If you’re looking to add as many DIY touches to your wedding as possible, look no further than this flower petal bundle-dyed fabric tutorial! Once you’ve dyed your gorgeous masterpiece, you can use it in ribbons to bind bouquets, to tie together stunning invitations or to wrap gifts. If you use silk as your base fabric, you could even make your bridesmaids some beautiful wraps!

There is a huge amount of variation in this kind of DIY, so have a play about with different flowers and foliage to see what will produce the kind of colours you’re looking for. Each piece you dye will be unique, which makes the process all the more fun!

What You Will Need:

  • Flowers of your choice – I used Dahlias, Roses, Marigolds from the garden and stamens from Camellias. Fleshy petals in deeper colours will work best.
  • Cotton or silk fabric (a natural fibre is necessary – I used white cotton lawn). Wash the fabric to remove any chemicals and boil in 4 parts water and 1 part vinegar for 1 hour before use.
  • Twine
  • Heavy based pot and colander, or steamer

What To Do:

Step 1. Strip all the petals off your flowers. You can include the foliage and the stamens too! If you’re hoping to get a lot of colour use a lot of petals, use less for a more subtle pattern.

Step 2. Once your fabric has cooled from its vinegar bath (see above in ‘What You Will Need’) but is still damp, lay the fabric out flat. Sprinkle the petals over half of the fabric lengthways. You can do this randomly, or you can try to create a pattern. Half of the fun of this project is that it is impossible to tell exactly how it will turn out, so prepare a surprise!

Step 3. Once you’re happy with your petal placement, fold the other half of the fabric on top of the petals. As tightly as you can, roll the fabric up. You may want to ask for some extra hands for this step, as a tight bundle is necessary for the colour to transfer.

Step 4. Once the fabric bundle is rolled up, use the twine to tightly bind it together. Again, you may need help to ensure this is done as firmly as possible.

Step 5. Pop your bundle into a colander and place it inside a heavy based pan with approximately 1-2 inches of water. Make sure the fabric doesn’t touch the water and bring to a very gentle boil. Steam for two hours (or more, depending on how dark you would like the colours to turn out) with the lid on, turning after one hour. Keep an eye on the pan to ensure you don’t run out of water.

Step 6. Being very careful not to burn yourself, remove the bundle from the saucepan and pop it into a glass bowl or jar. Make sure the bowl or jar is sealed, and leave overnight. In the morning take your bundle outside (or somewhere where a little mess is encouraged!) and unfurl your creation! Leave to dry, preferably in the sun, for 1-2 hours. Shake off the petals while soggy, they may become a little trickier to remove once dry.

Step 7. Once your fabric is dry, iron it at a high temperature to seal the colour. If you’d like to wash it, later on, use only cold water, and expect a little colour to fade. Now you have a gorgeous piece of fabric to do with whatsoever you please! Table cloths, napkins, gifts for your bridesmaids – the options are endless!

All images by Ms Honeycomb

Ms Polka Dot says: How gorgeous this would be for the ribbons on your bouquet and tie it in with matching napkins or tablecloths at your reception – beautiful!

About Ms Honeycomb  – Hi, I’m Nicola, the florist and crafter behind rubyandjoy. I’m a gardening, fabric loving, mint tea drinking, brownie baking, book obsessed maker! I love a good adventure having just moved back from five years in Scotland (with my lovely Scottish husband).


At this time of the year our thoughts turn to all things sweet and delicious and this Winter Trifle lemon Cheesecake Mousse, Rhubarb Jelly, Pecan Crumble and Roasted Strawberries certainly is mouthwatering and a beautiful addition to your dinner table. Wow your party guests or just make it as a special dessert for a decadent Saturday night in with just the two of you.

Makes 10 serves in 380 ml glass tumblers.

Cheesecake Mousse

250 grams cream cheese

150 grams sour cream

120 grams sugar

3 eggs

1 tsp vanilla

½ cup lemon juice

400 grams cream (whipped)

5 leaves gelatin (soaked in cold water)

Rhubarb Jelly

1 bunch rhubarb

400 grams raspberries frozen

200 mls water

300 grams sugar

8 leaves gelatin

Pecan Crumble

125 grams, unsalted butter, softened

1/4 cup light-brown sugar

1/4 cup granulated sugar

1 cup pecans, toasted and chopped

3/4 cup old-fashioned oats

3/4 cup plus 1 tablespoon all-purpose flour

1/2 teaspoon baking powder

1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon

Pinch of salt

1 cup shredded coconut

Roasted Strawberries

2 punnets of strawberries

50 grams castor sugar


Rhubarb Jelly

Remove green tops from rhubarb and chop into 2cm chunks

Place in a pot with sugar and mix to coat the rhubarb

Heat on medium and cook until just tender

Add frozen raspberries and 200mls of water continue to cook until glossy

Blend in food processor until smooth, pass through sieve

Soak gelatin leaves in cold water until completely soft, drain off water

Add to hot rhubarb puree

Pour rhubarb jelly into glass tumblers

Refrigerate for at least two hours.

Pecan Crumble

Preheat oven to 325 degrees Celsius

Grease 30cm rectangle baking tray and line

Cream butter and sugar until smooth

Add pecans, coconut, oats, flour, baking powder, cinnamon, and salt

Stir until mixture begins to form large clumps

Transfer mixture to baking tray spread in a single layer

(Clumps should be close together)

Bake until golden brown, about 25 minutes

Let cool completely on a wire rack

Using your hands, break into small pieces

Cheesecake Mousse

Place cream cheese into the bowl a stand mixer with paddle attachment and mix until smooth

Add sour cream, sugar, vanilla and lemon juice, mix until combined

Add eggs one at a time, mix until combined

Gently fold whipped cream into the mixture

Pour into piping bag for assembly.

Roasted Strawberries

Toss the strawberry halves with sugar and roast for 6 mins 180 degrees Celsius.


Pipe cheesecake mousse into glass 3cm high

Top with pecan crumble 1cm high

Add one tablespoon strawberry mixture to finish.

Ms Polka Dot says: This looks so fresh and creamy all at the same time – definitely one to add to your dessert skills!

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Image by David Cooke Photography

While the days are grey, it pays to have favourite recipes up your sleeve and what could be better than a classic Pina Colada to celebrate Pina Colada Day on Sunday 9th of July?

Today’s beauty comes from the crew at raw seafood and cocktail bar Hana who are celebrating this magic day with a pina colada party (think all day pina coladas, leis, raw seafood canapes and treats and a fabulous DJ.) Sounds like the perfect cure for Winter blues!

Want to whip up your own Hana Colada? Let’s get down to business.


45ml Jamaican Rum

45ml Aged Rum

45ml freshly juiced pineapple

40ml coconut cream

5ml sugar syrup

15ml freshly juiced lime


Shake and strain over ice.

Garnish with fresh pineapple, fresh coconut, mint and fancy straws