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Getting Fit For The Wedding

by | Groom, Health & Skincare


Adam Brunes

urban industrial style wedding065 Getting Fit For The Wedding

Image by Kirralee Ashworth from Katy and Ty’s Urban Industrial Style Wedding.

We all want to look our absolute best on our big day and for some, toning up and getting fit for the wedding might be a priority.

We asked exercise physiologist Dan Sutherland of Queensland’s celebrated health and performance centre The Results Room for his top tips when it comes to a healthy lifestyle for the lead up to the wedding and beyond.

Make a commitment to both diet and exercise:

“They say 80% of body fat percentage loss is diet, and 20% is exercise. But to get an optimal result in an optimal amount of time, you need a balance of both based on your body composition and training history.” 

Adopt basic principles of good clean eating:

“The fundamental rule for good clean eating is consuming high quality foods often. It’s not about Paleo, low-carb, high-carb, high-protein, or anything like that; it’s about what works for you. For most people, simply cutting sugar from your diet will see considerable fat loss straight away. Other things we want to try and minimise include junk or processed food and drink, and, sorry guys, alcohol.” 

Ensure your diet is complementary to your training program:

“If you’re training a particular way, certain foods are going to be more optimal for that style of training. Strength training, for example, involves longer rests and bigger efforts, but you don’t need as much carbohydrates because you don’t need as much fuel. But because it stimulates the nervous system, you need more fats to support that. It’s essential that your meal plan is tailored to support your training schedule.”

Set aside time to prepare your meals:

“The biggest problem people have with any sort of meal plan is food preparation. If you can learn to prepare good food, then it’s so much easier to stick to. Learning how to make a good stew from whole foods, for example, without using pre-made sauces, gives you high quality meals for a whole week.” 

If you fall off the wagon, get back on quickly:

“Leading up to your wedding, there’s going to be a large number of social events. Ultimately you can get away with an occasional ‘cheat day’, but it’s about how quickly you get back on the wagon. You have your buck’s party, it’s a big day, the next day what do you do? If you get straight back onto your normal healthy eating habits, then it won’t have much of an effect. The trick is to get yourself back to peak performance as quickly as possible, in terms of both diet and exercise.”

Reevaluate your goals: 

“This is where most people fall down: they plan everything to a point, they hit that point, and they don’t have a next goal in mind. Without that goal, the motivation is gone. So if your goal is to achieve ‘X’ before your wedding day, set yourself a new goal for three months after the wedding. Put something down on paper, have it on your wall, and revisit it all the time.”   

Find a program that works for you: 

“If you don’t have a history of training and are serious about achieving optimal results, it’s best to seek advice from a professional with a long history of getting results rather than just pulling information off the internet. The best programs will be tailored for you and your lifestyle, and will include a clear plan and process, including program reviews and updates. Even if you don’t receive a program completely designed for you, it should be modified for your level.”

Find out more about The Results Room’s 12-week health and wellbeing programs at

Inspired Memories – Will

by | Groom, Inspired Memories


Ms Herringbone

Heide Museum Wedding011 Inspired Memories Will

Thinking about a first-look for your big day? Groom Will reflects on his favourite part of his Romantic Heide Wedding to the gorgeous Erin.

“I was against it at the start, but seeing Erin before anyone else got to and how beautiful she looked was a moment I’ll never forget.  ”

Heide Museum Wedding005 Inspired Memories Will

Heide Museum Wedding017 Inspired Memories Will

Images by Kate Robinson Photography

Groom’s Africa Honeymoon Report: Adventure, Animals and Elton

by | Groom


Alastair Smith

10268854 902343556448963 177099675 n 550x550 Groom’s Africa Honeymoon Report: Adventure, Animals and Elton

Ah the honeymoon. The one bit of the wedding that I had been trusted to organise all on my own.

I’d been given a set budget and some vague instructions about making sure there was some time relaxing by a beach, pina colada in hand, but beyond that the world was my oyster.

What could possibly go wrong?

Well, I think the first problem was the complete lack of adult supervision while planning. The second was that I never quite got over my obsession with The Lion King.

As I sat down to have a one-man brainstorm about where I should whisk my new wife off to, I couldn’t shake ‘The Circle of Life’ from playing in my head on repeat.

Despite giving cursory consideration to sunny spots in Asia and soaking up a bit of culture in Europe, there was never really a question that I would choose anywhere else but the home of Timon, Pumba and incredible sing-along soundtracks. An Africa honeymoon it was.

As I started researching an unforgettable safari honeymoon, I quickly realised that I was in way over my head. Sure I could get us over there, but I’m more of a big picture thinker than a details man. Organising flights on local airlines, booking airport taxi transfers and sorting out multiple visas all were all quickly placed in my ‘too hard basket’.

Determined to not let my organisational failings stop us, I asked a few friends who had been on safari for recommendations and was quickly pointed in the direction of Wil Gabb at Sydney-based This Is Africa. Wil had spent 10 years as a guide in East Africa before meeting his now-wife when she was on his tour in Tanzania. She managed to tempt him to move to Aus with her and he now shares his vast knowledge and huge enthusiasm on all things Africa to help people plan their perfect safari.

Working with Wil, I selected the Great Game Parks and Zanzibar tour, which would start in Arusha in northern Tanzania, travel around four game parks before finishing up on the sun-kissed island of Zanzibar for three days of chilling out. The perfect mix of adventure and relaxation and it just squeezed into our budget. Result!

Unfortunately I wasn’t happy with that though. Oh no. I tacked on a three day trip to Rwanda to visit wild mountain gorillas, a dawn hot air balloon ride over the Serengeti, a visit to an elephant orphanage in Kenya and an extended stop-over in Dubai on the way back. This took me over my budget. Quite some way over. I told you I needed supervision.

But, as I was planning on only ever having one honeymoon, I wanted to make it as special as possible. Sure it meant that we had to have beans on toast for dinner a few more times than is strictly healthy, but by being clever with the flights I managed to claw some of our budget back.

The trip itself was absolutely incredible – everything that we hoped it would be and much, much more. It was jam-packed with experiences that we’ll never forget and was well worth sacrificing a few nights out to pay for.

Highlights included being photobombed by a 200kg mountain gorilla, seeing a lion catch an unlucky gazelle for its lunch, getting charged by a grumpy elephant, bribing a guard to let us into an ex-African dictator’s house and Faith, my new wife, being given a ride on a quad bike by a minor member of the Saudi royal family.

Lowlights were restricted to a 9 hour stop-over in Nairobi airport on the way there (more evidence of my excellent planning skills) and me playing the Lion King soundtrack so many times that our philosophy on hakuna matata is now ‘no more, please!’ rather than ‘no worries for the rest of our days’.

For the mixture of adventure, experiences and relaxation, Africa was the perfect choice. We squeezed so much into our trip that it felt like we were away much longer than the three weeks it actually was. And, after seeing the pics on our instagram hashtag (#fallymoon, since you asked..), two of our friends have booked their own African adventures through Wil as well.

So, if you take one tip away from me on your honeymoon it’s this: scrimp, save and do whatever it takes to give yourself the biggest, best holiday that you can ever imagine because after the wedmin and the big day are over, you’re going to need it!

Hotel Rwanda 550x550 Groom’s Africa Honeymoon Report: Adventure, Animals and Elton

The view from our hotel, Rwanda.

Gorilla photobomb 550x550 Groom’s Africa Honeymoon Report: Adventure, Animals and Elton

Photobombed by a grumpy gorilla.

elephant 550x550 Groom’s Africa Honeymoon Report: Adventure, Animals and Elton

A massive elephant: too manly to moisturise.

Watch out mufasa 550x550 Groom’s Africa Honeymoon Report: Adventure, Animals and Elton

Watch out Mufasa…

Zebra 550x550 Groom’s Africa Honeymoon Report: Adventure, Animals and Elton

A black and white zebra doing an excellent job of using its natural camouflage to blend into the green savannah. Excellent work, evolution!

pic taking 550x550 Groom’s Africa Honeymoon Report: Adventure, Animals and Elton

Snapping away.

Giraffes 550x550 Groom’s Africa Honeymoon Report: Adventure, Animals and Elton

Giraffes out for a stroll.

Hot Air Balloon 550x550 Groom’s Africa Honeymoon Report: Adventure, Animals and Elton

Sunrise hotair balloon, taken from another hot air balloon.

jump around 550x550 Groom’s Africa Honeymoon Report: Adventure, Animals and Elton

Someone put on ‘House of Pain’ and these guys went crazy.

lions lunch 550x550 Groom’s Africa Honeymoon Report: Adventure, Animals and Elton

A lioness catches her lunch.

baby elephant walk 550x550 Groom’s Africa Honeymoon Report: Adventure, Animals and Elton

The baby elephant walk – just a little bit cute.

making friends 550x550 Groom’s Africa Honeymoon Report: Adventure, Animals and Elton

Making friends with Babar.

pumba 550x550 Groom’s Africa Honeymoon Report: Adventure, Animals and Elton

Trying to get a selfie with Pumba.

quad bike 550x550 Groom’s Africa Honeymoon Report: Adventure, Animals and Elton

Hitching a lift to the airport.

 Swirl divider4 Groom’s Africa Honeymoon Report: Adventure, Animals and Elton

Ms Gingham says: Awesome job of organising this honeymoon Alastair and judging by the look on Faith’s face in the last image, I’m sure she’d agree!

Alastair is a Sydney-based Brit who’s cracked the code to buying an engagement ring. His eBook How to Buy an Engagement Ring is helping chaps all around the world get the ring that his girl dreams of for a price the guy loves.



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