Groom Style - Dan

Choosing your outfit to match back with the wedding theme was an easy decision for Dan as he looks back on how he styled his look for his sixties soiree wedding.

“My outfit was from Jack London; it was a grey slim fit design to match in with the 60’s style of our wedding.”

Wedding at Table 78

Sixities inspired newlyweds



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Bride and groom in sixties style wedding

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Leaving Your Wedding In Style!

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As a groom, you may have been given some traditional aspects to organise for your wedding. You may have booked the cars or planned the drinks, or many other things besides! However, if you’re looking for a way to make your wedding day extra special for your bride, perhaps it’s time to consider the very end of your wedding and get creative!

Together you may have planned how you will leave your reception, or where you will stay that evening, but that still leaves a lot of scope for some surprises that will make your wedding day memorable, right until the very last minute!

Sparklers and Confetti

This is a simple but beautiful idea, and if your new wife isn’t expecting a beautiful send off, this is an easy way to add a special touch to an emotional moment.

You might be running out of the reception venue with your guests cheering, or you may be saying a slow goodbye to folks you may not see for a while. Either way, organising a surprise send off for your bride with sparklers or confetti adds a touch of romance as you close out the day. Get creative and source different shaped sparklers, see if you can organise friends to spell out words, maybe even source some confetti cannons and give them to a few chosen guests!

Be sure to check with your venue what is allowed – they may prefer natural confetti (such as rose petals) over paper confetti, and there may be other restrictions in place. Consider some hand made signs that your friends can hold up too, and if you’re not quite that creative, there are plenty of incredibly talented hand calligraphers or printers about who can help out.

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Image by Brown Paper Parcel Photography via Anna and Murray’s Rustic Mill Wedding

Get creative!

If you’re looking for ways to spoil your newly pronounced other half, it’s the small details that will pack a punch. Why not pop some champagne and her favourite treats in the ‘getaway car’? You could even go mad decorating the vehicle with streamers and writing – it goes without saying you’ll need to check with the car owner first!

But think creatively – if you’re off on your honeymoon you could theme the car around your destination; if she loves flowers organise with the florist for some extra blooms! You could even drive by a place that is special to you both on the way to your hotel. Make it personal, and something as simple as your drive from the wedding venue to your next destination could be one of the most memorable moments of your day.

Image by Jose Villa

Extravagance and luxury

If you like the idea of surprising your brand new bride, why not go all out?! If you’ve booked a lovely hotel room, you could upgrade the booking secretly and have gifts waiting when you arrive for a lovely surprise. You could arrange for hundreds of sky lanterns to be released as you leave the venue, a beautiful sight for all to see!

And if you’d like to provide a treat for both your wife and your guests, why not consider fireworks? This will depend on your venue, and you will need to hire a professional, but picture driving away from your wedding day with explosions in the sky – spectacular! There are so many options available, and once you speak to a fireworks specialist you’ll easily find a style that will fit with your wedding. Lighting up the sky as you leave your wedding day will be a treat neither of you will forget quickly – just make sure she’s looking!

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Some great ways to make an even more memorable farewell – I love the idea of decorating your wedding car with flowers; so romantic!

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Waiting waiting, waiting!!! You’re on time – and so are all your guests – but the arrival of your bride seems to take an eternity as Mark reminisces as he looks back with fond memories on his beautiful Velleron House wedding.

“Waiting for my bride to be for what felt like hours was memorable – even though it was only 25 minutes! Little did I know that the car she had hired was unable to make it down the incredibly long driveway and she and her maids were having to walk down an inclined dirt track very carefully in their dresses and heels (Jimmy Choo’s!!)”

Inspired Memories - Mark

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