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Honeymoons A – Z: Quebec City

by | Honeymoons, Honeymoons A-Z, Location - North America


Naomi Neilson

Quebec City honeymoon

Image via Luc-Antoine Couturier

Imagine wandering through the cobblestone streets of Quebec’s largest province with your partner by your side, freely admiring the seamlessly gorgeous blends of new and old. The array of world-class shopping, exquisite dining, and a vast history of tradition is enriched by the immensely beautiful blend of Canada and France all in one perfect city. Depending on the time of your visit, Quebec City accommodates all four seasons in the most delightful way possible – and then there are the destinations and locations that remain exciting and incredible all year round! Quebec City is just spectacular!

Quebec City
Image via Ville de Quebec

5 Places to Stay

From the traditional hotels that are still full of the culture of the city, to beds and breakfasts that are incredibly charming in the way only they can be, you’re sure to find somewhere perfect to spend your time in between honeymoon adventures.

Le Bonne Entente

This charming 5-star hotel offers complete relaxation and luxury that can only come from 65 years of successful experience. The interior of Le Bonne is just as incredibly sweet as the exterior, and with a wide range of restaurants to choose from and their premium location, it’s just perfect!

Image via Le Bonne Entente

ALT Hotel Quebec

This refreshingly contemporary hotel provides luxury and relaxation in the centre of Quebec City. Overlooking the beauty of the street, the rooms are a modern escape from the outside world. When you’re all refreshed, head down to the Bistango Restaurant for a delicious meal.

Image via ALT Hotel Quebec

J.A. Moisan L’Auberge

The L’Auberge is one of the most incredible places to stay in all of Quebec City! The charming inn was built in 1805 and still maintains the Victorian air that was the source of its beauty over 200 hundred years ago! The inn is also home to the oldest gourmet food store in all of North America.


Image via J.A. Moisan L’Auberge

Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac

Ideally located in Quebec City, this hotel is brilliant in blending the old with the new all in one exclusively gorgeous resort. The heritage and history of the hotel is accentuated by the private concierge, personalised service, and the array of exquisite dining experiences.

Image via Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac

Chalets Plage Saint-Jean

In this lovely resort you enjoy an entire cottage to yourself! The close locale and fully equipped chalets are made that much more charming by the beautiful views that surround each cottage. Enjoy breakfast by the St. Lawrence River, and then kayak out for some of the best experiences in Quebec City.

Image via Chalets Plage-Saint Jean

5 Places to Visit

There is so much to see in Quebec City! Everything within the walls of the historic city is brimming with exciting adventure – and in each is a hidden gem worth exploring! Make sure you venture out to experience it all!

Plains of Abraham

This incredible parkland is a natural attraction that is just as beautiful now as it was in 1908 when it was made to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the founding of Quebec. Almost everything happens at this park, from festivals to shows aplenty. And on the outskirts there’s plenty more to see!

Image via Quebec City Tourism

Rue Saint-Jean

Make sure to take a day to stroll through the lanes of Saint-Jean. Along this road you’ll find a lovely mix of boutiques, restaurants, churches and historic buildings that all contribute to the incredible architectural value of the city. The Rue Saint-Jean is a highly celebrated gateway to Old Quebec.

Place Royale and Petit-Champlain

This legendary square is full of incredible history! The amazing architecture that surrounds the square includes a fort, storehouse, trading post and an ancient place of residence. As the first permanent French settlement in North America, it’s easy to feel like you’re walking the streets of Paris!

Image via Quebec City Tourism

Old Port

For outstanding panoramic views, be absolutely sure you take the time to visit the Old Port of Quebec City. Here you’re greeted by picturesque, romantic architecture that looks like it could have easily been a castle in another time! Enjoy stunning views and incredible culture by the St. Lawrence River.

Parliament Hill

When you’re in Quebec City, you really can’t afford to miss Parliament Hill! The Fontaine de Tourny is especially stunning and serves as one of the most spectacular backdrops to the hill! For an even more incredible experience, head on over to Porte Saint-Louis (just mere minutes from Parliament Hill) to complete the quirky and charming adventure!

Image via Tours Voir Quebec

5 Things to Do

Amongst the incredible architecture you’re absolutely sure to find something so spectacular you’ll want to take a different tour every day for your entire honeymoon!

Horse-Drawn Carriage Tours

Discover the absolute pleasure of a horse-drawn carriage ride through the streets of Old Quebec with Caleches Quebec, a team dedicated to providing the most wonderful tour experience in all of Quebec City! It’s truly one of the most unique and memorable ways to see the beauty of the city; if you’re there in winter, we highly recommend this as a “must do”!

Image via Caleches Quebec

Festivals and Events

Quebec City has festivals and events all year round so you’re sure to come across something during your honeymoon. Consider the German Christmas Market or the Festival d’ete de Quebec for a must-see experiences.

Hidden Gems Routes and Trails

Discover the abundance of hidden gems in Quebec City on a walking, bus or bike tour through the city! Tour services, such as Cicerone Tours and Tours Voir Quebec, offer exclusive access to the best of the city. Take your time wandering the streets of the fortified area and enjoy access to some of the best attractions of the region – all the while enjoying the romance!

Image via Tours Voir Quebec

Museums and Galleries

For a truly remarkable experience, and to finish off the historic adventure of your honeymoon, make sure to stop in at as many museums and galleries as possible! The entirety of Quebec City is like an open-ended museum. To get your concentrated dose, check out the Musee de la Civilisation, the Musee de la Place Royale, and the Morrin Centre amongst others!

Native Tourism

For a truly historic and culture experience in Quebec City, consider Quebec Aboriginal Tourism for a tour of a lifetime! On any of their nature tours, you and your significant other will get to see life through the eyes of Quebec’s oldest citizens, as well as have exclusive access to a vast richness of knowledge.

Image via Quebec Aboriginal Tourism

Quebec City is an incredible array of history steeped in culture and tradition. The ancient architecture blends French and Canadian culture and provides a range of new, contemporary experiences that rival that of the old. Be sure to pack a camera, because you will  be taking a lot of memories back home with you!


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Ms Chinoiserie Says: With chic sophistication melding beautifully with fascinating history and charm, Quebec City is one for the romantics!

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Summer Honeymoon Skincare Essentials

by | Honeymoon Essentials, Honeymoons


Anika Reynolds


During the lead up to your special day, you have no doubt been taking extra special care of your skin – perhaps by booking a series of peels or treatments, following a cleaner eating regime or stocking up on skincare that packs a punch.

However, have you thought about how to maintain that ‘I do’ glow after the big day? A summer honeymoon calls for radiant, hydrated skin, but chances are, during your romantic escape, you will indulge a little (or a lot!) and may get a little lax on your skincare routine.

Add a long haul flight, dehydration, salt water, heat and humidity, and your skin could look less-than-luscious a few days into your vacay. Luckily, by packing a few skin saviours you can achieve great skin all honeymoon – without compromising on cocktails!

1.ProPlenish Marine Collagen
Combat lacklustre skin, brittle nails and dull hair with a serving of collagen on-the-go! ProPlenish is edible marine collagen sourced from deep-sea fish and hydrolysed for maximum absorption. It’s designed to restore your body with the nutrients it needs to produce healthy hair, skin and nails – all of which rely on the all-important protein, collagen.

With daily use, you will notice plump, hydrated skin, smoothing of fine lines and an even skin tone – giving you a gorgeous honeymoon glow! Pop a ProPlenish travel set in your suitcase to enjoy 10 servings in both flavourless and lemon flavour.

2. Eco Tan Natural Coconut Sunscreen
Sunburned skin is definitely not a good honeymoon look, so packing quality sun protection is a must! Opt for an organic sunscreen like Australian-made Eco Tan Natural Coconut Sunscreen.

Made from natural mineral zinc, it offers both UVA and UVB protection for up to three hours. Plus, it’s reef friendly, so you can safely snorkel over coral reefs!

3. Clarisonic
Whisk away dirt, sunscreen, sweat and makeup after a long day of swimming and exploring and deep cleanse to reveal salon-style skin! The brush heads on the Clarisonic range of sonic technology devices oscillate at more than 300 movements per second – resulting in thoroughly cleansed and smoother skin.

This super swift skincare ritual (it literally only takes one minute) is the perfect way to combat congestion, blemishes and uneven skin tone which are prone to arise in warmer climes.

4. The Super Elixir Alkalising Greens
A summer honeymoon spells relaxed beach days, resort-size buffet breakfasts and of course, cocktail hour! Enter The Super Elixir Alkalising Greens: a potent supplement comprising 45 carefully selected natural ingredients including organic wholefoods, digestive enzymes and Chinese herbs. The ultimate beach body Elle Macpherson and her own doctor Dr Simone Laubscher created the super supplement as a simple, yet effective way to boost overall health and energy levels.

Expertly measured to optimum ratios, the supplement contains vitamins, minerals and trace elements which will help you feel revitalised, fresh and rebalanced during days of dining indulgences. The travel set of alkalising greens contains seven individual servings – perfect for wellness away from home.

5. Eco Tan Cacao Firming Mousse
Step off the plane looking naturally bronzed, beautiful and ready to post that all-important ‘we have arrived!’ photo. This luscious, organic tanning mousse delivers a gorgeous rich colour, while also helping to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

A delicious concoction of certified organic coffee, aloe vera, cacao, blood orange, ginger and mandarin, the Eco Tan Cacao Firming Mousse is free from any synthetic ingredients and parabens.


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Ms Chinoiserie Say: The definite ‘must have’ list for honeymoon beauty – perfect for luscious skin!

About Anika: I’m a freelance writer with a love of weddings and creatively styled events. I have a penchant for pretty stationery and perfectly put together cheese plates, and a never-ending sense of wanderlust!

Five Favourite Spots In London For Tea And Treats

by | Five Places..., Honeymoons, Location Europe


Nicola Goring


Image via The Royal Parks

When you’re travelling through a new city, or even returning to one you’ve visited previously, it’s always helpful to know where you can find a good cup of tea and some treats. I’m not a coffee drinker, so I will not attempt to guide you to the perfect flat white in London! However, I know a few lovely places that will be a welcome spot to rest your feet and tuck into some well deserved morning or afternoon refreshment.

 1. Serpentine Bar & Kitchen

Based in the centre of Hyde Park, you are likely to stumble across this cafe on a walk through the pretty park itself. It is always busy, and if you’ve arrived on a fine day you may need nerves of steel to find a table outside overlooking the water. But once settled, you will find an oasis of calm in the middle of the bustling city. You’ll find a large menu filled with tasty beverages and snacks, including the option to grab a picnic and sit on the grass. The perfect spot on a warm day to rest your feet and enjoy the beautiful view.



2. Cafe Liberty

Being one of the most photogenic places in London, if you’re a flower or fabric lover you’ll know this spot well. Once you’ve had a browse through the gorgeous goods and interior (extra lovely if you’ve come at Christmas time), pop up to the Cafe on level two. You can treat yourself to a cream tea as you sit above the busyness of the London streets, and enjoy the bonus of some decadent shopping. Definitely one for the ladies!



3. The V&A Cafe

If you’re doing the circuit of galleries and museums whilst in London, you don’t have to go far to find a beautiful spot for some scones and a pot of tea. The National Portrait Gallery does a superb High Tea, and the Wallace Restaurant in the Wallace Collection gallery does a beautiful afternoon tea and boasts a truly beautiful interior. The V&A Cafe is cafeteria style in some aspects, but the interior is so lovely it’s definitely worth it. As you wait on your delicious goodies you’ll be distracted by the grand sweeping ceilings and giant chandeliers, and be intrigued by the incredible collections the gallery has on offer. A superb place to while away a few hours, all in the name of art.



4. Harrods Food Hall

Some avoid Harrods like the plague in London. It is likely one of the busiest places you will ever find yourself in! However, picture a chocolate hazelnut filled cronut sitting prettily in a patisserie cabinet, and you may be lured in. Once you find yourself safely ensconced in the Food Hall, the options are limitless! You can sit at the bar and have a mug of Belgium hot chocolate, you can pick and choose some finer treats for a picnic in the park, or you can graze at the cakes and sweets section. There you will find every sort of cake, fudge, Turkish delight and baked good you can imagine. Enjoy!


5. Sacred Cafe Carnaby Street

A small cafe squeezed in the rambling streets of Carnaby Street, Sacred Cafe offers what I am told is some of the best coffee in London. Created by New Zealanders, they know their stuff. The food is simple and delicious, and if you’re a tea drinker like myself you will be charmed by the whimsical teapot. You may need to wait for a seat, but it’s worth it for the yummy treats and some excellent people watching.


There will clearly be hundreds if not thousands more incredible places for a spot of afternoon tea in London-town, but these places are all tried, tested and true. If you’re needing a comfy seat, some delicious refreshments and maybe even an extra special treat, this is a good place to start.

Let me know if you have any more good places for a treat in London, I’d love to know where your favourites are!

All images unless otherwise credited by Nicola Goring

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: I’m in absolute heaven – a cup of tea whilst sitting amongst the most beautiful flowers at Cafe Liberty sounds too good to be true!

About Nicola Goring – I’m Nicola, the florist and crafter behind rubyandjoy. I’m a gardening, fabric loving, mint tea drinking, brownie baking, book obsessed maker! I love a good adventure having just moved back from five years in Scotland (with my lovely Scottish husband).

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