Groom Style - Mitchell

When thinking about outfits for your big day, leaving things until the last minute can cause a bit of a panic as Mitchell remembers as he looks back on his summer Stones of the Yarra Valley wedding.

“I left the organising of the groomsmen attire a little late, missing the boat for a custom made outfit. We were getting a bit flustered, but ended up finding a style that I was envisioning. Pale khaki in colour, no jacket, just rolled up sleeves, waist coat and pants.”

Groom and groomsmen in waistcoats and khaki pants

Groom buttoning waistcoat

Groom in taupe waistcoat

Groom in waistcoat

Pinning on the grooms boutonerrie

We are Alchemy Wedding Photographers

Wedding ceremony in Yarra Valley

Images by We Are Alchemy


Image by Camilla Kirk Photography via Amy & Sam’s Spring Ewingsdale Hall Wedding

If you’re considering a gift for your groom and want something that will stand the test of time (excuse the pun), a watch is the perfect accessory. Sporty, classic, luxury – take your pick from our handsome selection. Perhaps you’re looking for something he can update in a few years time. Perhaps this gift could become an heirloom, so you’re looking to spend a little more and give him a watch he’ll still be wearing at your ruby anniversary. Oh the romance!

It may seem overwhelming when you begin to do some research and you may even want to take your husband-to-be with you. But with the many options available (and there are MANY), you’ll be sure to find something just right.

1. Mondaine Giant Watch in Black – via Asos

This matte black watch is Swiss made and features the signature Mondaine red seconds’ hand. It is water-resistant up to 30 metres and has a classic real leather strap. A simple and understated design, perfect for the groom who enjoys clean lines and no fuss!


2. Komono, The Winston – via The Iconic

The genuine leather strap and unusual wooden face give The Winston a warm, earthy feel. Does your husband-to-be enjoy being outdoors? Is he a craftsman? This classic analogue design may just be the ticket!


3. G-Chrono, quartz chronograph – via Gucci

If you’re looking to splurge and invest in a piece that will be around in the years to come, Gucci is a magnificent place to start! Boasting top quality specifications and a timeless style, this watch definitely lands in the luxury category. With its brown leather and gold detailing, this classic piece is a generous investment.


4. Gant, Park Hill II – via The Iconic

With its lighter face and clean design, this Gant watch is the perfect all-rounder. It’s croc-embossed leather band and rose gold detailing lend a warmer touch, making this an easy choice for those looking for a refined style.


5. Vivienne Westwood Tan Leather Strap Watch – via Asos

The name Vivienne Westwood may conjure up some outlandish and colourful fashion, but never fear! This brand produces contemporary and classic watches, all with an urban twist. This particular watch from the collection is understated whilst still being stylish, with a black face and patterned leather strap. If your lucky groom is interested in fashion, you may have found the one!


6. The Safari Collection, 39MM Chronometer Steel – via Ralph Lauren

This stunning watch is said to celebrate ‘the spirit of travel and adventure’, a guide to which groom this watch will suit we shall happily accept! The khaki face, oversized numbers and alligator leather all point us towards an explorer. If your husband-to-be dreams of being on safari and would like to add some vintage style to his wardrobe, this is the perfect gift!



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Ms Chinoiserie Says: For timeless good looks, a fine watch is the perfect statement in style!

About Nicola Goring – I’m Nicola, the florist and crafter behind rubyandjoy. I’m a gardening, fabric loving, mint tea drinking, brownie baking, book obsessed maker! I love a good adventure having just moved back from five years in Scotland (with my lovely Scottish husband).

Inspired Memories - Phil

Even when you think you have everything – and everyone- sorted, it might be worth checking – and then checking again as Phil remembers as he looks back fondly at his outdoor country wedding!

“What I remember most about the day was the morning when everyone thought they were ready and organised by 8am… then everything started to snowball just before all the guests arrived!”

“My dad turned up about half an hour before the ceremony with the ice for the drinks… and Tracy’s mum was still wandering around in her pyjamas as the guests started to arrive. Tracy’s brother also decided to have a nap pre-ceremony. And my sister turned up about an hour before the ceremony to make all the antipasto platters… it’s just those little things that start to get you wound up when everyone knew the plan weeks before!”

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Images by Daniel and Maria from Keepsake Photo