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Honeymoon In Norway & Sweden

by | Honeymoons, Location Europe


Jaime Macmillan

Norway is famous for its Fjords, The Northern Lights and Vikings. This beautiful and picturesque country is a wonderful honeymoon option, particularly for couples who love the great outdoors. Oslo is the capital of Norway and much like all of Scandinavia, is an incredibly cosmopolitan city filled with many a cultural delight. However, when travelling in Norway, do as the Norwegians do and get out of the city and explore what their beautiful landscape has to offer.

Things to do

lyngen alps aurora 1 24 47737 600x450 550x367 Honeymoon In Norway & Sweden

Image by Ole C. Salomonsen via National Geographic

  • If you visit between October-March, you may be lucky enough to experience the breathtaking beauty that is The Northern Lights.
  • Visit Bergen, one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. Set amongst fjords, mountains and Norway’s coastline – you can soak up its seafaring heritage.
  • Watch a performance at the brand new, state of the art opera house – it almost rivals Sydney’s!
  • Sitting 400 kms north of the arctic circle is Tromsø. It has more pubs and bars per capita than any other Norwegian town!
  • View Edvard Munch’s ‘The Scream’ at The National Gallery.

Where to eat

NO Oslo Engebret Caf 550x371 Honeymoon In Norway & SwedenImage by Bildagentur Huber / Susy Mezzanotte via Inzumi

For traditional Norwegian fare (read reindeer) try dinner at Engebret Cafe, Norway’s oldest restaurant. You’ll be treated to a fine evening of traditional food and old world charm. Or for a truly opulent meal dine at one of Norway’s premier restaurants, Bagatelle. It’s best to set aside a whole evening and indulge in a 20-25 course tasting menu!

Where to stay

Rom 401 Mot Vindu 550x242 Honeymoon In Norway & Sweden Image by the Grand Hotel

If you’re planning to stay in Oslo for your honeymoon, look no further than the Grand Hotel. Located right in the heart of the city centre and only 500 metres from the Royal Palace – you’ll feel like total royalty staying in one of their many luxurious suites. You’ll be in good company too as this is where recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize stay!


2014 is definitely Sweden’s year. It has been named one of the top 10 countries to visit this year by Lonely Planet and Umeå, northern Sweden’s largest city has also been named this years cultural capital of Europe. Stockholm, the capital, is achingly cool – from it’s architecture to its inhabitants and everything in between.

Things to do

Stockholm Sweden Moderna Museet Stockholm car hire Honeymoon In Norway & Sweden

Image by Possan via CarJet

  • During summer, join the locals at a waterside bar and snack on herring or Skagen (prawns in mayonnaise with lemon and dill, served on rye bread.)
  • Explore the islands that make up the Stockholm archipelago. Do this by taking a ferry to Fjaderholmarna – a group of islands just 20 minutes from downtown Stockholm.
  • Enjoy waterside drinks at Malarpaviljongen – an open air cafe lounge that has floating decks. It’s a popular hangout during summer months.
  • Soak up some artistic culture by wandering around Moderna Museet, home to world-famous 20th century art. The National Museum also holds a fine collection of art from the middle ages and a large collection of Swedish art.
  • Join in on a favourite Swedish past time and indulge in fika, which translates into ‘indulge in coffee and chat at leisure’ in one of Stockholm’s many cafes.

Where to eat

volt stockholm Honeymoon In Norway & Sweden

Image by Restaurant Volt  via Places We Know

Restaurant Volt is a Swedish culinary superstar, serving up contemporary and elegant food, with plenty of Swedish influence. Also on the menu is Restaurant Himlen. Providing a truly special backdrop – the entire cityscape – indulge in an intimate setting on top of the 25th floor of the skyscraper Skrapan. Travel a level up and you can indulge in cocktails and a meal in a more laid-back setting.

Where to stay

Nobis Hotel Lounge 3 High Honeymoon In Norway & Sweden

Image by Louise Billgert via Haute Compass

A top place to stay whilst on honeymoon in Sweden is Nobis. Only a few years old, this stylish hotel is one of the hottest places to stay. Their decadent suites are designed with modern Scandinavian aesthetics that you’d hope to see, all right in the heart of the city. Or for a bit of novelty factor why not stay in Hotel Rival, owned by ABBA’s Benny Andersson. But that’s where the novelty stops. Hotel Rival is actually a beautiful design hotel, featuring retro furnishings, a vintage 1940′s cinema and an elaborate art-deco cocktail bar.

So many reasons to consider a honeymoon in Norway or Sweden!

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Honeymoon In Copenhagen Denmark

by | Honeymoons, Location Europe


Jaime Macmillan

A honeymoon in Copenhagen Denmark is certainly worth considering. Denmark is the most affordable Scandinavian country. As the only Scandinavian country connected to mainland Europe, it also has the most temperate climate, similar to cities like London and Amsterdam. If you’re a music lover, Denmark could be the perfect destination for you as it has a non-stop calendar of over 100 festivals all throughout the year. Likewise, if you’re a foodie, then Denmark should be at the top of your list as Copenhagen has more michelin star restaurants than anywhere else in Scandinavia.

Things to do

Copenhagen Denmark 550x301 Honeymoon In Copenhagen Denmark

Image by Thomas Rousing

Copenhagen is a cosmopolitan city with plenty of cultural things to do.

  • Take a stroll around the famous Tivoli Gardens – a popular amusement park and gardens.
  • No trip to Cophenhagen should be without a visit to The Little Mermaid, the statue that commemorates the famous fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen.

The Little Mermaid Statue 550x366 Honeymoon In Copenhagen Denmark

The Little Mermaid – Image by Aram Zucker-Scharff

  • A must see on your visit to Copenhagen is a trip to Christiania, a freetown that leads a commune like existence.
  • Take a leisurely canal tour and see the city from a different perspective.
  • Hire a free bike and explore the city in your own way – you never know what you’ll come across!

Where to eat

When it comes to food, standards are high in Denmark, so you’ll struggle to have a bad meal! For something truly special, look no further than Noma. In order to get a spot in this michelin starred restaurant, you will have to book in advance – but you won’t be disappointed. Expect a creative and modern interpretation on classic Scandinavian cuisine. Alternatively, try Pony, which is a more relaxed, bistro-style restaurant offering contemporary culinary delights.

Where to stay

Room 606 at SAS Royal Hotel Copenhagen via Phaidon 550x325 Honeymoon In Copenhagen Denmark

Image by Phaidon via Fieldwork

When it’s your honeymoon, you deserve a treat – so why not stay in Denmark’s first design hotel, The Radisson Blu Royal Hotel. They have a range of beautifully furnished rooms and suites, but none more fabulous than the Arne Jacobsen Suite, decorated with 1960s Jacobsen furniture. The hotel is closely located to the main train station and attractions such as the Tivoli Gardens.

Weddings & Honeymoons In Venice Italy

by | Destinations, Honeymoons, Location Europe


Lisa Michele Burns Photographer
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The mystery of the canals, the ornate facades of buildings being gently lapped by waves, the endless wandering that can leave you lost for hours and the Italian culture which appears around every corner. Venice is a city for the romantics and if you’re heading to Europe on a honeymoon, it’s a must see! I recently flew to Venice to photograph a bride and groom against the stunning backdrops and at the same time, couldn’t help pretending I was on honeymoon! I was lucky enough to stay at the incredibly ritzy The Westin Europa & Regina Hotel which is housed in a combination of 18th and 19th century palaces and sits perched overlooking the Grand Canal of Venice. Opening the curtains of my room (which I’m positive was meant for royalty rather than me!) each morning I could see Gondolas floating past, the immense dome of St Maria of Salute Basilica and fancy little speed boats zooming along the canal. It was a view that begged to be explored. Venice is a maze of little bridges, narrow alleys and historic landmarks which you can either plan to visit or do what most people prefer…get wonderfully lost. Here are my images. I hope you enjoy them!

Venice209 550x366 Weddings & Honeymoons In Venice Italy

Venice 1 550x366 Weddings & Honeymoons In Venice Italy

Venice Italy 3 550x411 Weddings & Honeymoons In Venice Italy

Venice 2 550x825 Weddings & Honeymoons In Venice Italy

Venice 4 550x366 Weddings & Honeymoons In Venice Italy

Venice Italy1 550x411 Weddings & Honeymoons In Venice Italy

Venice 5 550x366 Weddings & Honeymoons In Venice Italy

Venice 8 550x366 Weddings & Honeymoons In Venice Italy

Venice 9 550x366 Weddings & Honeymoons In Venice Italy

Venice 10 550x366 Weddings & Honeymoons In Venice Italy

Venice 11 550x366 Weddings & Honeymoons In Venice Italy

Venice034 550x366 Weddings & Honeymoons In Venice Italy

Venice094 550x825 Weddings & Honeymoons In Venice Italy

Venice Italy 2 550x411 Weddings & Honeymoons In Venice Italy

Venice172 550x366 Weddings & Honeymoons In Venice Italy

Venice167 550x825 Weddings & Honeymoons In Venice Italy

 Images by Lisa Michele Burns

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Ms Gingham says: A magical location. Perfection for honeymoons and weddings. Thank you for sharing your divine images Lisa.

Lisa Michele Burns Photographer says: “I love my dog and if she could carry a camera and not wag her tail and jump in a frenzy with excitement whenever someone comes near I’d bring her along to every single event as my furry sidekick.”

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