Reinvent The Traditional Tux

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Gents, let’s face it: if you wear it right, a traditional black tux looks incredibly dashing. But it can also a little overdone, and for a wedding that’s all about you and your bride, you should give mixing it up a go. Even if you reinvent a little of it, at least you’re stepping in the right direction to expressing your own style.

Texture and Colour Shake Up

To start off with the reinvention, consider the limitations on colour and texture: because now there aren’t any. Yes, black is always a good move – it’s a smart and classic style, and there is no denying the strength in the shade. But it doesn’t always have to be black. Take the chance to mix it up with different coloured jackets in different textures. A velvet jacket in a navy blue is a good choice, as is chalk and herringbone textures. Check out InStitchu and Mr Porter for some perfect substitutions to the traditional look.


Images via Mr Porter

Play with Patterns

If you do it right, indulging in a tux jacket that is patterned can be a refreshing look, and there’s always the option to play up the design. If you would prefer to stray from the patterns on your jacket, consider doing so with your accessories, like your bowtie. And, if you’re up for it (and you should be), add in a splash of vibrant colour with a pocket square or lapel. Patterns make for a creative relief from the traditional shades of blacks, greys and whites. Head on over to Oscar Hunt for some creative jacket options, and then stop by InStitchu for creative accessory choices.

Simplistic vs. Extravagant

The traditional tuxedo embodies the refined minimalism that sets the tux apart from anything else, but that doesn’t have to mean you have to go by the book. Either make the outfit more simplistic by minimalizing the accessories and the colour, or go in the opposite direction and make it a little more extravagant with a waistcoat, pocket square and lapel. Or, alternatively, find something in the middle. Pair your tux with a waistcoat in the colour of your choice and add in the accessories that best represent you. To start, check out Mr Porter and InStitchu.

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Fancy Footwear

Shoes are a great way to shake up the traditional tuxedo in a subtle way. You can stick with the usual black Oxfords, or you can trade it up for something a little more you. Add colour to the laces or pick a shoe with a little shine. Alternatively, choose a shoe that’s a little more casual; something in neutral tones can modernise the suit. Start with Wootten to find something that will put that spring in your step.


 Image via Oscar Hunt

Personalise the Accessories

The accessories are all what it comes down to. From the colour of your tie, to the style of your waistcoat, you’re sure to find something to reinvent the traditional tux. Some options could be cuff links in a particular pattern or colour that best reflect you, or you could do something a little more subtle and sew either yourself or your bride’s initials into the cuff of your shirt. More options include an engraved tie bar, a smart watch or even the colour of your socks. Check out Hanmaid Designs for some options.


Image via Dapper Designs – Essential Groom Accessories by Hanmaid Designs

The traditional tux is a strong ensemble, but reinventing it to make it a lot more you makes it that much unique. It isn’t a huge job to change it up – you could simply add a little bit of colour or add a few more accessories. Whatever you do, you’re one step closer to reinventing the look. Sometimes, traditional needs to take a step back to make room for improvement. So indulge in the reinvention.

Ms Chinoiserie Says: Who doesn’t love a groom in black tie – so suave! And with a few stylish ‘on trend’ updates, this look is even more dapper! 

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As Brett looks back on his beautiful Jarrahdale country wedding, he remembers the moments before Kelly entered the church as being ones of peace, contentment and joy.

“I recall so much in such high detail to be truthful. I think the thing I find myself thinking about most often though is the calmness I found myself in as guests were arriving. A state of true happiness knowing my future wife was only a matter of minutes away.”

“Looking out at our loved ones as they looked back at me with love in their eyes and a look of gladness they were able to be there to celebrate this day with us. Then of course, there was the moment Kelly entered the church which was perfect.”

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When deciding on his outfit for his outdoor winery wedding, Andrew knew what he wanted – he just couldn’t find it!

“From the very beginning I knew that I wanted a three piece grey suit. It was quite hard finding one that would fit my body shape as I am very broad in the shoulders. I ended up getting a suit custom made. I decided on grey as it was different (non traditional).”

“I also wore Italian made leather shoes that one of my groomsmen wore on his wedding day. They are outrageous shoes with hand carved soles, however my groomsman wanted me to have as much happiness walking through my marriage as he has had walking through his own.”

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Brisbane Wedding Photography

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