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The Latest Gift Ideas for Groomsmen

by | Gifts and Favors, Groom


Cindy Man Hun


Image via hardtofind

You can’t forget your groomsmen on your big day – after all, they’re some of your closest friends for a reason, and they’ll be standing by you as you recite your vows. So, a big thank you in the form of a little gift is a given!

Matchy Matchy 

Perhaps you and your partner are planning on having your attendants co-ordinate with matching attire – whether it be with colour or pattern. If this is the case, appropriate accessories like personalised tie pins or cufflinks or pocket squares for your groom party are a perfect fit. Even if they eventually get lost at the bottom of the sock drawer over time, there’ll still be those special group photos to look back on to commemorate the occasion.

Image via hardtofind

dsc_01275q100-squareImage via hardtofind

Image via Mr Porter

On The Go 

Is your best mate a constant jet setter? A travel item is the ideal present for those who are never in the same spot for too long. Find a card holder with a money clip or a suitable bag (wash bag, overnight bag, you name it!) for the recipient. As corny as it sounds, you’ll be with them no matter where they are!

565234_mrp_in_lImage via Mr Porter

wallet_bq100-squareImage via hardtofind

Image via Country Road

Enjoying a drink

Whether your best mate fancies a glass of wine to accompany their dinner or is a frequent party host, they are no doubt beverage connoisseurs! This calls for a celebration with a wine subscription, hip flask or cocktail shaker gift! Or perhaps all three!

Image via Alessi

Image via hardtofind

House Warming

Settling into a new home can be just as profound as tying the knot. If your best mate is at that stage of their life, make them feel more comfortable about this brand new experience by giving them with a gift that’ll warm up their house yet also remind them of your own appreciation of their support. Opt for a present they can not only use but have on display, such as a picture frame, desk clock or carafe.



Image via Alessi

Image via hardtofind

Image via Waterford 

Certainly put some heart into your selection and make sure that the gifts are something they’ll truly treasure and remember in the years to come.

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Ms Chinoiserie Says; A great selection of gifts for the groom to say “thanks guys”; the contemporary design of the carafe and clock is very on trend..

About Cindy: Hi, I’m Cindy! Flowers and hot chocolate instantly brighten up my day. I love writing and am an overall creative person. I also enjoy really immersing myself in new and exciting experiences!

Inspired Memories – Michael

by | Groom, Inspired Memories


Ms Chinoiserie

intimate garden wedding0014Michael via Alita & Michael’s Intimate Brisbane Garden Wedding

When Alita and I started planning our dream wedding, we had pictured it to be at our farm in northern Victoria with about 150 to 200 people. We have 50 acres, a river and multiple sheds to play with so you can imagine the scale of what we had planned! We had in fact started preparing things at the farm so that it was ready for our big day. After discussing our change of plans and scaling down to 29 close family and friends, we became very excited and in fact our stress levels diminished and it allowed us to focus on what the day is really about.

intimate garden wedding0034

intimate garden wedding0036

intimate garden wedding0011

Alita and I are both very close to our family and it was important for us that they had the opportunity to spend as much time together as possible as we live in Victoria and all my family live in Queensland. I have a twin brother, so it’s always fun times when we’re together!

intimate garden wedding0013

intimate garden wedding0010

intimate garden wedding0033

I have so many beautiful memories from our special day  and the time spent with our closest friends and family. Alita and I are so deeply in love and wanted to share that with the people in our lives that really matter. As with any wedding day there were a couple of hiccups but they are now great stories that we can tell as a reminder of our beautiful day. . .

intimate garden wedding0040

intimate garden wedding0041

The wedding ceremony didn’t start until 5pm but we had everyone arrive at 2pm or earlier so they could all relax and enjoy the beautiful food and drinks that we had on the day. By 5pm we were all relaxed – some were slightly drunk and well fed by then!

intimate garden wedding0038

intimate garden wedding0039

The highlight of course was when my beautiful bride walked down the aisle and I married the women of my dreams.

intimate garden wedding0037

intimate garden wedding0043

intimate garden wedding0044

intimate garden wedding0042

I have to mention our new friend, our photographer Murray Redpath. He is not only an incredibly nice man, he has a perfect eye for capturing the moment and you only need to see the photos he has from our wedding to see this. He took the time to prior to our day to find the perfect locations and settings and allowed us to show our true personalities. I had so much fun on my wedding day I wish we could do it again and again and that’s exactly how we wanted our day to be. Fun.

intimate garden wedding0045

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: What beautiful memories Michael; see Alita & Michael’s Intimate Brisbane Garden Wedding for their wonderful day full of fun and love!

Photographer: Murray Redpath

Get Your Wet Shave On!

by | Groom, Groom Style, Hair and Skincare


Cindy Man Hun

175155-800wImage by Jumbo Tsui

Something that’s been getting a lot of love recently is the Wet Shave. The Wet Shave either uses a double edge safety razor or straight razor, a shaving brush and a traditional cream or soap. It has been around for years now – your grandfather (and even father) may have used this technique at your age.

But it’s come back, and plenty of gents are leaving behind cartridge razors, electric shavers and shaving gels to get on board the Wet Shave train. Better late than never, I say! Whether you decide to attempt this approach yourself or play safe and go to a trustworthy barber shop, there are definitely several benefits to wet shaving:

1. It gives you the cleanest look possible – The blades of double edge safety razors and straight razors have the ability to work extremely close to the skin without cutting it. They don’t cause ingrown hairs either, leaving a smooth and healthy post shave face.

2. Pain is avoided – Sometimes cartridge razors and electric shavers do aggravate the skin because of their multiple blades. Luckily, wet shaving does not result in razor burn, meaning you don’t have to go through the agony of that unwanted redness, bumpiness and itchiness.

3. You save money – Although the thought of cheap cartridge razors sounds tempting, they actually require a huge amount of money long-term, especially if you dispose of a cartridge razor almost everyday! An electric shaver can also cost up to $500. The wisest option would be to buy a good quality double edge safety razor, which you can get for as little as $30 on Shaver Hut, or leave it to your barber.

4. It’s environmentally friendly – Double edge safety razors and straight razors produce minimal waste, as they are completely recyclable, being metal, and last a lifetime. Traditional cream or soap contains an abundance of natural ingredients, whereas your average shaving gel is primarily filled with chemicals.

Swayed? Get your Wet Shave on!

Here are a couple of barbers you can checkout:

Barber Supreme
Cleveland’s Salon & Café

Captains of Industry
Kings Domain Barber Shop

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: A wet shave is indeed the ultimate in distinguished groom styling!

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