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Riana & Adrian – Competition Winners For A Dreamy Whitsunday Wedding

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When Riana saw our Lure Facebook post with the title ‘Win Your Dream Wedding’ how could she resist giving the competition a go?

How Riana and Adrian met

Meeting via telephone through mutual friends in Airlie Beach, this young couple were not to know the adventure their lives together would take them on. Whilst Adrian was working away on the Gold Coast the couple cemented their friendship, like many modern couples, chatting on social media and via text message, slowly realizing they had more in common than initially thought.

Meeting in person for the first time during a night out in Airlie Beach, the couple starting dating. Being a man of the sea, Adrian then embarked on a fishing charter for several weeks with no phone reception, it was during this time apart that Riana realized how much Adrian meant to her. Deciding to join Adrian for his birthday in Cairns was the catalyst for Riana to quit her job in Airlie, pack her bags and head to Cairns and crew with Adrian on the commercial boat he was working on! Months of working together in close quarters followed, with travel around the top end of Australia and across the South Pacific cementing their love for each other. Bound by a sense of adventure and a love of the sea, the couple have been inseparable ever since.

The Proposal

Being an adventurous couple, Adrian had a plan for the big proposal; a day out boating in the Whitsundays and a hike to the highest peak on the surrounding islands. Adrian timed his adventure perfectly watching the weather for weeks until the right day came. Taking their boat to Cid Harbour on Whitsunday Island, the couple hiked to the top of the peak and that was then when Adrian popped the question! A few tears, lots of photos and a bottle of champagne to celebrate; the happy couple were now officially engaged.

The Competition

When Riana saw our Facebook post about winning a dream wedding in the Whitsundays, she knew they had to enter. Being selected as one of four couples for the first round, all couples were invited to Airlie Beach for a weekend to showcase what their dream wedding with us at Lure would be like. Meeting stylists, wedding planners, venue organisers as well as filming a five minute video about why they deserved to win, Riana and Adrian rallied the support of their colleagues, friends and locals to secure the most votes in stage two of the competition. The winner was announced at the end of last month and Riana and Adrian have not stopped smiling since!

Lure Wedding Competition


Why Lure?

Having met in the Whitsundays and after working in the region for several years, the couple have now made the Whitsundays home. Our nautical theming fits with their lifestyle and the couple feel that being married at Abell Point Marina perfectly represents their journey and future together. Being originally from Tasmania, Riana longs to bring her family and friends to the Whitsundays to show them all why they have chosen this stunning destination and a life with boats as their home.




With a tight knit group of family and friends excited  to experience the Whitsundays at its finest, our team at Lure are delighted to assist Riana and Adrian in having the wedding of their dream at our stunning water-front venue in October 2017.

Images via Lure

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Congratulations Riana and Adrian; what a gorgeous wedding day you will have; can’t wait to see all your pics next year!

About Lure: If the thought of a sophisticated Whitsundays’ waterfront reception venue arouses your curiosity, we invite you to explore Abell Point Marina located in one of the most iconic destinations in Australia. Picturesque waterfront views overlooking the Whitsunday Islands encompass turquoise sea vistas by day, ever-changing hues of pink and orange at sunset and the twinkle of yachts on the water by night.

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Honeymoons A-Z: Udaipur

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Naomi Neilson


Image via Happy Trips

The incredibly beautiful city of Udaipur is known for its glittering lakes, picturesque mosaic palaces, and a romantic vibe that settles into the very essence of the Rajasthan state of India. The rolling hills, charmingly crooked and colourful streets and the beautiful lakes of the city makes Udaipur that much more enchanting – and that’s one of the many reasons it is regarded as one of the most romantic places in the world. The gorgeous city provides the perfect Indian honeymoon escape for newlyweds, not only because of its beauty, but also because of the amazing array of places to see and experience.

5 Places to Stay

Known as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Udaipur makes sure that there is not one part of the experience that is lacking – which includes its luxury accommodation options that are sure to impress!

The Leela Palace Udaipur

As Udaipur’s only modern palace hotel by Lake Pichola, The Leela Palace Udaipur offers one of the most romantic destinations in the city. The culture heritage and richness of the surrounds is made that much more incredible inside the hotel. Indulge in the luxury of this palace, including the exquisite dinning and spa service.




Images via The Leela Palace Udaipur

Trident Udaipur

The 5-star experience you and your partner will find at the Trident Hotel in Udaipur is just as special as exploring the city itself. Inspired by the architecture and cultural heritage of the city, the hotel reflects this in its rooms; so stunning!


Image via Trident Udaipur

Udai Kothi

The remarkable tranquillity of this hotel needs to be experienced! The conceptualised, creative display of the sprawling hotel and the pampering you’re sure to receive makes the Udai Kothi an incredible option for accommodation between adventures.


Image via Udai Kothi

Oberi Udaivilas

Sitting on the banks of Udaipur’s stunning Lake Pichola is this uniquely enchanting hotel that spreads over 50 gorgeous acres. Guests to this hotel are lucky enough to dine in luxury, relax by the stunning lake, stroll through their gardens and enjoy spectacular views. Settle in for one of the best honeymoon stays in the city.


Image via Oberi Udaivilas 

Taj Lake Palace

Udaipur’s – and the world’s – most romantic hotel offers a piece of luxury right out of the 18th century. The marble palace, which once housed royalty, is renowned for its intricate details, original artwork and gorgeous glasswork. The suites, luxury dining, and incredible views makes this hotel a favourite among honeymooners. For movie buffs, you can be sure to enjoy just as much glitz and glamour as James Bond himself.



Images via Taj Lake Palace

5 Places to Visit

With a city as rich in culture and stories as Udaipur, pick any spot throughout the city to explore, and spend all day soaking up as much of the history and tradition as possible.

The Gardens of Udaipur

Although most commonly known as the City of Lakes, Udaipur has also become renowned as the Garden City of Rajasthan. The picturesque gardens each have something that make them individual – Gulab Bagh is blooming with unusual roses, Moti Magri Park has remarkable sunset views, and Saheliyo ki Bara was made to suit royal ladies. Although you’re more than welcome to stroll through the gardens just hand in hand with your partner, consider a tour with Audley for an amazing insight.


Image via Audley

Ghanerao Castle

Arguably one of the most romantic places in the city (and there are so many), the Ghanerao Castle truly captures the spirit of Udaipur. The castle is renowned for its rich history and architectural beauty. Although it sits just Udaipur, the enchanting fairy-tale castle is worth the trip – consider taking a tour with Udaipur Magic.

Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary

The wildlife sanctuary is a major tourist attraction for those visiting Udaipur. The diverse sanctuary houses incredibly gorgeous leopards, tigers, panthers, wolves and many more amazing animals from India. If you have a soft spot for animals or a flare for adventure, the sanctuary would be the perfect way to kick off your adventure. For that little extra advantage, tour the park with Rajasthan Trip and say hi to the sloths for us!



Images via Rajasthan Trip

Bagore Ki Haveli

The Alluring India Tour takes visitors through the gorgeous architecture that is the ancient building of Bagore Ki Haveli. The delicate carved handiwork is just one piece of the charm – once you enter, you’re in a whole new world of romance. Explore the ancient architecture and enjoy the sites just like a royal.

City Palace Complex

With its incredible marble and granite walls and multitude of awe inspiring decorations, the City Palace Complex is a shining beacon in Udaipur. Discover the history of royalty in India with a tour with Virasat Experiences, and be sure to admire as much of the preserved beauty as possible. The city complex is the first step to re-living the history and tradition of India’s Udaipur.


Image via Udaipur Magic

5 Things to Do

There is no shortage of places to visit and things to do in Udaipur – you just have to step outside and look around. Pack the necessities and then be on your way. Make sure you have a camera ready to record these wonderful experiences!

Visit the Temples

The strikingly stunning architecture of the Udaipur temples makes the aesthetic nature of the city that much more romantic. Visit the temples alone with your significant other or take a tour with Udaipur Magic – either way, you’re in for a treat.


Image via Udaipur Magic

Fairs and Festivals

Udaipur is not only famous for its gardens and lakes, it’s also famous for the colourful and vibrant fairs and festivals. The Mewar Festival and Shilpgram Crafts Fair are both held annually; enjoy the celebrations, music and culture which are all part of the enchanting experience.

Discover History

Whether it’s stopping by a museum or two, or getting out and really exploring the city of Udaipur, make sure you discover as much of the history of the romantic city as possible. The brilliant collections exhibit rare glimpses of the past that really bring together the city’s culture together – from the royal age to modern day.


Image via Audley

Find Forts

The forts of Udaipur ensure visitors step back into a time that’s almost fairytale in nature. The vibe of the architecture and history of the royal past are unforgettable! Go out into Udaipur to visit the most exciting forts like the Kumbhalgarh and Chittorgarh forts.

Seek Out Palaces

The palaces of Udaipur are all equally as stunning. Each showcase an incredible history and are shrouded in romance that has become so normal in the city. Seek out the most beautiful of the palaces and take a tour or two!


Image via Audley

Udaipur is unlike anything else. As a dream destination for a romantic holiday, the city revels in tales of love and excitement. Become a part of this on your honeymoon – and be prepared to take back with you a lifetime of cherished memories.

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Often referred to a magical marble mosaic, Udaipur is stunningly beautiful and magically romantic!

6 Things To Love: Fraser Island

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Dana Broekhuizen

6 Things To Love about Fraser Island

Fraser Island is the definitive tropical island getaway for honeymooners! This stunning piece of paradise is home to world famous stretches of beaches, lush rainforests, adventure tours and amazing wildlife – and that’s just the start! It’s no wonder couples are falling in love all over again with the island where you can enjoy scrumptious food (and cocktails!) set against the backdrop of picture perfect sunsets. Romantic bliss! Every corner of Fraser is filled with spectacular sights and things to experience – here are six things to love…

1. Romantic picnics. There are plenty of hidden little nooks and outlooks all over the island to enjoy a picnic just for two! Order a hamper from Kingfisher Bay Resort and take a romantic self-guided stroll  – or choose a personalised tour – and indulge in some special treats on the beach or in a private corner of the island with your new husband! Image by Rob Annersley

2. Love-ly adventures. Get your adrenalin pumping with your partner and take on the Great Island Walk or go fishing on 75 Mile Beach. Go on a look out for dingoes, take a 4WD tour, or head out to spot whales, sharks and rays – there’s plenty to get you out of your comfort zone! Image via Life On Fraser Island

3. Taste sensations. Expand your taste buds and try something local and different with a degustation created with indigenous bush ingredients. The chefs at Seabelle Restaurant draw inspiration from the island’s indigenous Butchulla tribe, incorporating seasonal local produce, island living and Australian bush tucker. Image via Kingfisher Bay Resort 

4. Kilometres of soft white sand. Take long romantic walks along the many pristine beaches, 4WD along the renowned 75 Mile Beach or run the soft silica sand through your fingers next to the heart shaped Lake Mackenzie. Watching for sea turtles laying their eggs is special too. Wherever you are on Fraser Island, you are sure to be close to a beach! Image via

5. Getting wet. As you’re on an island, you’re bound to get your toes wet eventually! Choose to do it by floating in a tube down Eli Creek, swimming in a natural jacuzzi at The Champagne Pools, trying your hand at traditional water sports or diving in the fresh waters of Lake Mackenzie. Image via Preshanova

6. Insta-worthy snaps. Fraser Island provided the most stunning views for those perfect honeymoon romance snaps! Climb Indian Head for spectacular coastal backdrops, pose in front of the sunset over the Great Sandy Strait, shoot the coloured sands of The Pinnacles or snap the SS Maheno shipwreck on the eastern beach. Image by Bernd Hildebrandt

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: A picnic on a remote stretch of beach sounds like my idea of honeymoon bliss!

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