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Romantic Safari Honeymoons

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Naomi Neilson


Image via Natural Focus Safaris

For a honeymoon that’s both adventurous and romantic, consider just how perfect a safari adventure could be! Dine underneath the stars, sleep under the open sky, and then head out into the wild to get up close and personal with some of your favourite animals. A safari honeymoon can be what you make it – so book a tour or two, pack a camera and a picnic and see what you can do about making some lifelong memories.


Image via Elephant Safari Park & Lodge

Start at Home!

Australia’s own safari comes neatly packed into one incredible experience! At Canberra’s National Zoo & Aquarium, visitors get one of the most exotic and incredible safari adventures of their lives – and you don’t have to go very far! At the Jamala Wildlife Lodge, you and your significant other can enjoy the ultimate overnight stay overlooking a tigers den! Other amazing features include feeding the giraffes in a tree house (or, if you’re lucky, from your very own balcony!), petting the rhinos, and sharing a bathroom with a bear!


Image via Jamala Wildlife Lodge

Swim with Whale Sharks!

Mozambique’s gorgeous coastal town of Tofo is not only incredible to look at but it’s also one of the best places in the world to go swimming with whale sharks and manta rays! The world below the surface of Tofo’s glistening blue Indian Ocean is just begging for exploration – so what are you waiting for? Book a tour with Tofo Scuba and head below the shimmering waves to greet the lovely creatures that live there. When you emerge, head up to the Casa Na Praia to relax and rejuvenate between underwater safaris!


Image via Tofo Scuba

The Masai Mara Game

The Masai Mara National Park in Kenya is a vast protected landscape that houses some of the best wildlife including lions, leopards, elephants, buffalo, rhino, and, if you’re lucky, a wildebeest, zebra, and gazelle migration. Not only are you given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to watch these gorgeous animals in their natural habitat, you can join them! At any number of Masai Mara’s accommodation options, such as the incredible Asilia Naboishu Camp, honeymooners can expect absolute luxury within the comfort of a tent underneath the open sky.


Image via Johann du Toit – Masai Mara

India’s Jungle Safari

The inspiration behind the incredible ‘Jungle Book’ comes from the scenic Indian jungle, Kanha, which is home to Shere Khan himself, the royal Bengal Tiger. With an exotic landscape of bamboo thickets and open grassland, the jungle is also home to leopards, hyenas, jungle cats, elephants, rhinos, and a variety of deer and bird species. If you’re lucky, you can also come across sloths, mongoose, and species of monkeys! Take a tour with Natural Focus Safaris for one of the best safari escapes in India! In between safari adventures in India’s jungle, stop and rewind at the luxury Hotel Kanha Shyam.


Image via Natural Focus Safaris

Elephants on Safari!

Enjoy a completely unique honeymoon experience in this privately owned park that’s home to 27 rescued Sumatran elephants and four natural born baby elephants. The Elephant Safari Park & Lodge ensures guests spend their day surrounded by one of the most amazing animals on the planet, and is always incredibly accommodating and friendly. Make sure to also check out their elephant museum and discovery gallery (including South Asia’s only replica of a Mammoth skeleton!) and their gift shop to enjoy a lifetime of memories!


Image via Elephant Safari Park & Lodge

England’s Wild Adventure

At England’s Longleat safari park, visitors can expect a visit from all sorts of animals – including elephants, monkeys, giraffes, wolves, tigers, lions, cheetahs, deers and rhinos! The tours offer one of the most memorable safari experiences, where you and your significant other can expect to get up close and personal with some of the most unforgettable predators in the park. To make your experience that much more romantic, consider staying at one of Longleat’s hotels, including the gorgeous Homewood Park Hotel & Spa. After relaxing after a day of adventures, head back out there to make sure you don’t miss a thing!


Image via Longleat

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Imagine glamping in style underneath the stars on the plains of Africa with your beloved after spending a day with the lions; romantic bliss!

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Honeymoons A-Z: York

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Naomi Neilson

York honeymoonImage via Yorkshire Day Tours

York stands to be one of the most spectacular walled cities in the world, having been founded by the ancient Romans. Its huge 13th century gothic cathedral, York Minster, stands as a beacon of brilliance and serves as the first taste of history and beauty to the rest of the incredible city. With a touch of ancient history at every turn, an abundance of sightseeing opportunities, and the overall romantic ambiance that has settled over the ancient city, York has no shortage of perfection.

yorkshire-castle-howardImage via The Grange Hotel

5 Places to Stay

Make the most of York and all it has to offer by starting at the luxuries provided by your hotel. With countless options across the city, you can be sure that you and your new significant other can expect the very best out of the ancient city.

The Grange Hotel

With a city as grand and old as York you’re sure to feel like you’re stepping right into history. This doesn’t end at the Grange Hotel. With an original sweeping staircase and luxurious regency décor, you will almost feel like royalty. The four star hotel offers guests the incredible opportunity for a perfect stay in the beautiful city.

the-grange-hotelImage via The Grange Hotel

Grays Court

At one of the most peaceful locations situated in the city centre is the charming boutique Grays Court hotel which has been grandly adapted to suit the modern couple in a historic building. The rooms are as gorgeous as they are incredible, as is the courtyard and garden. In every room there’s a view that gets more beautiful by the second – if you’re lucky, you could be enjoying views of York Minster!



Images via Grays Court

The Principal York Hotel

This lovely hotel is just steps from the train station and around the corner from some of the best of the city. The Principal York is the perfect blend of modern and ancient, having been decorated with the comforts fit for a modern couple within the late-Victorian architecture.

the-principal-york-hotelImage via The Principal York Hotel

Hotel Indigo York

This boutique hotel in the heart of York offers a warm Yorkshire welcome with its modern rooms and outstanding restaurant. This charming hotel offers friendly service with a bonus on tips and tricks to get the most out of the city. When you’re not out exploring, you can be living it up in style and comfort at the Hotel Indigo.

hotel-indigo-yorkImage via Hotel Indigo York

The Mount Royale Hotel & Spa

This lovely hotel will take you straight to the very heart of the city – and at the same time will provide luxury and comfort beyond anything you could have imagined. As a winner of the Historic Hotel Award, the hotel lives up to its excellence, and doesn’t skip on the beauty. Step into the heart of the city in this incredible hotel.

mount-royale-hotel-and-spaImage via The Mount Royale Hotel & Spa

5 Places to Visit

York is famous for the York Minster, but that’s only just the beginning. While you’re here, take the time to explore the entire city and all it has to offer. Make sure to pack a camera for some splendid shots, and remember to take a moment to enjoy the romantic ambiance that has become the heart and soul of the city.

York Minster

When you step into this architecturally stunning building you’re initially greeted by the world famous stained glass windows that cast a romantic light across the room. As you move further into the building, there’s the historic artefacts that make up the great city, and incredible architecture that has made this building a relic of a different time. Tour the building on one of their guided tours to feel the call of history.

york-minster-toursImage via

The Shambles

When in York, you must visit The Shambles! The ancient, charming street is lined by buildings right out of a medieval scene and is now one of the most popular places for tourists to pick up a souvenir or two! Arguably the best preserved medieval street in the world, The Shambles is both a delight on the eyes as it is on your coins!

3fee419a9a9f0488a8d2f08986f3d2ac-shamblesImage via Lonely Planet

The York Castle Museum

The York Castle Museum is one of the most renowned displays across the city. The grand building houses an extraordinary array of social history – and a former debtor’s prison and former women’s prison! To say its history is exciting is an understatement! Step into the architectural phenomenon for a true glimpse into history. The museum offers a variety of tours, so stop by reception to arrange something private., via York Museums Trust

Mansion House

The Mansion House was built to allow the Lord Mayor to entertain visitors, as well as to present collections of history. The building stands out as one of the most exciting in York, and there’s an abundance of activities to keep you busy inside. To start, book a guided tour and set out for just one of many exciting adventures on your honeymoon!

Yorkshire Heart Vineyard and Brewery

The hardworking team behind the award-winning, family-run vineyard are always ready with a tour and tastings, meetings, parties and weddings, as well as overnight stays! The vineyard makes for one of the most spectacular scenes across York and it is fast becoming recognised as one of the cities most prized attractions! Have a look at their services and book a tour or two to complete your honeymoon!

yorkshire-heart-vineyard-and-breweryImage via Yorkshire Heart Vineyard and Brewery

5 Things to Do

With no shortage of things to do, York has you covered for every moment. Whether it’s dancing the night away under the stars or wandering in and out of ancient buildings, you’re sure to find something that makes your honeymoon that much more special.

Feel Like a Roman

The city is famously known for having been founded by the ancient Romans, so it’s no surprise that the ancient architecture can make you feel like you have stepped back in time to a place where romance is in the history. With any number of tours, like with BOBH and Yorkshire Day Tours, you can be sure to feel like a Roman in no time!

Castle HowardImage via Yorkshire Day Tours

Escape Into Music

York has no shortage on spectacular theatres, so why not pencil it in onto your bucket list. The shows are so renowned and spectacular that you will be dancing to the melody long after the curtains close. Stop by Seymour York Theatre, Grand Opera House York and York Theatre Royal for some of the most amazing shows of the decade.

Yorkboat Takes to the Water

For a spectacular opportunity to see the buildings, bridges, and historic sites that make up the charming city of York, you can’t go past the Yorkboat. As it sails around the city, you can put your feet with a glass of champagne and watch as the city lights up as the sun sets. It’s an incredible option for your honeymoon!

yorkboatImage via Yorkboat

Romantic Garden Strolls

A honeymoon isn’t ever really complete without a long, scenic walk. For some places, this is along the shores of a beach, but in York it’s surrounded by flowers that bloom in a thousand colours. It’s nothing short of romantic – and incredibly gorgeous! There are gardens everywhere to enjoy, so be sure to add it on your list of musts!

York’s Chocolate Story

Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate! Is there anything better? At York’s Chocolate Story you’re surrounded by the history of chocolate and the chocolatiers that have made York one of the most exciting cities in England! As the home of chocolate, you’re sure to fall more in love with this guilty pleasure!

yorks-chocolate-storyImage via York’s Chocolate Story

York embodies everything that makes England one of the most amazing countries in the world. Not only are you stepping back into a history rich with culture and tradition, but you’re welcomed by a romantic ambiance that has become so much a part of the city that you’re never too far from a hidden gem of a moment. It’s one of the most exciting, historic, charming, and romantic places to honeymoon!

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Discover history at every turn in this beautifully romantic medieval city; a trip to York Minster is a must!

Post Honeymoon Housekeeping: Top Tips To Be An Organised Newlywed

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Anika Reynolds

Tips To Be An Organised Newlywed

Image by Anika Reynolds

If you and your love are departing on your honeymoon only a few days or weeks after your wedding, chances are it will be a bit of a whirlwind! Apart from packing, spending time visiting relatives and daydreaming about romantic days away with your spouse, there probably won’t be much time (or motivation) between saying ‘I do’ and boarding your flight for thank you notes or household admin.

But, once the honeymoon is over, what’s next? Well apart from many years of married bliss, there are a few things you could put on your post-honeymoon to-do list to make life as a newlywed a little smoother!

Sort out your honeymoon photos: No doubt you will share a few honeymoon happy snaps on social media, but have you given much thought as to what you will ultimately do with all those gorgeous on-location photos? Firstly, ensure they’re safely stored, by keeping multiple copies on your laptops, saving them to a hard drive or using cloud storage. After the image storage is taken care of, you might like to cull, organise and refine them down into your treasured favourites to avoid holding on to digital clutter.

Then, it’s time to display! Although it might initially seem like a bit of a chore – it’s so nice to take the time to curate your photos into an album or professionally printed memory book, or print a few favourites to create your own gallery wall.

Thank your guests and vendors: Chances are, you won’t have time to write your thank you notes pre-honeymoon, but it really is important to acknowledge your guests’ attendance and gifts. Handwriting each one can be time consuming, but if you have the patience, it’s definitely worthwhile, as your guests will appreciate the gesture of a personal message. But if time doesn’t permit, a printed card with a wedding photo and general message of gratitude is perfectly acceptable too. You may also like to send a card to some of your vendors who helped make your day extra special – such as your photographer, wedding planner or dress designer.


Images by Little Flamingo Creative Stationery via Guide To Correct Wedding Invitation Etiquette

Get your dress dry-cleaned: The sooner you get onto this the better, to ensure wine spills, grass stains and dirt can be removed! Make sure the dry cleaner you select is familiar with looking after gowns and delicate fabrics, and ideally opt for an eco dry cleaner who doesn’t use harsh products. Once cleaned, safely store your gown in an archive box or non-plastic garment bag which won’t emit fumes onto the fabric. For some professional tips, see What Would They Know? Sally Conant of Association of Wedding Gown Specialists as she chats about the importance of looking after your gown, post-wedding.

Archive your wedding memories: As well as photos, your wedding video and your dress, it’s a lovely idea to also treasure a few significant wedding items for future reminiscing. Purchase a large durable box (try Kikki K) and add some of the special details from the day, such as your invitation suite, menu, ceremony proceedings, an example of your favours or the original copies of your vows!

Modern Collingwood Childrens Farm Wedding | Polka Dot Bride

Image by Hails and Shine via Jenny & Jared’s Modern Collingwood Childrens Farm Wedding


Image by Photography By Emma Pointon via Shelley & Kyle’s Elegant Frasers Restaurant Wedding


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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Wonderful advice about the things to do after your honeymoon; sorting out your photos will help you re-live the precious moments….

About Anika: I’m a freelance writer with a love of weddings and creatively styled events. I have a penchant for pretty stationery and perfectly put together cheese plates, and a never-ending sense of wanderlust!

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