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Cocktail Friday – Boozy Salted Caramel Affogato

by | Cocktail Friday, Made


Polka Dot Bride

cocktail friday boozy Salted Caramel Affogato

Salted caramel happens to be a favourite amongst the Polka Dot team and this Cocktail Friday we couldn’t go past the idea of a boozy salted caramel affogato to serve up at your wedding post dinner. We’re thinking this pre-dessert style cocktail might just be the answer to a packed dance floor until the wee hours!


  • 30 ml Frangelico
  • 15 ml amaretto
  • 15 ml cold drop coffee liqueur (we love and use Mr Black)
  • 2 scoops salted caramel ice cream
  • 1 shot hot espresso coffee


Combine Frangelico, amaretto and coffee liqueur into a short glass. Add ice cream just prior to serving. Once ready to serve, pour over a shot of hot espresso coffee; heavenly!

cocktail friday boozy salted caramel affogatoRecipe and images by the Polka Dot Bride team.

Hot Air Balloon Centrepiece Tutorial

by | DIY Tutorials, Made


Larissa Thorne

hot air balloon 8

Sit down weddings can require a little bit more planning when it comes to styling. Not only is there the all important seating chart to think about (a tricky task that can take months to get finished!) but each table requires its own decorations. There are flowers, table numbers and of course a centrepiece. While flowers are always a beautiful option, your centrepiece is a perfect opportunity to show your guests a little bit about your personalities and the theme of your wedding.

These hot air balloons are perfect for the jet setting or whimsical couple and add a beautiful touch to your tables that isn’t often seen at weddings. For the floral arrangement within the baskets it would be fantastic to see if your florist can arrange them so that they match the rest of your flowers and decor, plus a piece of floral foam at the bottom will help everything stay in place. A little bottle of champagne is a cute touch that your guests will appreciate while waiting for their drinks later in the evening.

hot air balloon 1

What you’ll need:

  • A honeycomb ball paper decoration
  • 8 x paper straws
  • Woven baskets
  • Superglue or sticky tape

What to do:

Step 1. Fold one end of your straw and slide it into another until you can’t push it in any further. Repeat with your other straws until you have four long sticks.

hot air balloon 2

Step 2. Add a stripe of glue to the bottom of your straws and stick to the four corners of your basket (or alternatively hold them against the basket and secure with sticky tape). Note: If you’ve given your baskets to your florist to do the floral arrangement simply slide the straws into the floral foam at the bottom with a dab of glue on the end, being careful not to mess with the flowers.

hot air balloon 3

Step 3. Unfold your honeycomb ball decoration and stick the ends together per the instructions on the packaging.

hot air balloon 4

Step 4. Put your mini champagne bottle in the basket and surround with flowers.

hot air balloon 5

Step 5. Gently place the honeycomb ball on top of your straws. Secure in place with either glue or sticky tape on the ends of your straws.

hot air balloon 8


Swirl divider

Ms Chinoiserie Says: Such a pretty and easy idea; perfect for any colour theme and so sweet for those upcoming garden party weddings.

Tuesday Type – Hurricane

by | Made, Tuesday Type


Polka Dot Bride



There’s something a bit wild about Hurricane font. Yet it is appealing in its bold and intricate lettering style – as if someone with nice handwriting has written something in a hurry. Great for a bold invitation to a bold event.


Hurricane is available from My Fonts.

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