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Honeymoon In The Gili Islands

by | Destinations, Honeymoons


Camille Davies

You know the tropical island paradise you dream about? White sand, turquoise water, and more rum than you know what to do with? Well, it’s real, and it’s totally within reach for the average Aussie. The Gili islands, a trio of islands off the coast of Lombok, are a stunning combination of sunshine, sand, and sea, making them perfect honeymoon spots – and super easy to get to from Australia.

The biggest tourist hit is Gili Trawangan, but Meno and Air are both gaining in popularity – and they both have a reputation as ideal honeymoon getaways due to their more laid back and gentle rustic atmosphere. Gili Trawangan is arguably the most developed of the three, with Meno coming in a close second, but there are still absolutely no motor vehicles on any of the islands – cycling, walking, or hiring a Cidomo (horse and cart) for a few dollars are the main ways of getting around. Of course, this means peace and quiet are one of the many virtues of these beautiful islands.

Accommodation varies from the budget to the luxurious – mostly private bungalows and villas, (which are the staple of any Indonesian holiday!), but there are also a fair few luxury hotels and spas. The three islands each offer their own little slice of heaven, but Trawangan is definitely the busiest of the three – so if you’re looking for seclusion, head to the smaller Meno or Air! Boats between islands are available though – so if you change your mind, the other islands are only a short boat ride away.

If you are party animals, there are plenty of bars and lots of great restaurants packed to the rafters on Trawangan – but if you prefer a little more intimacy, then there are several secluded and quiet spots to enjoy a good meal in each other’s company. During my own stay on Gili Trawangan, I saw one couple enjoying a private meal on the beach at sunset, in a rose strewn bower overlooking the sea – I can’t think of a more perfect setting!

For the adventurous honeymooners, the Gili islands are fantastic scuba diving and snorkelling destinations. There are plenty of dive schools if you would like to learn – and there are few better places to do so, as it has some of the most stunning underwater scenes, with incredible water clarity and diverse marine life. Turtles are frequent locals, and there is nothing quite like seeing these amazing creatures up close!

You can also surf (although the breaks are a little unreliable) or take a walk/cycle around the island. The islands are only a few kilometres across, so they can easily be done in a few hours if the feeling takes you. Take a picnic, and take your time enjoying the scenery!

If physical exertion really isn’t your thing, then never fear – as with any good holiday, sun loungers, ice cream, and cocktails are in abundance!

The beaches are too lovely not to spend time on, and the water is so perfect you could look at it all day. I’d recommend the ginger ice cream, available from many of the vendors which line the streets – I had at least one scoop every day!

The Gili islands are beautiful, and I can guarantee that whichever island you end up on, you will find it very hard to tear yourself away – an everlasting honeymoon in the Gili Islands? Yes please!

Honeymoon In Portugal – Almoçageme Windmill

by | Destinations, Honeymoons


Julia of Julia's Celebrancy Services
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When travelling through Portugal earlier this year with my partner Julian, we stayed at the most GORGEOUS place and I just HAD to share it with all the couples out there looking for the perfect honeymoon destination! I spent a lot of time researching Portugal before our trip and completely fell in love with (and got quite addicted to) Airbnb.

And that’s where I found the Almoçageme Windmill in Colares…. just under an hour drive from Lisbon.

It was just…. awesome! No words could describe how awesome it was! It was just the most romantic place to stay and we enjoyed 3 or 4 nights there and took in the amazing sights of Sintra with all of it’s historic castles and breathtaking views.
Here are some shots of the Windmill and also a few pictures from our day trips in the surrounding area.
If you’re thinking of a European Honeymoon and like the idea of a honeymoon in Portugal, or better yet, like WINDMILLS … you HAVE to stay here!!

 Images by Julia Doeven
Ms Gingham says: Added to the bucket list for sure!!!
About Julia Doeven – Julia’s Celebrancy Services : I love being a wedding celebrant because I get to be in and amongst some of life’s most beautiful, heart-warming and exciting moments on a daily basis and what I really enjoy is being in that atmosphere of where everyone is celebrating love and doing it in their own special way. It’s wonderful to be a part of!… Plus I get to sample a lot of wedding cake!

Ash & James Elegant Hayman Island Wedding

by | Honeymoons, Inspired Destination Weddings, Inspired Weddings, Location Australia


Polka Dot Bride

elegant hayman island wedding0053

Ash & James

A wedding on Hayman Island? How’s that for destination wedding with style? Ash and James chose  Hayman Island so they could marry in one of the greatest parts of the world – in their words “It’s just such a stunningly, naturally beautiful part of Australia, we wanted an excuse to share it with all our friends and family. The champagne boat that brings you across from Hamilton Island was also a major selling point… ” They chose Harvard Wang to capture their wedding moments!

On how they met, Ash tells, ” We met at a bar at a mutual friend’s birthday drinks. I thought he was way out of my league and he was too nervous to speak to me until he thought I was leaving…cut to the taxi home that night and I, who regularly proclaimed I was never getting married, called my best friend Kim to tell her I’d just met the man I was going to marry. Seven years later… ”

elegant hayman island wedding0001

elegant hayman island wedding0002

elegant hayman island wedding0008

elegant hayman island wedding0015

The groom and groomsmen wore suits from Oscar Hunt.

elegant hayman island wedding0016

elegant hayman island wedding0018

elegant hayman island wedding0019

elegant hayman island wedding0024

elegant hayman island wedding0025

elegant hayman island wedding0026

elegant hayman island wedding0028

elegant hayman island wedding0030

elegant hayman island wedding0032

Ash had her gown designed and made by One Day Bridal.

elegant hayman island wedding0033

elegant hayman island wedding0035

elegant hayman island wedding0036

“Our Event Services Exec (wedding planner), Emma Ryall – she was unbelievable, smoothed over so many details I would have otherwise stressed about, was so beautiful, accommodating, patient, warm, kind and above all professional. She’s also really pretty (I had kind of a girl crush on her ;”

elegant hayman island wedding0037

elegant hayman island wedding0038

For her walk down the aisle, Ash chose, “‘Marry You’ by Bruno Mars, adapted for the ukelele by our awesome wedding singer, Oliver Jones Frank’n’Beans . I was just trying to keep my face composed, a Joker-esque grin kept threatening to escape.”

elegant hayman island wedding0039

elegant hayman island wedding0040

elegant hayman island wedding0043

elegant hayman island wedding0041

elegant hayman island wedding0044

elegant hayman island wedding0045

Sandra Rerrie performed the marriage ceremony.

elegant hayman island wedding0046

elegant hayman island wedding0048

elegant hayman island wedding0049

elegant hayman island wedding0051

Ash notes, “We actually specifically requested not to have a formal photo shoot. Harvard grabbed us straight after the ceremony and managed to get some absolutely STUNNING shots of us and our bridal party, which is pretty impressive as we were all more interested in getting to the reception/champagne than taking photos.”

elegant hayman island wedding0052

elegant hayman island wedding0054

elegant hayman island wedding0055

Of their photographer, Ash tells, “We chose Harvard after seeing his work online and, more importantly, reading his blog. He’s just a really funny, cool, switched on dude who has no interest in classical, stuffy wedding photography but is all about catching those few perfect moments when nobody’s watching…”

elegant hayman island wedding0056

elegant hayman island wedding0058

elegant hayman island wedding0060

elegant hayman island wedding0061

Pouring rain meant a shift in plans, Ash explaining, “Despite glorious blue skies, the weather was deemed too windy to have our original (amazing) outdoor settings for ceremony and reception and everything had to be moved inside. This was fairly heartbreaking for me, who’d been visualising our garden-perfect ceremony and alfresco, fairy-light-lit reception for months, but at the end of the day we were still at Hayman and James and I were the only ones who knew things hadn’t gone to plan…”

elegant hayman island wedding0063

elegant hayman island wedding0062

elegant hayman island wedding0068

elegant hayman island wedding0069

elegant hayman island wedding0070

elegant hayman island wedding0076

elegant hayman island wedding0083

elegant hayman island wedding0084

elegant hayman island wedding0089

Of their first dance, Ash tells, ” Our first dance was to Ben Folds’ ‘The Luckiest’. It’s such and incredibly beautiful piece of songwriting and, despite having a few fun casual choreography attempts prior to the wedding, I doubt we did it justice. We didn’t want to do anything to formal or structured though and I think in the end it was just fun and a bit silly – like us! Pretty sure everyone was too smashed at that point to really notice, anyway! ”

elegant hayman island wedding0090

elegant hayman island wedding0092

elegant hayman island wedding0093

Congratulations Ash and James! Thank you for sharing your day with us! Thank you also to Harvard Wang for sharing today’s wedding!

Photographer: Harvard Wang / Wedding Planner/Coordinator: Emma Ryall / Bride’s Dress: One Day Bridal / Bride’s Shoes: Nude Footwear / Groom’s Attire: Oscar Hunt / Groomsmen Attire: Oscar Hunt / Bridesmaid Dresses: Zimmermann / Hair & Makeup Artist: Sheridan Di Pietro (friend) of Hair by Sheridan / Hair & Makeup Artist: Madeleine Tudor (cousin) of Madeleine Rose Tudor / Flowers & Decor: Hayman Island / Invitations & Stationery: Marie Chang Designs / Venue: Hayman Island / Ceremony Officiant: Sandra Rerrie / Musician: Oliver Jones Frank'n'Beans / Wedding Rings: Sundari Gems
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