Groom Style - Pete

To complement the dreamy garden setting, Pete chose a tailored suit in navy and a crisp white shirt for his romantic Summerlees wedding.

“I wore a fitted three-piece navy suit which I bought at a boutique in the city as I wanted something a little different from the suits on sale in the larger stores. Vintage themed bright brown shoes, a grey tie and engraved cufflinks which were a gift from my mother completed my outfit.”

Bridal party with braces and pale pink dresses

Brown leather weedding shoesCustom wedding cufflinks

Groom and groomsmen watching bride walk down the aisle

Groom awaitng bride

Groom putting on tieGroom putting on waistcoast

Groom with guest

Newlywed sin SummerlessRose Photos Wedding Photo

Wedding photo on fence

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Image by Lara Hotz Photography via Chloe & Steen’s Elegant Carriageworks Wedding

The first dance. It’s a beautiful tradition made more incredible by the sweet, personal moments shared between yourself and your new wife in a dance witnessed by the friends and family you have chosen to share your big day with. So we get why you might be a bit nervous—and not just for the first dance. It’s natural to be nervous on your wedding day, especially for all those impending dances, so here we’ve put together some tips to keep the big day’s dances stress free.


Having a dance teacher map out some steps beforehand can be a huge benefit. With enough practice the steps you have learnt will come completely naturally. Often, it’s about the nervous groom not knowing how to dance, but learning the proper dance positions and correct steps can go a long way to counteract this stress. If you’re brave enough, consider asking your teacher how to dip your bride at the end!

Image by Pawel Kadysz

Having Support

If you’re not comfortable with having the spotlight entirely centred on yourself and your bride, consider asking the members of your wedding party to join you on the dance floor at a particular point. Starting off the dance with just your bride will stick to tradition, but including more guests on the dance floor at the 60-second mark isn’t something anyone will object to! Not only will this look amazing in photographs, it will divert some attention from you and allow some more relaxed moments with your bride.

Keep It Simple

If you’re sure of the steps, but not confident with anything too difficult or ‘out-there’, consider just learning the basic box step. This move is perfect for almost any wedding song! If even that has you a little nervous, then just shuffle! As long as you’re not stepping on her dress and you aren’t sliding on the floor, nothing can go wrong.

Image by Renee Stamatis via Sophie & Alex’s Glam Country Wedding

Take A Moment

Before you go out onto the floor for your first dance, pull your bride aside and take a moment to yourselves to steady the nerves. Remember the emotion of the moment—you have just married the love of your life. A little dance can’t do anything to ruin that. Take a deep breath, do a little giddy dance to shake out the nerves, and just laugh off the situation! This should calm you down enough to remember the steps.

Image via SugarLove Weddings via Susan & Jason’s Modern Elegance Sydney Wedding

Remember Your Partner

When you’re in the middle of a dance, and you’re starting to feel a little overwhelmed by your many friends and family around you, just focus on your partner. Many dance teacher’s advise that you look into your partner’s eyes and let the emotion wash around you. Don’t think too much outside of that. The dance steps will come naturally, and really, how scary can it be? Just focus on your bride and enjoy the moment.

Choose A Song With Emotion

For your first dance, choose a song that’s packed with emotion. It’s a lot easier if that song is something special between you and your bride—something that already means a lot to you both. Having a song that reminds you of your love, and of a special moment in your relationship, can do wonders to steady the nerves.


Image by Cayton Heath


This is your wedding—the only day in your entire life where your love for your new wife is shared among family and friends in a big celebration. So why waste a second of it worrying about small moments? Focus on your new bride, and focus on the happiness and joy that has become so much a part of the moment. Make the dance simple, organise for people to join you on the dance floor, and remember to look at your new partner. And, most importantly, don’t give up. You may end up regretting it. So take this chance. And enjoy every moment of it—dance included!


Ms Chinoiserie Says: It’s one of your moments in the spotlight – but with practice – and ‘deep breathing’, you’ll be channelling Fred Astaire in no time!

Inspired Memories - Chris

Chris’ memories of his Moby Dicks Whale Beach wedding made me smile; a relaxed day full of fun, laughter and joy – and a bit of housework!

“We hired a bus to pick up guests at various stops on the way up to the venue. By the time I got on the bus it was half full and I was greeted with cheers and clapping which was such a great way to kick things off. When we arrived at Moby Dicks I got off the bus first so I was able to greet every guest as they got off. It was so great to see people who I hadn’t seen for a long time.”

“After the wedding we all got on the bus and I had everyone singing with me at one stage. We got off at home and partied on with our friends and family. By 2am on our wedding night Paula ended up driving her bridesmaids home while I cleaned up and vacuumed the house in my suit!”

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