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Inspired Memories – Dave

by | Groom, Inspired Memories


Ms Chinoiserie

candlelit winter wedding0017

Getting ready with your groomsmen in the hours before you recite your vows is what memories are made of – don’t forget to check that your best man has the rings! As Dave recalls before his candlelit winter wedding to Tori, these are the life moments that you share together with friends.

“Drinking a calming scotch with my groomsmen before taking the plunge will be something I’ll always remember with a smile.”

candlelit winter wedding0012

candlelit winter wedding0013

candlelit winter wedding0014

candlelit winter wedding0015

candlelit winter wedding0016

Images by Leo Farrell

Groomsmen’s Gifts For The Well Dressed Man

by | Gifts and Favors, Groom, Groomsmen


Bec Lawrence

happy summer wedding0054Image by Michael Gray of The Wanderers via Rebekah and James’ Happy Summer Wedding

An important part of any wedding is making sure the ones you love are up there with you on the big day as your groomsmen. Choosing who these particular few are can be easy for some, but difficult for others. Once you have decided who you would like to have standing next to you, the next hurdle is how you will ask them and what gift do you buy them?  Gift shopping for groomsmen can often prove to be tiresome. As you know, your friends and family each have their own personalities with different likes and dislikes – and it  and can often be hard to find a gift that says “thanks for being my groomsman.”

Gifts for a well-dressed man are fairly self-explanatory. Picture this – a collared shirt, or a suit and tie? Quality products that say ‘I’m ready for business.’  If this is your type of groomsman,  we have a few gift ideas that might help make your gift shopping easier.

To get your groomsmen ready for the special day, Aisle Always Love have created quirky pocket squares and colourful socks to help ask your best mates to stand up there with you.

groomsman gifts - Aisle Always Love



Images via Aisle Always Love

If you already have the asking out of the way and your groomsmen are still without gifts, Hammered Leatherworks have a few options to keep your stylish friends happy. This selection of gifts not only add practicality and class, but it can also be a fun DIY project for your groomsmen too. Hammered Leatherworks create ‘Just Stitch It Kits’ which means your groomsmen are tasked with the fun of creating their own gifts!

Groomsmen gift - hammered leatherworks


Images via Hammered Leatherworks

Last but not least, you may want your groomsmen to have a memento to actually wear on your special day. Tread and Pedals have created these super bicycle chain cufflinks – now what cyclist wouldn’t love these!

Groomsman gift - Tread and Pedals Bicycle Chain Cuffllinks Wedding Tread and Pedals

Image via Tread and Pedals

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Love the leatherworks gift idea – what a great activity for a bucks’ celebration!

Stylish and Comfortable Wedding Shoes

by | Groom, Groom Fashion, Groom Style


Cindy Man Hun

modern farm wedding067

Image by Jason Tey Photography via Alisa and Dylan’s Modern Farm Wedding

Due to excitement and nerves perhaps – or even if you just run out of time – most grooms can tend to forget to think about the shoes they’ll be wearing on their big day. There’s a lot of standing and walking around, so it’s crucial that you make a wise decision when it comes to shoes. It is nice to be looking fashionable but footwear need to be comfortable at the same time (at least there’ no nine-inch stilletto heels to deal with!) so your feet feel like they’re lounging on cushions! Here are our handpicked suggestions that embody the style and comfort necessary for wedding day celebrations.

These Oxford babies, named ‘Style Oxford’, from Hush Puppies are sleek and formal. Crafted from durable leather, the Oxfords contain a flexible and soft sock lining that adjusts to the way you walk, catering to a breathable and protective base for the feet.

Hush-Puppies--550x500Image via Hush Puppies

The ‘Force’ leather slip-ons by airflex not only accentuate any tailored suit with their dressy factor, but they also encompass a double gusset for increased breathability and an insock for extra support.

airflex-550x500Image via airflex

The ‘Penton Limit Wingtip’ brogue from Clarks – in black, chestnut, dark blue or tan – deliver in looks with its traditional detailing as well as in function with its rubber liner which decreases friction.
Image via Nordstrom

If you really want to spurge on your shoes, as part of John Lobb’s ‘Prestige’ line from Mr Porter, these Oxford shoes are hand-crafted to the highest specifications. The fine black leather and clean, sweeping lines create an unfailingly elegant appearance. Supplied with shoe trees to maintain their exacting shape, this pair will last a lifetime with proper care!


Image via Mr Porter

If a beach wedding is set for your big day, there are a number of loafers, boat shoes and light-coloured slip on shoes that match back perfectly with either linen suits or casual cargos. The ‘Callum’ in blue nubuck and the ‘Parson’ loafer in taupe both from Aquila are great first choice options.



Images via Aquila


Image by One2One Photography via Sean and Katherine’s Vintage Wedding

For maximum style and comfort, why not match your new pair of shoes back with some show-stopping socks! We think the Bresciani‘s ‘Knee-Length Argyle-Patterned Wool-Blend’ or Paul Smith‘s ‘Striped Stretch Cotton-Blend’ socks are perfect for that finishing touch!

Paul Smith
Images via 
Mr Porter
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Ms Chinoiserie Says:  With so many shoes to choose  – from Oxfords to brogues and loafers – there is a style to suit every wedding day dress code! 
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