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48 Hours In Broome

by | Destinations, Honeymoons, Location Australia


Polka Dot Bride

Broome Sunset 48 Hours In Broome

In September, Mr Polka and I were lucky enough to head over to Broome to experience the romance and beauty of this West Australian town. You can read all the details over on the Expedia blog today, but I thought I’d give you a quick rundown of my way of spending 48 hours!

Day One:

Upon arriving at Broome airport, take a taxi or arrange a bus pickup with your hotek.

We stayed at Bali Hai Resort & Spa, an Indonesian inspired oasis on Cable Beach. There are two areas to stay in Broome – one more near Broome’s town centre and the Cable Beach area (which is all within ten minutes walk of the beach). Make sure you’ve pre booked a spa treatment at the resort’s onsite spa – it will be just the relaxation kick-start you need for your honeymoon break!

Cable Beach 48 Hours In Broome

After a quick lunch at the resort’s onsite café, await your pickup for Intombi Sunset Cruise. This historic pearl lugger cruises along Cable Beach with a plentiful food and drink to make sure you enjoy the sunset in only the most romantic of ways. I have to admit, this was my favourite Broome sunset and quite possibly my favourite Broome experience. Nothing says romance like watching the sun drop into the ocean with a gin and tonic in hand, a cheese platter at your feet and the sails above your head.

For dinner, ask Amy (from Intombi) to drop you in town! There are plenty of restaurants to enjoy in Broome. 18 Degrees has become a local favourite for their delicious tapas inspired menu.

Day Two:

There is no time in Broome for sleep ins, rather the town seems to wake up early to beat the heat so book the 8am pickup for the Willie Creek Pearl Farm Tour 38km north of Broome.

Willie Creek Pearl Farm0002 48 Hours In Broome

After enjoying a brief education session about just how a pearl is created (including plenty of hands on action!) enjoy a damper morning snack before heading out on the boat to the pearl farm for more education and possible crocodile sightings. End your time at Willie Creek with a shop around the pearl showroom – which features some of the best and most beautiful of Broome’s pearl collections.

Willie Creek Pearl Farm0005 48 Hours In Broome

After the drive back to Broome, ask the bus driver to drop you at local brewery Matsos for a beer flight tasting (our damper earlier that day had been made with their Mango beer), an icy cold (non alcoholic) ginger beer and an award winning steak sandwich.

There will be just enough time to explore the beautiful Cable Beach and get some serious sun time in before heading to Cable Beach for your next must do – a sunset camel ride with Broome Camel Safaris. After you meet your camel and hop “onboard” the gentle rocking motion lulls you into a deep sense of peace as the golden sun drops into the ocean. As the sun says its final farewell, the camels stand to attention allowing you to really take it all in.

Broome Camels0003 48 Hours In Broome

Head up the beach to the Sunset Bar (Part of Cable Beach Club Resort & Spa)- it’s said to be the best place in Broome to watch the sunset and is always bustling once that golden hour hits. Cocktails and food are well deserved (even if you probably do smell a little like camel, I’m sure it’s something the staff are used to!).

Day Three:

Pack up early and head to Broome’s Dampier Terrace. Pearl shop after pearl shop – Willie Creek Pearls, Kailis Pearls, Galwey Pearls and Allure South Sea Pearls (formerly Linneys), to the loose pearl hub of Cygnet Bay (which also houses Broome’s largest South Sea Pearl at a massive 22.24mm in diameter).

A wander along Broome’s main shopping strip before you bid adieu and head to the airport.


Read my top five romantic adventures in Broome with the full reviews over on Expedia today!


The Polkas traveled to Broome courtesy of Expedia and Australia’s North West Tourism.


Honeymoon Style Guide: Broome Adventuring

by | Honeymoon Style, Honeymoons


Polka Dot Bride

Ah, the sweltering heat of Broome! Mr Polka and I recently took a little jaunt to the North West to visit this amazing town and to get you ready for the plethora of posts about our adventures, I put together a little style guide!

broome style guide Honeymoon Style Guide: Broome Adventuring


Skirt from Gorman, Modern linen tee from Trenery, Halogen Leather Belt from Nordstrom, gold Saltwater sandals from The Iconic,  gold button studs from Witchery, Mim Duo Hip Bag from Mimco

Broome’s heat is scorching but for me, I’m not one to wear shorts (I’m always a girly girl!) so instead opted for light, flowing midi skirts with a simple top and coloured belt.

I always love a hip bag when I’m traveling to keep my hands free (especially when I’m normally lugging a heavy camera bag!) and my Saltwater sandals (which my mother calls my school sandals) are incredibly comfortable (something I don’t often find in a shoe!) and beach friendly. With Broome’s coast to rugged dirt landscape, flexibility and keeping cool is key!

Jade Mountain St Lucia

by | Destinations, Honeymoons, Location South America


Polka Dot Bride

jade mountain014 Jade Mountain St Lucia

If something is going to make a honeymoon the most memorable trip of a lifetime, it’s the view and I think today’s resort- Jade Mountain St Lucia pretty much blows any views you’ve seen before out of the water.

jade mountain006 Jade Mountain St Lucia

Architect owner Nick Troubetzkoy, designed the resort so that each guest feels like they’re the only inhabitants, the resort is children and mobile phone free, allowing guests to enjoy the tranquility and atmosphere the staff work so hard to provide.

jade mountain009 Jade Mountain St Lucia

Located in the Caribbean, the resort houses 29 guest rooms. Each designed to take in the sweeping views and most have infinity pools to really take in the vast views of the Caribbean sea and the majestic mountain vistas.

The basic rooms, called the “SKY” suites have a completely open wall, but are all set within the resort so that privacy is of utmost importance. The base suites might be without an infinity pool, but they do include a jacuzzi and 1650 square feet of room while Infinity pool rooms start with the  “STAR” Infinity Pool Sanctuaries a massive 1400 – 1800 square feet. Each features beautifully crafted outdoor furniture- because you’re going to want to enjoy every second of that view.

jade mountain003 Jade Mountain St Lucia

jade mountain005 Jade Mountain St Lucia

jade mountain015 Jade Mountain St Lucia

The grandest suites of all- the “GALAXY” Infinity Pool Sanctuaries sit highest on the resort and feature 15ft high ceilings, a completely open wall, beautiful hardwood furniture and flooring (all sourced ethically and environmentally friendly), the pools themselves, covered in one of a kind glass tiles come in at 900 square feet in the Galaxy suites.

jade mountain007 Jade Mountain St Lucia

jade mountain018 Jade Mountain St Lucia

All rooms feature the most luxury of features- a king sized bed, a butler, rain showers, the resorts own “firfly” device allowing you to contact the service team whenever and wherever you wish. The resort abides by it’s technology free stance with rooms fitted without telephones, television or radio.

jade mountain004 Jade Mountain St Lucia

jade mountain023 Jade Mountain St Lucia

jade mountain013 Jade Mountain St Lucia

jade mountain021 Jade Mountain St Lucia

jade mountain001 Jade Mountain St Lucia

The resort staff love to be challenged- so while typical on site amenities like tennis courts, a day spa, water-sports equipment, soft sand beaches and a restaurant run by an award winning chef are all available to guests, they also love to create experiences that are completely special and unique to you. Think private dining on the beach, sunset sailing, a sunrise treatment at the suphur springs- they can even arrange a helicopter transfer to and from the island.

jade mountain024 Jade Mountain St Lucia

jade mountain010 Jade Mountain St Lucia

jade mountain020 Jade Mountain St Lucia

If you’re looking for a once in a lifetime experience for your honeymoon, then I think Jade Moutanin St Lucia might be up there for one of the most romantic places in the world. Well, you’ll have to trust me and report upon your return!

jade mountain008 Jade Mountain St Lucia

Photos from Jade Moutanin St Lucia

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