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Etsy Roundup – Honey Wedding Favours

by | Etsy Roundup, Made


Polka Dot Bride


Honey Wedding Favours

1. Central desert Australian honey from Elbowrkshp 2. Cinnamon honey from HoneyTeaThyme 3. Honey wedding favours from Homegrown and Handmade 4. Honey with pecans from JCBees 5. Pure Australian honey from PureAustralianHoney 6. Honey from MelysWeddings

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Cocktail Friday – View By Sydney’s ‘On View’ Cocktail

by | Cocktail Friday, Made


Ms Chinoiserie

On View Cocktail Recipe

Today for Cocktail Friday, the combination of raspberries with Cointreau in this ‘On View’ cocktail from View By Sydney was just too much to resist! I’m imagining it as a pre-dinner drink sitting on a sunny deck somewhere warm, but it would be equally as refreshing as an arrival cocktail at your reception! Garnish with raspberries and the flavours – and the layered colours – will just pop!


2 bottles Sparkling wine
250ml sugar syrup
200ml Cointreau
750g frozen raspberries


Pour sugar syrup into a champagne flute, then add Cointreau and sparkling wine. Finally, add the frozen raspberries.

Serves 10 – 12 in champagne flutes.

No-Sew Heart Banner

by | DIY Tutorials, Made


Jane (emerald + ella)

heart-bannerThese fun heart banners make great engagement party or wedding decorations. They look super pretty hanging from trees and bushes too.

And of course, due to my lack of patience in the sewing room, the banner doesn’t require any sewing! It’s all just iron and glue work! So easy, even the most amateur crafter can have a go.

As always, you can mix up the colours to suit your theme, it would be lovely in neutrals or metallics.  If you are super crafty, you could also have a go at cutting out the couple-to-be’s initials instead of a heart.


You will need:

– 2 x contrasting fabrics

– Heavy duty iron-on adhesive tape (I used a 16mm one from Spotlight)

– Sharp scissors

– An iron

– 34cm piece of wooden dowel. You can get this cut at a hardware store like Bunnings

Heart stencil (download this here)

– Pins

– Fabric glue

– Paint brush

– Length of cord for hanging


Step 1. Iron both the fabrics to remove any wrinkles. Cut the fabric for the main part of the banner into a 34cm x 38cm piece. With the banner fabric the wrong side up, place a piece of the adhesive tape along the long side of the fabric, about 1cm from the edge. Iron this to adhere it to the fabric. Peel away backing paper and fold over the fabric edge to create a seam. Iron this to seal. Repeat on the other long side of the fabric.


Step 2. Fold the fabric in half and cut out a triangle to make the banner into a flag shape.



Step 3. Adhere a piece of the adhesive tape along the other short side of the fabric (not the side you just cut). Place the dowel below the tape. Peel away backing paper and fold the fabric over the dowel. Iron this to seal.

heart-bannerStep 4. Pin the stencil to the other fabric and cut around it to create a heart. Discard the stencil. Lightly paint the back of the fabric heart with fabric glue. Attach to the banner. Allow to dry. Tie the cord to either end of the dowel to hang the banner.


Images and tutorial by emerald + ella

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Love, love, love the banner – and it’s so easy! A metallic one with initials would look amazing!

About emerald + ella: I’m Jane Howard, the girl behind emerald + ella – an online shop and blog which encompass a world of beautiful, eclectic things. I’m also a recipe writer, food stylist, vintage collector, New Zealander, married to an Aussie boy, aspirational crafter, wine drinker, pulled pork sandwich lover and basically just a girl who likes pretty bits and pieces.

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