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Whitsundays Weddings: Daydream Island

by | Destinations, Honeymoons


Ms Chevron

Spa entry sign 550x365 Whitsundays Weddings: Daydream Island

For the last of our stops on our Whitsundays Weddings trip, we headed to the beautiful Daydream Island. Whilst I had visited the island before on a day trip, my experience had been limited to sunbaking near the bronzed mermaid statues, patting a stingray in the large outdoor aquarium, and enjoying happy hour at the swim up bar. Daydream however had so much more to offer so I was excited to explore!

We were taken to view the Daydream Island Rejuvenation Spa which offers naturopathy, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, massage, and beauty therapies. With 16 treatment rooms, there are Vichy showers and thermal tables, hydrotherapy tubs and steam effusion showers, all of which look gloriously luxurious and relaxing.

The spa would be perfect to host a pre-wedding pamper party with your bridesmaids. From getting your skin glowing to making sure your tootsies are prettified, the Rejuvenation Spa has an endless list of pampering services.

spa facemask 550x366 Whitsundays Weddings: Daydream Island

spa pedicure 550x825 Whitsundays Weddings: Daydream Island

DSC 0776 550x350 Whitsundays Weddings: Daydream Island

After our tour through the Rejuvenation Spa, we were taken by stretch buggy (complete with wedding ribbon) to view a couple of outdoor ceremony locations as well as my favourite, the Endeavour Wedding Chapel. Floor to ceiling glass is all that lies between your nuptials and the backdrop of the Whitsunday Passage. Not only is it gorgeous, but it’s cleverly designed with inbuilt webcam technology for those who may not be able to witness your vows firsthand.

chapel2 550x368 Whitsundays Weddings: Daydream Island

Clark 298 550x366 Whitsundays Weddings: Daydream Island

Post-ceremony you’ll be spoilt for choice with multiple backdrops for photographs located around the island. Having your ceremony and reception in the same location certainly does work well on Daydream Island – I don’t think any guests will mind you taking off for a couple of hours in a setting like this!

Clark 837 550x366 Whitsundays Weddings: Daydream Island

Clark 1030 550x366 Whitsundays Weddings: Daydream Island

Our group continued our tour bypassing some friendly wallabies (okay, perhaps we were a little distracted by their cuteness) before heading to view some of the wedding reception venues on offer. Again, there are multiple outdoor locations (including the South End Cinema), a couple of open-air covered venues (such as the Sunlovers Terrace), and two indoor reception rooms (aptly named after their surrounds). That night we dined on the Spa Balcony – another of the open-air venues – as we watched the sunset. Bliss.

DSC 0266 HDR 550x365 Whitsundays Weddings: Daydream Island

South End Cinema

DDI May 2012 008 550x828 Whitsundays Weddings: Daydream Island

Sunlovers Terrace

DDIroom 0373 550x365 Whitsundays Weddings: Daydream Island

Daydream Island Room

And after the festivities have died down, and it’s honeymoon time, why not revisit the Rejuvenation Spa for a couple’s treatment in their dual spa baths or treatment rooms? I know I would!

dual massage 550x681 Whitsundays Weddings: Daydream Island

Images provided by Daydream Island Resort and Spa

Why Honeymoon in Vietnam?

by | Destinations, Honeymoons


Natasha of Holidays For Couples

saigon mark soskolne dreamstime 11409416 550x314 Why Honeymoon in Vietnam?

Image: Mark Soskolne, Dreamstime

Here at Holidays for Couples mag, we pride ourselves on knowing what makes honeymoon spots a must-visit (and trust us, we visit our favourite places just to know them inside out for you!). Vietnam is a personal favourite of ours for a romantic getaway of any sort, but we especially love it as a honeymoon locale – after all, with its vast stretches of calm water, expansive canopies of vibrant green, and locals with the sunniest dispositions in the world, there’s absolutely nothing to put a dampener on your romantic days. With all the awe-inspiring scenery you can dream of, it’s the perfect place for a tranquil break after the big day. Natural and man-made highlights combine to create a honeymoon spot that will have you swooning at every turn and cherishing every moment with your sweetheart.

So read on to discover some of the things to do in Vietnam…

ho chi minh mingwei chan dreamstime 7886167 550x314 Why Honeymoon in Vietnam?

Ho Chi Minh City | Image: Dreamstime

Visit Ho Chi Minh City

A visit to one of Vietnam’s most famous and bustling cities is just teeming with romantic opportunities! In Ho Chi Minh City, there’s a intoxicating blend of ancient and modern that’ll make your honeymoon utterly memorable. Skyscrapers graze the clouds in a show of Vietnam’s finest technological achievements, while lower to the ground, rickshaws and street stalls jostle for space.

The city’s more historic districts are always a great place to start for some old-world romance – with grand colonial architecture and beautifully landscaped gardens, they’re the perfect spot for a romantic afternoon picnic or stroll with your sweetheart.

After a cultural adventure? Head to the museums. Reunification Palace will be an utterly eye-opening experience for couples, as you’ll learn about the Vietnam War’s sombre history. Ho Chi Minh Museum, dedicated to the the late Vietnamese leader Ho Chi Minh, is also worth a visit.

To create some extra fun memories together (and possibly some photo-ops!), visit the street food stalls and try some of the most exotic food you can get your hands on. And this isn’t just for the foodies!

Hanoi Opera House Dreamstime 550x363 Why Honeymoon in Vietnam?

Hanoi Opera House | Image: Dreamstime

Visit Hanoi

As Vietnam’s capital city, Hanoi is a haven for honeymooners. Its beautiful and calm atmosphere makes it the ideal stop on your romantic getaway, while the sheer abundance of luxury resorts and accommodation offer you some utterly gorgeous places to call home during your stay!

First up, it’s time to unwind. As many of the 5-star hotels around Hanoi offer indulgent spa packages for couples to enjoy, your accommodation no doubt has some tricks to help ease the stress of your wedding planning experience.

Now you’re all relaxed, you need to head to Hanoi’s Old Quarter. Beautiful old colonial buildings, Buddhist temples, pagodas… spending the day strolling around this district will be a day that’s truly full of beauty thanks to the gorgeous little spots peppered throughout. And shopping is in abundance – check out the beautiful jewellery and silk on offer. If shopping isn’t quite your thing, don’t despair – art galleries, cafés and restaurants are in ample supply, so you’ll certainly find something to fill in your day!

After wandering the day away, it’s time for a romantic night at the opera. The Hanoi Opera House was originally built by the French in the early 1900s and is a neo-classical marvel. Even if opera isn’t your thing, we recommend making the trip just to check out how grand the place is. Though, naturally, the opera is world-class. You can catch classical performances of myriad origins and enjoy the opulent surrounds.

halong bay tourboats 11379 600x450 550x412 Why Honeymoon in Vietnam?

Halong Bay | Image: National Geographic, David Buffington

Visit Halong Bay

Craving a romantic cruise? Well, you best take a trip to Halong Bay. Breathtaking limestone islands and rock formations emerge from emerald waters, making for a truly ethereal experience. The natural environment here is simply superb, and has to be experienced at least once on your honeymoon or Vietnamese getaway!

Stow away on a sailboat tour and lose yourself in the landscape’s beauty as you wind between stunning rocks, explore caves and spend some much-needed time on beaches.

Make sure you visit Sung Sot Cave – it’s one of the most impressive underground wonders you’ll set eyes on in this area! Marvel at the limestone stalactites and stalagmites and dip your toes into cool rock pools. You’ll then have to stretch out on the shores of Titop Beach and let the heady combination of sun, sand and surf take you away from all of life’s problems.

Whether you choose a day trip or a multi-day cruise, you can definitely spend many days in this region (and we seriously recommend tweaking your itinerary to do so!). Search around for your perfect trip and get a great deal from a bunch of different tour and cruise providers in this region.

No matter if you visit Vietnam as the sole destination on your romantic getaway, or if you stop off while visiting its neighbouring countries, it’s certainly obvious why travellers across the globe adore this country so much! With all the potential Vietnam has for romance and making memories to cherish forever, why wouldn’t you honeymoon there?

Swirl divider7 Why Honeymoon in Vietnam?

Ms Gingham says: Another one to check off the list! Great tips for things to do in Vietnam!

Looking for the ultimate honeymoon or holiday inspiration? Holidays for Couples is full of romantic ideas for a getaway (or two). Check us out online, or say hello on Facebook!

Love at New Heights – The World’s Top 5 Love Monuments

by | Destinations, Honeymoons


Natasha of Holidays For Couples

Paris Copyright Laura Durán Paris Tourisme 550x733 Love at New Heights – The Worlds Top 5 Love Monuments

Image: Laura Durán for Paris Tourisme

With nearly 20 years’ experience, Holidays for Couples magazine has all the qualifications to help you make the most of your honeymoon or romantic getaway for two. And with so many stunning destinations around the world that have been struck by a serious case of the love bug, we thought it was time for us to round up our absolute faves.

Here are five of our top monuments to love around the world – why not pack your bags and head out on a couples’ getaway with your sweetheart to add your love story to these legacies?

Locked Copyright Maristela Serra Ramos Tourism France 550x412 Love at New Heights – The Worlds Top 5 Love Monuments

Image: Maristela Serra Ramos for Paris Tourisme

Love Lock Bridge, Paris

Make your way to Paris’ Pont des Arts and you’ll see hundreds of padlocks bolted to the bridge, inscribed with initials and names of couples from around the world.

The tradition is to buy a padlock, write your name and your lover’s name or initials on it, bolt it to the bridge and throw the key into the waters of the River Seine. This will ensure your everlasting love.

There are also ‘lovelocks’ on Pont de l’Archeveche, and the phenomenon has caught on with other bridges around Europe.

Love Park 550x366 Love at New Heights – The Worlds Top 5 Love Monuments

Image: Visit Philadelphia


In Philadelphia’s JFK Plaza you’ll find the LOVE Park, famous for its pop art LOVE statue, designed by Robert Indiana.

Be sure to take a picture in front of this bright red monument with your loved one.

Coral Castle 550x366 Love at New Heights – The Worlds Top 5 Love Monuments

Image: Coral Castle Facebook

Coral Castle

The mysterious Coral Castle is located in Florida USA, and was single-handedly created with 1,100 tons of coral rock by a man named Edward Leedskalnin. Why? It turns out he did it all for love. Long before Ryan Gosling’s character built his lost love a beautiful home in the film the Notebook, Ed Leedskalnin made this monument to his own lost love, Agnes.

How he managed to build this giant structure alone is still a mystery – but they say love is the greatest miracle of all!

Taj Mahal 550x412 Love at New Heights – The Worlds Top 5 Love Monuments

Image: Tourism Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal

India’s Taj Mahal is in fact one of the world’s most beautiful love monuments. It was commissioned by Emperor Shah Jahan to remember his late wife, Empress Mumtaz Mahal, a woman he loved and mourned deeply.

Chandor Love at New Heights – The Worlds Top 5 Love Monuments

Image: Chandor Gardens Facebook

Chandor Gardens

Located in Texas USA, the Chandor Gardens were created and nurtured by the Chandors, a husband and wife duo. When her husband died in 1953, Ina Chandor renamed and dedicated the gardens to her late husband.

A true labour of love, these expansive and breathtakingly beautiful gardens celebrate what two people in love can create.

So there you have it – destinations aplenty for you to explore on your honeymoon or romantic getaway! Why not visit one of these dreamy destinations with your loved one on a romantic escape? And make sure you take some pretty pictures!

Swirl divider7 Love at New Heights – The Worlds Top 5 Love Monuments

Ms Gingham says: What beautiful places to visit when in love! Perfect for honeymooners!

Looking for the ultimate honeymoon or holiday inspiration? Holidays for Couples is full of romantic ideas for a getaway (or two). Check us out online, or say hello on Facebook!

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