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The First Five Years: Wedding Anniversary Gift Guide

by | Gifts and Favors, Groom


Adam Brunes

The historic origins of wedding anniversaries date back to the Holy Roman Empire, when 25 years of marriage would earn a wife a silver wreath and 50 years saw a business-class upgrade to gold. 

Yep, that’s right, European lady-killers in the Middle Ages are to blame for your anniversary anxiety and annual AmEx assault! That and commercialism of course. 

But fear not. We’ve got the first five years covered with our wedding anniversary gift guide. Here you’ll find some beautiful, affordable handmade gift ideas that blend traditional themes with modern inspiration.

1st Anniversary – Paper 

2nd Anniversary – Cotton 

3rd Anniversary – Leather 

4th Anniversary – Fruit/Flowers 

5th Anniversary – Wood

Anniversary Gift Guide The First Five Years: Wedding Anniversary Gift Guide

1. Personalised Map Print by PaperArcadia 2. Me and You Decorative Pillow by AppleWhite 3. His and Hers hand-stamped bracelets by SylviaArtGallery 4.  Miniature teardrop terrarium by PinkSerissa 5. Personalised cutting board by Woodstockin 

Groom Style – Brendan

by | Groom, Groom Style


Ms Herringbone

Abbotsford Convent Wedding017 Groom Style Brendan

Not every suit has to be bespoke or tailored to be the perfect fit for your wedding. Groom Brendan hired a sharp black suit from Formal Red, and made the ensemble his own with a dapper bow tie, which suited his gorgeous Abbotsford Convent Wedding day perfectly. Top it off with a small but elegant boutonniere, and you’ve got yourself a winning combo!

Abbotsford Convent Wedding022 Groom Style Brendan

Images by Sayher Heffernan

swirl large6 Groom Style Brendan

How To Be The Best Best Man

by | Groom, Groomsmen


Adam Brunes

yandina station wedding013 How To Be The Best Best Man

Image by Marcus Bell of Studio Impressions from Rachel and Lai’s Stylish Yandina Station Wedding.

Are you wondering how to be the best best man about town? By the time your best mate’s wedding rolls around you probably feel like you’ve already put in the hard yards, but the actual day itself is the most important of all. 

In the words of every ninth grade math teacher, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Here are our top 10 items every best man should carry on the big day to ensure he’s fit to fight any wedding day dragon.

NB: Unless you’re planning on wearing cargo pants to the wedding, consider divvying these items up amongst the groomsmen.

1. Wedding Party names and numbers 

There ain’t no party with a lost wedding party. Make sure you have names and numbers of every person in the wedding party, in case of emergency. There’s no harm in keeping contact numbers for other VIPs and key suppliers, too, including drivers, photographers, videographers, the celebrant, the DJ etc.  

2. Mobile phone with full battery

A smart phone is every best man’s best friend, for directions, traffic and weather updates, notes and reminders. Pop yours on charge the night before to avoid a cold reception.

3. Painkillers 

It never hurts to keep a packet of painkillers handy, especially for a 16-hour day! 

4. Mints 

Your primary mission is to make sure your best mate remains in mint condition throughout the entire day. If you need to get fresh with him then it’s your prerogative to do so. His bride will thank you for it. 

5. Tissues 

Man-tears mightn’t be invited to the wedding but they have a habit of turning up unannounced. You can bet your bottom dollar that the groom won’t have tissues at hand, but he’ll cry about it if he needs them.

6. Needle and thread 

Every modern-day McGyver knows how to combat a busted button or unhitched hem. Don’t fret, nobody expects a Roberto Cavalli!

7. Lint brush

A rolling stone gathers no moss, but a woollen suit sure does. Keep a lint brush at the ready to avoid any sticky situations and guarantee your groom a fuzz-free day. 

8. Spare Cash

Don’t get caught fishing in the wishing well for an emergency fifty! Take a valid credit card (ideally one that belongs to you) for added peace of mind. 

9. A Comb

Ensure his ‘do doesn’t become a do-not with last minute touchups pre ceremony, before photographs and during the reception.

10. A copy of the groom’s speech 

The king’s speech is one of the most important of the night. In the unlikely event that the groom isn’t ready for it, make sure you are by requesting a copy from him the day before the wedding.

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