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Amelia & Daniel’s Autumn Hunter Valley Wedding

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Daniel Attkins from Van Dan Vintage Caravan
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Amelia & Daniel

On our eighth anniversary, I married my best friend, my soul mate, Amelia.

We had a beautiful Hunter Valley wedding at St Patrick’s Church with a reception at Tinklers Winery in Pokolbin right near home. The day was perfectly imperfect, in the best way possible. All of our hard work had paid off and we were blessed with the best day of the year.




Wedding_Finals-246 (2)

The day was a rollercoaster! There were the last minute preparations because of our D.I.Y style, then I was certain I had lost my suit! I was soon reassured that it was hanging behind a nearby door. The funny thing my groomsmen and I forgot to put our button hole flowers on  – and that’s the last thing you want to do when your bride is a florist! Luckily my beautiful mother in law saved me and rushed them to the church. We were all ready to go!



Then that special moment arrived. My heart was racing and my palms were sweating. I knew I looked nervous because all I could hear was guests saying “gee he looks nervous doesn’t he!” I could feel all the eyes on me, then all of a sudden the attention was on Amelia as my amazingly stunning bride walked in. The moment that the last 12 months had really been about had arrived! The moment you realise you’re about to marry your best friend, your everything. It’s a feeling like no other.

We had an incredible afternoon taking photos with Dr Dan Mackay, a family friend, and hanging out; it was a fantastic night with all of those who are most special to us.






A huge thank you to all our family and friends who made it the awesome occasion that it was; we’re so appreciative of all your help, love and support x


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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Congratulations Amelia and Daniel; your wedding day included some beautiful handmade details; the flowers were stunning!

About Daniel: Hi, I’m Daniel from Van Dan Vintage Caravan. Our vintage caravan ‘Willow’ boasts a beautiful solid timber bar which will keep you and your guests refreshed with bubbles, beer, wine, cider or soft drinks. Whether it’s a wedding, engagement, birthday, family event, fete or garden party, we would love to bring Willow along to enhance your special day!

Reception Venue: Tinklers Winery / Photographer: Dr Dan Mackay

Inspired Memories – Nathan

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Ms Chinoiserie

Groom at Canberra wedding

In picture perfect sunshine, Nathan remembers that his beautiful Canberra garden wedding was more than he could have dreamed of.

“The whole day was amazing but watching Kate walk down the aisle was the special moment for me.”

Groom waiting for bride

Bride walking down the aisle with parents

Emotional bride with parents

Bride and groom at the end of processional

Bride with parents before ceremony

Bride kissing mother

Images by James of All Grown Up Weddings

Groom Style – Luke

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Ms Chinoiserie

Rose petal wedding exist

One of the benefits of a bespoke, custom-made suit is that you are able to choose a colour, fabric and style that not only suits you but matches back perfectly with your wedding theme as Luke remembered when looking back on his relaxed South Coast wedding.

“I wore a custom suit by Sam Surin. It was a royal/navy blue and I loved how it was a bit different to the standard black/grey/blue suit. I also chose champagne ties with polka dots, pale blue shirts with gold accessories and brown shoes and belts.”

Groom and groomsmen in blue suits

Groom and groomsmen in front of tractor

groom with polka dot tie

Groom in navy suit with polka dot tie

Lilac and white boutonerrie

Groomsmen in blue suits

Groom and groomsmen in blue suites with taupe ties

Batemans Bay Wedding portrait

Images by Anthea and Lyndon

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