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Groom Traditions

by | Groom, Word Inspiration


Camille Davies

Photo by Judy Pak via Dress Codes For The Groom – White Tie

Weddings have been around for a while. The ceremonies may vary depending on the couple, country, or culture, but the essence is the same: a celebration of the union between two people! And like all good practically prehistoric ceremonies, there are far reaching traditions associated with weddings.

The thing is, most of these traditions relate to the bride (bouquet toss) or the couple (first dance), and not the groom! So with that in mind, here are some ideas for incorporating some traditions for the groom into your wedding.

1. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

Something old is a nod to your family, and the past.
Something new is for the promise of good fortune in your future.
Something borrowed is traditionally lent by a happily married person, whose marital bliss is something you aspire towards in your own marriage.
Something blue is a symbol of love and purity (ahem – we won’t say a word if that part isn’t strictly true!)

This tradition is usually seen as one for the brides, but I see no reason why the groom can’t get involved. Why not wear something your father, or another close relative, wore to their own wedding for your something old or borrowed? Cuff links or ties are the items most likely to have stood the test of time, but there are always great quirky alternatives. Maybe there is a special item of clothing that can be incorporated into the lining of your suit, or made into an accessory. Jewellery is also something with personal and often emotional significance that could be borrowed – a watch, a ring, or maybe a tie pin that you always associate with an important person in your life. You could also easily merge a few themes together – your wedding suit, shirt, or socks could be both new and blue, for example!

Image by Todd Pellowe 

2. Family traditions

Ask around the family – are there any traditions the previous generation had for their wedding? Are there any superstitions or rituals (I mean things like putting socks on before pants, or having your tie tied by your future father-in-law, not animal sacrifices and chanting) that your family or friends do before a wedding or big event? The males of my boyfriend’s family, for example, go and take the groom for a pint before the ceremony! There might be a specific pose that has appeared in a previous wedding (see cool example below) or family photos that you want to recreate, or a gift that is typically given from partner to groom (or vice versa). Find out if there are any little quirks in your family’s wedding history that you can incorporate into your own ceremony.

Image by Davina + Daniel Photography

If there’s nothing that springs to mind…

3. Create your own

Why not start a wedding tradition? This could be as simple as having a drink with your father and father-in-law, or as random as completing a triathlon before the ceremony – although maybe not immediately before! If there is something that’s special to you and your partner, why not revisit it before the ceremony? The park you walked through on your first date, the first film you saw together, the restaurant where you proposed – whatever speaks to you! Maybe you could keep one of your accessories, to be handed down to future generations (I would advise against choosing socks for this), or take a photo of the sunrise on the morning of your wedding day.

Image by Stephen Govel via Julia and Adam’s Manly Sunrise Engagement Photos

There’re plenty of things you can dream up for a new tradition, that you can pass down – or inflict – on the next groom! Happy planning!

LQD Skin Care Review

by | Groom, Hair and Skincare


Papa Polka Dot

LQD Skincare

I was recently asked by Ms Polka Dot to review the range of skincare from LQD Skincare. Australian owned and made, this brand has a range of five products- a face scrub, a shave cream, two face moisturisers (one calming and one hydrating) and a face wash. The range is full of antioxidants, anti-irritants and are designed to keep for as long as possible.

mens skincare review

With a beard I only shave once a week. Recently The Body Shop shaving cream that had stayed with me for over 10 years decided it would spring a leak due to old age. With some trepidation I rolled out the brand new container of Lqd Face Shave. I read the instructions carefully and prepared for the new experience. Skeptical was I! ‘Prepare yourself for a new shaving experience’ the pack exclaimed . Hmmmmm! I will admit that I was doubtful about abandoning the normal foamy shave lather that I had become used to.

As well the claim on the pack that it would not ’clog the razor’ was impressive but rather extravagant -so I thought! But the shaving experience has been great! And the razor has remained unclogged. Another miracle! How do they do that? Cleaning the razor frequently is honestly one of the most annoying aspects of shaving.

mens skincare

The shave with LQD was an absolute joy. Smooth, soft face too! I can hardly wait for my next shave. Next week! Having a beard has some benefits!

Now as for the LQD Face Hydrate. This concoction is an absolute pleasure to apply to one’s mug. The most pleasing part is that it is easily absorbed and does not seem to have a greasy ‘finish’. So when you are in a hurry you don’t have to over-massage the skin so as to not leave tell-tale signs that you have applied a moisturiser and are now in the chosen ranks of a ‘new age guy’. There is nothing worse than going to work with little white blotches or streaks on one’s male countenance. But this stuff is magical! Absolutely magical.

lqd skincare products

With some enthusiasm I was called to test the LQD Face Scrub next. Each week I have developed the habit of using an exfoliating mitt to make me ‘look years younger’. It’s one of the joys of the Sunday shower. No time pressure at all. Plenty of time to exfoliate. And when the guy at the cafeteria told me that I looked 10 years younger than I really was you will appreciate that I was overjoyed at the mitt-experience!

The mitt works a joy, but this substance is not the equivalent! Firstly it is creamy. And you have to work a lot harder on it than the mitt. But I could get into the habit of using this stuff.

It just seems as though they don’t have enough grit in it to get those years off me. And anyway I’m a real man and want to really challenge my skin. I want a little bit of pain. To make it all worth while. And that’s my suggestion – put more grit in it!

skincare for men

LQD Skincare products are available via their website.

Images taken by Ms Polka Dot for Polka Dot Bride. The LQD Skincare set was sent for editorial consideration in accordance with our disclosure policy.

The Best Of Polka Dot Groom 2014

by | Blog News, Groom


Ms Gingham

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