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Etsy Roundup – Sparkling Votive Candleholders

by | Etsy Roundup, Made


Polka Dot Bride



  1. Gold mercury glass candleholders from Country Chapel 2. Copper mercury glass votive holder from Graceful Event Favors 3. Painted and distressed glass holders from Glass Garden House 4. Votive holders marbled in gold and white paint from Raw Revivals 5. Assortment of silver votive holders from Taara Bazaar 6. Golden glass votive holders from Votives Galore and More

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Cocktail Friday – Estelle Bistro’s Cherry Bomb

by | Cocktail Friday, Made


Ms Chinoiserie

cocktail friday Estelle Bistro's Cherry Bomb

How gorgeous is this week’s cocktail? With its bomb burst of flavours and cheeky name, we just couldn’t resist! Estelle Bistro‘s Cherry Bomb mixes rosé with spiced rum and cherry bitters for a sensational digestif which is definitely on our cocktail menu for after dinner drinks!


30ml Dolin Bitter
30ml of Lillet Rosé
30ml of Dark Matter Spiced Rum
2 – 5 drops cherry bitters


Muddle all ingredients in a high ball glass and serve over ice garnished with a glace cherry.

Personalised Coat Hanger Tutorial

by | DIY Tutorials, Made


Larissa Thorne


While there used to be a time when wedding pictures would just focus on the happy couple, these days no wedding album is complete without all the little details. There are a couple of shots that have become essential for every bride and we’re not just talking about the trip down the aisle or a shot with your smiling bridesmaids  – everything from your shoes to your hairdo is worthy of its own photo. But the one photo that you definitely can’t do without is a shot of the dress itself.

While there’s no chance that you’ll be getting your own gown mixed up with the dresses of your bridesmaids, a personalised coat hanger can add a special touch to your pre-wedding photos. It also makes a great memento when looking back on your big day years down the track. You could also personalise all your bridesmaids’ hangers as a gift for them to take home.

What you’ll need:

A wooden coat hanger
Print outs of your text (in different fonts or sizes)
A pencil
A paint brush


What to do:

Step 1. Print out the text in a couple of different sizes and fonts so you can test them on the coat hanger and see which one will work best for you. Cut out your chosen words to get them ready to transfer.


Step 2. On the reverse side of your printed words, scribble across it with your pencil. This will give you something to transfer with (although it will be very faint).


Step 3. Flip your paper over and hold it against your coat hanger. If you need it to be more secure you can tape the edges down. Trace around the words with your pencil, going over all your lines a couple of times to make sure your stencil transfers.


Step 4. Remove the paper and retrace any lines that are too faint.


Step 5. Use the pencil outline as a guide and fill it in with the black paint. Allow to dry and repeat until it is evenly painted.


Step 6. Tie some ribbon in a bow around the hook for some added flair.



Swirl divider

Ms Chinoiserie Says: Such a fun way to add your own style to a very important coat hanger!  Fun to make at your kitchen tea, you could change the ribbon for each different bridesmaid!

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