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Word Inspiration


Vowing Your Bride – Groom Wedding Day Vows

by | Groom, Life As A Groom, Tips and Tricks, Word Inspiration


Image by Pictures and Hearts Wedding Photography To assist you with penning the perfect prose for your wedding day vows, we’ve compiled our top 10 musings on love from the greatest romeos of all time. Take note boys: these are the silver-tongued casanovas from classic literature, poetry, music and film who were penetrating your fiancé’s

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A Letter To The Groomsmen

by | Groom, Groomsmen, Tips and Tricks, Word Inspiration


Dear groomsmen, Wow!  You scrub up well! Guys always do look fantastic in a suit. I hope you feel as good as you look. But take those sunglasses off. Now. And take your hands out of your pockets. That’s better. No, we really don’t have time for a quick beer before the ceremony, so put

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The Invitation

by | Groom, Word Inspiration


You are warmly invited to the folding, printing, sticking, cutting and posting of our wedding invitations. Yep, I will admit, I usually have eyes that are way too big for my stomach, (and by stomach I mean time, money, manpower etc. etc.) and this was no different. Mind you, I am convinced that by taking

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