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Inspired Memories – Mitchell

by | Groom, Inspired Memories


Ms Chinoiserie

Laughing groom

Nerves aside, reciting your vows to your beloved is perhaps the most special part of your wedding day as Mitchell remembers as he looks back on his Stones of the Yarra Valley wedding.

“Standing at the end of the altar, hand in hand with my soon to be wife, laughing and crying through our vows and testaments was unforgettable.”

Stones of the Yarra Valley Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

Wedding at Stones Of The Yarra Valley

Ring exchange

Wedding in Yarra Valley vineyard

Yarra Valley wedding ceremony venue

Images by We Are Alchemy

Groom Style – Dan

by | Groom, Groom Style


Ms Chinoiserie

Groom at Fotzroy Town Hall Wedding

There’s something so special about owning a beautifully tailored dinner suit  – and “the shoes” – as Simone remembers about the outfit her husband Dan chose for their modern town hall wedding.

“Up until two weeks before the wedding Dan had decided he would just hire a suit although when my parents and I were shopping for a shirt and tie for my Dad, I noticed a beautiful dinner suit on a mannequin. It was gorgeous.”

“So I convinced Dan to go to the shopping centre – and if you knew Dan, he does not do shopping centres and avoids them like the plague! Anyhow he followed my advice and went and bought the suit!”

“Dan was more about the shoes when it came to the wedding day. He wore RM Williams boots and being about a size 14 to 15, it was going to be hard to find something, but his RM’s have been fantastic and, from what he tells me, so comfortable!”

Bride and groom at Fotzroy Town Hall

Groo and groomsmen against graffiti wall

Elleni Toumpas

Groom and groomsmen before wedding

Groomsmen in Fotzroy

Melbourne wedding

Images by Elleni Toumpas

Inspired Memories – Aaron

by | Groom, Inspired Memories


Ms Chinoiserie


A ‘stress free’, relaxed day that ran smoothly is one of Aaron’s favourite memories from his Melbourne art gallery wedding.

“There were so many memorable parts to my wedding day….too many to list really! Going into town at lunchtime to get the best-man and groomsmens’ shirts for the wedding was fun. And I’ll always remember my wife-to-be losing her voice in the lead up to the ceremony!”

“I do believe the most memorable part of the evening was how everything throughout the day flowed so smoothly and was completely relaxed and stress-free; it felt like the day was over before it began – and I ended up with the most perfect wife that I could fathom. How does that happen?!”

Nicola Jones-Lumby Celebrant

Nicola Jones-Lumby Marriage Celebrant

Ring exchnage at wedding

Melbourne cbd wedding

Melbourne city garden wedding

laughing bride

Images by Ursula from Fennel and Fox Photography

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