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Groom Style – Tim

by | Groom, Groom Style


Ms Chinoiserie

Beach wedding photo

Looking back on his beachside Sydney wedding, Tim remembers that is was important for his suit to match back to the setting and theme of his waterside celebrations.

“I wore a cream three-piece suit, which was custom-made while I was travelling with Ellie in Hoi An, Vietnam. The colour suited the neutral theme we had chosen for her bridesmaid dresses and flowers. It also looked great against the beach setting.”

Groom in taupe suit with white tie

Groom in bone coloured suit

Groom outting on watch

Helping groom get ready

Letter cuff links

Pictures & Hearts

Sydney beach weding photo

Wedding photo on the beach

Images by Pictures & Hearts

Six Things To Know About Choosing Men’s Wedding Bands

by | Groom, Groom Style, Jewellery


Samantha Chua


Image via Ralf Fisch Fine Jewellery

So you’ve picked the perfect engagement ring and you and your fiance are well underway with the wedding planning. One of the most important things amidst all the excitement and frenzy, is also the smallest – your wedding band. You will wear this ring every day and it symbolizes the love and lifelong commitment you make to your wife. Since the wedding band is so significant, it is only fair to give your choice of wedding jewellery a bit more attention. We asked a few experts about their top tips for grooms when picking wedding bands.

What are the main factors to take into consideration when purchasing a wedding band?

What appeals to you as the groom? While there are now lots of different metals and designs to choose from, ultimately it will be you who has to wear this ring for the rest of your life, so it is really important that you like the ring and you are comfortable with your choice.

Another factor is time. Many of our weddings rings are often shipped express at short notice. This is because sometimes the groom’s wedding band can be forgotten among the myriad of other pre-wedding items on the agenda. Why not get it done early so that you have one less thing to panic about in the week before the big day?

– Nathan Hartnett, Men’s Rings Online


Image via Men’s Rings Online 

As bride and groom, do we need to make sure our wedding rings match?

These days, it is rare to have matching bride and groom’s wedding rings. Jewellery is a very personal way of expressing one’s style. We encourage individuality and everyone should truly love the ring they will wear every day for the rest of their lives.

– Ralf Fisch, Ralf Fisch Fine Jewellery

If the groom has quite a manual job, what kind of metal should he consider for his wedding ring?

Some metals wear better than others. One of the best wearing precious metals is also one of the newest – Platinum 600. It is 60% platinum, 40% alloy and it is twice as hard as 9 carat gold. It is often referred to as the “tradies’ ring” because of its durability and hassle-free maintenance. Titanium is also a very popular option for men because it is light-weight and budget-friendly.

– Chris Scanlan, Dora Australia


Image via Dora Australia

How do you make sure that the wedding ring will be comfortable for daily wear?

There is no one answer to this question that will suit everyone, but I recommend to book in with your jeweller and ensure they also consider the fit on the inside of the ring as well as the design on the outside, as the inner shape can be altered for comfort to suit each individual’s finger type.

– Ralf Fisch, Ralf Fisch Fine Jewellery

To engrave or not to engrave?

It all depends on the individual. Some people consider it a nice option to express their sentiments and to make them a permanent part of their wedding ring.

– Chris Scanlan, Dora Australia


Image via Men’s Rings Online 

What are things grooms should take note of before they purchase online?

A strong returns/exchange policy is a must, just in case the size or style isn’t to your liking once you have it on your finger. Verified reviews from other customers also helps, as well as proper security on the checkout page.

Another option to look for is something like a “Fit for Life” policy if you’re going to buy a titanium or tungsten carbide wedding band. Your finger can change size over your lifetime, so your ring may become looser or tighter as you gain or lose weight. A Fit For Life policy means that you can go back to the online store you bought it from and for a small fee exchange the ring for a new one in your new size.

– Nathan Hartnett, Men’s Rings Online 

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Some really helpful tips – from the type of metal to the design, we now have choosing wedding bands sorted!

Inspired Memories – Matt

by | Groom, Inspired Memories


Ms Chinoiserie

Groom in grey suit with navy tie

When looking back on his Dunkeld country wedding with inspired memories, Matt remembers that the entire day – from the rural setting to the glorious weather – and of course his romantic marriage – was just perfect.

“What I remember the most was the amazing weather, the backdrop and walking up the mountain at the start of day. The first time I saw Emma walking down the aisle was also a memorable moment.”

Dunkeld Wedding

Flowergirl waiting

Groom at Dunkeld wedding

Bridesmaid in pale pink dress from Rewview

Royal mail Hotel Ceremony

Emotional bride during processional

Emotional bride during ceremony

Images by Anthony Strong of Circular Ink

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