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Etsy Roundup – Tulle Skirts

by | Etsy Roundup, Made


Ms Stripey

Etsy Roundup Etsy Roundup Tulle Skirts

Tulle Skirts Etsy Roundup Tulle Skirts

1. Champagne tulle skirt from TutusChicBoutique 2. Knee length tutu from CestCaNY 3. Cute tutu from princessdoodlebeans 4. Coffee coloured tulle skirt from Sophiaclothing 5. Ruffled tulle skirt from PrinceCharmant 6. Ivory long tulle skirt from MDSewingAtelier

DIY Glass Cake Cover

by | DIY Tutorials, Made


Jane (emerald + ella)

homemade cloche4 DIY Glass Cake Cover

You know those cool glass cake covers (or cloches) that are crazy expensive? Well now you can make them at home for around $25 a pop! All you need are a few supplies from the hardware store and $2 shop and you are set.

They look gorgeous covering sweets and cakes but also pretty cool when popped over little botanical arrangements or pot plants.

You will need

– Wooden knob in a suitable size for your cover. I used a 48mm polished knob from Bunnings.

– Small piece of sandpaper. You will only need this if your knob is polished.

– Potato.

– Small skewer.

– Spray paint. I used white.

– Newspaper to spray on.

– Selleys high strength liquid nails. Make sure you get the clear one. I picked this up from the hardware store.

– Glass hurricane vase or punch bowl. You can get these in lots of different sizes so pick the one that is best for you. I got this 15cm wide one at the $2 shop.

homemade cloche1 DIY Glass Cake Cover

1. If you have a polished knob, give it a light sand so that the paint will stick.

2. Cut the potato in half so that it sits flat. Stick the skewer in and balance the knob on top. This funny looking arrangement will stop paint from pooling around the base of the knob.

homemade cloche2 DIY Glass Cake Cover

4. Place on some newspaper in a well ventilated area. Lightly spray the knob with paint. Leave for 10 minutes, until touch dry. Lightly spray again. Leave for at least 4 hours or overnight until completely dry.

5. Following the packet instructions, use the liquid nails to attach the knob to the base of the vase/bowl. Leave overnight to dry.

homemade cloche3 DIY Glass Cake Cover

Images, peach cake stand and tutorial by emerald + ella

I’m Jane Howard, the girl behind emerald + ella – an online shop and blog which encompass a world of beautiful, eclectic things. I’m also a recipe writer, food stylist, vintage collector, New Zealander, married to an Aussie boy, aspirational crafter, wine drinker, pulled pork sandwich lover and basically just a girl who likes pretty bits and pieces.

Tuesday Type – The Hand

by | Made, Tuesday Type


Polka Dot Bride

TUESDAY TYPE Tuesday Type The Hand

The Hand Tuesday Type The Hand

The Hand is a hand written style of font with different weights to add variety – even a dotted version.

The Hand 1 Tuesday Type The Hand

The Hand is available from My Fonts.

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