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Inspired Memories – Jason

by | Groom, Inspired Memories


Ms Chinoiserie


Seeing his bride walk down the aisle towards him was a memorable moment for Jason as he remembers his Gold Coast winter wedding to Sarah.

“The most memorable moment for me was seeing Sarah standing at the entrance of the chapel with the afternoon sunlight behind her. Looking into her eyes while we both exchanged our vows, I knew I was one very lucky gentleman.”

Bride before processional

Bride exiting car

Bride walking

Processional at Braeside Chapel

Braeside Chapel Wedding

First kiss at wedding

Gold COast Wedding

Wedding recessional

Images by Figtree Pictures

Groom Style – Villiame

by | Groom, Groom Style


Ms Chinoiserie

Bride and groom at Main Ridge

Super suave in navy blue suit with a contrasting paisley tie and ‘colour pop’ buttonhole, deciding upon Villiame’s outfit for his bright winery wedding to Emily was fun and stress free!

“I wore a navy Dom Bagnato suit, Florsheim shoes and Geoffery Beene tie – all of which we sourced from Myer and David Jones in a matter of about an hour!

“Navy felt less formal and more in keeping with the vibe of our day and we picked my tie to match the flower girls’ dresses and flowers. It really was an easy process!”

Brown Florsheim Wedding Shoes

Geoffery Beene Tie

Groom getting ready

Groomsmen helping groom with tie

Dain Fay Celebrant

Mornington Peninsula Newlyweds

Main Ridge newlyweds

Red and orange boutonerrie

Wedding photo amongst vineyards

Images by Sarah Godenzi Photography

Groom's Suit: Dom Bagnato / Groom's Shoes: Florsheim / Groom's Tie: Geoffrey Beene

A Glass Of Whisky With….Will From William Patino Photography

by | A Glass of Whisky..., Groom


Bec Lawrence

a glass of whisky with will

Photographer William Patino is a very talented man. The clarity of his images make you feel as though you are there witnessing the scene through your own eyes. It’s an experience in itself going through his gallery. Specialising in landscape photography, Will’s images have a particular sense of mystery about them which is all the more alluring. Will put down the camera to reminisce on his wedding day with us over a virtual glass of whisky.

Tell us about you and your career?
I work full time as a landscape photographer hosting my own photography workshops locally and around the world. I also do some occasional work as a blogger or ‘social media influencer’ which basically involves travelling to a destination and posting pictures on Instagram and other social channels.


Tell us about your wedding?
Geeze, I can barely remember – it feels like a life time ago! My wife and I were both 21 when we were married back in 2009. We had our ceremony and ‘reception’ locally outside a historic manor house in the Wollongong Botanic Gardens. It was entirely outside under the shade of an old willow tree with finger food and drinks going around as well as a caricature artist drawing up portraits and good music in the background. It was quite casual and the entire day went from midday until 6pm. We wanted it to be less formal and more about having a fun time outside with friends.

Patino4 group

What was your most memorable moment (or moments!)?
Without a doubt it was seeing my wife walk down the aisle.  A beautiful and emotional moment that I’m sure all husbands can relate to.

If you could change one thing, what would it be?
I wouldn’t have shaved! I didn’t have a beard or anything back then but just some light stubble. I shaved it off thinking it was the thing you had to do for weddings but instantly regretted it. I’d definitely get a different photographer too.


Who are your favourite vendors?
I couldn’t really say although several months after our wedding I was contacted by an investigator and it turned out that one of them had been actually taking part in some serious money embezzlement!

Who was your photographer?
I knew nothing about photography back then and we asked a friend of a friend to shoot our wedding. The rate was cheap and the results reflected that unfortunately.

What advice do you have for others planning their wedding?
My advice would be to just do what you want to do as a couple and not waste money on unnecessary things just because everyone else does or it’s tradition. Make it fun, relaxed and keep some aside  for an epic honeymoon!

patino7 walk

Images via William Patino

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Thanks Will for sharing your beautiful memories with us – set in the gardens under an old willow tree, your fun and relaxed reception sounds like the perfect celebration. If you’re in need for ‘time out’, do visit Will’s photography and travel blog – sharing the magical beauty of the world, his images really make you appreciate things in their simplest form.

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