Angie is a woman of many talents. She’s a publicist by training, a freelance journalist, TV personality and a travel and lifestyle blogger. You may have read her blog Angie Away or seen her on Instagram where she has over 67,000 followers! Angie has been blogging since 2006 but decided to do it professionally in 2010 after quitting her job at a PR agency to travel the world by herself. It was on this journey that she started Angie Away. Originally her trip was only supposed to last a year but the travel bug caught Angie and she’s been on the go ever since!

Recently Angie became a newlywed and has her sights set on some future milestones like becoming a foster parent, a best-selling author and a screen-writer. She says “If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough, right?” We couldn’t agree more!

What is your favourite region?

In the whole world? It’s impossible to pick just one! At the moment I’m loving the Caribbean. It’s so easy to get to from my home base in Florida. My husband and I can visit on long weekends and never suffer from jet-lag. I love all the influences in the Caribbean as well. Island-hopping gives me the chance to practice my French and Spanish, and eat unbelievably fresh seafood.

Top resort recommendation?

That’s a tough decision – there have been so many great ones! I love Belle Mont Farm in St. Kitts, Koa Kea in Kauai, the Myconian Ambassador in Greece, the Indigo Pearl in Phuket, Pink Sands on Harbour Island… I could go on forever and ever. I love hotels!

Suggestions for great honeymoon activities?

My husband and I stayed at an all-inclusive with a butler for our honeymoon, and while it was expensive, I’m glad we did it. It just added extra oomph and sophistication to the week. It was so nice to be spoiled! We also made some time to rent a car and escape the property, so we did feel like we had our own special adventure outside the gates. I say it’s your honeymoon – you only get to do it once. So save money on the wedding where you can (I did our decor and made my own bouquets) and put it toward fun activities and luxurious honeymoon accommodations.

The ideal location for a proposal?

My husband proposed to me on a beach, which would’ve been lovely if it wasn’t the coldest day of the year! We also got married on the beach and renewed our vows on the beach. WE LOVE THE BEACH. But, if you’re in love, location doesn’t matter. He could’ve asked me in an alley behind a bar and I would’ve said yes.

Best kept secret honeymoon location?

Far-flung locations with over water bungalows get a lot of press, but there’s something to be said about going somewhere closer and saving the long journey for an anniversary celebration in a year or two. There’s nothing quite so exhausting as your actual wedding day, so the less stress you can put on yourself in the week after, the better. Plus if your destination wedding turns out to be a disaster like ours was, you will have time to recover rather than having to spend 36 hours on a flight the next day. I cannot imagine how we would’ve fared if we had a long-haul trip ahead of us after what turned out to be a very trying wedding week.

All images via Angie from Angie Away

Ms Polka Dot says: Great advice choosing somewhere closer for your honeymoon and saving the long haul trip for a future date. I can’t imagine arriving so tired that you can’t even see straight would be a great start to a honeymoon!

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Popular travel blogger Arnette from Round the World Girl stopped by our virtual travel lounge to give us the best in honeymoon tips. She also shared some serious wanderlust inducing pictures from her travels.

Arnette originally began in the sports and fashion industries but after some personal tragedies she quit her job, sold her things and decided it was time for a round the world trip. After her worldwide journey came to an end, she decided not to go back to an office job and but instead work freelance consulting to different brands and companies doing everything from social media, strategic branding, research and more. She started Round The World Girl as a place to share experiences and travel tips with friends and family. Luckily for her it has since grown and expanded over her social media channels and she has been able to go on some amazing trips because of it.

Follow on below for her top recommendations, I think we might just have to add Canada to our own travel list!

What is your favourite region?

This is always a tough question because I love so many places but I absolutely love Southeast Asia. I love the kindness of the people, the heat, how budget friendly it can be, and of course, the food!
El Nido, Phillippines

Top resort recommendation?
I stayed at Sonora Resort in Western Canada which is a Relais and Chateaux property and my experience still has yet to be topped. One of the two ways to get there is via helicopter, the food is absolutely amazing, the surrounding is beautiful, and the staff extremely genuine and friendly. My fishing and boat guides were both female and marine biologists!
Sonora Resort, Canada
Suggestions for great honeymoon activities?

After all of the stress of planning a wedding, definitely just rest and relax. Get massages and spa treatments, eat delicious food, get pampered and bask in new marital bliss! Go explore your honeymoon destination and take tons of photos that will provide wonderful memories.

The ideal location for a proposal?

Somewhere absolutely scenic so that you not only get a proposal but you get the most stunning photos to boot! I recently saw an engagement shoot for two professional photographers underneath the Northern Lights. So dreamy!

Best kept secret honeymoon location?

Canada. I think most people automatically think of a hot island destination when they think of honeymoon. In Canada there are beaches, mountains, lakes, stunning landscapes, regional food, and friendly people. It is also very safe!

Banff, Canada
 All images via Arnette from Round the World Girl
Ms Polka Dot says: Beautiful Canada – where the scenery is magnificent, the country wide and varied and the people understand our Aussie sense of humour!

Image via Get Your Guide

Fancy a honeymoon where you’ll experience the traditional feel of Spain? A honeymoon where the food will awaken your tastebuds and where you’ll fall in love with the culture?  If you said yes, yes and yes, Cordoba Spain is more than perfect for you and your loved one to discover.

Whilst more popular destinations in Spain like Barcelona and Madrid draw flocks of tourists, Cordoba is left as a hidden gem with far fewer crowds and far fewer lines! This city will have you wanting to explore more, learn more and unwind in the colourful restaurants sipping sangria and enjoying a show by local dancers.

You’ll find Cordoba in the region of Andalusia, southern Spain. This city is full of history having been conquered by Muslim armies in the eighth century and returning to Christian rule in 1236. Throughout the city you will see reference to its history in the architecture and art. Come and explore all that Cordoba has to offer.

Where to stay:

Eurostars Patios De Cordoba

Close to all the action is Eurostars Patios De Cordoba who have the perfect room for your honeymoon. The Room Deluxe Wedding Night will have you relaxed with all the amenities you’d ever need including a bath, Moët & Chandon, fruit and chocolate, rose petals and VIP bath amenities.

Image via Eurostars Patios De Cordoba

You’ll feel the history as you walk through the architecturally beautiful hotel. Archaeological remains were unearthed in the very land the hotel is built on. The souvenirs found included roman tombs, a well, hydraulic fountains, an Almohade wall and even a well from the Caliphate. This gem is located right in the city centre making it an easy walk to all the things you’ll want to see on your journey discovering the city.

Image via Eurostars Patios De Cordoba

Hospes Palacio del Bailio

Image via Hospes Palacio del Bailio

For an incredibly luxurious retreat stay at the Hospes Palacio del Bailio. Stay in the Dreamers Room, one of the deluxe suites available at the hotel. The spacious room features wooden floors and original artworks from the 18th century. Relax with modern amenities and unwind in a dreamy bathtub.

Images via Hospes Palacio de Bailio

As an added bonus the hotel features a restaurant and a bar for when you want to spend a night in. Restaurante Arbequina uses traditional ingredients that were used by the Romans and the Arabians. The guaranteed flavour of this restaurant will have you adding this to you memory books when you get home from your trip. Escape from it all at the Bodyna spa where ancient techniques and natural products are used to revitalise the mind and body.

What to do:

Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs

Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs (Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos), picturesque gardens are the perfect place to unwind and go for a stroll. The current gardens were formed in the middle of the twentieth century and feature fountains and pools.

Image via Bec Lawrence

Wander the castle that sits with perfect views of the gardens. Uncover history in the museum and learn about those who once called this place home. Construction began on the current towers in 1328. You can climb to the top and take in the views of this beautiful city. This is something not to be missed!

Image via Bec Lawrence

Admission will only set you back a very small 4 euros fifty.


The Mezquita in Cordoba has to be one of the most beautifully architectural sites you will see. Essentially the Mezquita is a church that was transferred to a mosque in the year 784. When Cordoba returned to Christian rule in 1236 the building was again transformed but this time to represent a Roman Catholic church and to this day it remains. The building represents a collection of different religions as they each made their stamp on history. You’ll find it to be one of the more popular attractions in Cordoba so get in early to miss the crowds.

Image via Where RV Now?

Where to eat:

Patio de la Juderia

Patio de la Juderia is one of those places you will never forget and we speak from experience. You’ll find this hidden gem as you walk through streets of white buildings decorated with brightly coloured flowers. The man on the door might invite you in or persuade you by telling you how amazing the food tastes. He’s not lying, you’d be missing out if you didn’t eat here. Enjoy a real taste of Spain and watch flamenco dancers take the stage, listen to the guitar as you sip on a glass of wine and fall in love with all that is the Spanish culture.

This intimate setting will make you feel like you’re in the heart of Spain. Whether you get fish, chicken or whatever else you may feel like, the food is incredible and what better time to share such an experience than on your honeymoon with your one and only.
Ms Polka Dot says: History, views, good food and great hotels – what more could you want. Tapas anyone?