsad

byron bay rainforest wedding24 Inspired Memories Mirsad


Images by  Fiona Carson – Moss Green Images.

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